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Displaying 309 colleges where your 28 ACT score is within the typical range of past accepted students. You have a chance at being accepted but admission may be challenging at more selective colleges Did you just score a 28 on the ACT and wonder how well you did on the exam? With a score of 28, you are in the 88th percentile of all test takers. You are in range for improvement and, with plenty of preparation, can better your score and widen the horizon of opportunity The ACT is scored out of 36, with the top 10% of test-takers getting a composite score of 28-36. When setting your ACT score goal for 2020, it's a good idea to look at the score averages for the schools to which you're applying. Overall, the average ACT score is 21, and a score of 23 or above is often considered a good score is 28 a good ACT score 2021? Scoring 28 put you in the 85 th percentile. This simply means you have scored higher than 85% of all test takers. 28 ACT score puts you in the top 15% of the test takers and it is considered a good score. is 29 a good ACT score 2021 We've already noted that a 20.8 is an average ACT score, at the 50th percentile. A score of 24 means you've scored better than about 74% of students. A 28 means you've scored better than 88% of students, and a 30 means you've scored better than 93% of them! Anything 35 or above is in the 99th percentile —a truly phenomenal score

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The current average ACT score is 21. A good ACT score depends on the colleges and universities you are considering. A score of 23 on the ACT is above the current national average and will make you a strong applicant at many universities, but it may fall below the average score for accepted students at more selective colleges ACT Score Requirements. Very few colleges have published ACT score requirements or minimums. But you can use a site like College Raptor to see how admitted students at that college generally score—usually shown by the 25th and 75th percentiles—to determine how well you fit in at that school A very good way to assess an individual's standing in regards to a particular college is 25th/75th percentile ACT scores. For a particular college, 25% of the students attending that college scored less than the 25th percentile score, and 75% of the students attending that college scored less than the 75th percentile score Find out which are the most popular among Niche users and see what scores you need to get in! Find the most popular colleges for your ACT score range: Above 30; Between 25-29; Between 20-24; Between 16-19; Below 16; You can also check out our Most Popular Colleges for Every SAT Score post. The 15 Most Popular Colleges if your ACT score is above 30 The United States and State Ranks show the estimated percentages of ACT test-takers in the United States and in your state with scores that are the same or lower than yours. If students composite score is 28 and they have a rank of 70 for their composite score, that means 70% of students got that composite score or below. Visit us here HER

Typically, ACT scores in the 50th percentile (20) are considered average, while scores in the 75th percentile (24) and 90th percentile (29) are considered good and excellent, respectively. The final way you can determine good ACT scores is to figure out what kinds of scores you need based on the colleges you're applying to When you get your ACT score back, it can be hard to tell whether you've earned a good ACT score. And, because good is a relative term, whether your ACT score is considered good by a college is going to depend on a variety of factors including your particular academic strengths and weaknesses and the admission and scholarship score requirements at the colleges that you're interested in attending Good ACT Score #1: The Above Average ACT Score ACT regularly releases a National Norms report for ACT scores . This includes data from all ACT test scores reported between 2020 and 2021 (although these scores could be from 2018, 2019, and 2020 class graduates)

Is a 28 ACT Score (88th Percentile) Good? A score of 28 places you in approximately the 88th percentile of all high school students. With a 28, you're an extremely competitive candidate at a majority of schools, as well as able to consider applying to more selective institutions as well Scale scores have the same meaning for all the different forms of the ACT® test, no matter which date a test was taken. Your Composite score and each test score (English, mathematics, reading, science) range from 1 (low) to 36 (high). The Composite score is the average of your four test scores, rounded to the nearest whole number

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  1. The national composite ACT score is a 20.8 A 21 would place you at an average score. A 24 is a good score. A 28 is excellent
  2. Your ACT® scale score is how your raw score translates to a section score ranging from 1-36. In the two examples above, your raw scores would translate to a 34 on ACT® English and a 27 on ACT® Math if you were to refer to the official 2020-2021 practice test's scoring charts
  3. Source: National ACT Norms 2019-2020 (PDF) 6 Steps to a Good ACT Score: Now that you have an idea of how the ACT works, you can start actually working toward the score you need. Preparing for any standardized test is no easy process, but with time and effort (in combination with any of the free or premium resources available to you), you shouldn't have any trouble crushing the ACT

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Your raw score for each test is then converted into a scale score (1-36). Composite Score . Your composite score, or overall ACT score, is the average of your scores on each test. Add up your English, Math, Reading, and Science scores and divide by 4. (Round to the nearest whole number). Learn more about what your ACT scores mean An ACT composite score above 20 can be considered a good score, as it means you did better than the majority of test takers. The higher your ACT score, the higher your percentile ranking will be. The table below contains examples of what many colleges consider good ACT scores based on percentiles ACT Writing Scores . For students who took the ACT with Writing, the writing section is scored on a 12-point scale. For the 2019-20 reporting year (tests taken in 2017-2019), the average score on the 12-point scale was a 6.5 according to an ACT report on national norms.Historically, when more colleges required and reported writing scores, students who got into the country's most selective.

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A 28 is certainly above average! I am unsure how you would define 'good' however. Is it good enough for Caltech? Brown? Harvard? Maybe! If you have a fantastic resume past that standardized test score, you should stand a chance at very good scho.. A 25 on the ACT (and a 3.3 GPA) can get you $4,182 a year at Kent State, for example. And at the University of Maine, you may be eligible for $4,000 a year with an ACT score of 26, or $6,000 a year if you get a 28 on the ACT. Finally, and probably not so surprisingly, the real scholarship potential comes with ACT scores of 30 or higher

Here, 27.75 would round up to give me a final composite ACT score of 28. Final Words: The Importance of Raw and Scale ACT Scores. There are two types of scores on the ACT: raw and scale scores. Raw scores are equal to the number of questions you answer correctly, whereas scale scores are final scaled versions of raw scores This ACT score range from 1-12 is a change from the September 2015 - June 2016 ACT writing scores, which were graded on a scale of 1-36. This may be a bit confusing, but we don't need to get too deep in the woods on scoring, because what we're really after here is what is a good ACT score. What Is a Good ACT Score Then

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Most scores are a little below or a little above the average score. The average ACT score is 20.6. Therefore if you receive a 21 composite score, you performed better than half of the students you took the exam. A good score depends on the individual since each person usually has a goal score to achieve to get into the school they plan to. ACT scores of 24 and above beat out three quarters of the scores earned by other sophomores. A score of 31 or higher is a great score for a test taker of any grade level, and it ranks higher than 95 percent of the scores submitted by other 10th grade test takers. How to Improve Your ACT Score

Average ACT Scores of College-Bound Seniors (1970 - present) ACT ACT (Pre-1990 Test and Scale) Class Year Composite Reading Science Reasoning Composite Social Studies Natural Science Total M F Total M F Total M F Total M F Total M F Total M F 1970 † † † † † † † † † 19.9 20.3 19.4 19.7 20.3 19.0 20.8 21.6 20. ACT Scores for the Eight Ivy League Schools . If you're wondering if you have the ACT scores you'll need to get into an Ivy League school, here's a side-by-side comparison of scores for the middle 50% of enrolled students. If your scores fall within or above these ranges, you're on target for the Ivy League Naturally, when looking at ACT percentiles, you want to examine how your own score fits into the average percentiles at your chosen school. While your ACT score is not the only determining factor for admission, it plays greatly into the minds of the admissions committee ELA and Writing Test Scores (based on ACT-tested high school graduates from 2017, 2018, and 2019 and reported on score reports during 2019-2020) Find one of your scores in the far left column. Read across to the column for ELA or Writing to locate the national rank for that score. For example, the national rank for a writing score of 9 is 96

A good score on the ACT is different for each student, and depends on where you want to go to college. Here are some rough, unofficial estimates of the average ACT score at various schools. The average isn't necessarily the score you need to get into a college (there are plenty of other factors involved for example your High School Record. Scholarship directory listing for ACT Score ACT Scores From 26 To 3 predicted ACT scores. Keep in mind that this score range is only an estimate, not a guarantee. You need to keep working at learning. You can use these predicted score ranges to see if you are on track to achieve the scores you want by the time you take the ACT later in high school. PreACT can help you determine if there are subject areas where.

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ACT scores, college and career planning information: High school report: Your high school via online reporting: About 2-8 weeks after the test date: ACT scores, college and career planning information: College report: Each valid college code you listed and paid for when you registered or tested (up to six) Varies based on college and when ordere To get a visual idea of this, just click on the see graph link for any of the schools. There, you can see how other applicants fared, compared with their GPA and SAT/ACT scores. There might be some students with high grades or scores who were rejected or waitlisted. Likewise, there might be students with lower scores or grades who were accepted The following chart shows, for each ACT score from 11 to 36, the corresponding ACT percentile and equivalent total SAT score or score range. [failed verification] (Concordance data for ACT scores less than 11 is not yet available for the current version of the SAT.) Note that ACT percentiles are defined as the percentage of test takers scoring. For a good ACT score, shoot for above average: anything above 20 will put you ahead of the pack. For a great ACT score, look to reach the 90th percentile of scores (top 10 percent) on the ACT English, where you should score above a 29. And for an exceptional ACT score Did you just get your ACT® results back and wondering what score you need to get into the school of your choice? Check out this video where Brooke talks thro..

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Scholarships By ACT Score. ACT Scores From 10 To 15; ACT Scores From 16 To 20; ACT Scores From 21 To 25; ACT Scores From 26 To 30; ACT Scores Greater Than 31; ADVERTISEMENT. Scholarship Directory. Academic Major; ACT Score; Age; Artistic Ability; Athletic Ability; Deadline; Employer; Ethnicity; Financial Need; Gender To be in the top 10 percent of test-takers, you'd want to have a 670 SAT Evidence-Based Reading or 30 ACT English, and you'd want a 680 SAT Math score or 28 ACT Math. In general, SAT scores in the 700s and ACT scores in the 30s are going to be the most competitive at the country's top colleges and universities How Do 7th Graders Who Take the ACT® Test Score as 11th or 12th Graders? Author: ACT, Inc. Subject: How Do 7th Graders Who Take the ACT® Test Score as 11th or 12th Graders? Keywords: How Do 7th Graders Who Take the ACT® Test Score as 11th or 12th Graders?; ACT Composite score; score comparison; score gains Created Date: 9/1/2019 1:09:30 P Again an ACT score of 16 will secure your place at the 28th percentile, which means that you scored equal or better than 28 percent of other students who also took the ACT. And the truth is that falling at the 28th percentile isn't very good What is a good ACT score, anyway? The national ACT average composite score is 20. The test was created and designed to have this average score on the overall ACT exam, as well as within each ACT section. So, ranking within that area puts you right in the middle of students across America. That means that about half of the country's students.

Estimated average composite scores for the new version for prior years were: 1989, 20.6; 1988, 1987, and 1986, 20.8; and 1982, 20.3. \2\Beginning in 1985, data are for seniors who graduated in year shown and had taken the ACT in their junior or senior years. \3\Minimum score, 1; maximum score, 36 Since neither score is significantly higher or lower than the other, your child could submit either score (or both) to colleges. If, however, your child scored a total of 1130 on the SAT and a 27 on the ACT, according to the chart, your child's ACT score is higher and would likely be a better score to submit to colleges. SAT. Here are the scores and percentiles for the ACT 1967-68. These percentiles are based on 1,755,542 test takers. Inasmuch as a score of 32 represented the 99.9 percentile, the booklet does not include the percentiles for the scores ranging from 33-36 Is a 31 a good ACT score? Yes, a score of 31 it is extremely good. It places you in the top 95th percentile nationally out of the 2 million test takers of the ACT entrance exam. The score indicates you've done a significantly above above average job answering the questions on the English, Math, Reading and Science sections of the test While Missoula doesn't specify exactly which ACT score will get a stipend as well as the tuition reimbursement, many other schools do list scholarship award levels by ACT score range. For instance, Otterbein University in Ohio gives up to $16,000 in scholarships to students with a 26+ on the ACT

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<p>Considering the national average is about a 21 your score is good. A 29 is in the 93rd percentile so it is a good score. Don't let the elitist around here intimidate you. There are lots of bright students here and sometimes it seems everyone in the US that got a 35 or 36 is on this forum.</p> The ACT is a standardized test that measures proficiency in four subject areas: Math, Reading, Science, and English. Colleges and universities use standardized tests, like the ACT, during the admission process and are always looking for competitive scores. Composed of 215 questions over 2 hours and 55 minutes, the ACT is scored between 1 and 36, with the national average score for two million.

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What's a Good ACT Score? If you're looking to get into schools ranked 50 th to 100 th in the country, you'll need to score around 27 or 28.This doesn't necessarily mean that you won't get in with a 25, it just depends on what school you're looking at I too got a 24 on the ACT. The ACT is out of 36, so 24 would be a 66%. This would be equivalent to roughly an 1100 on the old SAT and a 1650 on the new SAT. This score was plenty for me to enrol at the University of Phoenix. I am now working part time at a local super-market and taking business classes at night. Good luck The ACT is a prominent, nationwide entrance exam used by colleges and universities during the admissions process. The exam test students in four areas of study: Reading, English, Mathematics, and Science. Scored on a scale from 1 to 36, the average nationwide score is 20.8 among all 2 million test takers. Made up of 215 questions, the exam takes 2 hours and 55 minutes \1\Test scores for 1990 and later data are not comparable with previous years because a new version of the ACT was introduced. Estimated average composite scores for the new version for prior years were: 1989, 20.6; 1988, 1987, and 1986, 20.8; and 1982, 20.3

A list of Average ACT Scores for some of the top US colleges. Rosewood Media. 28 - 34 29 - 34 24% 2 ED View My Chances: 7 Brown University Above is a table of the middle 50th percentile of scores for enrolled students. The means that 50% of all enrolled students received scores within the range between the 25th and 75th percentile Similarly, a 36 is the top result on the ACT. Naturally, if you achieve either of those you're in fantastic shape! Of course, it's quite rare to earn a perfect score on either test. The average SAT and ACT scores are 1500 and 21 respectively. Therefore, if you score in that range, you'll be on par with a number of other students

Hey everybody, I recently got my scores back and I got a 28 composite. I was wondering if there are any good colleges with this ACT score or if I should just retake it. Btw, my gpa is 3.90 unweighted and I'm a senior in Highschool so if I were to retake the December ACT it would be the last time The 90th percentile for ACT scores is about a 28 or above. While a less-than-perfect score doesn't mean you won't get into the top colleges and universities in America, a perfect score doesn't mean you will. The admissions committee at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has actually wait-listed or deferred a few applicants who have. Similarly, on the lower end, an ACT® score of 11 would give you the same composite percentile as someone with an ACT® score of 1. However, things get really interesting in the middle of the rankings. If you scored a 17 on the ACT® the first time you took it, you would be in the 29 th percentile

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Having strong SAT or ACT scores will help you show colleges that you do have the skills to succeed in a demanding environment. However, it is important to note that a declining GPA will reflect poorly on you, even if your tests scores are high. If your GPA started out high when you were a freshman and lowered significantly in your junior year. ACT: COMPASS Scores ACCUPLACER Classic Score: ACCUPLACER Next Gen Scores: Course Recommendations: 01-09: 01-34: 20-29: 213-219 Student should see Academic Achievement Center for further evaluation: 10-13: 35-60 30-44: 220-229 RDG 038: College Prep Reading I: 14-18: 61-80 45-72: 230-247 RDG 039: College Prep Reading II or RDG 049: College.

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27 for the TOPS Honors award. The writing portion of the ACT is not considered. For students who have completed a BESE-approved home-study curriculum, the minimum ACT scores required are: 19 for the TOPS Tech award, 22 for the TOPS Opportunity award, 24 for the TOPS Performance award or 28 for the TOPS Honors award This is done to attract more out-of-state students to make the school's student body more diverse. For example, the University of Alabama - Birmingham offers full out-of-state tuition for students with a 3.0 GPA and a 28 ACT, but students from Alabama need a 33 ACT to score the same award

Example: Freshman applicants with combined SAT scores of 1950 or higher (or ACT composite of 28 or higher) and a secondary school rank in the top 20% at the end of junior year, OR combined SAT scores of 1860 or higher (or ACT composite of 27 or higher) and a secondary school rank in the top 10% at the end of junior year. $7,500 to $13,000 per year Can you convert your scores between the SAT and ACT? You can use our tools to convert your ACT scores to SAT scores or convert your SAT scores to ACT scores. Scroll down for a look at the underlying data on the SAT to ACT conversion chart. ACT to SAT Score Calculator. Input your ACT score to see how well you might do on the SAT Score of 61 or higher on the CLEP College Precalculus exam. Math Placement Level 45; Earned by any of: Level 40 on Math Placement Test and ACT Math subscore of 30 or higher; (Level 45 ok for Math 341, 231, 221, 213, 211, 208, 205, 175, and MthStat 215.) Score of 4 or 5 on the AP AB calculus exam; Score of 3 or higher on the AP BC calculus exam According to figures from both organizations, the average SAT test score for 2020 high school graduates was 1051, and the average ACT score was 20.6. 1600-1570 SAT score 36 ACT equivalen This table reflects the expected timetable for multiple-choice score postings when the test is taken via computer-based testing. *Note: Non-US test scores are typically released as soon as 2 business days after the test date but scoring system enhancements have pushed out the start of our typical score release window.After September, we will be back to our typical score release schedule

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