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Right-click in the field, and then click Edit Field. For information about the properties and options available for a particular field, see List of field codes in Word. For some fields, you must display the field code to edit the field: press Alt+F9. Some fields are edited in their own dialog boxes instead of in the Field dialog box A fast method to update fields in Word is to press Ctrl+A to select all and then press F9 to update fields. However, you may have experienced that this will not catch and update all fields. If the selection is in the main body of the document, Word only updates fields in that area of the document. It may not even update all fields there

Updating a single field You can update a single field manually in two ways: Right-click the field and select Update Field. Depending on the type of field, another dialog box may appear where you can select other options (this occurs for example, with a tables of contents) To update a single field, select it (or click anywhere in it) and press F9, or right-click the field and choose Update Field. If you have toggled the display of the field code string on, updating the field toggles it back to displaying the results. To update multiple fields at once, select them as part of a contiguous selection range and press F9

To update a field manually, right-click the field and then click Update Field or press F9. To update all fields manually in the main body of a document, press Ctrl + A to select all and then press F9. Some fields in headers, footers or text boxes must be updated separately From the list of fields, click New to create a new field or double-click any of the fields on the list to edit them. Expand the entity and choose the Forms node. Open a form in the form editor and below the Field Explorer click New Field to create a new field

How to Insert Fillable Fields on Word on PC or Mac. You know when you try to fill out forms in Word on the provided lines, but the text you type makes the lines move and ruins the formatting? There is a way to get rid of that. This wikiHow.. Edit the field by inserting a switch code to the end of the field. For instance, to apply a text format to change to upper case, edit the field to show as { MERGEFIELD Company \*Upper } (see other examples of text and date formatting below). Press [Alt] + F9 again To do this, click on File tab > Options > Customize Ribbon. Then under the Customize Ribbon, select the Developer checkbox and click OK. Step 2: Open a Word document and you will be able to make the Word document fillable. Go to the Developer tab and then Design Mode, and you can then insert the controls that you want

In the Word menu, click on the Insert menu, click the Quick Parts dropdown, and select Fields. In the pop-up window, click on DocProperty under Field names, and click on Recipient (or whatever you.. Then update the field (F9) to see the change. Specifying a Numbering Type. Numeric fields can use any of several types of characters to represent the numbers, such as Arabic (1, 2, 3), Roman (I, II, III), and so on. To specify the type of numbering, use the \* switch followed by the appropriate code. The easiest way to set a numbering type is.

1. Enable Developer Tab. Open Microsoft Word, then go to the File Tab > Options > Customize Ribbon > check the Developer Tab in the right column > Click OK. A developer tab will populate You can access fields as follows: Position the cursor where you want to insert the field. Click the Insert tab. In Word 2003, choose Field from the Insert menu and skip to step # 5 Click the Text Form Field button every time you want to insert the field where users fill in their information. Don't worry about the length of the form field -- it will expand as text is entered. Specify whether you want the fields to appear shaded or not -- click the Form Field Shading button to toggle this option off and on Here, you will learn how to create fields in Word.Most people often underestimate the importance of fields — crucial placeholders working behind the scenes in a document to facilitate the processes involved with several of extremely powerful features in Word like indexing, mail merging, automatic generation of tables of contents, etc. To create fields in Word, it is pertinent to note that. To rename the newly added Word Merge field, right-click on the field and select Edit Field You can now relabel the Field name with whichever name you wish to use. Copy and paste this field to other parts of your document and rename accordingly

How To Insert, Edit And View Fields In Word 365 Daves

Restricting editing rights for the receiving party is a great way to protect the integrity of the document, as well as yourself. To make a document un-editable, first, select all the text in the document by pressing Ctrl+A. Once all of the text is highlighted, click Restrict Editing in the Protect group on the Developer tab Have you reused a customer proposal and the earlier customer name remained in the new proposal? Tricky situation... right? Here is how you prevent this from. Word field codes are a way to add some automation or automatic content into your documents. A simple example is the { DATE } field which will add the current date to a letter. That means the displayed result of the field won't change until the field is unlocked and updated. A locked field has the Update Field option greyed out Display or hide field codes in Word 2007/2010/2013. Step 1: in Word 2007, click Office icon , and then click Word Options; in Word 2010/2013, click File tab , and then click Options. Step 2: click Advanced, and then check Show field codes instead of their values to display field code in document

The phrase carved in stone refers to text that doesn't change. But, with fields, what you write in Word 2013 isn't carved in stone. To liven things up a bit, Word has a way to let you add dynamic (changing) elements to your document. Unlike the text you normally compose, dynamic text changes to reflect [ Follow the link to the field code you're interested in, in the alphabetized list below. Note: For detailed information about inserting and editing field codes, using switches, setting and changing properties, displaying results vs. field codes, locking fields, and other common tasks, see Insert, edit, and view fields in Word

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  1. You can edit (modify) the value of a custom document property. Open the Properties dialog box and select the Custom tab. See How to open the built-in Properties dialog box. In the Properties list, select the relevant document property
  2. Word automatically highlights areas of the document that are available for editing as shown below. To quickly find editable areas in a larger document use the Find Next Region I Can Edit button. Posted in: Tutorial , Word Tutoria
  3. In Word, you can insert dynamic cross-references that can be updated if the text you refer to changes. Technically, a cross-reference in Word is a field, i.e. set of codes that instructs Word to automatically insert material into a document. The material inserted by cross-reference fields can be text, section numbers, paragraph numbers, caption.
  4. Bookmarks and references are typical examples of fields in Word documents. All fields are updated automatically on opening the document or manually by selecting them and pressing F9. However, you can lock specific fields in the document to prevent automatic updates. To update those fields, update them one by one, or select the entire text by pressing Ctrl+A and press F9
  5. Import the Word document into the report. For more information, see To import a Word report layout from a file into report. Removing Label and Data Fields. Label and data fields of a report are contained in content controls in Word. The following figure illustrates a content control when it is selected in the Word document
  6. To add information, click the QuickBooks Collection Letter Fields toolbar. Click Insert Customer Name Fields or Insert Collection Info. Fields drop-down menu. However, if you're still unable to edit or add fields in a letter template in Word 365, I recommend reaching out to our Customer Care Team. One of them will need to take over and provide.
  7. I highlight the text field and select bold-face. However, after I protect the document from all editing except filling in the form where those text form fields are, it still shows that the text form field is boldfaced, but the text that I enter into the field reverts back to normal as soon as I type it in

How to Update Fields in Microsoft Word (One or All Fields

In the Field name text box, update the field name. Click OK. Save your .docx template, then upload it into your branding theme in Xero. Microsoft Word for Mac. Download and open your template from Invoice Settings. Right-click the field you want to edit. Select Toggle Field Codes. In the expanded field, update the field name. Right-click the. Word's table of contents feature only seems like magic. The truth is, you have control--simply toggle the table of contents to its underlying field code and modify the appropriate switches

It's a lot easier to create custom forms in Word than it used to be. This article covers six Content Controls, pre-programmed tools for adding and customizing interactive content in your Word. This tutorial shows how to update table and figure numbers in Microsoft Word. In a recent tutorial, we used Word's caption tool to insert table titles and figure captions.One of the main benefits of using this tool is that Word will automatically number new tables and figures as you add titles and captions (e.g., Table 1, Table 2, Table 3)

There are two simple methods to create fillable fields in Word. One is to create custom fields. The other is to use developer tools and the various data-entry controls that are available there Remember that once you click the down arrow beside the Save As Type in the input box and select Word Template (*.dotx) from the list (and change the name, of course, in the File Name input box. Learn how to create fillable form fields in Word with protected formatting. Whether you want your user to insert text, select from a menu or check a box you. To update a field in Word 2007 thru 2016, put the cursor in the field and either click the Update button that displays above the field or press F9. NOTE: You can update all of the fields in your document the same way as described above for Word 2003

Updating and Editing Fields Working with Fields and

With a simple edit, the field can be changed to display the formatting you want in the document. Formatting an Excel Mail Merge Field. To apply number formatting to an Excel mail merge field: Select the field, such as Amount, as shown in this example. Press [Alt] + F9 to reveal the field coding. Or, right-click on the mail merge field and. Whenever I click Print in Word, all fields get updated, but most of my hyperlinks (cross-references) seem to be broken. So my document formatting gets lost when fields update. I went to Word Options => Display => Printing Options. Both 'Update fields before printing' and 'Update linked data before printing' were unchecked Using Fields to Customize Headers and Footers. You can make your document more dynamic by utilizing Fields in Microsoft Word. Fields are dynamic components that add auto-updating variables to your document. For example, you could insert a field in your header to display a heading on every page How to format a percentage in a merge field (Microsoft Word)? May be you're like me - wants to make life easier by taking shortcuts. And when it comes to making letters, certificates, e-mails, contracts with various recipients and counter-parties with different data but with the same fields, nothing beats Mail Merge function of Microsoft Word, at least for me

The customisation will change the formatting to automatically include a dollar sign and have a space at the thousand mark, for example 1000 becomes $1 000. Create or open your mail merge document In this example <<Approved_Amount>> is is the current field, however after completing the mail merge it appears without the required formatting (as below How you create a default field code? For instance, I would like to have the page number spelled out not a numeric value. I know the field code PAGE\*CardText\*FirstCap but would like it to do that every time I have to add a page number instead of having to edit the field code for the page number. ANY HELP would be appreicated!

How to Insert Fields in Word (Built-in or Custom

i use VBA to read data from an excel file and insert it into an word document. Now i am stuck on how i can change the value of an custom word field. I add a field in the word document in th word menu (menu->info->properties->advanced properties->custom). Here is an Guide how i added the custom fields: click me. my field has the name w_ean Insert the Merge Field into Word as you normally would; Highlight the complete Merge Field including brackets. ie. << Matter.Number >> Make the relevant changes to the Merge Field's font style and size; Click anywhere away from the Merge Field to remove the highlight How to edit a merge field in word This lesson will teach how to correctly edit a merge field in word. Copy and paste a working field. Right click the field and click edit field. If spell check is on it can stop the edit field option from being available. Edit the Field name to the new field. My preference, unless the document is to be used in menu versions of Word, remains mapped Content Controls. I really like it that a change in any of the controls changes the matching ones and that any change updates virtually instantly without updating fields. Repeating Data Using Document Properties Content Controls and Other Mapped Content. Place the cursor in your document where you want to insert the field. From the Insert tab on the Ribbon, in the Text group, select Quick Parts and then select Field.; In the Field dialog box, from the Field names list, select the field. You can filter this list by selecting Categories.; Customize the field by selecting any properties options you desire and then click OK to insert it

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  1. Select a form field and click the Properties button on the ribbon to edit a control's options. Depending on the type of control you've inserted, you can change its appearance, set up the options in a list, or lock the control once edited. When you're done, click the Design Mode button again to exit Design Mode
  2. Select the date field that you have inserted in your document. Take right click on it and select Edit Field from the pop-up menu. A box will appear. Click on Field Codes button. MS-Word: Field Codes button Now you will see a box containing field codes of the date field in question. It would be something like: MERGEFIELD MyDate. MS-Word.
  3. Step 3. Click on 'Update Field' If you've made change to titles, or added or deleted sections, you'll see a couple options. Step 4. Click on 'Update page numbers only' OR 'Update entire table' Use 'update page numbers only' if you want to keep the table exactly as-is and just update the numbering
  4. Repeat text in Ms Word with document property fields. To keep it simple, lets see a readily-available option in Word for repeating certain text. Start with a blank Microsoft Word document, go to the Insert tab on the Ribbon. Now click on the Quick Parts option available in the Text group at the right side
  5. Enable edit protection in Word Before we save the letter template, I recommend to activate the processing protection so that only form fields can be filled out. This gives you the advantage that you do not accidentally change something in the template on the controls, because as you have seen, the whole thing is not even made on the fast
  6. Hi Ally1286,Save a Copy is required to edit the form only when you have either distributed the form or saved it as Reader extended PDF. In this case if you want add Scroll feature to a field then go to (in DC) 'Prepare Form' tool under the toolset on the right.On this screen, select the file and click on start
  7. If you save your document after printing and then update the field, it will show the date of that printing. Likewise, the SAVEDATE field will not change when you save a document until the field is later updated. So, if the SAVEDATE includes a time, it never will be correct. These fields will usually be updated by a Print Preview

Simple Ways to Insert Fillable Fields on Word on PC or Ma

  1. Right-click a field and select Edit > Delete from the shortcut menu. Select the field, then press Delete. Clear all form fields. To clear all form fields click the Forms > Fields > Reset Fields tool. Specify in which order users can tab through the fields in a form
  2. Problem. When running a mail merge in Microsoft Word some merge fields change format. For example, the font or size will change. Changing the styles applied to the field or the merge code do not resolve the issue
  3. Microsoft Word uses field codes as placeholders for data that might change in a document and for creating labels and form letters in mail-merge documents. When you use particular commands Word inserts field codes automatically. For example when you insert page numbers or a table of contents, cross-link to content like headers figure captions.
  4. Once in Word/Excel/PowerPoint, click on Info Tab, next click on Show All Properties. Look at this! All of the SharePoint document library metadata exists in your document as well! All the choice and term store drop-down fields, date fields, text fields, whatever metadata you had in SharePoint document library exists in the document as well
  5. In under an hour, we demonstrate advanced MS Word techniques for adding conditional fields and form controls to your Word template. We also demonstrate how to add editing restrictions to your template. This advanced webinar is intended for users who are already comfortable with creating Word templates for use in Document Automation

Change Mail Merge Formatting of Mail Merge Fields in a

If you want to remove this hyperlink field codes from your active document during viewing or editing the document then you have to remove hyperlinks in the active word document first you have to select your entire document in quick way by pressing Ctrl+A and then press Ctrl+Shift+F9 to immediately remove all hyperlinks You've got a Word document with field codes in it (e.g. auto generated TOC, bookmarks and cross-references, file name in the footer etc.). But when you update the fields using F9, the fields in the headers and footers don't get updated.Frustrated, you realize you have to go in to the header and footer separately, select all, then press F9.. But you don't 2.3 Edit Locked Word Document by Using Password Unlocker. The solutions above can help you gain access to a restricted Word document. But most of the time they are not successful.In the case of WordPad in particular, WordPad may remove some of the formatting and features in the original document which may not be acceptable, especially for documents that are highly sensitive or very official Move text fields around. Change headings. Insert buttons. Add, delete, and drag and drop form fields or enable fields for e-signatures. You can even add calculations and data validation rules to your form Here is how you can change it. 1. Open your Word document, and highlight the date. 2. Right click on the highlighted date, and click Edit Field in the context menu that appears. 3. In the Field dialog box, find the list of Field names on the left, and click on CreateDate if you want your document to display the date it was.

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You should be able to update the whole document by pressing Ctrl-A, then F9. This should trigger the FILLIN fields to prompt for new values. When you input the new values into them, all the cross-references should update. Instead of the other SET fields your document is using, you might prefer the flexibility of changing them to ASK fields Create your mail merge normally and preview one of the records. If the field doesn't come out right, then turn on viewing of your fields codes. This is most easily done by hitting Alt+F9 (it's a toggle, so hit Alt+F9 to turn off again later). Then, a zip code merge field will look like this Update Field. To update all references in a document, select Edit - Select All (or press Ctrl A), then press F9 or right-click and select Update Field. You can set Word to always update cross-references before printing your document. Select Tools - Options and click the Print tab. In the Printing options section, select Update fields. Using. In Word, go to the Home tab on the ribbon and look for the Paragraph section. The Paragraph section in the Home tab, in Microsoft Word Click or tap on the arrow in the bullet list button. In the menu that opens, choose Define New Bullet In the menu at the top of the Microsoft Word program window, click Insert. In the drop-down menu that appears, click the Comment option. Edit a comment. To edit a comment in a Microsoft Word document, follow the steps below. In the Microsoft Word document, find the comment you want to edit. The comment should be visible on the right side of the.

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How to Automate Microsoft Word Forms with Custom Field

  1. When the fields result is displayed the resulting text is evaluated according to the following rules: Word searches the current page, from top to bottom, for the specified style. If the style isn't found, Word searches next from the top of the page to the beginning of the document, and then from the bottom of the page to the end of the document
  2. Repeat text entered in Microsoft Word. Create a text form field that lets you enter text once and have it appear automatically elsewhere in the document, such as the date shown in the file's header
  3. Right click the field with your mouse and select update field then toggle field codes. You have just created the first instance of the sequence mySeq. Space over a bit and repeat the process above to create the second instance. Now put your cursor between the 1 and 2 and repeat the process to create the third sequence
  4. To start adding fields to your form letter, click a spot in your document to indicate where you want the field to be placed and then click on Address Block. This will bring up the Insert Address Block dialog. Click OK to go with the default format and you should get something that looks like this
  5. Types of text form fields; Add, remove, or change the order of items in a drop-down list; Add Help text to a form; Change the text formatting of a form; Set or edit form field properties; Print the data from a form in Word; Save form data for use in a database or spreadsheet; Show or hide shading in forms; Automate your form; Protect a for
  6. If you have one or more hyperlink in the active document and you want to toggle all field codes then you have to press Press ALT+F9 shortcut key to quickly toggle all filed codes in the active document
  7. Field code switches allow you to modify the resulting data that you merge into a document. There are two types of switches in Word: General switches help you format the data. For instance, you could use a general switch to select uppercase letters
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  1. Click on Edit hyperlink to edit the hyperlink. You will see the edit hyperlink window from where you can edit hyperlink. Click on Remove hyperlink to remove the hyperlink. It will remove hyperlinks from hypertext. Conclusion. This is the process of adding and removing the hyperlink in a Word document
  2. Add Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word reference to the project from COM Component as follows: This will automatically add VBIDE, Microsoft.Office.Core along with Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word as references. Now create a Microsoft Word document with the fields <Name>, <Date>, <Subject> and letter body. Then place all 3 variables (I called these.
  3. Open up the document template you wish to edit in Word. Right-click on the field you want to edit and click edit field. Its important that you don't just edit the name here, as this will not work
  4. If you want to modify the properties, choose Edit Properties and change the options. Note: Whenever you enter the name of a building block text, Word will recognize it while you are typing. You can see this in a small window and insert the building block using the return key. Related: How to create eBook in Microsoft Word? 5
  5. By default the field will hold unlimited text, unless you change the field properties to only be a certain length. Still, the shading will only show a few spaces until you type, then the shading grows as you continue type. As far as I know, there is no way to extend the shading when there is no text in the field
  6. One of the most convenient ways to enter, edit, or view the SharePoint metadata for a Microsoft Word document (or other Microsoft Office document) is to use the Document Information Panel (DIP). For Office documents that are not stored in SharePoint, the panel can be used to view and edit the Document Properties fields that are built in to.

How to Create Fillable Forms in Microsoft Wor

can u please show me a code snnipet showing how to edit form fields in word 2003. thanks in advance · Hi Sandeep, Are you trying to find FormField.InputText.EditType() method? I use the following VB codes to modify the form field's text: Code Snippet Sub Macro1() ThisDocument.FormFields(1).TextInput.EditType wdRegularText, This is a test End Sub. Doug notes that he has a Word form and the form fields are set up as 9-pt Arial. After the form is protected, when the fields are filled in by users they display as 14-pt Arial Bold. He wonders why Word would change the formatting. Quite honestly, this should not happen. There are a couple of things you should check, however As shown in this tutorial, you can quickly create a list of tables or figures in Microsoft Word if you used Word's caption tool to number your tables and figures. (See How to Insert Figure Captions in Microsoft Word for step-by-step instructions on using the caption tool. To edit a custom field: In the Actions column, select Edit. Edit the field's name, select the forms it appears on, and choose whether it's visible to customers or vendors. When you're done with your changes, select Save Warnings that may be shown if you manually update fields in Word are automatically suppressed when using the Update Fields macro. If you attempt to manually update fields in comments, footnotes and endnotes, Word may show a warning as illustrated in Figure 1 below, telling that the action cannot be undone.To allow the update fields macro to update all fields anywhere in the document without.

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Field Code for Page Numbering A-1, A-2, A-3 I am new to field codes and in our template we have automatic numbering that begins with 1 and of course it up. I'll cover the following topics in the code samples below: Microsoft WordWord 2003, Page, Microsoft Word Field Code, TEXT, and Table Of Contents Therefore, you will find it hard to distinguish them from plain texts. This can leads to accidental editing or deletion of an important field. This article is dedicated to 3 quick workarounds to stand out fields. Method 1: Alter the Word Options Generally, you can see the gray shading when you hovering cursor over a field. Such shading is. This lets Word know that you are going to specify your number format. Now key in the format specification starting with a Quote mark and ending with a quote mark. It should look like this $#,###.00. Click Shift + F9 to collapse your field. Right-click in the cell and select update field. You can always create a macro to speed up the process I have created a pdf form from a word document and Adobe has translated a series of Yes/No tables into Yes/No text boxes, I want to change all these into Checkboxes, is there an easy way of doing this rather that deleteing each individually and then replacing them with checkboxes Normally, a Word mail merge will import the raw number from Excel and let you format it in way we've described before. As usual, there's more than one solution to the problem: Formatting in Word. You can change the decimal fraction (eg 0.738) to a percentage (73.8) in Word. To do it embed the MERGEFIELD inside another Word field

Word Processor Edit the template as necessary to customize the text of your letter. Using the Add Mail Merge Fields dialog, insert any additional fields from the database which need to be merged into the document. Click the File menu, and then click Save A Note: In Word, it is possible to change the text of the Merge Field without changing the field itself. Edit the Word Template or Stationery using the desktop version of Word. Right-click on the Merge Field in question. From the Word pop-up menu, select Toggle Field Codes. Or, to show all the Merge Fields as code in your Word document, click Alt+F9 In the Text section of the Insert tab, click the Quick Parts button and select Field from the drop-down menu. If you are using Word 2003, select Field from the Insert menu. The Field dialog box displays. Select Date and Time from the Categories drop-down list Edit ACF Field values in Quick edit and Bulk edit; Usage In the Fieldgroup editor: Column View: Show Column will sho a column in the WP List Table. Sortable Column will make the column sortable. This only works with primitive Field types like Text, Number, Range and so on. Column weight gives you an option to take control of the column order.

In Available Fields on the left highlight Received. From the Format drop-down menu (click the down arrow to the right of the format field), then select how you want it displayed. In the below example the format selected would display date and time. Click OK. Then Click OK again on the Advanced View Settings dialog box In this quick clip, you'll learn how to insert address blocks and merge fields when using Mail Merge within Microsoft Office Word 2010. Whether you're new to Microsoft's popular word processing application or a seasoned professional merely looking to pick up a few new tips and tricks, you're sure to benefit from this video tutorial. For complete instructions, take a look Remove fields from WordPress Comment Box: Now, what if you have to add/remove fields from default contact form to change the feel of your comment box? I am eliminating website field from default comment box by playing with 'fields' argument Word mail merge document with codes for the personalized fields. Excel mail merge source file with information about the recipients, one row for each recipient. The final Word document with the personalized letters, emails, envelops etc. The goal of the mail merge is to combine the data in File 1 and File 2 to create File 3 Go to References > Table of Contents and choose a style. The table appears where the cursor is located. Update the table: Choose Update Table from the table drop-down menu. Choose to update page numbers only or the entire table. Customize: Highlight the text and go to the Home tab. Choose More Options for advanced settings, or right-click and select Edit Field

If you're using Gutenberg Block Editor. When using the Gutenberg Block Editor, the Custom Fields meta panel is not displayed by default. Here is a quick post that explains how to enable them on the Edit Post screen:. To view the Custom Fields for any post, click the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen and then do one of these Some more info from Change the colour that indicates sections that are editable : There isn't a way to change the highlight colour used by Word to shade editable regions. You can programmatically turn shading of editable regions off by using the Window.View.ShadeEditableRanges property and setting it to False

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I think I found out how to change the format so that the date will not update. From the word Help: Unlink a field Click the field, and then press CTRL+SHIFT+F9. Note Once a field is unlinked, the current field result is regular text. If you later want to update the information, you must insert the field again. PS My version is from MS office. Selecting Edit recipient list opens up the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box, where you can edit the list and select or unselect records. Click OK to accept the list as is. Click Next: Write your letter. Write the letter and add custom fields. Click Address block to add the recipients' addresses at the top of the document The Form Edit mode offers the form-field tools and several other commands for handling the form and its view. Although the program menus are accessible, you'll find commands limited to those applicable to forms development. For example, if you select a field on the form, you can choose Forms > Edit Fields > Place Multiple Fields. On the other.

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Display values of custom fields after saving. We have done creating, adding custom fields to edit screen, save the custom fields values. That's all for the backend. And our simple plugin is done! Now let's get the custom fields value and display them in the frontend. We'll need to modify our theme's files a little bit When using the Address Block or Greeting Line features of Mail Merge, the fields have to be specific. • For the Name fields, you may use either First Name, FName, or even simply First to cause Word to recognize that the data in the field is associated with a first name Field names must be kept short so that the combined length of the lookup field.contact field.contact subfield does not exceed the microsoft word merge limit. For example: <<DPOA Succ Agent.Bill To Phone Numbe>> cuts off the word number and thereby fails on the merge process

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