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Your U.S. Immigration Solution to Complete Green Card, Citizenship, Visa Forms Applications For US Citizenship & Green Card. Prepare Your Application Online As a general rule, for non-EU citizens, legal residency in Italy for at least 10 years is required. By legal residency we refer to being listed as a resident in a town's registry office (anagrafe). On the other hand, for EU-citizens, the period of residency required is 4 years There is no requirement to be physically present in Italy after the initial Italian residency registration and/or Italian citizenship filing. However, regardless of your physical presence in Italy, if you are an Italian registered resident for more than 182 days in a tax year (from Jan 1 st to Dec 31 st) you qualify as an Italian tax resident The declarations of intention to acquire Italian citizenship must be made at the Registry Office of the Municipality of residence or, in the case of residency abroad, before the Italian diplomatic or consular authority, by submitting the documentation in order to demonstrate the possession of the requirements needed

Non-EU citizens interested in how to get citizenship in Italy should know that through temporary residence permits, they must live for at least 5 years here before being granted permanent residency. Citizenship will be granted to this category of applicants after living in Italy for 10 years There is a distinction between being an Italian citizen and an Italian resident, and it makes all the difference when it comes to tax liability. To be eligible for paying taxes as a dual citizen, you need to spend at least 183 days a year in Italy, or own assets situated in that country There are 3 possible paths for becoming an Italian citizen: Italian citizenship by descent (Jure Sanguinis), Italian citizenship by marriage, and naturalization. Each of these methods are discussed here in detail along with the pros and cons associated with each method of applying for Italian citizenship The Italian citizenship is granted by birth through the paternal line (with no limit on the number of generations) or through the maternal line (for individuals born after January 1, 1948). 2 - Marriage A foreign woman who married an Italian citizen prior to April 27, 1983, has automatically acquired Italian citizenship Permanent residency is available for both EU and non-EU citizens who have lived in Italy for the prescribed periods under the country's Immigration Law. Non-EU nationals have the right to apply for permanent residence permits after 5 years of continuously living in Italy, while for EU citizens the requirements are less stringent

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Among these, the easiest way is to obtain an Italian residence permit and wait for the 5 or 10-year period of time during which permanent residency is granted and then apply for an Italian passport, and the residence by investment programs under which certain conditions must be fulfilled in order to obtain Italian citizenship According to Italian Law 91 of February 5, 1992, Italian citizenship is conferred by bloodline. In other words, the descendant of an Italian citizen is already an Italian citizen. The descendant need only have his/her Italian citizenship recognized by the Italian government You can apply for Italian citizenship if you have Italian parents, or in some cases grandparents, if you're born in Italy, or if you marry an Italian. Otherwise you might be eligible for citizenship through residency if you live in Italy for long enough Italian citizenship is the next step up from permanent residence. It grants you an Italian passport, which means free travel in and out of the country without worrying about expiry dates for visas or residence permits The granting of the Italian citizenship by marriage or residence is subjected to the discretion of public administration, which can deny it in the event the foreign national has a criminal record. Such provision does not apply to applicants for Italian citizenship by descent and to nationals re-acquiring citizenship

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Italian citizenship law is based on the jus sanguinis principle (citizenship by blood), and anyone with an Italian ancestor can claim Italian citizenship. Under the jus sanguinis principle, anyone of Italian descent can claim his or her citizenship. It will be considered citizenship at birth, and no pledge of allegiance will be required The requirements to apply for the Reacquisition of your Italian citizenship are: - Having been an Italian citizen in the past. - Having the foreign naturalization duly registered on your Italian birth record. - Establishing your residency in Italy for a certain period (up to one year)

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Technically, anyone who fulfills the entry requirements into Italy can apply for Italian residency. If you are a non-EU national, you need to apply for an Italy long-stay visa in your home country which allows you entry to Italy. You need the long-stay visa because the Italian residence permit can only be applied for when you are already in Italy A non-Italian spouse of an Italian citizen is eligible for Italian citizenship after two years of being married or in a civil union so long as the couple resided in Italy. If the couple has children 18 or younger - be them biological or adopted - the wait time is one year Foreign spouses of Italian citizens are entitled to Italian citizenship after 3 years from the marriage or civil union, if residing abroad, or 2 years if residing in Italy. Contact us for a free eligibility evaluation and to discuss more in detail our services and fees There are various ways through which foreign citizens can obtain citizenship by investment in Italy/ golden visa for Italy.The Italian immigration policies provide for advantageous conditions for all non-EU citizens who want to relocate here, as EU citizens have simpler requirements to comply with. To balance these simple requirements applicable to EU citizens with the stricter ones imposed on. The declarations of intent to acquire the Italian citizenship shall be made to the Registrar of the Municipality of Residence or, in case of residence abroad, to the Italian Diplomatic or Consular Authority, by filing the documentation showing the ownership of necessary requirements

Apply for citizenship by marriage if your spouse is an Italian citizen. To be eligible, you must have been married for 2 years while both of you were living in Italy. If you live abroad, you must have been married 3 years. If you have children, the time requirements are cut in half Reclaiming Renounced Italian citizenship. If you were born an Italian citizen and renounced your Italian citizenship by acquiring the citizenship of another country, Italian citizenship can be reacquired by declaring your intent at your Italian consulate and establishing residency in Italy for a period of time, likely between 1-3 years. Click. Learn if you are eligible for Italian citizenship by descent. Individuals interested in Italian citizenship by descent must apply at the Italian Consulate that has jurisdiction over their place of legal residence (unless a court case is needed as in #5 above). Each Italian consulate has slightly different procedures regarding required documents and translations, appointment scheduling, and. Since the law change the Italian government has stated that those born in Italy that renounced their Italian citizenship by acquiring the citizenship of another country before August 16, 1992 can now reacquire Italian citizenship if they meet the Italian governments requirements by establishing an Italian residence for a period of time, likely 2 months - 1 year

Italian citizenship is granted to any minor child adopted by an Italian citizen by means of a ruling of the Italian Judicial Authorities or, in case of adoption abroad, by means of a ruling issued abroad and made effective and binding in Italy, through an order (issued by the Juvenile Court for minors) for enrolling in the Civil Status Register Firstly you must provide a valid passport or identity card from your country of origin, for yourself and for each of your family members if you want to obtain residency in Italy for them as well Italian nationality law is the law of Italy governing the acquisition, transmission and loss of Italian citizenship. Like many continental European countries it is largely based on jus sanguinis.It also incorporates many elements that are seen as favourable to the Italian diaspora.The Italian Parliament's 1992 update of Italian nationality law is Law no. 91, and came into force on 15 August 1992 The process of Italian residency for non-EU citizens can be time-consuming and stressful, but The Italian American Citizen Assistance Program can streamline the process. We'll assist you with getting necessary documents, completing paperwork, preparing for your interview, and much more Italian residency allows you to live in the country for a specific amount of time as a legal alien. Staying in Italy for more than 90 days requires you to apply for residency, officially called the Italian Residency Permit. A residency entitles you to live and work in Italy or attend school, among other activities

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  1. The best ways to obtain immigration, then reside in Italy, and shorten it through marriage, and obtain immigration and then Italian citizenship
  2. Italian Residency. Most people do not understand that citizenship and residency in Italy mean different things. For example, even though you are an Italian citizen, you are not automatically an Italian resident. Consequently, you are not qualified for tax savings and other benefits afforded an Italian resident
  3. EU citizens do not need a visa to enter Italy - they just have to register for residency. After five years of living in Italy, if you are an EU resident, you can get a permanent residence card. Another four years after that, you are eligible to apply for Italian citizenship


Full accesso to Education: free public education is available to children who reside in Italy.; Registration with National Health Service: citizens are totally covered by Italian National Health service without paying anything else except for little fees for special treatments.Citizenship entitles to have a family doctor, access to all specialist tests and visits, be admitted to hospital, et According to the generic definition, the Jus Sanguinis is a principle of nationality law by which citizenship is determined or acquired by the nationality or ethnicity of one or both parents. So, if You have Italian ancestors in Your family line, you may be eligible for applying on Italian Citizenship Jus Sanguinis As opposed to getting a passport through residency or an economic citizenship program, qualifying for citizenship by descent requires an entirely different approach. Essentially, you can become a citizen if you can prove you have ancestors from that country

Italian Citizenship By Marriage. Italian citizenship by marriage is one of the best ways to become a citizen of Italy and enjoy full citizenship rights. All you need to know about Italian citizenship by marriage have been stated in Act 91 of the Febuary1992 Italian Citizenship law in article 5, 6, 7, and 8 Bersani Law Firm has 8+ years of experience in Italian Citizenship Assistance on Italian Citizenship by Descent and all Italian Citizenship Programs. We are also expertise in Investor Visa For Italy, Golden Visa Italy, and Elective Residence Visa For Italy Italian citizenship can also be obtained by naturalization after 10 years of residence in Italy with a valid residence permit (permesso di soggiorno). This type of citizenship is more complicated to obtain due to the greater complexity and constant evolution of these immigration laws Foreign women who married an Italian citizen before 27 April 1983 were automatically granted Italian citizenship. After 2 years legal residence in Italy, or 3 years living abroad. This time will be reduced by half if the couple have children (natural or adopted)

Fast-Track Applications are a great way to acquire your Italian Dual Citizenship; cut the wait time in half and enjoy living in Italy while your application is processed at the Italian municipality.. What is Fast-Track? There is an alternative way of applying for your Italian Dual Citizenship directly in Italy rather than at one of the Italian Consulates in the country where you are currently. Assistance establishing your legal residency in the Italian town by scheduling required appointments, accompanying you to appointments, and interpreting on your behalf Schedule and accompany you to your citizenship appointment at the Italian Town Hal Italian Dual Citizenship (IDC) is an industry leader in helping those of Italian descent obtain dual citizenship and reconnect ties with their heritage. IDC has offices in Italy and the US to streamline the process of applying for dual citizenship If you ever establish residence in Italy, you will have easier access to public health care and public education. NOTE: by becoming an Italian Citizen, you will still maintain your US Citizenship. 2. What does it take to qualify for Italian Dual Citizenship

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If you plan to stay indefinitely and make Italy your home, then within three months of your arrival you must make a formal application for residency at the local comune (council) offices of the town you have chosen to reside in According to Italian law, individuals born in Italy, who automatically lost their Italian citizenship by acquiring U.S. citizenship before August 16th, 1992, are eligible, under certain conditions, for reacquisition of Italian citizenship by establishing their residency in Italy for a period of up to one year

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Your grandmother's cousins are a too distant relation to obtaining residence in Italy. Currently, the only possibility for you to obtain citizenship is to establish residence in Italy for three years, according to Article 9, Section 1a of the Italian Nationality Act.There have been law proposals to help second-generation descendants of naturalized Italian emigrants overseas, but they have. Refusal of granting an italian citizenship recognition; Jurisdictional protection in relation to the recognition of the status (italian citizenship for birth, marriage, apolidia) Italian Citizenship. Italian Citizenship Requirements; Recognition of the Italian citizenship iure sanguinis; Permit Conversion. Conversion of the study permit extra quot Citizenship or residency can be bought in these 23 countries, ranging from $15,253 to $2.57 million Once you travel to Italy, you have to personally go to the Questura (Police Headquarters) to request an Italian Investor Visa Residence Permit. The Residence Permit is valid for two years, starting from when you enter Italy. You have three months from the date of application for the Residence Permit to make your investment or donation in full According to Italian Law, in addition to the formal registration with the town hall, residency is based on two fundamental elements: 1. The first element is physical presence in Italy, it must be regular and continuous, as opposed to sporadic and occasional

If a cohabiting parent acquires Italian citizenship, the minor will automatically be entitled to citizenship, too. Any other way of acquiring Italian citizenship must be done by request to the competent authority, which may be the local consulate of the place of residence, or at the Italian Civil Court In adherence to the guidelines outlined by the Italian Consulate, our search for your ancestor's Naturalization Records is submitted to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) - Homeland Security to obtain Official Reproductions of the Naturalization Records, or Official Statement of Non-Existence of Records from USCIS in Washington. The process of acquiring Italian Dual Citizenship may seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be, especially when you're assisted by family research and Italian citizenship expert companies such as My Italian Family.Since 2000, My Italian Family has been helping thousands of people reconnect to their Italian roots. In this article, they helped us understand how to become an Italian dual citizen If you are married to an EU citizen (not Italian), then you could apply for citizenship based on Italian residency. I'm not sure how many years though you have to be a resident in Italy if you're married to an EU citizen. I believe it's at least 6 years, but could be as long as 10. Hope this helps

Italian Residency by Marriage. In 2012, I got married to an Italian citizen. I no longer depended on the sponsor company to maintain Italian residency. With a new reason to stay in the country, I no longer needed a visa but I still had to redo my permit to stay. This time, the permit lasted five years I often receive enquiries about how to obtain Italian citizenship by descent: my great-grandfather was Italian by birth, and then moved abroad over 100 years ago.Can I claim Italian citizenship and obtain an Italian passport? The acquisition of citizenship through ancestry, or by the law of the bloodline (jure sanguinis), is claimed out of romantic nostalgia, as a way to stay in Italy. If you have lost your Italian citizenship as a result of becoming a citizen of another country (before August 16th 1992) you may now regain it in two different modalities: By signing a declaration of regain and having settled or settling, within a year from the declaration, your residency in Italy

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Claiming citizenship through naturalisation requires residency of at least five years, and an application process that costs €1,125 for adults and €375 for children. Like Italy, Ireland is. Citizenship on the basis of residency: Whether applicants are applying for naturalisation as an Italian citizen under the 3, 4 or 10 year route all citizenship applications must be accompanied by criminal record certificates from all countries that the applicant has resided in since he/she was 14 years old. These need to be legalised by the. Consolato d'Italia - Brisbane v. 6.17 Italian citizenship can be acquired mainly: 1. by birth (from a parent who is/was an Italian citizen at the time of birth) - see point 1 2. through marriage to an Italian citizen - see point 2 3. by re-acquisition (for former Italian citizens only) - see point 3 For a full list of instances of eligibility for Italian Citizenship, please refer to. Italian Citizenship iure sanguinis - Maternal line Italian Court; Italian Citizenship by marriage; Italian Citizenship by residence; Re-acquisition of Italian citizenship; Immigration. Italian Investor VISA; Work and entrepreneur Italian residence permits; Other types of Italian residence permit; Business and legal. Investments in Ital I am not an EU citizen, but my husband is and we went through the Italian residency process together so here is how to apply for residency in Italy if you hold an EU passport: Get a codice fiscale : An Italian fiscal code is a unique identifier that is assigned to you based on your full name and birthday

A foreign resident who isn't married to an Italian can apply for citizenship after four years' residence if he is a European Union (EU) national, otherwise after ten years. Stateless people residing in Italy and foreigners serving the Italian state can apply after five years, as well as foreigners over the age of 18 adopted by Italian nationals According to art. 5 of Law 91/1992, the spouse of an Italian citizen living outside of Italy can apply for Italian citizenship 3 years after the date of the marriage or after 18 months if the couple has children. Provided there is no separation or divorce, citizenship will be granted if the marriage lasts until the signing of the Decree As you can see, obtaining Italian dual citizenship does not always require you to pay taxes in both the U.S. and Italy. Yet, you still get to enjoy the benefits of being an Italian citizen. To find out more about applying for dual citizenship in Italy and, if you qualify, please feel free to contact the Italian American Citizenship Assistance. Italianvisa.it is a division of the Italian leading law firm Lexia Avvocati specialised in providing immigration services including residence permits, Italian visa, citizenship and litigation Check if you are eligible to recognize your Italian citizenship right by descendant

People of Italian descent, of whom there are about 16.5 million in the United States, can restore their Italian citizenship through parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents A citizenship appointment is not a passport appointment. In order to apply for a passport, you must first be an Italian citizen. To submit your application at the Melbourne Consulate you MUST be a resident of Victoria or Tasmania and be above the age of 18 Italian permanent residency is essentially a limited permit that allows a foreigner to live in Italy and enjoy the same rights as Italian citizens, barring the right to vote. Permanent residents are permitted to live and work in the country, receive an education and seek medical help

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Hello, I am an Italian citizen. My wife is not (she is a US citizen as I am). If we move to, let's say Spain, how does she declare residency based o Giambrone's well-regarded immigration team, led by Elze Obrikyte, has an exceptional reputation for successfully achieving Italian citizenship for the firm's clients. Elze recognises that meticulous attention to detail and dogged persistence with regard to the consulate is the best way to ensure that an application for citizenship results in a. Our services include estate planning, assistance with international Will, advice on immigration law, tax planning, cross-border implications related to dual citizenship, dual residence, change of residence, preparation of visa and residence application, application for tax code, etc. Related information: Italian citizenship by marriag

A spokesperson from campaign group British in Italy confirmed that to the best of their knowledge, the 10-year residency requirement would indeed apply for Brits applying for citizenship through the residency route who had not accrued four years of legal residency by 31st of January Italian Citizenship Podcast EP 25:How to Get Italian Citizenship by Residency (Overview)In this episode of the Italian Citizenship Podcast, hosts Marco Permu.. One of the very first things one needs to do when arriving in Italy for a long-term stay is apply for the Permesso di Soggiorno, also known as the PdS. This is the Italian residency permit and all non-EU citizens need to apply for one if they are going to stay in Italy (or anywhere else in the EU) for longer than 90 days

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Your spouse or partner can obtain Italian citizenship if you have Italian citizenship yourself. The application is a relatively easy process and starts instantly online. However, obtaining the desired result proves extremely LONG and often frustrating. (Information updated on April 23rd, 2021 • no residence requirement is necessary if the applicant has been employed abroad by the Italian Government for at least five years. The application for naturalisation is to be addressed to the Italian President of the Republic and lodged at the Prefettura of the Province where the applicant is formally registered as resident in Italy Within 20 days of receiving the permit to stay in Italy, Americans must go to the local Vital Statistics Bureau, Anagrafe of the Comune, to apply for residency. It generally takes one to two months to receive the certificate of residence (Certificato di Residenza) Italian Citizenship Successful applicants of Italy's residence-by-investment program can apply for a permanent residence permit after five years of legal residence in Italy. After ten years from the initial granting of the visa, investors may apply for citizenship by naturalization. EU citizens are eligible after only four years of residence How can the siblings or aunt/uncle of an Italian citizen obtain residence in Italy? It is widely known that family members of an Italian (or EU) citizen, have a right of residence in Italy. The spouse, the parents, the minor children and even the parents and children of an Italian citizen's spouse can obtain a 5 years residence card

(Law n. 555/1912 granted Italian citizenship by marriage to women only). Law n.91 of February 5, 1992 states that the male or female (foreign or stateless) spouse of an Italian citizen may apply for Italian citizenship after he/she has legally resided in Italy for two years, or after three years from the date of marriage if he/she resides abroad In fact, individuals who fall within this situation are still entitled to acquire Italian citizenship by taking residency in Italy, with a reduced term of 3 years, instead of 10 years, proving to have an Italian minimum income and pass a language test The period of permanent residence prior to citizenship application may vary depending on whether the applicant is an EU national or has Italian ancestors (Canada 9 Mar. 2012; Italy n.d.c). According to the website of the Embassy of Italy in Ottawa, it can be reduced to five years for displaced persons or refugees, to four years for EU citizens. The situation occurs frequently in two specific scenarios: 1) when a foreign person is planning to obtain a permit to stay that allows him/her to remain in Italy for an indefinite amount of time (work visa, family visa, elective residency); and 2) when the foreign person is planning to recover Italian citizenship and he/she is concerned that because of his/her new Italian status, he/she will.

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CITIZENSHIP . Italian citizenship is based on the principle of ius sanguinis (blood right) by which a child born of an Italian father or mother is Italian; nevertheless, it must be kept in mind that the mother citizen has only transmitted citizenship to minor children since January 1st 1948 as a result of a ruling by the Constitutional Court Since August 1st 2015, applications for Italian citizenship by virtue of marriage (art.5 law 05.02.1992, n.91, can ONLY BE SUBMITTED ONLINE by applicants legally registered as resident in the UK, whose Italian spouse is registered with AIRE in this Consular area through a dedicated web portal managed by Ministero dell'Interno https://portaleserviziapp.dlci.interno.it/AliCittadinanza/ali/home.htm If your Italian ancestor was born in the following localities, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, or Trentino Alto-Adige, in order to apply for the Italian citizenship you must prove that he or she left Italy after July 16th, 1920. A woman of Italian descent born before January 1, 1948 (the date on which Italy became a Republic) can only transmit. Dual citizenship also allows Italian-Americans to further explore their Italian heritage. Your Italian heritage: We're called Italian Pride Citizenship because we understand the pride that comes with being of Italian descent. Now you can honor that heritage by actually CLAIMING your Italian citizenship, which was passed on to you at birth

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