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i have taken a home loan on my name but i want t

  1. I eant to buy a flat. due to some circumstances I cant take home loan on my name.my brother will take loan.and as per bank rules registry 2 Responses | 16 Views I have already purchased a flat in my name one year back without loan, if i buy another flat in my wife name, can i eligible to get h
  2. A: If you own a home with somebody else but the debt is not in your name, you should have no problem going out and buying another property. Usually, credit reporting agencies obtain information on payments from borrowers from lenders for their algorithms
  3. The title or deed of a home is separate from the mortgage or loan. Homeowners' names can appear on the title and not on the mortgage. Learn the ownership implications of your name being on the deed of a home verses the financial responsibility of your name showing up on the mortgage

When an existing mortgage loan transfers to a new borrower, the new borrower assumes the mortgage. In most cases, transferring names on the mortgage loan requires lender approval. Circumstances.. My husband is the primary owner and myself the co-owner (even the home loan is in my husbands name with me as the co-applicant). I am claiming tax benefit on the same under section 24. Now, we are planning to buy another home loan for a second property which will be in my name and my husband as the co-owner Plan is to close this loan in 4 to 5 years. If i avail exemption, after loan is closed, i would end up paying huge tax. Keeping tax burden in mind i decided to have loan in my name and make register in parent owner. Bank might not give 30 lakh loan directly to my parents. This will also give my parents steady income in the form or rent Home Loans such as SBI Bank Home Loan cater to only80% of the value indicated in the Sale Deed. Therefore, if your sale deed reflects the circle rate and not the market value you may get a much lesser loan than what you need. Some banks offer Home Loans on sale agreement value and not the sale deed value

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Can I Qualify for a Mortgage if My Name is on Another

The type of refinance you need to put the home loan in your name is a cash-out refinance, which is a first mortgage that pays off the current loan and replaces it with a new one that names you as a mortgagor. Mortgage Payments and Credit Histor Note: Rate as on March 27, 2019 (For loan amount < Rs one crore) Things to keep in mind when buying a home in the wife's name. Experts maintain that it is a good idea to buy a home in the name of one's wife or in co-ownership. However, the wife can enjoy the tax benefit, only if she has a separate and genuine source of income

Is a mortgage transfer possible—where you hand off a home loan from one person to another? The answer is usually no. When you sell your home, the buyers have to get their own mortgage and you pay.. There are a number of reasons you might want to change a name on a mortgage. For example, if you just got married and legally assume your spouse's last name, changing names is relatively easy A married borrower may obtain a home loan solely in her name if she has sufficient income and assets to support the new housing payment. In a community property state, the non-borrower spouse can. Contact a real estate attorney to prepare the quitclaim deed. He will need your name, the other person's name and the property address. The attorney can also advise on how you should hold title.. There are several reasons why a name on the house title might not coincide with the name on the mortgage loan. Examples include: One of the buyers from a couple has bad credit or a recent bankruptcy or foreclosure, affecting his or her ability to qualify for a mortgage or causing a higher interest rate

If they possess the information normally used to verify your identity, which is usually your name, address, national identification number (in the United States, one's Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number), they can. Step 1: Contact your lender and request a novation When you seek to erase the name of your co-applicant from your home loan, you must contact your lender and ask for novation. This is a declaration that shifts the responsibility of repayment of the home loan from two borrowers to one Send a written request Another option is to send a written request to your mortgage servicer. Your servicer is obligated to provide you, to the best of their knowledge, with the name, address, and telephone number of the owner of your loan. You can send a Qualified Written Request or a Request for Information Joint Home Loan & Eligibility rules / Conditions. Generally a Joint Home Loan can be taken by a maximum of SIX persons (minimum being two applicants).; A co-borrower (loan applicant) may or may not be the co-owner of the property. But, banks may usually recommend a co-borrower to also be a co-owner of the property

I took joint home loan me , my mother and brother of 25lac. property is on my mother name. me and my brother is paying loan EMI. can we both avail tax benefit of 80c and section 24 ? i paid stamp duty of 2lac by cheque for property registration on my mother name. can i claim for tax Taking a Home Loan is a big responsibility to shoulder. There are multiple factors associated with a Home Loan and it's not always possible to take this on single-handedly. Sometimes, things like eligibility, income, and the loan amount and tenure can be a tad difficult to handle with a single income. In such cases, the applicant can choose to take a loan alongside a co-applicant From making an offer on your dream home to having it transferred into your name, here's your 12-step checklist: Step 1: You and the seller sign the offer to purchase . Step 2: You apply for a bond if required, by using the services of a reputable home loan comparison service, like ooba Home Loans. ooba will submit one application to all the. If a loan is assumable, you're in luck: That means you can transfer the mortgage to somebody else. There is no language in the loan agreement that prevents you from completing a transfer. However, even assumable mortgages can be difficult to transfer. 1 ï» You do not have to let the person who has the loan on the title. The person who is on the title must also register it in their name. You do not have to be on the loan. You can also have that person insure the car for you

Refinancing the loan to just your name is effective at removing a name from the mortgage documents. However, refinancing is not something to jump into without enough thought. First, the process takes quite a bit of time. Second, you will need to prove that you can pay the mortgage on your own without your spouse's contributions The problem: She forged my name and Social Security number on a loan application for $19,000. It now shows up on my credit report. Without her knowing, I contacted the lender and obtained a copy. The lender who has the mortgage on your house also has an interest in the property, and many mortgages either prohibit property transfers or require payment in full in exchange. However, in some cases, you can still add a person to the deed, even if you have a mortgage, without burdening that person with the mortgage

Who Owns the Home When Two Names are on the Mortgage

Adding a name to a mortgage may seem like a good idea if you get married or a partner moves in with you. You may also consider it if you want to make sure your home goes to a certain beneficiary when you die. But lenders won't let you just add a name to the loan. You can add someone to the deed Once your home loan has been approved, it's time to start the ball rolling and get your property registered in your name. Although the property registration process may seem lengthy, the following steps will help you understand the process. The house needs to move from the name of the Seller into. If your name isn't on the mortgage loan, adding your name to the deed gives you legal ownership. And with equal ownership, your partner can't sell the property without your permission The only legal way to take over a joint mortgage is to get your ex's name off the home loan. The same goes for a co-borrower who no longer wants to be on the line for a mortgage they co-signed. If.. Leaving their name on the mortgage can affect the ability of the non-resident spouse to qualify for another loan down the road to buy their own home. The biggest factor in qualifying for a..

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What happens if my name is on the deed, but not the mortgage? When a divorcing couple owns or is buying their home (or other realty), they frequently have a deed and a mortgage, typically with both names on each. Selling the property and dividing up the profits is the simplest route, but it is not always that to which both spouses can agree The loan must be secured by the taxpayer's main home or second home (qualified residence), and meet other requirements I am working in a foreign bank IT department as Software professional in pune. I am basically from Bokaro Steel city. we have a house (Home loan 8 L) in my home town on my mother's name. My both parent are borrower in that loan. Now we need some money. So we have two option - 1 If someone took out student loans in your name, contact the school the thief used to take out the loans. Call their financial aid or registrar's office and explain that a student there took out. The ability-to-repay rule, which went into effect January 10, 2014, requires mortgage lenders to make sure a borrower can afford a mortgage before issuing the loan. If a lender had to follow the ATR rule, it would prevent some heirs from being added to the loan because the lender would have to consider whether the heirs could repay the debt

Car Loan is under my name, but registration is under someone else. How can I register the car back under my name if they won't switch willingly? More . Car loan. Ask a lawyer - it's free! Browse related questions. 1 attorney answer. Mark B Thornton. 5 stars 1 reviews. Avvo Rating: 10 If your name was added to the deed after the mortgage and note was signed, then you and your spouse own the property, but usually only after the lender has been paid in full. The lender typically has a lien on the house, meaning that the spouse whose name is on the mortgage does not pay, then the bank can foreclose in order to get their money back Had a payday loan taken out in my name by someone close to me with out my knowledge, was unaware of this untill i received a defult notice, rang the company up and was told that they would look into this and get back to me, a month later i received a letter from a debt collector demanding payment so i rang them to explain and was told i need to make these payment Submitting Requests for Name Changes on Loans Borrowers may fax or mail documentation to request a Name Change or Correction on a Loan Account. Please use the attached Name Changes on Loan Accounts Request Form when submitting your request. Be sure to include a daytime contact telephone number. Contact information is as follows: Mail: Bank of.

The most noteworthy feature of joint home loans is that all co-applicants are eligible for simultaneous tax rebates for their EMI payments, stamp duty and registration fees Check the mortgage. If the property still has a home loan attached to it you will need to have the details of this on hand as they may also need to be adjusted depending on your reason for making a change to the property ownership. 2. Get a copy of the property title

If you have paid up your home loan and would like to cancel your bond and close your home loan account, please call us on 0860 555 111. In this case you will take ownership of your property's title deed and will no longer have a home loan account. A bond cancellation fee (calculated and paid to a cancellation attorney) will apply My name is still on the mortgage, I have a partner who became a middle man or third party if you will, who helped sell the house to my renters, and now are owners, but if they don't pay the gentleman who is the middle man is not responsible, I am, if anyone else defaults on this loan it falls on me, I am taken off the note only in the. Sale Deed . You can include your Spouse's name in the new sale deed mentioning the ratio or portion of the ownership and get it registered. The stamp duty is typically in the range of 5-12.5% of the market value of the property (varies in different states), while the registration charge is about 1%.. Gift Dee An assumable mortgage allows another party to take over the remaining payments on a mortgage loan, while keeping the existing loan rate, repayment period, principal balance and other terms intact. The rights and obligations of the original loan are essentially ported from one borrower to another without a new mortgage being created When applying for a Pag-IBIG Housing loan, only two things can happen: Your loan application is either approved or disapproved.. Once your loan application is approved, the real work is just about to start. The most important, and tiring process here, is the registration and transferring of the Title in your name as the buyer of the real property - whether it is a lot-only property, a house.

Qualifying for a Second Home Loan. In order to qualify for a 2nd VA home loan, you and your home will need to meet the same requirements as for the first loan. Take a look at just a few: Certificate of Eligibility (COE) Many lenders require 620 credit score or higher (Low VA Rates does not require this) but the VA simply lists suitable credi The distinction between the title of a vehicle, driver's license, license plates and registration is important to understand. Car title: A car title is written confirmation that, similar to the deed to a home, you own a vehicle. It does not expire.. Your best option to get your name off a large cosigned loan is to have the person who's using the money refinance the loan without your name on the new loan. Another option is to help the borrower. You and your spouse must work through the logistics of dividing valuable assets, including your home. Regardless of whether you're refinancing after divorce or using another method to remove a name from your mortgage, you'll need to decide whether you want to sell the house and split the profits, or if one person will keep the home

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Home Loan in my name and register in parents nam

Getting your name off a joint account usually takes a bit of effort and the cooperation of the joint account holder. It is seldom possible to take your name off an account simply by requesting it. The easiest accounts to be removed are those such as credit cards where one person is simply listed as an authorized user.. This is the wrong decision. Your mortgage agreement will not allow this, and you might even find yourself in legal trouble. Moreover, you still require paying off the loan — even though you're no longer living in the house. Another possibility is if the buyer stops paying, the loan is in your name, so it's still your problem

Are Registration Charges Included When Taking a Home Loan

To answer your question, yes, to register a vehicle with your state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) you must show proof of ownership and thus your name must be on the title of the vehicle. If your name is not on the title the DMV would question your right to register a vehicle For example in New York State if you are registering a vehicle. Yes, your car insurance policy typically has to be in the same name as your car loan. Usually, your insurance and registration also have to be under the same name. Most financing companies also require you to have full coverage car insurance while your car loan is being paid off

Remove a name (person) from a registration If there is more than one name on the registration, you can apply for a registration amendment to remove one or more names from the registration. Complete the Vehicle Registration/Title Application (PDF) (MV-82) with the names of the registrants that remain, and show proofs of identity and date of birth In most cases you cannot transfer a personal loan to another person. If your loan has a cosigner or guarantor, that person becomes responsible for the debt if you default on the loan If your name is on the loan, you will be liable if an accident were to happen with the car. Register the car under your name at the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state. This requires that you and your husband fill out and sign transfer of ownership forms and that you pay a fee for registration

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Most auto loans, whether you got the loan through the dealer, a bank, a credit union, or another lender, give the creditor the right to repossess the vehicle if you default. The lender usually isn't required to give advance notice before taking the car. After repossessing your motor vehicle, the lender will sell it to recover the money you owe If your children are planning to sell the home, they will likely face steep capital gains taxes. When property is gifted it does not receive a step up in basis, as it is when it is inherited. When you give away your property, the tax basis (or the original cost) of the property for the giver becomes the tax basis for the recipient We originally bought the house together and both our names were on the mortgage and deed. However, after refinancing we took my name off the mortgage and deed in case I wanted to buy another home. That never happened. We have always lived at the same house. The last two years I've paid the mortgage payments. However, since my name is not on the deed or mortgage can I claim the mortgage.


I took out a $35,000 home equity loan to use as a down payment, which allowed me to move into a bigger home, while keeping my first home as a rental. Read more personal finance coverage If you can't afford to help them with the full 20%, but still want to help your child avoid PMI, you can help them to get an 80-10-10 loan. In this type of loan, the borrower puts down 10%, the bank gives an 80% loan, and then the borrower takes out another 10-15% loan. One way that parents can help is by loaning their children that second 10. When I purchased my home, I was married. After my divorce, I changed my name and did not change it on my mortgage loan or deed as I was advised I was not legally required to do so. Fast forward a couple of years later and I switched insurance companies, filling out the policy in my legal name Car Loan Transfer Process. Check your Loan Agreement ; Your loan documents will clearly state if it is possible to transfer your loan to another person. If you are unable to find this information, you can contact your bank and get clarification on the options of transfer and the process

Summary: License Plate Sticker and Tag Renewal. Before your car has expired tags, you'll need to complete your license plate sticker renewal. Click you state to find out how often you'll need to renew your registration/tags, what the registration renewal fees will be, and your renewal grace period (if any) if your tags have already expired Your Gateway experience does not stop at closing. Our servicing platform integrates everything needed to manage your home loan including robust on-line services and award-winning customer care. Have questions? We have answers: Online Account Access Enrollment instructions, Navigating your account Payments ACH enrollment form, Fee schedule, Payment FAQs Escrow Escrow analysis FAQs, Taxes FAQs. After you pay off your car loan, your lienholder will send you the proper documents to apply for a clear title—one without the lienholder's name or vehicle ownership. Other Types of Liens. While the kind of lien placed on a car title due to an auto loan is the most common type, a lien could be instituted for a variety of reasons 6. Add the vehicle to your License eXpress account. Once the ownership has been transferred into your name you can add it to your License eXpress account. With License eXpress, you can manage all your vehicles: See when your vehicle's tabs are due. Make sure your address is up-to-date. Sign up or update email renewal notices and more Payments—and nonpayments—on the consolidation loan won't affect you if your name is not listed on the loan.   Sell the asset and pay off the loan. If you co-signed on a home or car loan and the other person isn't making the payments as necessary, you may be able to sell the asset and use the money to pay off the loan

Your lender will either decline to add your name, due perhaps to credit concerns, or agree to add your name by means of a simple mortgage modification. The other method of adding your name to an existing mortgage is through a refinance. A refinance is where you get an entirely new loan for your home, and you would apply for the loan as a couple Property registration in your wife or daughter's name may not be a great idea as investors are now using this incentive for speculative trading. How to get lower rates for your home loan from your own bank switching your loan to another lender could be an uphill task If there is a mortgage on the property, title generally passes subject to the mortgage and any other liens or interests. Filing a beneficiary deed involves drawing up a notarized document that describes the property, lists the full names of your beneficiaries, and bears your signature To obtain a loan, you only need to own the property or have a long-term lease on it; fill out a loan application that shows you are a good credit risk; and execute a note agreeing to repay the loan. Your loan can cover architectural and engineering costs, building permit fees, title examination costs, appraisal fees, and inspection fees You have to get the property transferrred to your name by a registered deed to become eligible for home loan. The property in your name shall entitle for home loan. If the property has been transferred to your name during yours father's lifetime, then your sister cannot claim any share in it as a right any time not only now but in the future too

Dear Trilochan, since you alre ady have a loan on your name, take into consideration your ' Loan is to income ratio.' By s aying that, i mean don't borro w more than you can repay. How ever, you can visit your neare st bank branch to confirm if y ou can get another home loan o r not Home Loan Frequently Asked Questions. Can I purchase a house under joint names and apply for the housing loan only under my name? The financial institution will consider such applications on the merits of each case, under the following circumstances: The co-owners are related as husband and wife, and one party is not working and the other. Home Interest Deduction - Even When It's Not in Your Name There are various circumstances where a taxpayer could be making payments on a mortgage, but not hold legal title to the property. One example could be, the child of a taxpayer that could not obtain financing, so mom and dad hold legal title, but the child makes all payments and.

February 18, 2021 - 13 min read View Today's Mortgage Rates February 5, 2021 - 5 min read The VA home loan: Benefits, requirements, and rates for 2021 October 22, 2020 - 20 min read Before Making. You will remain responsible for the loan until your husband refinances it. Once your name is taken off the loan, you can purchase a new home in your name. Otherwise, you will remain liable for the existing mortgage and it could affect your debt to income ratio when you apply for a new loan. jenkin

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Short Answer - Yes Long Answer with detailed explanation is below Deduction for Interest on Housing Loan is available u/s 24(b) of the Income Tax Act. This is a deduction from Income from House Property. Income from House Property means annual val.. It depends.If you are a co-signer on the loan, you can split the mortgage interest with the co-owner.. If you are a co-signer, then to enter your part of the payments you would type 1098 into the search box at the top of your TurboTax when you have your return open.Choose the Jump To option and follow the online prompts. I am including 3 links that will provide you with additional information 3. Rent out Your Old Home. You can also choose to rent out your old home to cover the mortgage on it or earn extra income to cover your new mortgage. You can also consider offering a lease-purchase option. In a lease-purchase contract, a portion of each month's rent from the tenant contributes to a down payment on your old home I provided the 20% down payment on the home, and financed everything in my name, because they couldn't. They were also unable to qualify for the mortgage in terms of credit, and they were fearful that the home they were renting at the time was going to see an increase in rent amount To determine your LTV, divide your current loan balance by the appraised value of your home. For instance, if your loan balance is $150,000 and an appraiser values your home at $450,000, you would. My car loan has been in my dad's name for over 3 years but I have made all of the payments to him then he turns around and pays the bank; however, the past 2 months I have made the check out directly to the bank in an effort to have my name added to the loan

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