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ASM Operation: Rename an ASM disk Helmut's RAC / JEE Blo

Renaming disk with 12c SQL> alter diskgroup data2 dismount; Diskgroup altered. SQL> alter diskgroup data2 mount restricted; Diskgroup altered. Then use the following SQL to rename the disks. SQL> alter diskgroup data2 rename disk 'DATA2_0001' to 'DATA2_VMAX_0001', 'DATA2_0000' to 'DATA2_VMAX_0000'; Diskgroup altered. For details read chapter renaming disk section for following link diskgroup_name Specify the name of the disk group you want to modify. To determine the names of existing disk groups, query the V$ASM_DISKGROUP dynamic performance view

9/ Rename disk all. It is now time to rename the disks with the new diskgroup name. Indeed, disks are usually named diskgroupname_####, where #### is the disk number; it is better to have these disks named newdiskgroupname_####. A diskgroup has to be mounted in restricted before doing that Rename the diskname: SQL> alter diskgroup NEWTST rename disk 'DATATST_0000' to 'NEWTST_0000'; Diskgroup altered For this example we want to rename the diskname to DG_DATA_0_ST1_FG1 which means Storage1 and Failgroup 1. For renaming a disk in ASM we must remount the Diskgroup in restricted mode. SQL> alter diskgroup dg_data dismount; Diskgroup altered. SQL> alter diskgroup dg_data mount restricted; Diskgroup altered

[grid@grac41 ~]$ sqlplus / as sysasm SQL> alter diskgroup test dismount; alter diskgroup test dismount ERROR at line 1: ORA-15032: not all alterations performed ORA-15027: active use of diskgroup TEST precludes its dismount SQL> alter diskgroup test dismount force; Diskgroup altered ALTER DISKGROUP diskgroup_name REPLACE DISK disk_name WITH 'path_name' [ POWER integer ] [ WAIT | NOWAIT ] Use this clause to replace a disk in the disk group. This clause provides a single replace operation, which is more efficient than dropping and adding a disk. For disk_name, specify the name of the disk you want to replace

Use renamedg utility to rename the disk group. This is a command line utility. After renaming the disk groups, you can rename the disks in disk group that assign to the disk group. Before rename the disks in disk group, you need to mount the disk group in restricted mode SQL> ALTER DISKGROUP DATA RENAME DIRECTORY '+DATA/DEV' to '+DATA/TEST'; Diskgroup altered. Once done longin to ASM console and verify the same [grid@tstdev01 ~]$ asmcmd ASMCMD> cd DATA ASMCMD> ls ASM/ TEST/ To Rename System Created directories. System created directory cannot be rename, use parameter db_unique_name of database Step4:Move disks in diskgroup . alter diskgroup DATA1 mount restricted; alter diskgroup DATA1 rename disks all; alter diskgroup RECO1 mount restricted; alter diskgroup RECO1 rename disks all; Step5:Dismount all disks. alter diskgroup all dismount -- Rename the disk in disk group ALTER DISKGROUP data2 RENAME DISK 'diska1' TO 'diskb1','diska2' TO 'diskb2'; Drop the disk from disk-group-- Drop the disk if all other disk have less space then this disk drop operation is failed. ALTER DISKGROUP data1 DROP DISK diska5;-- Droping and adding is done in one command to avoid overhead for rebalance.

Below are the steps for renaming an ASM diskgroup with database files present inside for a running database. EXAMPLE: In this article we will rename the diskgroup +DATATST to +NEWTST. The database present inside the diskgroup is TESTDB2 . 1. Check configuration of the database: srvctl config database -d TESTDB2 srvctl config database -d [ For an EXTERNAL redundancy disk group, you can use ALTER DISKGROUP RENAME DISK with the FAILGROUP clause to specify a failure group for a disk Basic Steps to rename the diskgroup : Create a temporary diskgroup (TEMP) with suitable redundancy for OCR and Vote files. Move OCR and Vote file from [current diskgroup] to [TEMP]. Change ASM SPFILE location from [current diskgroup] to [TEMP] diskgroup

Rename Disk Label for reallocating disks from one diskgroup to other diskgroup . Before : as sysasm And there was no space to create the new one to switch to image copy. Luckly it was 11g database that have ASM disk group rename option. This is the my step by step instruction how to rename ASM diskgroup with RAC database running on it. INSTRUCTIONS 1.Switch to clusterware environment 2.Get DB configuratio After renaming the disk groups, you can rename the disks in disk group using to match the disk group name. Before rename the disks in disk group, you need to mount the disk group in restricted mode. SQL> alter diskgroup DBADATA rename disks all; NOTE: after renaming the disk group, original disk group resource in not automatically deleted In general there is a command to rename all the disks (ALTER DISKGROUP XX RENAME DISKS ALL) but it will rename the disks to a name of the form diskgroupname_####, where #### is the disk number. However ASM disk names have different names on Exadata (RECO01_CD_01_EXA01CEL01) and that's why we need to rename them manually How to Use renamedg Utility to Rename ASM DiskGroup. In this post I will change the name of diskgroup from DG_TEST to DG01 SQL> alter diskgroup DG01 mount; its shared among the instances in case of RAC and ease the administration The COMPATIBLE.ASM disk group attribute must be set to at least 12.1 for the disk group where the password.


SQL> alter diskgroup TEST_DG rename disk 'TEST06' to 'TEST08'; Diskgroup altered. Note4:- Diskgroups mounted in restricted mode are not available to the Database and therefore operation involves downtime. How to Resize Disk in Disk Group. Note5:-When resizing disks in a disk group, all the disks must be of equal size Note: Rename Alias on system-created filenames fails with ORA-15177. There is no way to rename a system generated ASM filename. Once a user-created-alias is added in the diskgroup, then you can use rename alias to rename the filename within ASM Ok doke, First let I make it clear: Adding a disk with force should be avoided, mainly by all the rebalance involved. The best choice, if you has time, is to just put disks online, like: 1) ALTER DISKGROUP ONLINE DISK ; or 2) ALTER DISKGROUP ONLINE DISKS IN FAILGROUP ; or 3) ALTER DISKGROUP

Connect to ASM instance and mount +DG diskgroup. sqlplus / as sysasm sql> alter diskgroup DG mount; At this moment, you will see additional ASM diskgroup resource ora.DG.dg in crsctl configuration. Remove the old ora.DATA.dg resourc Disks can be added or removed from disk groups using the ALTER DISKGROUP statement. Remember that the wildcard * can be used to reference disks so long as the resulting string does not match a disk already used by an existing disk group.-- Add disks. ALTER DISKGROUP disk_group_1 ADD DISK '/devices/disk*3', '/devices/disk*4'; -- Drop a disk

To rename the disk in the diskgroup the DG must be mounted in restricted mode else you will encounter following error SQL> alter diskgroup TEST_DG rename disk 'TEST06' to 'TEST08'; alter diskgroup TEST_DG rename disk 'TEST06' to 'TEST08' ERROR at line 1 KFNDG-00406: disk group (DATACPRD1) is in use by CSS à à à à Which means the disk is in use by CSS (Cluster Synchronization Service) and hence we can't rename the diskgroup. In such cases, we need to chec col disk# for 999 col grp_num for 999999 col total_mb for 999,999,999 col free_mb for 999,999,999 compute sum of total_mb on DiskGroup compute sum of free_mb on DiskGroup break on DiskGroup skip 1 on report - set pages 255. select a.group_number GRP_NUM,a.name DiskGroup, b.disk_number Disk#, b.name DiskName, b.total_mb, b.free_mb, b.path, b. The whole idea was to rename the disk-group of Data File<+DATA>and I started working on it; most of you already faced this issue so pardon me and let me know if think in some or the other way. Going through I came across the flaw in my already created design on virtual machine and this flaw didn't allowed me to rename the disk-groups

Customer wants to use Oracle OEM to manage all the database RACs, due to unoptimized plan of installation, they want to standardize naming conversion of DBNAME and diskgroup name, with NID utility, it's easy to modify the database name, but modify diskgroup name is a little bit complicated.. 1 alter diskgroup. mount restricted; alter diskgropu rename disk '...' to 'new path'; This is an undocumented and unsupported procedure that can be used in 11g (at your own risk): 1) Identify all the mirror extents of ASM file N.2 for the relevant diskgroup (i.e. the disk directory) As databases grow you need to add disk space. The ALTER DISKGROUP command allows you to add disks to a given disk group to increase the amount of space available to a given disk group. Adding a disk to an existing disk group is can be done with the ALTER DISKGROUP command as seen in this example: ALTER DISKGROUP cooked_dgroup1 add disk 'c. When using ASM lib you can rename the disk using ASM lib best to do as root, when using OS level, check the OS level name and change it there for most operating systems there is no change need unless the device name changes ALTER DISKGROUP dgroup1 ADD DISK '/devices/diska*'; • When a disk is added to the diskgroupand it is formatted and then rebalanced. • When you don't specify a FAILGROUP clause when adding a disk to a ASM diskgroup, the disk is in its own failure group. • If you don't.

SQL> alter diskgroup DATA add alias '+DATA/PRDORCL/TEMPFILE/temp01.dbf' for '+DATA/ORCL/TEMPFILE/temp.268.1062308105'; Diskgroup altered. Once the aliases were created, back to the database instance on MOUNT mode and rename all the datafiles to point to the aliases recently created Drop Disk Group: Drop disk group using DROP DISKGROUP statement. SQL> DROP DISKGROUP data INCLUDING CONTENTS; Alter Disk Group: Add or remove disks from disk groups Using ALTER DISKGROUP statement. You can also use wildcard * to reference disks. Add a disk. SQL> ALTER DISKGROUP data ADD DISK '/dev/datac1', '/dev/datac2'; Add all reference disks

How To Rename A Diskgroup On ASM 11gR2? (Doc ID 948040.1) Last updated on OCTOBER 30, 2019. Applies to: Oracle Database - Enterprise Edition - Version to [Release 11.2] Oracle Database Cloud Schema Service - Version N/A and later Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Machine - Version N/A and later. Clone/Copy the disks into the set of disks you used to create the new Disk Group End the backup mode for the database and turn on ASM rebalancing Inject the New Disk and Disk Group metadata in the copy/clone of your disk Mount the copy of the Disk Group with its new name in AS SQL> # srvctl start diskgroup -diskgroup DATA IMPORTANT : With renamedg the diskgroup name changes. As the ASM File names (like datafiles / controlfiles etc), include the diskgroups name, you need to take care (update pfile or rename datafiles) from the RDBMS instance, after renamedg Oracle ASM Diskgroups. Once the disks are discovered, a diskgroup can be created that will encapsulate one or more of these disks. It is collection of disks that can managed as logical unit.A diskgroup, which is the highest-level data structure in ASM, is comparable to a LVM's volume group.The creation of a diskgroup involves the validation of the disks to be added 11gR2 introduced renamedg utility to rename diskgroups. I would discuss renaming a diskgroup on a Standalone Grid Infrastructure installation with Oracle Restart. Before you use the command, ensure that ASM diskgroup is dismounted. Below is syntax for the command. You can refer to 11gR2 docs for details renamedg [phase={ one|two |both } ] dgname=diskgroup newdgname=newdiskgroup [config.

ASM 12c : how to rename a Diskgroup Official Pythian® Blo

Question: What do I do to drop a disk from an ASM diskgroup?I want to release a disk, and I don't know how to remove a disk from ASM. Answer: One of the big selling points of ASM is the ability to reconfigure the storage online and drop a disk if there is sufficient space in the diskgroup. First we identify the ASM diskgroup where we want to delete disk I am Founder of SysDBASoft IT and IT Tutorial and Certified Expert about Oracle & SQL Server database, Goldengate, Exadata Machine, Oracle Database Appliance administrator with 10+years experience.I have OCA, OCP, OCE RAC Expert Certificates I have worked 100+ Banking, Insurance, Finance, Telco and etc. clients as a Consultant, Insource or Outsource.I have done 200+ Operations in this clients. DROP DISK The DROP DISK clause lets you drop one or more disks from the disk group and automatically rebalance the disk group. When you drop a disk, Oracle ASM relocates all the data from the disk and clears the disk header so that it no longer is part of the disk group. The disk header is not cleared if you specify the FORCE keyword

How to rename ASM diskgroup DBACLAS

How to rename a Disk in ASM Peter`s DBA Blo

  1. ASM will allow the adding and removing of volumes from a disk group while disk group is still in use by a database. This will allow the replacement of disk volumes from olds disk to new without having to bring the database down
  2. What will happen when a disk is dropped from a disk group? A 22. ALTER DISKGROUP data1 DROP DISK diska5; When a disk is dropped, the disk group is rebalanced by moving all of the file extents from the dropped disk to other disks in the disk group. A drop disk operation might fail if not enough space is available on the other disks
  3. Oracle : Rename ASM Disk Label in Oracle 12c (RAC) 3 years ago by Ramesh V ORACLE ASM Rename Disk Label for reallocating disks from one diskgroup to other diskgroup Before : as sysasm
  4. Automatic Storage Management automatically rebalances the disk group as part of this operation. You cannot use this clause to change the failure group of a disk. Instead you must drop the disk from the disk group and then add the disk back into the disk group as part of the new failure group
  5. Rename disk group in Oracle 11g R2 In this article will look at renamedg utility introduced in Oracle 11gR2 to change the name of an existing ASM disk group. In order to use the command a disk group needs to be dismounted. Oracle GI is installed on a standalone server to implement ASM and Oracle restart. Although, to rename a disk
  6. SQL> alter diskgroup DATADG add FAILGROUP DATADG_FG1 disk '/dev/raw/raw3' FAILGROUP DATADG_FG2 disk '/dev/raw/raw4' ; Based on the system load, we can decide when to rebalance the diskgroup. This approach does not need any down time i.e. disks can be added when ASM & DB are running (Rebal operation will have some overhead, so we should be doing.

alter diskgroup ASM_DISK1 drop disk ASM_DISK1_0000 rebalance power 8 * ERROR at line 1: ORA-15032: not all alterations performed. ORA-15250: insufficient diskgroup space for rebalance completion. Checked the Total space and Free space of the ASM Diskgroup. Since the disk was a newly added one, there was enough free space SQL> alter diskgroup NEWTST mount restricted; alter diskgroup NEWTST mount restricted * ERROR at line 1: ORA-15032: not all alterations performed ORA-15235: diskgroup NEWTST mount mode conflicts with existing mount Solution: This is because, the diskgroup is dismounted in local node, but it is in mount stage is remote nodes ASM 版本开始增加了diskgroup重命名的新功能,通过renamedg命令重命名已经创建的diskgroup,重命名前需要先dismount diskgroup。 如果重命名的diskgroup已经用于存储数据库的数据文件,那么需要手动同步数据文件的位置。 --检查ASM..

ASM operation : Rename Diskgroup Helmut's RAC / JEE Blo

In the document I am creating DISK and creating the DISKGROUP in the cluster environment using manual method. it shows there is no disk group with the name. When I check further on the issue, I found that we need to manual mount in all the cluster nodes. SQL> alter diskgroup test dismount; alter diskgroup test dismount * ERROR at line 1 Remember that the wildcard * can be used to reference disks so long as the resulting string does not match a disk already used by an existing disk group.-- Add disks. ALTER DISKGROUP disk_group_1 ADD DISK '/devices/disk*3', '/devices/disk*4';-- Drop a disk. ALTER DISKGROUP disk_group_1 DROP DISK diska2 ALTER DISKGROUP data OFFLINE DISK d1_0001 DROP AFTER 30m; Using with ASMCMD. offline -G diskgroup {-F failgroup|-D disk} [-t {minutes|hours}] t : Time to offline . Post Views: 1,138. This entry was posted in ASM and tagged asm, disk group, fail group, resize. Bookmark the permalink. 0. SQL> alter diskgroup DG_DATA01 SET ATTRIBUTE 'compatible.asm'='11.2'; Diskgroup altered. So we added additional OCR disk to new diskgroup and dropped old one In case you don't wish to drop this diskgroup as it contains datafiles and would like to rename the diskgroup, you can refer to my earlier post 11gR2: Steps to Rename ASM. ASM disk sizes and counts Resizing existing ASM disks ScaleIO volumes, ASM diskgroup, and database datafile relationship ASM redundancy Allocation Unit (AU) size ASM extents ASM stripesize, coarse, and fine grained striping ASM maximum I/O size ASM diskgroup—adding and removing disks ASM intelligent data placement and physical disk placement.

OracleDB12c New Feature: Rename and Replace ASM Disk(s) in

  1. Below assumptions are done : Name of Temporary diskgroup is TEMP. OCR,Voting Disks and ASM SPFILE is originally stored in a Diskgroup DATA. Diskgroup DATA should be renamed to CRS
  2. -a Comma separated list of disk groups-z To remove database's dependency upon disk groups-f Force the modify operation to change management policy of all services to match new database management policy-h Print usag
  3. Using standard NFS to support a third voting file. Now, we want to replace the other two disks by different disks. Therefore, we successfully added 2 new disks to the OCR diskgroup. Unfortunately we are not able to drop the 2 old disks. alter diskgroup OCR drop disk OCR_0000 results in ORA-15041: diskgroup OCR space exhausted
  4. Rename the ASM disk groups. Note: Because these devices are essentially the snapshot of a point-in-time copy of the original PROD database volumes, each volume has the same metadata in the PROD database, such as ASM disk group name and ASM disk name
  5. INS-30502: No ASM disk group found. In the installActions log I had: SEVERE: [FATAL] [INS-30502] No ASM disk group found. CAUSE: There were no disk groups managed by the ASM instance +ASM. ACTION: Use Automatic Storage Management Configuration Assistant to add disk groups. But this wasn't true! [grid@oraserver ~]$ . oraenv ORACLE_SID = [grid.

Rename ASM disk group in Oracle 12c RAC Database Pradeep

Move Non SYSTEM/SYSAUX datafiles to another ASM diskgroup The steps involved in moving a datafile from a diskgroup to another is as given below. 1) Identify the data file to be moved Change also default location of online redo log files as +RECO disk group. SQL> alter system set db_create_online_log_dest_1='+RECO' scope=spfile; 3-Reset control_files parameter in the spfile parameter file. SQL> alter system reset control_files scope=spfile sid='*'; 4-Now, you can move datafiles to ASM disk group with RMAN. First.

SQL> alter diskgroup dg2 offline disks in failgroup dg2_0000 drop after 1m. This drops the failgroup dg2_0000 after 1 minute allowing you to either take it physically out or move a different disk to the diskgroup. To drop the disk forcibly: SQL> alter diskgroup dg2 drop disks in failgroup dg2_0001 force It is not possible to import or deport a disk group when the target system already has a disk group of the same name. To avoid this problem, VxVM allows you to rename a disk group during import or deport. To rename a disk group during import, use the following command: # vxdg [-t] -n newdgimport diskgroup Available commands to manipulate Disk Groups are : Create, Alter, Drop, Mount, Dismount and Rebalance. An enhancement request was filed on February 8, 2007, to provide this functionality. Current status of the request is : command 'renamedg' will be implemented in a future release. In which scenarios can be necessary to rename a Disk Group Disk group rename 11G: Checking if the diskgroup is mounted. Checking disk number:0. Checking disk number:1. Checking disk number:2. Checking if diskgroup is used by CSS. Generating configuration file.. Completed phase 1. alter system set db_recovery_file_dest='+FRA_QA'

ASM version began to increase diskgroup rename the new features by renamedg diskgroup rename command has been created, you need to rename the former dismount diskgroup. If you rename the diskgroup has been used to store the database data files, then you need to manually synchronize the location of the data file we have modify the disk group from TEST_RENAME to TEST using server control for standby database karlora01> srvctl modify database -d BHU_A -a BHU_DATA1,BHU_ARCH,BHU_RECO,BHU_OLOG,BHU_MLOG,TEST Let us check the status of diskgroup after modifying the diskgroup If you wish to change the redundancy of the diskgroup There are two ways to perform this: 1. Create a new Diskgroup with desired redundancy and move the existing data to newly created Diskgroup ALTER DISKGROUP disk_group_1 OFFLINE DISK D1_0001; -- Override the default DISK_REPAIR_TIME. ALTER DISKGROUP disk_group_1 OFFLINE DISK D1_0001 DROP AFTER 30m; If a disk goes offline during a rolling upgrade, the timer is not started until after the rolling upgrade is complete

Go to the Disks page -> click the name of the disk that you want to resize -> click Edit -> enter the new size in Size field -> Save. Please note that all data disks (not quorum disk) must be increased under the same diskgroup, otherwise ASM will not let you to have different sized disks. Choose another data disks and repeat the same steps. 3 The steps to moving a datafile from a diskgroup to another is as below, using RMAN. 1) Identify the datafile to be moved. 2) Identify the diskgroup on to which the datafile has to be moved. 3) Take the datafile offline. 4) Copy the datafile to new diskgroup using Either RMAN or DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER. 5) Rename the datafile to point to new location Diskgroup altered. Once the ASM disks are dropped the data on them is rebalanced over to the remaining disks, until this operation is completed you should not touch the underlying physical devices. Check the rate of rebalance. SQL> select sysdate, GROUP_NUMBER, OPERATION

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