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  1. In tax year 2011, new legislation was passed requiring brokers to report adjusted basis and whether any gain or loss on a sale is classified as short-term or long-term from the sale of covered securities on Form 1099-B. Prior to this time frame, it was hit or miss to get this level of detail from investment firms
  2. A tax lot is a record of all transactions and their tax implications (dates of purchase and sale, cost basis, sale price) involving a particular security in a portfolio. Sell 400 shares of tax.
  3. Shares purchased in a single transaction are referred to as a lot for tax purposes. When shares of the same security are purchased, the new positions create additional tax lots. The tax lots are..
  4. Specified Securities. As of 2011, the IRS requires brokers to report the cost basis of most stock sales on Form 1099-B. A covered security is one whose sale requires disclosure of the cost basis
  5. • Short Term Transactions for Non-covered Tax Lots: This section displays sales transactions of assets that were owned for one year or less. The cost basis for these transactions is not reported to the IRS. • Long Term Transactions for Covered Tax Lots: This section displays sales transactions of assets that were owned for more than one year
  6. Even though the stock was sold in a single transaction, you must report the sale of the covered securities on two separate 2021 Forms 1099-B (one for the securities bought in April 2020 with long-term gain or loss and one for the securities bought in August 2020 with short-term gain or loss)

There's an exception. You can aggregate all short-term and all long-term covered transactions and report them as single-line entries directly on Schedule D. A covered transaction is one where your broker provided a 1099-B Form to the IRS that: Show acquisition date and basi In addition, for covered shares, the information you report in column (e) of Form 8949 must match what we send to the IRS on Form 1099-B. We aren't required to make certain adjustments that are necessary for your tax return. For example, we don't adjust basis for wash sales when the purchase or sale is in another account or for taxes paid on gifts Retaining short-term lots may give rise to higher taxes in the future should the market change and the position becomes profitable, because short-term profits are taxed at ordinary rates. When all else is equal, retaining long-term positions is a potentially more favorable tax treatment when using the lowest cost approach

Brokers became obligated to indicate whether gains or losses realized on the sale of covered securities were short-term or long-term. Investment firms had no such reporting obligations prior to that time, which often left taxpayers grappling to identify the underlying information necessary for filing accurate tax returns This legislation also required that a 1099-B indicate if the gain or loss is short-term or long-term and that the cost or basis in the underlying security is provided. Transactions occurring after the effective date of this legislation are considered covered and the basis in the stock is reported on a 1099-B Short-Term or Long-Term Separate your capital gains and losses according to how long you held or owned the property. The holding period for short-term capital gains and losses is generally 1 year or less. Certain partnership interests held in connection with the performance of services may be subject to different holding period rules

Transactions on non-covered securities not reported on Form 1099-B are reported on Form 8949 where Code C is used for short-term holdings, and Code F for long-term holdings. Article Source Here's what the Form 8949 instructions say (tax year 2014): Form 8949 is not required for certain transactions. You may be able to aggregate those transactions and report them directly on either line 1a (for short-term transactions) or line 8a (for long-term transactions) of Schedule D Short-term transactions reported on a 1099-B, where the basis was not reported to the IRS. Short-term transactions that don't have a 1099-B. Long-term transactions reported on a 1099-B, where the. Step by step explanation please to figure this out. 1099-B was received under the following: UNDETERMINED TERM TRANSACTIONS FOR NONCOVERED TAX LOTS.The instructions states to Report on Form 8949 Part 1 with Box B checked or with Box E checked.1099-B Acquired Date on all the transactions read N/AAdditional information on each PRINCIPAL PAYMENTHow does this work trying to figure which are long. The Difference Between Short-Term and Long-Term . A short-term capital gain results from the sale of an asset owned for one year or less. While long-term capital gains are generally taxed at a.

Form 8949 contains two similar sections, one each for short-term and long-term capital gains and losses. You use the long-term section for assets you held for more than a year prior to their sale How many forms to file for each transaction. Report sales of each of the following types of securities on a separate Form 1099-B, even if all three types were sold in a single transaction. • Covered securities (defined later) with short-term gain or loss. • Covered securities with long-term gain or loss. †For example, if you purchase 100 shares of Disney stock on April 1 and sold them on August 8 of the same year, you report the transaction on Schedule D and Form 8949 as short-term. When your short-term gains exceed your short-term losses, you pay tax on the net gain at the same ordinary income tax rates you pay on most of your other income. Enter information on all of your short-term transactions under 1—sales and exchanges—of capital assets, including stocks, bonds, and real estate, that fit that reporting category. If you have more transactions to list than will fit on the page, you'll have to fill out another Form 8949 with that same box checked If you sold multiple tax lots (because you purchased the stock on different days, for example) for the same security with the same holding period (short-term or long-term), covered status and sale date, the tax lots will be combined as an aggregate tax lot on your Form 1099-B, Proceeds From Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions, with the.

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  1. Check boxes A and B refer to short-term transactions displayed on Part 1 of Form 8949 in View. Check boxes D and E refer to long-term transactions displayed on Part II. See the instructions for Box 5 In the Instructions for Form 1099-B
  2. Covered vs. Noncovered Stock Transactions New tax rules over the years have been aimed at alleviating the burden on taxpayers to maintain a record of cost and acquisition date for their securities.
  3. Each part of IRS Form 8949 has three categories, A, B, and C for short-term transactions and D, E, and F for long-term transactions, as indicated by the check box at the beginning of each form. some ETFs were reported as non-covered. Also, some brokers had opted for all ETFs to be NON-COVERED until the 2012 tax year. Options. Option.

Tax Lots to Close . CBL requires you to determine which tax lots to close at 1099-B transactions for Covered Securities, if recognized at disposition. short-term debt instruments issued with a maturity less than one year. For the CBL exceptions, the gross proceeds amounts will. Starting with the 2012 tax year, the 1099-B statement must segregate trades in up to five categories: Short-term transactions in which cost basis is reported to the IRS. Short-term transactions in which cost basis is NOT reported to the IRS. Long-term transactions in which cost basis is reported to the IRS The two-page form consists of two parts: Part I for short-term transactions and Part II for long-term transactions. A sale or taxable exchange that occurs more than 12 months from the date the.. Tax treatment of covered calls. According to Taxes and Investing, the money received from selling a covered call is not included in income at the time the call is sold. Income or loss is recognized when the call is closed either by expiring worthless, by being closed with a closing purchase transaction, or by being assigned Generally, capital gains are taxed according to how long you've held a particular asset - known as the holding period. Profits you make from selling assets you've held for a year or less are called short-term capital gains. Alternatively, gains from assets you've held for longer than a year are known as long-term capital gains

The tax code can be complex and often confusing — we understand. Below are some common questions about cost basis reporting. If you have your own questions about filing, dependents, or other issues related to your federal income taxes, you may want to talk to your tax advisor or look for answers on irs.gov Securities are non-covered if they are: Purchased before the applicable effective dates above; or; A security type specified by the regulations as being non-covered regardless of when purchased: Collateralized mortgage obligations (CMOs), real estate mortgage investment conduits (REMICs), mortgage-backed securities and short-term debt instruments with maturities of not more than one year Franklin Templeton shareholders can choose between two methods: Specific Share Identification (SSI) — this method requires that you identify which tax lots you want to sell or exchange at the time of the transaction and use the adjusted basis of those shares to determine your gain or loss. Average Cost Method (ACM) — this method requires the calculation of an average basis for all shares. Trading - Tax Lot ID Method Tutorial. Overview. Each time you purchase a security, the new position is a distinct and separate tax loteven if the account already owned shares of the same security. (A tax lot is a record of a transaction and its tax implications, including the purchase date and number of shares, and cost.

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Any wash sale for covered securities will be reported to the IRS and you on Form 1099-B. For more information, please contact us. None of the information in this website should be considered legal and tax advice. You should consult your legal or tax advisors for information concerning your own specific tax situation Although intangible personal property may be sold under an installment sales agreement, for Pennsylvania personal income tax purposes a cash basis taxpayer may not elect to use the installment sale method of accounting for an installment sale of intangible personal property or transactions where the objective is the lending of money or.

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Tax-Sensitive Short-Term A global rate (35% short-term and 15% long-term) is used to calculate the tax liability (per share) of each lot. Short-term lots with the lowest tax cost per share are sold first, starting with shares that have a loss (from greatest to smallest loss) Form 8949 isn't required for certain transactions. You may be able to aggregate those transactions and report them directly on either line 1a (for short-term transactions) or line 8a (for long-term transactions) of Schedule D. This option applies only to transactions (other than sales of collectibles) for which

Property Description: Enter here the name of the company, mutual fund, or other asset sold. 8949 Box: The code entered here will populate the Basis Reported to the IRS question, Reported on Form 1099-B question and determine if the transaction is long or short term. See the table below for quick reference The main difference relates to who is responsible for reporting cost basis information to the IRS when you sell investments. Covered cost basis means that your brokerage firm is responsible for reporting cost basis and sale information to the IRS. As part of this responsibility, your firm is required to send this information with your account when your transfer your account to a new broker The tax lot has been adjusted by UBS (other than a wash sale). The tax lot pages also contain the following: A new column, Reported by UBS to IRS, indicates a reportable (covered) versus a non-reportable (uncovered) tax lot. Another new column, Method, indicates the order to be used when selling tax lots of the same security These short-term sales are taxed at the same rate as your regular income, which could be as high as 37 percent on your 2020 tax return. Short-term sales are reported in Part 1 of the form. Short. If you sell the property now for net proceeds of $350,000, you'll owe long-term capital gains tax on your $100,000 net profit plus depreciation recapture on $90,900, which is taxed at your.

Can someone clarify? If all of the stock sales are short term and reported to the IRS but there are a few wash sales, can you can still combine all of the short term - covered sales (including wash) and attach the statement instead? Also would you have to manually adjust the gain/loss so that it doe.. Short-term transactions for which basis is not reported to the IRS--report on Form 8949 with Box B checked and/or Schedule D, Part I (i) (IRS Form 1099-B box numbers are shown below in bold type) 8 Description, 1d Stock or Other Symbol, CUSIP COACH INC, COH, 189754104 2012 TAX REPORTING STATEMEN For each sale of a covered security for which you receive a Form 1099-B, the broker will provide you the following information: the date of acquisition (box 1b), whether the gain or loss is short-term or long-term (box 2), cost or other basis (box 1e), and the loss disallowed due to a wash sale (box 1g) or the amount of accrued market discount. For securities using the realization method, a position held for 12 months or less is a short-term capital gain or loss subject to marginal ordinary tax rates (up to 39.6% for 2015 and 2016)

The cost basis method determines which tax lots are sold first. A tax lot consists of one or more shares of a security purchased at the same price on the same day. 9. What shares will be used when I request a redemption? Generally, all non-covered shares will be depleted before covered shares Short-term transactions for which basis is reported to the IRS, 2. Short-term transactions for which basis is not reported to the IRS, 3. Long-term transactions for which basis is Description of Property. Fund name, share price and quantity of fund shares sold. Share Quantity Date or Net other Wash sale loss Proceeds income tax covered.

Transactions for which basis is not reported to the IRS and for which short-term or long-term determination is unknown; You must determine short-term or long-term based on your records and report on Form 8949, Part I, with Box B checked, or on Form 8949, Part II with Box E checked, as appropriate If you're new to investing, you want to make sure you're aware of how you need to report capital gains or losses on your tax return. Prior to 2012, Schedule D was the only form you needed to complete to report gains and losses from sales of stocks, bonds, and other capital assets.However, the IRS now requires taxpayers to list detailed information for most transactions on Form 8949 and. Short-term transactions for which basis is reported to the IRS. Box 2 is labeled Short-term, and Box 12 is labeled Basis reported to IRS. Report on Form 8949, Part I, with Box A checked. Short-term transactions for which basis is not reported to the IRS. Box 2 is labeled Short-term, and Box 5 is labeled Noncovered security

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Note: Net short-term capital gains are subject to taxation as ordinary income at graduated tax rates. Limit on the Deduction and Carryover of Losses If your capital losses exceed your capital gains, the amount of the excess loss that you can claim to lower your income is the lesser of $3,000 ($1,500 if married filing separately) or your total. Transactions on Form 1099-B are reported on a tax lot basis and organized in the same or short-term (held less than one year) • Disallowed loss amounts related to wash sales and adjustments for market discount • Indication that a proceed event included the sale of collectibles • Gain/loss and ordinary income information • Covered or. I got 2300 transactions from one broker imported (and submitted to the IRS) without a problem; but I can't tell you how TurboTax spread it technically on many pages, I never looked. Alternatively, you can total them for each category, and enter one total line only, each for short term covered, long term covered, etc Securities transaction tax is a direct tax and is levied and collected by the central government of India. The most prominent point about securities transaction tax is that STT charge is applicable only on share transactions made through a recognized stock exchange in the country. Off-market share transactions are not covered under STT.

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Form 8949 is used in conjunction with Schedule D due to new reporting requirements for capital gain (loss) transactions outlined by the IRS. Now, the taxpayer must differentiate whether or not the transactions had a cost basis reported to them on Form 1099-B. There are six reporting categories: Short-Term If you are the holder of a put or call option (you bought the option) and you sell it before it expires, your gain or loss is reported as a short-term or long-term capital gain depending on how long you held the option. If you held the option for 365 days or less before you sold it, it is a short-term capital gain (a) General. (1) For income tax purposes, a short sale is not deemed to be consummated until delivery of property to close the short sale. Whether the recognized gain or loss from a short sale is capital gain or loss or ordinary gain or loss depends upon whether the property so delivered constitutes a capital asset in the hands of the taxpayer. (2) Thus, if a dealer in securities makes a short.

Short Term Capital Gains. Short term capital gains apply for any crypto that was held for less than 12 months. For example, if you bought Ethereum for $400 and sold it 5 months later for $600, your $200 gain would be a short term capital gain. Short term capital gains don't get any special tax treatment This revised definition makes one substantive change to the application of sales and use tax to certain lease transactions that have a nominal option price at the end of the lease. Definition. Prior to July 1, 2003, Ohio sales tax law had a definition of the term lease. It does not apply to Ohio personal property tax or any other Ohio taxes. In particular, taxpayers can claim a maximum deduction of $3,000 against other income, such as their salaries or interest they earned, during any tax year for short-term and long-term capital losses

Before the tax law changes, bitcoin owners wanted to know whether they could engage in like-kind transactions with other cryptocurrencies. The answer was unclear, Harris says. The answer. A tax lot is a grouping of a security that has the same price and trade date. In most cases, a trade represents a tax lot. As lots are sold or short sell lots are covered, the system will break up the lots if the amount of shares being sold or covered does not equal the existing lots they are matching to For JKCPA 1.For 2010, Shawn had a short term capital loss of $4,000, a short term capital gain of $1,900, a short term capital loss carryover from 2009 of $700, a long term capital gain of $800, and read mor

Form 8949 . Form 8949 was designed for reporting capital gains and losses. For a given tax year, the information on Form 8949 covers all sales and exchanges of capital assets, including stocks, bonds, mutual fund and options regardless of the date they were purchased To use tax-loss harvesting as a strategy, you must identify specific lots of shares to sell. And since your investment company reports information on your gains and losses on covered securities to the IRS,** it's important that everyone's on the same page about which shares are being sold 3. If any of the transactions requires an adjustment to the reported basis, select the reason from the check box that includes that transaction. 4. If there are transactions with basis not reported to the IRS, the broker's list of transactions must be submitted as an attachment to the tax return And in Scottsdale, Arizona, a local transient tax is assessed on short-term rentals, in addition to the statewide transaction privilege tax, Arizona's unique form of sales tax. The transient tax is due on income from charges for lodging, which can include no-show revenue, cancellation revenue, and resort fees

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• Line 11 now reflects total bond premium for taxable covered lots; there are two unnumbered lines Total Short-term 228.50446.00 0.00 Long D (basis reported to the IRS) 37,072.50 0.00 of the previous tax year, unrealized profit or loss for the current tax year, and an aggregate profit or loss figure.. Tax lots (shares purchased together) with losses are depleted before tax lots which would register gains. For lots that yielded a loss, short-term lots are redeemed ahead of long-term lots. For gains, long-term lots are redeemed ahead of the short-term lots. basis was not provided at the shareholder's request on non-covered shares, or the. Short term transactions that do not have a 1099-B Form Situations When all your transactions were reported on a 1099-B Form and none require the recording of any codes or adjustments, and all include the basis, you may report the total of the transactions on the Schedule D and you DO NOT need to file Form 8949 Qualified short-term instruments: Temp. Regs. Sec. 1.385-3T(b)(3)(vii) excludes cash pool borrowing and other short-term debt from these provisions. A qualified short-term instrument is a covered instrument if it meets the specified current assets test or the 270-day test

On Part I of Form 8949, you'll need to report short-term transactions. As indicated in the above image, these include: Short-term transactions reported on a 1099-B, where the basis was reported to the IRS Short-term transactions reported on a 1099-B, where the basis was not reported to the IR It depends on what you want to do from a tax perspective. Cost Basis 101. Every time you buy shares of a stock or fund, whether it's one share or 1,000 shares, that purchase is given a tax lot ID. You can have multiple tax lots in the same stock or fund. If you buy 100 shares of XYZ fund, those 100 shares are given a unique tax lot ID Tax-exempt interest dividend details are also listed in this section, transaction by transaction. As we stated at the beginning of this guide, the 2012 Dividends and Distributions section now provides tax-exempt interest dividend and specified private activity bond interest dividend amounts (mainly from mutual funds or other regulated.

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The distinction is extremely important, since tax rates on long-term gains are generally significantly lower than those on short-term gains. Understanding 1099-B Columns and Boxes 1099-B consolidated statements provided by brokers typically report key information in columns labeled to correspond with the box numbers on the 1099-B forms your transaction history found online. Short-term transactions for which we do report cost basis to the IRS (covered shares). You must report it to the IRS on Form 8949. Short-term transactions for which basis is NOT reported to the IRS; report on Form 8949, Part I with Box B checked. Short-term transactions for which we do report cost basis t Proceeds From Broker Transactions-2020 { continued) Department of the Treasury-Internal Revenue Service Account Number 1111-9999 SHORT-TERM TRANSACTIONS FOR WHICH BASIS IS REPORTED TO THE IRS-Report on Form 8949, Part I, with Box A checked. 1a-Description of property (Example-100sh. XYZ Co.) CUSIP Number/Symbol 3005 SAMPLE CORP 30246XXXX/XXYY ** s The IRS 8949 tax form is divided into two sections. Assets held for less than one year will be reported in the short-term section. Short-term gains are taxed at the same rates as ordinary income. If you hold a particular cryptocurrency for longer than one year then you are eligible for long-term tax advantage rates

Because you sold the stock, you must report the sale on your 2020 Schedule D. The stock sale is considered a short-term transaction because you owned the stock less than a year. In this example, the date acquired is 6/30/2020, the date sold is 12/15/2020, the sales price is $4,990, and the cost basis is $4,500 Any asset you hold for one year or less at the time of sale is considered short term by the IRS. For example, if you purchase 100 shares of Disney stock on April 1 and sold them on Aug. 8 of the.. Prior to 2014, the cost basis of stock acquired through compensatory stock options was reported to the IRS by most brokerages on Form 1099-B, Proceeds From Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions, as the sum of the employee purchase price plus the compensation component reported on Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement.Although this method was optional, most brokers provided this information In the event of securities being liable for a transaction tax, proceeds earned in the short-term are added on to tax returns of individuals and is taxed according to their income tax slab. Individuals can avail short-term capital gain exemption on their short-term proceeds and reduce their tax liability on such gains accordingly

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Short-term gains are taxed as ordinary income, just like the rest of your income for the year. There are three capital gains tax brackets: 0%, 15%, and 20%. Similarly to the ordinary tax brackets, you only pay a given tax rate for the capital gains income that falls within that rate's income bracket gregmey : You do have to report non covered security transactions on Form 8949 which flows to schedule D. form 8949 is a new form this year and requires reporting of cost basis for all covered securities. Therefore, you are not required to report cost basis for the non covered securities but you still must report the sale and subsequent capital gain that is reported on 1099-B Founded in 1993 by brothers Tom and David Gardner, The Motley Fool helps millions of people attain financial freedom through our website, podcasts, books, newspaper column, radio show, and premium. Example 2: In March 2011, J recognized a short-term loss of $2,000 on the sale of 100 shares of Y, Inc., that he purchased in April 2010 (i.e., held for 11 months). Two weeks after the sale, the stock price decreased further to the point J felt he could make money on the stock in the short term Short-term lots depleted at a gain (low gain to high gain, or highest cost to lowest cost) TXSN: Tax Sensitive: Share depletion first considers lots in order to maximize the loss amount. Then the IRS long- and short-term tax rates are considered along with the gain to minimize the tax burden

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Sandra has a net short-term capital loss of $1,500 and a net long-term capital loss of $2,000. So her total capital loss is $3,500. For this capital loss, she can take a $3,000 deduction against her other income, and she can use the remaining $500 to offset her capital gains next year In Part IV line 12 check Short-term or Long-term, whichever applies. If the transaction was not the taxpayers see Part VIII line 8 to change the transaction to Spouse or Joint. In Part X enter both Sales Price on line 4 and Cost or other basis on line 5. Review Part XI to see the numbers that will flow to the Schedule D and 8949 for the client Short-term capital gains are taxed at the same rates as ordinary income. This is the same rate that you pay on work wages, freelancing income, or interest income. The tax rate you must pay varies based on your total taxable income, but the tax rates for 2020 are between 10% and 37%

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property. Reporting capital gain or loss Determine if an asset's long-term or short-term. Calculate the taxable gain or of stock. Determine if a home is the taxpayer's main home. Determine if a taxpayer meets the ownership and use tests. Determine when the 5-year ownership/use test period is suspended. • Basis of Stock • Holding perio Assuming your taxable income for the year was $100,000 and your marginal tax rate was 24%, your short-term capital gains tax on the transaction would be $2,400. But if you sold those 100 shares (with the same profit) on or after Jan. 3, 2021 , your profit would be considered a long-term capital gain and subject to the lower end of those tax rates However, a lot of trades are made by extremely short-term traders, some guided by algorithms. Supporters of the tax believe it will discourage market activities that are unproductive and rent seeking (2) UNBUNDLED TRANSACTIONS. Tax applies to the gross receipts from the retail sale of a wireless telecommunication device prior to October 1, 1995, or sold in a transaction not described in subdivisions (a)(3), (b)(5), or (b)(6), measured by the actual gross receipts received by the retailer from the end-use customer from the sale of that device Losses realized on the purchase and sale of personal property aren't deductible. You can claim up to $3,000 in capital losses as a tax deduction as of the 2020 tax year, however—the return you'd file in 2021. You can carry any unused balance forward to subsequent tax years if your losses exceed this amount. This is subject to a host of rules.

Tax at exercise: AMT tax event on the bargain element. No ordinary or capital gains or employment tax. Ordinary tax on the bargain element. Income and employment tax. Tax at sale: Long-term capital gains tax on gain if held for 1 year past when taken into income. Ordinary tax otherwise (including immediate sale) For example, short-term capital losses are only deductible against short-term capital gains. Additionally, you can only deduct up to $3000 of net long-term capital losses in a given tax year. Any excess net long-term capital losses can be carried forward until there is sufficient capital gain income or the $3000 net long-term capital loss.

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Short-term bitcoin transactions should go on the first page of Form 8949; check Box C at the top of the section to indicate that you didn't receive a 1099-B form for the transaction First of all, tax-loss harvesting is a form of tax rate arbitrage. Long-term capital gains are currently taxed at a maximum federal rate of 20%, which is far lower than the highest federal bracket for ordinary income, 37%. Most of the losses we harvest are short-term losses, which can be used to offset short-term gains and ordinary income

Short-Term Capital Gains (STCG) arising on account of sale of equity shares listed in a recognised stock exchange, units of equity oriented mutual fund and units of business trust i.e., STCG covered under section 111A. Section 111A is applicable in case of STCG arising on transfer of equity shares or units of equity oriented mutual-funds (*) or units of business trust, which are transferred on. Maxit Tax Manager imports and tracks trade data from the site, and is able to generate prepared Schedule D and 8949 forms to show a record of Gain and Loss for the year on both covered and non-covered securities according to the IRS reporting rules Short-term transactions for which basis is reported to the IRS. Box 2 is labeled Short-term, and Box 3 is labeled Basis reported to IRS. Report on Form 8949, Part I, with Box A checked. Short-term transactions for which basis is not reported to the IRS. Box 2 is labeled Short-term, and Box 5 is labeled Noncovered security How Owners of Short-Term Rentals Can Register Their Property. Owners of short-term rentals, called operators under the Massachusetts short-term rental law,needs to register their property by November 1, 2019. They will receive a certificate number that needs to be given to real estate brokerages to remit the taxes collected on their rentals The capital gains tax rate that applies to your transactions depends on whether your gains are long-term or short-term capital gains. Knowing the rules for how to calculate capital gains tax on stock helps you strategize for the taxes you'll owe and how you can time your sales to minimize the taxes

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