How to put a deck belt on a Husqvarna Riding mower

Replace the Deck Belt on a Husqvarna YTH23V48 Riding Lawn

In this short and to the point video I show you how to remove the deck and replace the deck belt on a Husqvarna yard tractor or similar mower.Husqvarna YTH23.. Step by step instructions on removal and replacement of the mower deck on a Husqvarna YTH22V46 Yard Tractor. This procedure will work for all the YTH and YT.. In this video i show step by step on how to replace the deck belt on a 54 Husqvarna/Poulan/Craftsman mower deck, it is very simple, also always rememeber if.. Husqvarna Fast Tractor: How to Replace the Deck Drive Belt. Before replacing or adjusting any belts, park your tractor on a level surface and engage the parking brake. There is a belt installation guide on the bottom side of the left footrest. Belt Removal. Step 1: Have your tractor parked on a level surface with the parking brake engaged Use promo code YOUTUBE to save 10% on searspartsdirect.com.This video shows how to replace a blade drive belt on a riding lawn mower. The blade drive belt co..

Locate the log lever extending from the top of the control panel. It bends at a 90-degree angle as it comes out of the panel and extends to the right. On the end of the lever is a paddle handle. Rotate the level toward the steering wheel to tighten the drive belt and to engage the mower deck In the case of Husqvarna, you need a 10 mm wrench for the bracket bolting and unbolting. When you are done with adjusting the belt, push the log lever away from the steering wheel to engage the mower deck and blades and check whether the spring is further stretched by hand or not The Husqvarna riding mower offers a convenient way to tend a large lawn. It comes with many features, including articulated steering, and offers both efficiency and comfort. However, there are times when the mover needs replacement parts, such as a drive belt.I need a husqvarna lgt drive belt diagram - FixyaHusqvarna Lgt Belt Size - Image Of Belt Reasons Why Your Lawn Mower Deck In Unleveled. If you find your Husqvarna deck too low, there could be a number of reasons for that. Before we go to the guide on how to level a Husqvarna riding mower deck, it's better to first understand the reasons as to why it is unleveled in the first place Place the mowing deck in its lowest position. 2 Remove the deck belt from the electric clutch pulley, which is attached to the mower body, by rolling the belt down over the pulley edge.

A tension-ed belt, is a deck drive belt that is always tight on the pulleys. Push button blade engage type mowers usually run an always tension-ed belt. Replacing it will require man handling the belt on to the side of the crank pulley, then turning the crank pulley clockwise by hand until the belt slips on 47 19 Belt Deck Drive. Here is your manual. Please see Figure 5 on Page 7 for the deck belt routing. Other useful diagrams and pictures are in this manual as well. Displaying Mower Deck parts for the Husqvarna LGT - Husqvarna Lawn Tractor (). Browse all parts by section for this model your problem seems similar to the problem i had, i did a search on husqvarna's parts list website and found the idler assembly mount bolt is the same size as my simplicity tractor with a 46 deck: 3/8 diameter and 1 and 1/2 to 2 and 1/2 long a grade 5 bolt. my pto belt was breaking and after inspection found this bolt was the problem. you can refer to my thread posted below and see if this. Step 1: Assemble the front gauge wheel to the front of the mower. Step 2: Turn the steering wheel to the left and place the mower on the right side of the tractor. The deflector shield should be on the right side. Step 3: Bring the belt forward, check to make sure that it is properly seated and routed throughout all of the mower pulley grooves

How To Tighten Drive Belt On Husqvarna Riding Mower | Pad Outdoor. If you have a big lawn, then one of the things you should have is a Husqvarna Riding Mower. This is a powerful mower that makes use of a dual mower deck that is powered by a drive belt. One thing to know about this mower is that the drive belt plays a very important role Replacing Your Husqvarna Zero Turn Mower Drive Belt: Step by Step Guide Step 1: Set Parking Brakes To remove your drive belt; first, you must not only ensure that your parking brake is on, but also that your mower itself is parked on a leveled surface with no inclination that may cause sudden movements

Remove / Replace the Mower Deck and Replace the Deck Belt

  1. The Step by Step Husqvarna Riding Mower's Deck Levelling Procedure: Step 1: Reroute the Belt: Start by finding the routing diagram at the front of your Husqvarna mower deck. Then use a Torx T30 screwdriver to loosen the holding screws of the plastic shrouds. Loosening the screw will provide enough room to slide the belt down behind the pulley
  2. Steps by step procedure for changing Husqvarna mower drive belt: Husqvarna lawnmowers have two key categories when it comes to driving belts. That is front-wheel drive mowers where a belt powers the drive of the front wheels alongside the blades and rear-wheel-drive lawnmowers in which the belt drives the rear wheels of the lawnmower
  3. mower blade drive belts in the Service and Adjustments sec- tion of this All assembly instructions have been com plet ed. YTH20K We are here to help - over genuine Husqvarna repair and replacement parts that are hassle free How to Replace a Riding Lawn Mower Blade Drive Belt.Aug 28, · Drive belt is a little more tricky. See picture for diagram
  4. Need a diagram of how to put belts on YTH Husqvarna. Posted by Deck belts. Posted on Jul 25, I need the model number under the seat to get you a diagram. Posted on Jun You can find the diagram here. diagramweb.net: Husqvarna Inch Lawn Mower Deck Primary Belt For YTHXP, YTH, YTH, YTH, YTH, GTHXP and. husqvarna We Sell Only Genuine Husqvarna.
  5. Husqvarna YTH24V54 (96043018800) (Deck 54) Riding Lawn Mower Replacement Belt Original Equipment Manufacturer Husqvarna OEM Part Number 532196103 Machine Riding Lawn Mower Model YTH24V54 (96043018800) (Deck 54) Belt Type SPB Metric Wedge VBG Replacement Id APPL694588 Technical Specifications: (Inches) (mm) Outside Circumference 147.64 3750.00 Top Width 0.67 17.00 Belt Dept
  6. Step #3: Pull Lawn Mower Deck Upwards. Some lawn mowers have a plastic or steel deck on top. Pull the deck upwards to find out the belt. Most lawn mower belts are black and made of rubber. The belt is also known as a drive belt. Step #4: Locate The Bracket. After locating the belt, you will notice that a spring is attached to the main body of.
  7. Let's come to our point. An appropriately adjusted mower deck is the pre-requisition to evenly the lawn. And adjusting the mower deck is an easy task, complete with several simple steps. Without further ado, let's dive into the step by step process. Find the routing diagram on the front of your mower deck. Reroute the belt on there

Page 42 TRACTOR-MODEL NUMBER YTH18542 (96013000202), PRODUCT NO. 960 13 00-02 MOWER DECK PART PART DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTION 532 12 20-52 Spacer, Retainer 532 17 69-22 Mower Deck Assembly, 42 532 14 10-43 Guard TUV Idler 872 14 05-06 Bolt 532 17 48-82 Spring Ext Elect. Clutch 532 13 80-17 Bracket Asm Fr In this article, we are going to discuss the tricks and tips of putting a belt on a Murray riding lawn mower diagram. Types of Belts Murray lawn tractors use. In general, Murray lawn tractors need to use two types of belts for riding. One is a transmission belt, and the second one is a mowing deck drive belt To keep your riding mower in peak performance consider the 54 in. Tractor Deck Belt. This original factory product replacement is used to replace the tractor deck belt in your 2006 or newer riding mower. Compatible with 54 in. Ariens, Poulan, Poulan Pro, Craftsman and Husqvarna branded tractors • Pivot the integrated washer end of anti-sway bar (S) towards mower deck bracket on right side of mower. Insert integrated washer end of bar into hole in rear mower bracket (D). Page 9 9 INSTALL BELT ON ENGINE CLUTCH PULLEY (M) (See Fig. 7 & 15) • Disengage belt tension rod (K) from locking bracket (L). • Install belt onto engine clutch.

Husqvarna Mower Deck Removal. A lot of garden tractors or riding mowers are made to have little if no tools needed to remove the mower deck. This Husqvarna. This video from Sears PartsDirect shows how to replace a ground drive belt in some Husqvarna zero-turn riding mowers. The ground drive belt connects the engi.. Replace the mandrel covers and reengage the belt tension rod, locking it in its locking bracket, completing the belt change on the Husqvarna Riding Tractor. Change A Deck Belt On A 46 Inch Husqvarna Park the Husqvarna mower on a solid, level surface. Move the attachment clutch to Disengaged Level Your Lawn Tractor's Deck February 14, 2012 In Riding lawn mowers Video My first and second lawn tractors January 12, 2012 In Riding lawn mowers Video By notallany , on February 9, 2012 at 3:57 pm , under Riding lawn mowers Video

How To Replace The Deck Belt on a 54 Husqvarna Riding Mowe

Husqvarna Deck Drive Belt Replaces 532144200. 265-092-HU Husqvarna Deck Drive Belt Replaces 532144200 / 532 14 42-00 / 5321442-00 P/N: 265-092-HU. List Price: $27.40. Our Price: $21.95 . CLICK HERE TO ENLARGE PICTUR Husqvarna YTH21K46 (96043012003) (Deck 46) Riding Lawn Mower Replacement Belt Original Equipment Manufacturer Husqvarna OEM Part Number 532405143 Machine Riding Lawn Mower Model YTH21K46 (96043012003) (Deck 46) Belt Type 4LK/AK Kevlar VBG Replacement Id APPL673060 Technical Specifications: (Inches) (mm) Outside Circumference 106.00 2692.40 Top Width 0.50 12.70 Belt Depth 0.312 How to Replace a Mower Deck Belt for a Poulan 42-Inch Lawn Mower. The Poulan 42-inch lawn tractor uses a pulley system with a mower deck belt to drive the cutting blades or other attachments. With. Shop Husqvarna 48-in Deck Belt for Riding Mower/Tractors (11/16-in W x 138.75-in L) in the Lawn Mower Belts department at Lowe's.com. New product description: genuine Husqvarna belts are made of highly engineered aramid cords. Able to withstand the heaviest loads, Husqvarna belts resis The installation of the Husqvarna mower belt is done on the mower deck. The mower deck comprises two pulleys of each, mandrel and idler, and one electric clutch pulley. Firstly the mower belt should be routed around mandrel pulleys, then idler pulleys, and lastly, around the electric clutch pulley

» Husqvarna Fast Tractor: How to Replace the Deck Drive Bel

Turn the mower blades slowly until one points forward and one points backward. Leave this as is and place a wood block inside the deck next to the edge of a blade that has to be aligned. Turn this.. Check The Engine Belts. So, you checked the deck belt, and there was nothing wrong with it. The next move is to take a look at the engine belt of your Husqvarna riding mower. The engine drive belt on the deck of the mower is responsible for the system of controlled activation and disengagement of the mower's blades. The mower blades do not. I have a husqvarna riding lawn mower with a 48in deck I don't know why but the old belt popped off when I went to put a new one on it didn't fit the deck right I don't know why though is my question cause I took the old belt with me to Lowe's and I got the right numbers and everything they both match does anyone know what might be wrong I ran it through every top belt holder and when I went to. Push the mowing deck into position underneath the mower. Line up the rear housing brackets on the mower with the suspension arms on the deck. Position the deflector shield on the mowing deck so it's on the right-hand side. Lower the attachment lift lever to its lowest setting

The deck drive belt on a White riding lawnmower or lawn tractor can take a lot of damage. However, eventually these belts will wear out to the point they will snap; and when they do, the mower will no longer operate correctly Shop Husqvarna 46-in Deck Belt for Riding Mower/Tractors (1/2-in W x 105.75-in L) in the Lawn Mower Belts department at Lowe's.com. Genuine Husqvarna belts are made of highly engineered aramid cords. Able to withstand the heaviest loads, Husqvarna belts resist stretching over time Slip the narrow side of the belt into the grooves of the two spindle pulleys on each side of the deck. Route the wider side of the belt around the spring-loaded idler pulley at the front of the deck. Slip the belt back around the clutch pulley under the engine. Replace the belt keeper and pulley guards and tighten the retaining fasteners Husqvarna YTA18542 - 96045005500 (2015-08) MOWER DECK / CUTTING DECK Exploded View parts lookup by model. Complete exploded views of all the major manufacturers. It is EASY and FRE

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  1. Husqvarna mower controls are conveniently located to make adjustments, such as deck height selection, easy to do. Step 1 Park the Husqvarna riding mower on a flat and level surface
  2. Husqvarna Belts - Exact Replacement. Let Jack's help make your lawn mower repair or maintenance easier by using our lawn mower belts cross reference to the left. Whether it's a deck, drive or PTO replacement belt for your Husqvarna lawn tractor you need, just make your choice at the left and get started
  3. I broke the primary belt (belt for the engine pulley,idle pulley, right side blade pulley, and a rear idle pulley) on my deck, so I purchased a new 90 belt which is what it calls for but I can't seem to get it to go on, any suggestions would be appreciated
  4. Huskee Lt4200 Belt Diagram. drive belts replaced huskee lt4200 drive belts replaced huskee lt4200 pinballman1 huskee 16 5hp 42 cut drive belt snapped duration 4 09 formulev 38 402 views 4 09 huskee lt4200 deck belt diagram - androidtips huskee lt4200 deck belt diagram my mower deck blades will not disengage huskee lt4200 deck belt size huskee lt4200 deck belt diagram here is the routin
  5. Install the new and clean cable everywhere around the pulleys on the deck, following the old cable pattern. Attach the cable to the Husqvarna transmission panel at the base. Tighten the connectors and pass the cable through the slots to reach the mower platform. From the deck, pull out the cable and stretch it

How to Adjust the Belt on the Husqvarna YTH20K46 Hunke

  1. Lower the deck by moving the deck gauge wheels to their highest setting. Use the deck lift handle to raise the deck so the belt lines up horizontally between the deck idler pulleys and the PTO..
  2. This DIY riding mower repair guide gives step-by-step instructions for replacing a blade drive belt on a riding lawn mower. The blade drive belt connects the engine pulley to the mower deck pulleys and spins the cutting blades. A worn blade belt won't spin the blades fast enough to cut the grass
  3. Park the mower on a flat surface and stop the engine. Slide two, 2-by-4 wood blocks under each side of the mower deck. Locate the belt guide next to the pulley behind the left front wheel on the mower deck. Locate and remove the spring locking pin and washer that hold the tension rod onto the blade drive arm

Lower the mower deck to its lowest position. Roll the blade belt off the engine pulley and release the belt from the belt keepers. Remove the front lift link support retaining pin and washer, and then detach the support from the deck. Remove the left suspension arm retaining clip and washer, and then detach the arm from the tractor frame 20 to remove mower (see fig. 18) to install mower; 21 to level mower housing ; 22 to replace mower drive belt; to replace mower blade (sec ond ary) drive belt (see fig. 24) 23 to check and adjust brake (see fig. 25) to replace motion drive belt (see fig. 26) 24 transaxle motion control le ver neutral adjustment (see fig. 27 Mr mower parts deck rebuild kit for craftsman poulan Husqvarna included 2 heavy duty spindles 130794, 2 mulcher blades 134149, 2 pulleys 173436, deck belt 144959 95 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,102 $72.68 $ 72 . 6

48' Husqvarna Riding Mower Review Pro's and Con'sHusqvarna LTH19530 Questions - ProductReview

Good luck with finding a replacement deck for that mower. You would be better off finding a good used 48 Husqvarna lawn tractor. When mowing that 1/2 acre field, side discharge the clippings and rinse the underside of your deck after each use Blocks of wood around the tire to prevent the riding mower from rolling. Place a floor jack under the center of the front axle if you are raising the front of the mower, or under the center of the draw bar frame on rear of the mower. If your riding mower does not have a draw bar place the floor jack under the center of the transaxle

How To Adjust Belt Tension On A Husqvarna Riding Lawnmower

I am looking for a motion drive diagram for a Deere Sabre

Husqvarna Lgt2654 Drive Belt Diagram - schematron

Many husqvarna riding mowers have a sticker on the deck near the pulleys featuring a diagram of the drive belt configuration. The drive belt is worn to correct replace the drive belt2. Husqvarna ride mower owners manual 44 pages I have a Husqvarna rz5424 zero turn mower 3 yr old had service shop replace drive and cutter deck belts and brakes. the hydraulic pump handles will not control speed. goes slow in forward and in rever Husqvarna GT () Exploded View parts lookup by Found on Diagram: Gear Drive Transaxle. Ground Drive V-Belt. Husqvarna GT Manual Online: Install Mower And Drive Belt. (See Fig. 6) See MOWER AND DRIVE BELT ASSEMBLY Supplement Sheet for additional.4 CONGRATULATIONS on your purchase of a new tractor. Model #GT2254 Husqvarna lawn, tracto Your Husqvarna Rider is a versatile machine that lets you change attachments depending on the task at hand. Mounting your cutting deck or attachment on the Rider is easily done and only takes minutes. Warning! Wear protective glasses when fitting the cutting unit. The spring which tensions up the belt may break and cause serious injury Remove the linkages from the deck, disconnect the rear draft arm, and disconnect the mower deck belt to remove the deck from the mower. Remove the wooden blocks and allow the deck wheels to touch the ground. Slide the deck from underneath the mower. Remove the belt covers by removing the screws that hold it in place

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Exact replacement for front mower lift link assembly on a Husqvarna YTH22v46 riding lawn mower. The link assembly keeps the front of the mowing deck from dragging the ground. It slides through a support on the undercarriage, near the front of the tractor, and then attaches to the mowing deck via deck clips (bow tie cotter pins) Husqvarna Mower Deck Assemblies parts with OEM Husqvarna parts diagrams to find Husqvarna Mower Deck Assemblies repair parts quickly and easily Order Status Customer Support 512-288-4355 My Account Login to your PartsTree.com to view your saved list of equipment Genuine OEM Husqvarna 54 Mower Deck Belt 587686701 & CRAFTSMAN 196103 532196103. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Craftsman Husqvarna OEM 42 Riding Mower Stamped Deck Housing 199606 196495. $259.99. Free shipping. Only 2 left. 3 USA XHT HEAVY DUTY BLADES KUBOTA K5619-34330 ZD221 ZG227 K5351-99040 54 DECK Have a husqvarna yth2348 riding mower tuned up, starts fine, have a husqvarna yth2348 riding mower tuned up, starts fine, wont go. Drive belt is fine. it seems the lever in the back that you push to engage the transmission doesn't engage it. There are no belt tension adjustments on our Step-Thru (aka: Fast Attach, Autodrive, Pedal Drive) style tractor cutting deck drives.It is very important that only Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) belts be used on these models for this reason. Verify that the belt is installed properly and that the spring-loaded tension idler pulley is properly positioned

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How To Level A Husqvarna Lawn Mower Deck (Quick Guide

The deck idler pulley tightens the blade belt against the blade pulleys to spin the blades when you shift the blade engagement lever to engage the blades. You might need to replace the riding mower deck idler pulley if the blades don't spin Cutter Deck Belt MADE w KEVLAR Fit Husqvarna 42'' and 46'' Cut Mower- 539117245 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - Cutter Deck Belt MADE w KEVLAR Fit Husqvarna 42'' and 46'' Cut Mower- 53911724 1. Dropped the mower deck to the ground. 2. Used floor jack at front of mower to raise tractor high enough to pull mower deck out the side. 3. Replaced both belts: primary and secondary. 4. Pushed mower deck back under the tractor. 5. Lowered tractor back to the ground. 6. Hooked mower deck up under the tractor The blade belt connects the engine pulley to the deck pulleys that spin the cutting blades. A damaged or worn blade belt won't spin the mower blades well, and a broken belt won't spin the blades at all. Replace the blade belt with the riding mower part if it's damaged or broken

Husqvarna 584453101 46 Mower Deck Belt YT46LS YTH2242 YTH2246 YTH223 YTH224 4.5 out of 5 stars (26) 26 product ratings - Husqvarna 584453101 46 Mower Deck Belt YT46LS YTH2242 YTH2246 YTH223 YTH22 Wrap the new belt around the three outside pulleys. One more pulley is located in the middle of the other pulleys. Pull the belt around the inside part of the pulley. Step I have a GTH2548 Husqvarna riding lawnmower. I just put a new drive belt on an mower deck belt. I did take the clutch off to put new drive belt an then put back on. Hooked everything up an the mower blade won't engage. It drives forward an back. Did i put clutch on wrong. I did put it in the Keyhole slo Removing them will disconnect the deck from the mower frame. Raise the deck to its highest position and then remove it. Step 4 - Positioning the New Deck. Put the new deck below the riding mower and allow it to rest on the two pieces of wood you have previously placed below the machine. If needed, you can remove the idle pulley by using the. Rear-mounted attachments With our rear-mounted riding lawn mower attachments, including garden dump carts, utility cart trailers, baggers, rollers, dethatchers, tow behind spreaders and aerators, you can easily outfit your lawn tractor with the right tools for all of your yard work needs

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Amazon.com : Husqvarna 531300771 48-Inch Lawn Mower Deck Secondary Belt For YTH1848XP, YTH2148, YTH2248, YTH2448, YTH2548, GTH2248XP and GTH2548 : Lawn Mower Drive Belt : Garden & Outdoo Shop Husqvarna 22-in Self-propelled Belt for Push Lawn Mowers (9.75-in L) in the Lawn Mower Belts department at Lowe's.com. Husqvarna engineered quality deck belt sustains performance and maintains durability of your mower Murray Lawn Mower Belt Diagram 46 Inch. murray 46 inch deck belt ajustment murray 46 inch deck belt ajustment murray lawn mower 46 deck remove and belt replace duration 19 32 shopdogsam 10 690 views 19 32 murray x92a parts list and diagram 1996 46 inch murray lawn tractor parts murray x92a 1996 46 inch lawn tractor parts search within model belt primary mower driv The Husqvarna riding mower offers a convenient way to tend a large lawn. It comes with many features, including articulated steering, and offers both efficiency and comfort. However, there are times when the mover needs replacement parts, such as a drive belt

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Husqvarna ZTHKW4821A (968999169) rear-engine riding mower parts - manufacturer-approved parts for a proper fit every time! We also have installation guides, diagrams and manuals to help you along the way The Outdoor Factory Parts replacement deck belt is designed to fit lawn tractors with a 42 in. cutting deck. Built strong for heavy duty use and long life. This is an OEM-quality replacement deck belt that fits Ariens, Poulan, Poulan Pro, Craftsman, Husqvarna and Dixon lawn tractors The deck should have 3 mounts plus the draw bar at the front. Check the rear anti sway mount and the bracket it mounts to on the mower Put the mower on you concrete drive and check the front back leveling. Chances are the draw bars are too loose and the blades have too much attack

Husqvarna Lgt2654 Deck Belt Diagram - wiringall

Hold the forward-facing belt tension rod on the upper left of the deck of the mower. Make sure your grip is firmly maintained as you lower the lever downward and push the end toward the tractor. This is to disengage the spring-loaded rod from the slot in the lock bracket Husqvarna's yard tractors offer premium performance with quality results. Their compact size makes them easy to maneuver and require less space for storage. Features such as fender-mounted cutting height adjustment, adjustable seat and an ergonomic steering wheel make these tractors simple and comfortable to operate. Hydrostatic transmission for smooth, variable forward and reverse speed Happy ending to the Husqvarna YTH20K46 Deck Belt Drama: I now think that what was happening was that since the deck was not level and was set way too low, when the deck was lowered the spindle pulleys actually pulled the belt off the engine pulley. The angle was too severe. Of course a tighter belt or shorter belt should work too. Let's see how this one plays out

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Remove the belt from the idler pulleys. Pull the belt out of the mower deck.Work the new belt into place on the two mandrel pulleys and into the belt guides. Wrap the belt around the two idler pulleys. Position the belt into all the guides. Reinstall the mower deck in the reverse order of its removal. Reconnect the drive belt to the rear drive. another thing that can affect belt life is the pulley condition my snapper belt is 5/8 wide and when it wears down to only 1/2 wide the belt slips and stops cutting in tall grass. when you take the belt off it still looks like new and you can only see the difference when its put next to a brand new belt I have A Husqvarna 2348 mower with 325 hours. I began to jump forward and at times wouldn't back up while mowing. I replaced the drive belt for the first time since new. It was worn but not broken or cracked. I purchased the mower at Lowes but they do not stock the drive belt and would be a special order part and I should allow 2 weeks

Craftsman Riding Mower for Sale in Bradenton, FL - OfferUp[GF_6854] Craftsman Mower Deck Diagram Craftsman LawnDeck Rebuild Kit for 38" Sears , AYP Lawn Mowers

Kevlar Belt Extra Strong Fits 36 Deck models Husqvarna, Jonsered, Partner, McCulloch, Rally, Craftsman, Flymo Mowers 532180217, 532402008 Quick View Kevlar Husqvarna Cutter Belt New 38 Deck Only CT131 CT141 CT151 CTH140 CTH151 53242953 2. Remove the belt covers from the left and right sides of the mower deck. 3. Pull belt out of the left spindle pulley to release belt tension on the mower belt idler spring. 4. Identify the mower belt idler arm and remove the hardware above the belt finger / guide the so the idler spring hook can be accessed. 5 How to start a lawn mower Whether you've just purchased a brand-new lawn mower or you need some help getting last season's mower up and running again, Husqvarna can help. Read ahead for the solutions you need to get back to work in the yard

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