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Try a 500k volume first and leave the 250K on the tone. If that isn't bright enough, put a 500k on the tone as well. I love 500s on teles, as it really opens up and brightens the often dark neck pickup. Two 500Ks will put the bridge pup into the esquire zone for bite The taper is the way in which the value goes from zero to max. A linear taper goes from zero to max in a linear way, or a straight line. Halfway through, a 500k pot should have a resistance of around 250k. An audio taper travels from zero to max in a logarithmic way, similar to the way the human ear works A popular way to get rid of some highs in your tone is to solder a 500k ohm resistor on your 500k ohm pot to effectively turn it into a 250k pot Yes, it is typical you will find 250K pots used on nearly all traditional Strat 3-single-coil SSS configurations and 500K pots used on nearly all 2-humbucker HH configurations. First, I wanted to make something really clear up front. 500K is not an upgrade from 250K

250K vs 500K pots Telecaster Guitar Foru

  1. Re: Tele Pot Choices - 250 or 500k I like 500k pots way more than 250k. They let the beauty of the guitar and pickups come through. If you need to, just roll off the tone
  2. If that's what you mean yes, you can have a 500K volume and tone for the neck pickup and a 250K for the bridge. It won't cause a problem. Your other options is to use 500K everywhere. Just put a larger cap like a.047 on the bridge pickup to tame the brightness a bit
  3. 250K control pots are the usual choice for single coil pickups. 500K control pots are the usual choice for humbuckers. These K numbers are the resistance ratings (kOhms). K is the abbreviation for Kilo, or 1,000. 1Meg-ohm is 1,000K, or 1-million ohms
  4. Since 500K pots are often used on P-90 single coils, the tone is thicker than Strat or Tele single coils. Of course, you can use any value pot on any pickup, it just depends on what result you want. A few guitar makers vary the pot values depending on the individual guitar and how it couples with the pickup selected
  5. increasing the pots' resistances from 250k to 500k will make an obvious and measurable difference in the sound of a typical guitar pickup, it's not even a question. And your claim is based on what exactly
  6. 500k pots are designed for humbucking or double-coil pickups. 250k pots are designed for single-coil pickups. So, when choosing your pots, make sure you're getting the right ones based on your guitar's pickup configuration. Best Guitar Pots, Conclusion We hope you found exactly the guitar pot you were looking for

250k vs 500k Pots - What is the Difference? - Humbucker Sou

Oh here there! If you like this, and wanna buy me a coffee, I mean...I won't say no!https://www.buymeacoffee.com/kendrick?new=1This is a popular mod for thes.. For a volume pot you can use any of 250K, 300K, or 500K. It won't really matter as it only adjusts the volume, but the 500K may give you a slightly longer sweep. (the value of the pot only REALLY matters for the tone pots. larger pot may or may not fit but size really make no difference i have had more loose shaft large cts pots than the mini pots. the lower value of the pot with give you more resistance and darken the sound of your bass a bit. typically bright pickups ie:single coils, strat tele jbass pbass use 250K and humbuckers like gibsons and others use 500K I have a Telecaster with a SD Jazz (humbucker) in the neck position and standard Fender single coil in the bridge. I am looking at updating the wiring and am stuck on which value pots to go with - 250k 0r 500k? To my mind, the easy way out would be to purchase a SD VINTAGE STACK STK-T3b and use 500k pots Therefore, a 500k pot will result in a brighter tone than a 250k pot used on the same pickup. We use the 500k pots for the humbuckers because they are warm and dark sounding, so we want to preserve as much high end as we can. We use 250k pots for the single coils because these pickups are often very bright already

Welcome to Perky's Analog Gear Demos. Please subscribe for more demos of vintage & rare effects pedals!The other day, I compared the Monty's Keef Prototype w.. When to Use 500k Pots. Humbuckers have far more windings than a single-coil pickup thus need a 500k pot (Gibson sometimes uses 300k pots). Because 500k pots are great for guitars with humbucker pickups they are the most commonly found in Gibson Les Paul, PRS, Dean, and Ibanez humbucker styled guitars. When to Use 250k Pots

Seymour Duncan 250k vs 500k pots: Going Deeper into the

  1. Yes you can directly swap them out. Though on the EC strats with the mid boost circuit they use a 50K pot for the volume and a 250 for the tone (250K stacked with detent for the TBX tone) and 250 of the boost. I would be really curious to see what pots are really under the hood of your guitar. Believer7713, Mar 5, 202
  2. There are certainly exceptions to the rule as you can find Strat's with 500K pots and Les Paul's with 250K pots (In fact, some early Les Pauls came with 300K pots and early Telecasters with 1meg pots). Digging Deeper. You can also use capacitors to change a pot's standard sound
  3. Guitar pots do more than just change the volume and tone as per your preference. They also serve the purpose of resistance, and this can significantly impact your performance. There are 250K pots and 500K pots that you can choose from depending on whether you like treble or whether you want humbucker pickup
  4. Great deals on Fender 250k Pot. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at eBay.com. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Fender Player Telecaster Tele POTS 250K CTS +3 Way SWITCH Guitar Parts. $29.99. FENDER 250K/500K Stacked Concentric Pot Potentiometer For Jazz bass 62 Tele. $26.07. $12.73.
  5. stacked coils usually run 500k pots and sometimes 1meg. with an HSS setup, i run 250k on all 3 pots, but leave the humbucker without a tone. doing it like that, all 3 pickups have a proper load
  6. Typically 250K pots are used for single coil pickups and 500K pots for humbucker pickups. The bigger the resistence value, the brighter the sound will be/ less highs will bleed off the earth. 1MEG can be used to make humbuckers sound brighter
  7. For instance, Blues and Super High Output Split Blades sound best with 500K pots, making them perfect for HSS guitars and Telecasters. You can use a 500K Pot on the whole guitar, and your pickups won't be too overly bright. Solution #2: Use a 300K Volume Pot. When a 250K and 500K won't cut it, a 300K pot might do the trick

For this reason, guitars with humbuckers like Les Pauls use 500K pots to retain more highs for a slightly brighter tone and guitars with single coils like Stratocasters and Telecasters use 250K pots to add some warmth by slightly reducing the highs Pre-wired Telecaster wiring harness upgrade for American or Mexican Fender Telecasters (two pickup, v/t). Features 500k CTS Pots and .047 cap. 500k produces a brighter tone when compared to 250k. This pairs well with humbuckers and other pickups that have darker tones

Both 250k tone pots, and the larger, 500k tone pots, are the most popular by far. The 500k tone pots are the ideal choice for Humbuckers . This makes the 500k tone pots the ideal choice for using with humbucker pickups that are found on Les Paul , Gibson, and other humbucker styled electric guitars Higher pot 500K values typically lend a brightness to your sound while the 250K lower value pots typically result in a bit more playing warmth. Many players prefer pairing humbuckers with 500K pots and single coils pickups with 250K pots #0128 250K-ohm & #0130 500K-ohm 500K pots are standard controls for humbuckers, and 250Ks are usually used for single-coil pickups. A 250K gives a slightly warmer tone than a 500K, and bleeds off (attenuates) some of the high frequencies to ground. A 1-meg pot attenuates even less than a 500K—try one if you want to hear your guitar wide open Low prices on top-rated equipment and instruments. Order toda

The difference between 250K and 500K pots in electric guitar

Charlotte, NC I like the 500k pots but I put in a dimarzio blade humbucker which called for a 500k, a quarter pounder which sound good with 500k and a seymour duncan stacked humbucker. The original single coils I took out and put in a strat with 250k pots in it. MiK_Squier_II, Sep 16, 201 Ive never noticed a 250k pot getting rid of brightness but Ive definitely noticed using a 250k dropping the low end and it most definitely drops the o/p which IMHO makes the pickup feel weaker. With that said, I actually prefer new duncan JB's with a 250k pot over the normal 500k You may have noticed terms like 500k and 250k. This refers to the resistance rating of the volume or tone pots. Basically, 500k is for humbuckers, while 250k is for single coils. Assuming you keep this in mind, you shouldn't encounter too many issues overall The spare pole on each DPDT coil-split toggle is used to switch in a fixed 470k resistor to ground at the output of each pickup, so that when a split pickup is selected the 500k volume pot has a ~500k resistor in parallel with it, which is roughly equivalent to a 250k pot Many BL humbuckers work great with 250k pots. The old rule 250k for single coils and 500k for buckers is just coming from historic guitar models, and these choices were probably pure coicidence at the time. FWIW, putting the resistor across the jack (output side of the volume pot) is not the same as having it across the input side

Fender Deluxe Thinline Telecaster POTS 250K + 4 Way SWITCH Tele Guitar Parts. $29.99. Compare. Add To Cart. USA Gibson SG Tribute Pots Wiring +3 Way Switch Quick Connect Guitar. $59.99 NEW CTS 250K/500K Concerntric Solid Shaft POT for Electric Guitar EP-4585-000. $9.99. Compare. Add To Cart. NEW 500K CTS Split Shaft Audio POT for Fender. CTS 500k Audio Pot. Solid 1/4 shaft. Comes with nut, lock and dress washers. $10 each. CTS 1 meg Audio Pot. Solid 1/4 shaft. Comes with nut, lock and dress washers. $10 each. Fender® CTS Pots: CTS pots in Genuine Fender® Replacement Parts packaging : Orig. T/V Control 250k Split Shaft (comes with nut, lock washer & .02 mfd cap) $15.0 I'm running a 500k volume with a push / pull switch, and a TBX tone knob (stacked 250k / 1 Meg) in my Tele. The pickups are SCN's. It is everything a good Telecaster should be in terms of sound IMO. :phil: If I was running stock pickups and a stock tone control, I'd probably opt for 250k on both pots

All Tele ToneShapers have a selectable volume pot, so you can choose between 250k or 500k operation. The value of the pot affects the overall tonality of the guitar, even when the volume is turned all the way up. 250k is the traditional value used in Teles, and will produce a slightly fuller and warmer tone You can turn a 500K pot down to 250K, but you can't crank a 250K pot up to 500K. The larger resistance results in less load, which makes for a wider frequency response. That usually translates into a brighter character. I always use 500K pots regardless of the pickup type Guitars; Wiring Kits. Tele (NG) Other (NG) Jaguar (CL) Jazzmaster (CL) LP Special (CL) CTS Pot, 500/250K Audio, Push-Pull, Switched, Split Shaft (10 Pack) $156.09 Quick Shop. CTS Pot, 500K Audio, Push-Pull, Split Shaft . $16.99. Add to Cart. Quick Shop. CTS Pot, 500K Audio, Push-Pull, Split Shaft (10 Pack) $118.99. Add to Cart. Quick. Bourns 250K Audio Taper Guitar Pot-Fine Spline. Bourns Pro Audio series 250K audio taper pots made specifically for guitars and basses. For use as volume and tone controls. Has a hard rotation resistance and provides superior reliability. Fine spline shaft (24 tooth) for use with USA guitar knobs.. A 500K pot with the same ratio-metric taper as a 250K pot has a different taper effect when loaded by a 500K fixed resistor and the same external circuit (tone control, cable, amp input). A 250K volume pot, when set to half of its resistive value, has an effective output resistance of 62.5K

K is the reference to the resistance rating of the pot (kOhms). Higher pot 500K values typically lend a brightness to your sound while the 250K lower value pots typically result in a bit more playing warmth. Many players prefer pairing humbuckers with 500K pots and single coils pickups with 250K pots Keep your Fender guitar or bass all original with genuine Fender replacement parts. We stock original Fender pots for most models of Fender guitars and basses in 250K and 500K values with split and solid shafts as well as No Load pots and S1 Switch pots. Pots Quantity Discount: Buy 5-9 Save $.50 Each - Buy 10+ Save $1.00 Each As a rule, bright single-coil pickups will be used with 250k pots and darker humbuckers with 500k pots. It's generally assumed that lower resistance pots sound brighter, but it's actually the way that the pot interacts with the resistance, inductance and capacitance of pickups, tone controls that determines the brightness (This is why most humbuckers use 500k pots while single coils use 250k pots- in general humbuckers are less bright than single coils.) So what you've done is to lower the overall load applied to the pickups, thus darkening them slightly. Probably get more mids that way. The other effect is that the range of your tone pot will also have shifted

Tele Pot Choices - 250 or 500k - Seymour Duncan User Group

So with 2x250K pots the actual load on the pickups is a measly 125K. On that basis, and knowing from having done it recently, using 500K pots in a V/V/T setup makes a significant difference to the brightness and overall character of the sound. I would stick with 250K for tone as 500K will be an on-off switch - nothing happens until the last 5% 500K or 250K pots - which do I need? I offer both options in Telecaster kits to suit humbucker and single coil equipped guitars. A simple rule of thumb is humbucker pickups require 500K pots and single coil pickups require 250K pots. If you are not sure which you should use for your setup, feel free to shoot me a message and I will be happy.

Can I mix 250k and 500k pots? The Gear Pag

BOURNS POT 250A - KNURLED SHAFT. Bourns Pot with knurled shaft. 250K. Audio Taper.Thread height: 6mm Shaft height: 19mm.. 5.00€ Ex Tax: 4.07 Sort of. While it will effect a parallel combination of 250K Ohms, the rotational effect of the 500K volume pot will still differ from a 250K one. For example, when the 250K one is at half value (about 8 on an an audio taper pot in a Strat), the effective Thevenin (Wiki it) series output impedance from the pot will be about 63K (both halves of the pot in parallel) Bulk Bag of 20 x CTS Vintage Dimple Back Audio Taper (Log) Volume Tone Pots Potentiometers For Srat Tele £94.50 Quick View Compare Add to Cart Add to Wish Lis In many guitars with 250k tone pots, I've just left the resistor in permanently; you just can't turn it down as much as if you had used an actual 500k tone pot, but it helps keep some guitars brighter. This is how you can hear what going from a 500k pot down to a 250k volume and tone pot sounds like 500k pots will work perfectly fine with that setup, but if you find that the tone is a little too bright for your taste after installing the pickups, dropping a 250k volume pot in your guitar will take the edge off

Darren Riley's Guitar & Amp Shop. 5720-J Capital Blvd Raleigh NC 27616 phone (919) 877-0841 darrenrileys@gmail.co Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. Learn more about Fender electric basses As to rules, 250k pots for single coils and 500k pots for humbuckers ignores P-90s. A better rule would be, 250k pots for Fenders and 500k pots for Gibsons. Technically, the value of the pot should follow the DC resistance of the coil(s), but you also have to consider several other factors, especially the magnets, and then there's the.

Fender Control 1 Meg Linear 0036464000 $ 6.00 Add to cart Fender Control 250K Linear 0036465000 $ 7.95 Add to cart Fender Control 1 Meg 10% Audio 0036466000 $ 6.00 Add to cart Fender Control 25K Linear 003646700 In extreme cases, a 500k pot can have values of only 400k or up to 600k ohms. Not infrequently good pickups are replaced unnecessarily, because they sound muddy, weak or thin. In reality, however, the problem is often not due to bad pickups, but simply to inferior wiring, which mercilessly destroys the actually perfect sound Dual concentric control pots stewmac com wiring a single p rail triple shot diagram for j stacked blend pot 60 61 jazz stack correct 250 500k cts audio seymour duncan bass the diagrams by lindy fralin 250k w s 1 switch Dual Concentric Control Pots Stewmac Com Wiring A Single P Rail Triple Shot Stacked Pot Telecaster Read More This 500K/250K potentiometer is designed for use on guitars with a humbucker and a single-coil pickup. If you wire it for volume, you can wire the humbucker to the 500K portion of the pot and your single-coil to the 250K prongs. Next, attach your concentric knobs and you can control the volume of each pickup from a single knob

Original Fender no load solid shaft pot, 250K-ohm. Works like a typical audio taper pot, but when turned to 10, the pot is removed from the circuit which increases output and brightness. Includes nut, washer, lock washer and .022 µF capacitor. Brass bushing adaptor sold below. Mfr. Part #099-0833-000 $9.5 thanks guys certainly apreciate it, i know about the guitar 250k for single coils lessens brightness and 500k for humbuckers increaes brightness,or rather allows more highs to pass, i just normally see 1 meg pots in amps and noticed a few schematics had 500k which made me think this must be the same but i wasnt sure if there was more to it like the grid leak /bias thing mentioned above.

Two (2X) CTS 450G Series 250K Vintage-style Solid Shaft, Audio Taper Pots. Durable high quality solid brass bushing & shaft; Vintage-style dish back case; Low friction turning action; Each pot comes with nut, lock & dress washer. This is a short shaft pot (bushing is 1/4 tall X 3/8 diameter). These are sized for USA-made guitars Having played around with pot values, we knew that using a 500K pot sounds like using a 1 meg volume pot rolled down to about 7 or 8. The 1 meg adds brilliance in the last little bit from 7 to 10. Typical pot values used for passive guitar volume and tone controls range from 250K to 1Meg. 250K and 500K are most common Vision Guitar is the Bay Area boutique guitar shop. We are authorized dealers for many top-end manufacturers. Vision Guitar is owned and run by local musicians who are passionate about getting the finest quality gear into the hands of musicians. We specialize in quality upgrades for guitar and bass 250k CTS Pots, Audio Taper, Vintage Style Short, Split Shaft $ 5.50; 250k CTS Pots, Audio Taper, Short, Split Shaft $ 5.25; 250k CTS No Load Pot (tone pot only) $ 6.75; 250k Fender S-1 Pot, Short, Split Shaft for Telecaster $ 29.0 250k or 500k pots? The two most common pot values used in guitar circuits are 250k and 500k. 250k pots are commonly used in single coil pickup guitars ie. in a Strat or Tele, whilst 500k pots are generally used with humbucker pickups. There are also other notable values, including 300k and 1meg pots

the standard usually is that strats use 250k pots, and les pauls use 500k pots. the 250k pots will filter out more high end than the 500k pots 250K/500K Audio taper, Solid Shaft Potentiometer. Will not work with push on style knobs. 3/8 mounting hole. Top shaft is 3/16 (4.75mm) diameter and bottom shaft is 17/64 (6.75mm) diameter. Will only work with the Fender Chrome Upper, and Black.. Charvel guitars typically have DiMarizo volume and tone pots. More specifically, 500K for humbucker pku equipped guitars and 250K for guitars with single coil pkus. These pots are very useful in dating your Charvel as the are stamped with a code at time of their manufacture As we know, the 500k should seem brighter than the 250k. You might sense a wider usable sweep between the 500k and 250k values. I think the taper will just alter the way the sweep is perceived. the cap value should have a significant effect on how much treble is rolled off; a wider frequency band will be affected as well with larger cap values Traditionally humbuckers are darker and manufacturers chose to use 500K potentiometers to ensure the pickup didn't sound too dark or muddy. Single coil pickups in contrast sound quite a bit brighter, and manufacturers chose to use 250K potentiometers to tame the brightness

Which control pot to choose stewmac

Fender Telecaster Custom 72' MIM incoming: must upgrades

Tone Chasin': The Skinny on Capacitors and Potentiometers

  1. In short, the pots of your guitar are rated based on their resistance. This rating is extremely important on the tone of your guitar, which is normally set at either 250K or 500K. 250k is traditionally used on single-coiled guitars, whereas the 500k is used on humbuckers, so you should be starting to see why it's important to match them up
  2. 3 x 250k or 500k LOG pot for VOLUME & TONE control PTST22: TELE POT SET 2 x excellent quality pots. 10mm collars - suitable for control plate mounting. Note: 10mm collars refers to the length of the threaded part of the shaft. Set comprises of:-2 x 250k or 500k LOG pot for VOLUME & TONE contro
  3. Bourns Short Shaft 250K Guitar Potentiometers With Pot Sleeves For Telecaster Set Of 2 $15.00 Bourns Pro Audio 500K Guitar Audio Taper Potentiometers Short Shaft Brass Bushing Set Of

Any one ever use 500k pots on a tele? The Gear Pag

CTS POTS Log A or Linear B 500k or 250k Volume Tone Potentiometers £5.85 inc. tax POT Type* Please Select LOG A 250k LOG A 500k LINEAR B 250k LINEAR B 500k There are a few ways around this! You could use a super switch with a 500K volume pot and a 470K resistor. Using the resistor in parallel with the single coils causes the pickups to see 242k (almost 250K!) from the pot. The switch would also split the coil in position 4. Another option is to use a super switch with a stacked 250K/500K CTS pot 250K and 500K pots are the most common pots used in passive guitar circuits. Using higher value pots will give the guitar a brighter sound and lower value pots will provide a warmer sound. Higher value pots put less load on the pickups which prevents treble frequencies from bleeding to ground through the pot

11 Best Guitar Pots 2021 For Your Brand Of Guitar - Guitar

  1. Two 500k pots in a stacked design allows you to have two volumes, or two tones or a volume and a tone combination in one mounting hole! 250K Pot, By CTS SKU: CTS250 $5.00 Add To Cart. Wiring Kit , (1.25 ft ea of Black, Red & White Wire, 3 ft of Coaxial Wire) SKU: WK1 $5.95 • Telecaster®.
  2. Single coil guitars often have 250K volume pots while humbuckers have 500K. Since the humbuckers produce a much hotter and darker signal it is desirable to use 500K pots rather than 250K to get clarity in your tone. A smaller volume pot will result in more treble loss in your guitar, and it is desirable to brighten the tone with humbuckers
  3. 500K volume will make a traditional Tele bridge pickup quite shrill, so I would use 250K. A 500K tone will give you slightly more top-end at full up than £250K, but a slightly less useful sweep below that

250k vs 500k pots - Fender 72 Thinline Telecaster - YouTub

We didn't find any dealers in your area. Try searching a different location below or contact Fender Customer Service at 800-856-9801 NEW CTS 250K/500K Concerntric Solid Shaft POT for Electric Guitar EP-4585-000. $9.99. Compare. Add To Cart. NEW 500K CTS Split Shaft Audio POT for Fender Stratocaster Strat EP-0086-000 Fender Jim Adkins JA-90 Thinline Tele POTS SWITCH Telecaster Guitar. $26.99. Compare. Add To Cart. Fender Squier Classic Vibe 70s Tele Custom POTS & 3 SWITCH. 250K Push/Pull Potentiometer - EP1200PP 500K Custom Taper Pot (High Pass Filter) - EP1201HP 500K Custom Taper Potentiometer - EP120 500k pots are used in guitars to give more output. like les pauls and the axis guitars and stuff. 250K pots are used for a slightly cleaner and warmer sound ie. strats, the albert lee model etc.. using a single 500k volume pot with no caps or resisters is just fine

Replacement Pots for Affinity Tele Squier-Talk Foru

Pots: 250k vs 500k?? TalkBass

New Quality,Tele Prewired Control Plate,Japan Level switch,Alpha pots 250K,Sprague Orange capacitor .022uF,#(PWTL-004-CUSTOM) Sale US$40.89 On sale US$36.3 We recommend 500K pots with most of our pickups. The few exceptions being the Starwood Strat and the Starwood Tele, which sound best with 250K pots Electric Guitar Pickups, Bass Guitar Pickups, Acoustic Guitar Pickups and Accessories - EMG Active & Passive Pickups - over 25 Years of Active Pickup Technology - The original active pickup .047uf - Standard basic cap for Telecaster; Humbucker pickup pot value option: If your Telecaster has 2 humbucker pickups 500K pots are recommended. We will substitute 500K for 250K. Just add a note when purchasing that you prefer 500K pots

CTS 250K or 500K "295 series" Audio Pot for guitar & bass

Guitar volume pot listening test 500k vs 250k on Humbucker and Single Coils. January 17, 2021 admin How Marijuana Works 20. So here it goes: Use 500k pots on all your guitars with HSS. Make the tone knob 500k as well. Wire the volume and tone knob like a 50's Les Paul junior. (Vintage wiring vs Modern) use the value .010- .015 for the. The super switch is also used to assign a 500K tone pot with a .022 uf cap to position 1 (bridge pickup), and a 250K tone pot with a .047 uf cap to positions 2-5 (for the single coils). Below you will find our mod which takes it one step farther by putting employing a 470K resistor in parallel with the volume pot for positions 2-5

Fender Jazz Bass Dual 500K/250K Pot 0019268049Rothstein Guitars • Serious Tone for the Serious PlayerTelecaster bridge single coil to match neck humbucker

In real life use, there MAY not be much difference. The ones I have measured, those marked 500k usually measure anywhere from around 400k to 500k. they RARELY or never exceed 500k, and if I was to guesstimate the average, it would be around 450k. In real life, 300k pots I have measured are usually 310-400k Fender Deluxe Thinline Telecaster POTS 250K + 4 Way SWITCH Tele Guitar Parts. $29.99: Time left: 25d 4h 23m. Fender Custom Telecaster POTS 3 Position SWITCH + COIL TAP, Toggle FMT Tele NEW Seymour Duncan YJM High Speed Volume POTENTIOME TER POT 500K for Fender Strat. $15.00: Time left: 10h 32m *NEW Prewired Pots Wiring Harness Alpha 250K. This Prewired Kit fits perfectly for the Tele Deluxe models. The classic wiring is the same as the 1972 model, but can also be supplied with the Gibson 50's wiring. Details: ARTY's WAXED PAPER SKIN 0.02uf or 0.05uf Capacitor 50's Vintage Style CTS 500k or 250k Audio Taper Pot, 1/4 solid shaft, 3/8 thread Switchcraft Right Angle or Short Straight 3-Way Toggle Switch SWITCHCRAFT 1/4 Mono. Pot for Guitar,250K-A (Audio), 1 pc., Split Shaft, used by Fender as Volume/Tone, the original CTS. comes with nut, lock washer and washer Guitar-pot, Split Shaft, 250K Audio Potentiometer, CT

Motown Mojo 1962-1968 reproduction Fender Strat WiringCTS Left Handed 500K Audio Taper Pots Short Shaft (set ofOak Grigsby 4-way Blade Switch for Fender TelecasterSOLDERLESS WIRING HARNESS Telecaster Reverse - Arty'sLang T - McLoughlin Guitars
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