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Æßm áÞ ©öɶ- )6¦ s nLéÖ€§)»†½aA¥$ÍŒ˜½ÐÁ²4/ÎV¸Uâ Ú&Ãu B{bëd`Omñ24vÛõ :•É Ì •¶BPK¦Sæ;çÛaNi;é'RŒQ›Ô/³¨€é4(a. Paper Weight Chart: Paper is confusing. There are different types, weights (thicknesses), and paper sizes. The chart below details the equivalent weights (in pounds) between paper types, as well as notes in the left margin to show when certain types of paper are most appropriate Then use our paper weight calculator with confidence to quickly convert from one paper system to the other. Convert Paper From Pounds to Grams. If converting from pounds to grams, select lb, enter the weight, and select the paper type. The equivalent grammage will display in the bottom field

The paper calculator tool helps with common price and quantity conversions. Use our paper calculator to convert various paper elements, calculate specific weights, prices and more GSM (grams per square meter) is the metric system's universal measure for paper weight and can be converted into lb. and pt. For example, 80 GSM is 55 lb. text and 350 GSM is 14pt. cover. Typically used to describe card paper

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PT or pound The SI base unit for mass is the kilogram. 1 kilogram is equal to 500000 PT, or 2.2046226218488 pound. Note that rounding errors may occur, so always check the results The Paper Weight Conversion Chart of Equivalent Weights. First of all, a ream equals of 500 sheets of stock. The USA basis weight measures in pounds (#) is in bold. The Asia and European grammage (gsm) equivalent on this paper weight conversion chart is in bold and red Basis Weight. To convert basis weight of a given standard size of paper to grams per square meter, multiply its basis weight by 1406.5 and divide the results by the square area of its basic size The following table shows equivalent weights for different grades of paper. GSM Bond Text/Book Cover Bristol Index Tag; 0 GSM : 0 lb : 0 lb : 0 lb : 0 lb : 0 lb : 0 lb : 60 GSM : 16 lb : 41 lb : 22 lb : 27 lb : 33 lb : 37 lb : 64 GSM : 17 lb : 43 lb : 24 lb : 29 lb : 35 lb.

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Each pt. is equal to.001 inch, so 14 pt. paper measures in at.014 inches thick. Pound measurements, on the other hand, are used to measure the physical weight of the paper in pounds. Weights range from 20 to 80 pounds for bond paper and 50 to 140 pounds for card stock. They calculate this by weighing one ream of a given stock Paper weights and conversion tables. In an effort to help explain paper weights we have compiled the comprehensive table listed below. Definitions: Basis Weight The basis weight of a paper is the designated fixed weight of 500 sheets, measured in pounds, in that paper's basic sheet size

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To make good comparisons, a paper weight conversion chart or automatic converter is necessary to convert pounds to gsm. Paper Weight Converter. Our easy to use paper weight conversion tool (located on the Resources page) allows you to convert from Standard American English Pounds (lbs) to Metric Grams/Square Meter (gsm) Easily convert Pint (pt) to Pound (lb) using this free online unit conversion calculator. Simple online unit conversion tool to convert pint (pt) into pound (lb). Related Calculators

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Pounds per ream (lb/ream) per 3000 square feet (lb/3000 ft 2) 1.6275: Grams per square meter (g/m 2) Grammage (mass in grams per square meter) Pounds per 1000 square feet (lb/1000 ft²) 4.8824: Grams per square meter (g/m 2) Thickness : Millimetres (mm) Mils (or points or thousandths of an inch) 1000 25.4 : Micrometers (µm) Apparent densit How paper weight in pounds or thickness in points is determined takes understanding paper basis weights and point measurement. Weight of Point Stock A 10 pt. paper stock will be similar to an 80-pound cover stock but it will not be 80-pound itself because the parent sheets of each are a different size Point: The thickness of a sheet of paper, referenced in a point value. Typically, 3 decimal places are used to indicate thickness in percentage of an inch. For example, .010 is also referenced as 10 point or 10 pt Buy specialty cardstock paper by weight at The Paper Mill Store. Save money with rewards & discounts with free shipping available. 10 pt Cover Card Stock. 12 pt Cover Card Stock. 13 pt Cover Card Stock. 14 pt Cover Card Stock. 120 lb Cover Duplex Card Stock. Index Card Stock. 90 lb Index Card Stock. 110 lb Index Card Stock. 140 lb Index.

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  1. US pounds (500 sheets) Metric grams/sq meter (500 sheets) Thickness: Point: 100: 163.007: 7: 125: 203.009: 9: 150: 244.011: 11: 175: 285.013: 13: 200: 326.015: 1
  2. Easily convert Pound (lb) to Pint (pt) using this free online unit conversion calculator. Simple online unit conversion tool to convert pound (lb) into pint (pt). Related Calculators
  3. There are two main types of measurement for paper stock. Pounds and Points. You may see it abbreviated as # or lb for pounds and pt for points. Pounds. Pounds, as you might have guessed, refers to the weight of the paper. It is normally measured by how much 500 sheets (or a ream) of paper weighs in its basic unit.
  4. Here are conversion charts available to help switch between the two as needed when thinking about paper thickness pt vs. gsm and what you need. Having accurate conversions can be helpful in the design process depending on what your packaging vendor works with, and it helps to provide as much information as possible
  5. e the linear footage (and yardage) of a roll of paper of a given basis weight. When filling in these fields, use decimal fractions where necessary; and give all lengths in inches and weight in pounds
  6. Paper Math and Conversion Your Paper Math Resource. We get it...math is tough. Use our calculators below to simplify your calculations and conversions. LENGTH & WEIGHT CALCULATORS Grammage Calculator. Ream Weight Calculator. Pages Per Inch Calculator. MSI / MSF Calculator.

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English to Metric Conversions Grammage lb/1,000 ft2 X 4.8824 = g/m2 Thickness (caliper) mils (points) X 25.4 = microns Density lb /100 ft2/mi If 500 sheets of Bond paper (17 x 22 inches) weigh 20 lbs, then a ream of paper cut to Letter size will be labeled as 20 lb. Writing is a grade similar to bond, but made with a shorter fiber, yielding a softer sheet which can be made with a variety of finishes and which accepts ink more readily Paper Yield Calculator. First, select the unit of measurement. Next, enter the original basis/grammage weight and total weight. Then enter the new basis/grammage weight. For a quick reference guide on the basis weight impact on percentage paper yield, try this chart

Convert cover weight to points if the card stock label lists cover weight. For example, 66 lb. cover weight equals 8 pt. card stock, 80 lb. cover weight equals 10 pt. card stock and 92 lb. cover weight equals 12 pt. equals card stock Insert the basis weight of the paper to be coated in the formula below. lbs/MSF = 2000.00 : MSF/ton: lbs/Ream = 6600.00 : MSF/ton: lbs/Ream = 2000.00 : Reams/ton: Metric Conversion: g/m² = 4876.57 : m²/mton: From the formulas below, enter dry pounds (or grams) of coating per area coated to calculate amount of dry coating per tonnage. dry lbs. Calculate easily with this online-tool the weight of paper and printproducts, flyers, letters, stationary etc. in connection with different formats and paper weights / grammages. Tedious fiddling with your calculator will becomme irritants of the past Paper Weight Conversions: LBS to GSM Posted on Solo Printing , Printing Tips , Commercial Printing , Full-Service Bindery March 26, 2019 by Jackie Gonzalez At Solo Printing, we are happy to provide full-service commercial printing services spanning the United States and some areas of the Caribbean

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CALIPER Coated Cover Basis Equivalent C1S C1S PLUS (Gloss over matte) 8 pt: 20 x 26: 62.1: 64.1 % Savings over 80# cover (typical 7pt) 22.38%: 19.88%: 9 pt: 20 x 2 The pound per ream is a reference to what a ream of 500 sheets of paper would weigh; artists don't typically purchase 300 pounds of paper at a given time. In general, paper less than 356 gsm needs to be stretched before use to prevent it buckling or warping; paper under 190 gsm is a student grade that is too thin for anything but practice 70 Points to Pounds = 0.0003: 2 Points to Pounds = 0: 80 Points to Pounds = 0.0004: 3 Points to Pounds = 0: 90 Points to Pounds = 0.0004: 4 Points to Pounds = 0: 100 Points to Pounds = 0.0004: 5 Points to Pounds = 0: 200 Points to Pounds = 0.0009: 6 Points to Pounds = 0: 300 Points to Pounds = 0.0013: 7 Points to Pounds = 0: 400 Points to.

When it comes to specialty paper & paper weight, our customers are generally concerned with paper thickness, how it feels in their hands, and whether or not they will be able to print the paper at home.So naturally, there is concern when a thick card stock and a thinner, lighter sheet are both listed at 80lbs. How can it be? Paper weight can be a little bit confusing Determine the M Weight, ream weight and weight for a given number of sheets of paper in the specific size entered. Roll Weights. Calculate the approximate weight of a roll of paper. Basis Weight / Metric Conversions. Convert basis weight (in pounds) for a ream of standard basis size papers to the metric equivalent (in grams per meter²) and.

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  2. Grams per Square Meter X Basic size _____ 1406.5 = Basis weight in pound
  3. GSM CONVERSION CHARTS for SYNTHETIC SUBSTRATES CONVERTS THE CALIPER OF SYTHETIC SUBSTRATES to an EQUIVALENT GSM CALCULATION Nekoosa MIL/PTS MIL/PTS MIL/PTS The values in the tables are intended to serve as a guide only. They should not be used as exact specifications as there can be variances due to other characteristics of the paper. Please.
  4. Conversion Between The Greyboard Thickness And Grammage Blog Of Chipboard Backing Points pounds and gsm what s the difference do you need low price for furniture chipboard thickness chart and raw 1 500 8 5 x11 50pt 050 thick chipboard sbooking cardboard cardstock weight guide weights explained with charts trade urance thickness of chipboard.
  5. Inkjet Paper Pounds to GSM Paper Weight Conversion Chart. Paper size reference metric to US chart. Use the chart below to compare inkjet paper weight in pounds to the metric GSM (grams per square meter) measurement. It does predict a slow change in the white point of your paper, especially if it is displayed without UV filter glass or.

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  1. Use this page to learn how to convert between pounds and points. Type in your own numbers in the form to convert the units! ›› Quick conversion chart of pounds to point. 1 pounds to point = 226796.185 point. 2 pounds to point = 453592.37 point. 3 pounds to point = 680388.555 point. 4 pounds to point = 907184.74 point. 5 pounds to point.
  2. Paper/Card Stock Conversions by Fred on 01/21/02 at 11:14:19 Add conversion factors for converting paper, card stock and films. For example, from grams or pounds to points, to gauge, etc
  3. Horizon Paper represents the finest mills across North America and Europe. We guarantee the best value, price, quality and timeliness
  4. GSM - Don't be fooled with relative dimension. GSM is a relative dimension that means how many grams will weight one square meter size paper sheet (Grams per Square Meter).It is very convenient to use one acceptable dimension so that everyone understands what is being discussed about, but using the units of GSM and combing paper thicknesses can be easily mistaken

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Example 1 found that 4,000 pounds of oven-dry wood are needed per ton of pulp. Since one BDU equals 2,400 pounds of oven-dry wood, the answer is (4,000 lb/ton pulp) / (2,400 lb/BDU) = 1.67 BDU/ton pulp. Example 7 How many bone-dry units (BDU) are needed to produce an oven-dry tonne of pulp? Multiply the result from Example 6 b move decimal point 3 places to the left 1.0 0.001 or divide micrograms (mcg) by 1000 1 kg = 2.2 lb To convert kilograms (kg) to pounds (lb), multiply kg by 2.2 To convert pounds (lb) to kilograms (kg), divide lb by 2.2 1 tsp = 5 mL or ½ tsp = 2.5 mL To convert teaspoon (tsp) to milliliters (mL), multiply tsp by 5 1 gr = 60 mg ½ gr = 30 m There are 72 points in 1 inch. To convert from inches to points, multiply your figure by 72 (or divide by 0.013888888888889) . How many inches are there in 1 point? There are 0.013888888888889 inches in 1 point. To convert from points to inches, multiply your figure by 0.013888888888889 (or divide by 72) Pounds to Ounces How to convert Ounces to Pounds. 1 ounce (oz) is equal to 0.0625 pounds (lb). 1 oz = (1/16) lb = 0.0625 lb. The mass m in pounds (lb) is equal to the mass m in ounces (oz) divided by 16: m (lb) = m (oz) / 16. Example. Convert 5 oz to pounds: m (lb) = 5 oz / 16 = 0.3125 lb. Ounces to Pounds conversion tabl

It's easy to choose the right amount of film for your project. Use our calculator for conversion formulas, metric equivalents and more. Or leave the math to us and contact one of our expert sales representatives 800.872.7549 Inquiry@TheGriffNetwork.com Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5:00pm EST Facebook-f Twitter Youtube Linkedin Yield Tables For Film LPDE (Density 0.92) MICRON MIL G/SQ M G/MSF LBS/MSF SQ INCH/LB 25 1 23.0 2136.7 4.7 30568.6 36 1.5 33.1 3076.8 6.8 21228.9 50 2 46.0 4273.4 9.4 15284.8 63 2.5 58.0 5384.5 11.9 12130.8 75 3 69.0 Yield Tables for Film Read More µg/cm³ to lb/pt conversion table, µg/cm³ to lb/pt unit converter or convert between all units of density measurement. Calculators Rectangle calculator, rectangle definition and calculation formulas

Point definition provided by Kyle Schaeffer. Points are traditionally used in print media (anything that is to be printed on paper, etc.). One point is equal to 1/72 of an inch. Points are much like pixels, in that they are fixed-size units and cannot scale in size Paper Help Guide, understanding the differences in paper weights. Here's a Quick list of paper weights including grammage (GSM). GSM is a consistent number for papers, running smaller to larger regardless of paper basis weight A sheet of paper can be looked at as a two dimensional shape with an area, such as square meters. In the US you will still see the weight of paper expressed as pounds, which represents the weight of 500 sheets. Using GSM instead references all weights to the same paper size and is considered a better comparative means of measure How to convert. 1 gallon (gal) = 8.345404452 pound (lb). Gallon (gal) is a unit of Volume used in Cooking system. Pound (lb) is a unit of Weight used in Standard system. Please note this is volume to weight conversion, this conversion is valid only for pure water at temperature 4 °C

1 pound = 0.45 kg, 10 pounds = 4.53592, or about 4.54 kg. When multiplying a decimal by 10, move the decimal point one place to the left. 6. B 1 g = 1,000 mg. 0.539 g = 0.539 x 1000 = 539 mg. 7. C 4 quarts = 1 gallon, 16 quarts = 16/4 = 4 gallons. Conversion problems are easy to get confused A pound is a unit of weight commonly used in the United States and the British commonwealths. A pound is defined as exactly 0.45359237 kilograms. A pound is defined as exactly 0.45359237 kilograms. Grains to Pounds Conversion Tabl There are many phrases used to describe paper weight and it is important to understand these before printing your project. GSM vs. pound (lb.) vs. points (pt.) The units GSM, pound (lb), and points (pt) are commonly used to describe the weight, or thickness of paper stock For easy reference, the following is a summary of the principal standard paper sizes and weights and their conversion equivalents using both the imperial and metric systems If 500 sheets of uncut paper weighs 20 pounds, it's called 20 lb stock. Different types of paper have different standard uncut sizes, so a pound of one is not the same as a pound of the other. By point (pt.) Point refers to the thickness of the sheet in thousandths of an inch. A sheet of 10 pt. card stock is 0.010 inches thick

HIGH POINT* 2018 Brevard Road High Point, NC 27263 (336) 887-2651. MIAMI* 3333 N.W. 116th Street Miami, FL 33167 (305) 681-2273. LOS ANGELES* 9168 Hermosa Ave. Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 (909) 476-1500 *All of our locations that have converting and warehouse facilities are FSC, SFI, and PEFC certifie Liner Board is measured on a 1000 square foot scale. When comparing Basis Weight to light weight kraft paper, you must convert the basis weight to a 3000 square foot scale. You can do this by simply multiplying the basis weight by 3. For example, a 33# Liner Board is equal to a 99# Kraft Paper For paper that is 24 lb. or higher, the correct envelope is one of equal weight to the paper. The correct envelope for paper up to 20 lb. should be one step heavier than the paper. For example, the proper envelope to use with a 20 pound paper would be one made from 24 pound paper Moisture Conversion Table Vapor Pressure PPM on Volume Dew Point (Water/Ice in Equilibrium) Basis at 760 mm Relative Humidity PPM on Weight °C °F mm of Mercury of Hg Pressure at 70°F% Basis in Air-90 -130 0.00007 0.0921 0.00037 .057-88 -126 0.00010 0.132 0.00054 .082-86 -123 0.00014 0.184 0.00075 .11-84 -119 0.00020 0.263 0.00107 0.1

Density, Specific Gravity Definition: Density and specific gravity have very similar, but not quite identical definitions. Density is the mass of material per unit volume. Specific gravity is a ratio of the mass of a material to the mass of an equal volume of water at 4 o C. Because specific gravity is a ratio, it is a unitless quantity To convert to Btu/lb divide by 2.324 Note that a different base temperature for zero enthalpy, 0°F is often used together with the Btu/lb unit. Example: The ambient temperature is 20°C and the relative humidity is 50%. Calculate enthalpy: Pw = Pws (20°C) · 50/100 = 11.69 hPa X = 621.9907 · 11.69/(1013-11.69) = 7.26 g/k Converting an Imperial Measuring System Recipe. The process for adjusting an imperial measure recipe is identical to the method outlined above. However, care must be taken with liquids as the number of ounces in an imperial pint, quart, and gallon is different from the number of ounces in a U.S. pint, quart, and gallon Cubic Foot to Pounds, Pounds per Cubic Foot Conversion, Cubic Foot to Pounds Conversion Char 1,562.4 lbs CO 2 /MWh × (4.536 × 10-4 metric tons/lb) × 0.001 MWh/kWh = 7.09 × 10-4 metric tons CO 2 /kWh (AVERT, U.S. national weighted average CO 2 marginal emission rate, year 2019 data) Notes: This calculation does not include any greenhouse gases other than CO 2. This calculation includes line losses

• To convert if going from large value to smaller value, move the decimal point 3 places to the right for each conversion. • If going from smaller value to larger value, move the decimal point 3 places to the left for each conversion. 3.0 Kg = 3 →0→0→0. g = 3000 g 3.0 Kg = 3 →0→0→0→0→0→0. = 3,000,000 m Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for

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Kraft paper is the name for common brown paper of the type many shopping bags are made. This thick but inexpensive material is the basis for most fireworks articles. It comes in large rolls and various thickness and can also be either virgin or recycled. Explanation: Generally paper thickness is described by giving the weight (in pounds) of a ream of paper. Unfortunately the basis sizes for a. Extended conversion Convertworld is one of the most used unit converion services in the world. You can quick and easy find out how many pounds is a kilo, how many dollars is a euro , how many centimeters is a foot as well as paper sizes, shoe sizes, area, volume, temperature and much more WEIGHT FINISH ECO* PRINTING PROCESS : Text: Cover: Gloss: Silk: Dull: Matte: Other: CoC Cert: PCW: Sheet: Web: Digital: Other: Premium Coated Sheets; Productolith Pts. In describing paper, the pound is often symbolized by the pound symbol, #. Because of the difference in the way text- and card-stock pound weight is determined, a sheet of 65# card stock is thicker and heavier than a sheet of 80# text. The weight of cardstock ranges from 50# to 110# (about 135 to 300 g/m 2)

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Buy specialty paper by weight at The Paper Mill Store. Save money with rewards & discounts with free shipping available. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. 20 lb Bond Paper. 20 lb Bond Paper. 27 lb Bond Paper. 29 lb Bond Paper. 32 lb Bond Paper. 36 lb Bond Paper. 40 lb Bond Paper. 48 lb Bond Paper. 53. Measurement conversion charts and converters for metric, imperial and United States Customary systems. Includes from everyday use to scientific calculators, thousands of units, definitions, abbreviations and formulas. Choose from wide variety of unit conversion tools and conversion charts for fast lookup Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages Browse through the page and find the unit you want to convert from. Type the value you are converting next to the unit. 2: Click the Convert button. Your value gets instantly converted to all other units on the page. 3: Now find the unit you want and get the conversion result next to it. It's your answer

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