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The two most common leaks on a modern Harley are the exhaust gaskets and rocker box gaskets. This article will give you tips on how to replace them. Having the service manual for your bike will be required Last fall I replaced the rocker box gaskets, including the allen head bolts and washers at the top of the rocker boxes. Recently, I have a leak in the rocker box bolts, rear cylinder, both bolts on the right side. Enough to run down the rocker box and spray back on the frame--real mess. Only.. Looks like a rocker box cover gasket leaking. If you have a warranty, it should be covered. the arrow is pointing to the upper back of the valve cover on the rear cylinder. If this is accurate, and the oil is in fact leaking from the cover itself rather than where the cover mates to the head, then I would suspect that you have a hairline. I am a fairly new Harley owner. Been riding Hondas all my life. My 2002 Hugger (3760 original miles!!) just started leaking oil though rocker box gasket. What up with that? Am I supposed to be happy with that since I now own a Harley? Hell my junky Honda has 25K miles on it and it doesn't leak a drop If you disturb the center square O-gasket, they'll leak. As well....unless you replaced ALL the rocker box gaskets, including the one under the lower rocker shaft block, that's actually the most common one to leak, because it deteriorates around the 12-15 year old mark. You're right on schedule....

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A customer writes, My crankcase is puking oil. Help! I vented the crankcase breather down the back of the motor like you suggested and now I'm getting exces.. Rear Rocker Box Leak. Discussion in 'Oil' started by Jack Klarich, Apr 18, 2016. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Jack Klarich Guest. I noticed a few drops of oil coming from the right rear of the rear rocker box, it never leaked before. Under warranty I took it in, the tech said the bolts were not torqued right from the factory and he has seen it before. Harley Davidson Sportster 1200C rocker box gasket replacement.This part 2 video will work on all sportsters.We will walk you through the whole repair and to.. I did the Top End on my EVO in the fall but the Rocker boxes are leaking even though I tried to be careful. I saw that JPCycles is selling a set of after market 2 piece Rocker Boxes for $175 so I am going to swap them out. It looks like a good deal and anyone with a EVO knows how frustrating this can be. Best of luck - Bo Top breathing engines breath, or vent, through the top breather bolts which are threaded into the heads of a Harley Davidson motor. The air inside a motor is saturated with oil. It exits through the breather bolts and into the airbox where the air is filtered and the oil is captured in the air filter

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IN THIS VIDEO WE IDENTIFY OIL LEAKING FROM THE REAR ROCKER BOX GASKET. THEN WE FIX IT BY REPLACING THE GASKETS.Paypal Channel Donation: https://www.paypal.me.. Could be rocker box gaskets, you can buy a rocker box gasket kit and replace them. Clean the motor and then try to see where it is leaking after a ride. If you replace them your self make sure you have a manual for torque specs and you have to have the valves set in a certain place for when you put the rockers back on. Beer Hound, Oct 29, 201 Sportster Forty Eight Rocker Box Oil Leak Repair. This is being done on a Harley Davidson Forty-Eight. XL1200X. This will work on all Harley Davidson sportst.. Jim, evenly, re-tightening your Harley rocker cover is completely acceptable. However, this may only be a temporary fix if a gasket surface has been compensated by the constant vibration of the loosened rocker box. If this leak reappears, be sure to replace this rocker box gasket with a new H.D. gasket In Twincam 88 style engines, that are moving above normal amounts of oil to the rocker box area, it is recommended that these holes be enlarged to .089. This is easily accomplished by removing the rocker arm assemblies and enlarging the holes with a common electric or portable drill with the drill bit that has been provided in your kit

Detecting the source of an oil leak on your Harley motorcycle can be difficult. Because multiple places can leak, it is near impossible to know which area is leaking oil at first glance. Mechanics use many high-tech tools to detect the exact location of oil leaks. However, the chances are that you do not have these tools I just took my 97 off of the road for some leak issues. I have a big intake leak on the front cylinder, and a small one on the rear. The rear rocker box (where covers attach to head) is leaking oil far too much. The rear head gasket is also seeping oil. I could deal with the head gasket seeping, but cannot deal with the rocker box leaking How to Fix a Primary Oil Leak on a Harley by Kyle McBride . chopper motorcycle image by itsallgood from Fotolia.com. Harley-Davidson motorcycles use a chain-driven primary system to transmit power from the engine sprocket to the clutch housing. Drive plates in the clutch pack engage the plates in the clutch pack to drive the primary shaft in.

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5) The re-routing if not precise in terms of pipe diameter could actually flood the rocker boxes. I hope this is the best-written, most comprehensive discussion on Shovelhead rocker box oil line routing you have ever read. 🙂 If not, at least it hopefully wasn't boring Some oil will leak into your bolt holes and will need to blow that out to prevent hydro lock when you reinstall the lockers. How to Repair Common Gasket Leaks. Harley Davidson Touring Repairing Gasket Leaks How To Repair Common Gasket Leaks You don't have to put up with that leaky gasket. How to Replace Rocker Boxes. Harley Davidson. Be careful the bolts are steel and the rocker box is aluminum so it can be easy to strip the threads. It isn't common for the rocker cover or rocker box gasket to leak and if there is a leak the leak is caused by a loose bolt. HardLuck515 Harley Tools and Products. Harley tools are not only specialty tools like JIMS and Kent Moore but many that you have in your garage already. Bob LaRosa gives us a great overview on some of the basic tools we need to service our Harley-Davidson from oil-change to custom part install. Bob shows us that tools are only part of Watch Now >> Lower rocker box gasket is leaking and the oil sits on top of the head and collects dirt and gets warm and cold causing goo. Save Share. V-Twin Harley Davidson forum. Discussion on V-Twin Harley Davidson motorcycles including Dyna, Electra Glide, Softail, Sportster, and more

Also, you can pull your rocker boxes to check your umbrella valves. They should be on the intake side. If you are in your cam compartment, be sure your oil pump is working correctly. Check the condition of your pinion gear. These are just a few things that come to mind. Good luck Videos: Cam Class. Tags: breather bolts, crank case, Harley. James rocker box gaskets are rubber covered metal with silicone beads. Sold as a pair. ultimate plan is to replace all of the gaskets on the bike (and a lot more), but I am starting with the ones that are leaking oil now! The engine is original metal, so this discussion about torque values is enlightning. choppers, harley, harley.

Oil leak from rocker box on 1996jeep cherokee2.5td Get you a new gasket for the rocker cover, make sure you clean the mating surface good,and all traces of old gasket, and silicon etc. make sure you dont overtighten the bolts to the rocker cover. the torque for the rocker cover is 35 in lbs (4nm). as far as vavle clearance it is none adjustable harley recomends that you use their oil but i would be carefull because it is a cynthetic now if you were using regular oil what that will do is clean all the old build up out of the motor this can be bad because after time there are pin hole leaks that occure but the build up stops it from leaking but if you use cynthetic you cant go back to regular oil it will gum up on you and ruen your motor so you got to find out what has been put in it. but use a 10-3 One of the common leaks on Harleys is the wet-sump. Most Harleys are dry-sump bikes, and a separate oil tank holds the oil and pumps it into the system when needed. This oil tank is located above the oil pump. A check valve holds the oil in the tank when the bike is not in use In Twincam 88 style engines, that are moving above normal amounts of oil to the rocker box area, it is recommended that these holes be enlarged to.089. This is easily accomplished by removing the rocker arm assemblies and enlarging the holes with a common electric or portable drill with the drill bit that has been provided in your kit

A rocker cover can leak oil while the engine is running, but not while the engine is stopped. Valvetrain action at high revolutions will spew forth a great deal of oil, yet leak little at idle, or none at rest. Replacing a rocker cover gasket is basic, but the procedure varies by engine Looks like a rocker box cover gasket leaking. If you have a warranty, it should be covered. If not it's not a difficult fix to replace the gasket. Sporties seem to be prone to leaking there When a rocker box leaks it can leak slowly or at the rate you are experiencing. As others have mentioned, its not a difficult repair. Just make sure to check and verify that your rocker boxes are not warped before you reinstall them. If they are warped, fresh gaskets will not cure the leak

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How to Fix Oil Leaks: Crankcase Breather Edition - YouTub

I have oil leaking from below the rocker box cover on my 07 Sporty, so last week I bought new gaskets and replaced them and then took the bike for a ride. Still leaks, so I have a couple questions. Harley covers need a bit of dressing. motorend. 2nd June 2012, 16:05 If they weren't the blockage would fill the rocker boxes with oil that would eventually have to drain back down through the push rod tube covers. You could have very poorly fitted rings that are allowing a lot of blowby into the crankcase thus over pressurizing it; oil will eventually leak from everywhere. Question: How do I hook up my oil lines Re: Harley 1988 fxr to much pressure in rocker... Ck. the crankcase vents, if they get plugged for whatever reason, it will build excess pressure in the crankcase causing the seals and gaskets to leak. Posted on Jun 24, 2013 Helpful

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  1. g un-seated under hard acceleration Excessive RPM on rev limiter, de-seating ring
  2. Oil is leaking from one of the rocker access holes on the forward head. I notice the actual question might be about the allen screw plug used for production in the front of each rocker box. Is this what you are inquiring about Motorpsycho?? Or is it the rocker arm shaft screw
  3. Usually, it's not a lot of oil but if it's real bad, i'd recommend replaceing the umbrella seals in the center piece of the rocker box covers. Take the bolts out of the rocker box covers and look at the corner nearest the carb on the center piece. You'll see an umbrella seal in this corner
  4. SOURCE: Small oil leak under front rocker box inner take the rocker cover back off and check the oil breather and make sure the o ring on the bottem of it is still on there Posted on May 25, 200
  5. Common oil leak causes and locations in your motorcycle include: Oil pan seal: The oil seal between your engine block and the oil pan can wear out over time and get dry and brittle. This allows oil to seep out, often onto the ground. Cylinder head gasket: A gasket present between your engine block and oil can cover is a common location for oil.
  6. Used this to fix oil leak from rocker boxes on a 2008 XL1200R Harley Davidson Sportster/Roadster. Perfect fit and no more oil leak. Saved a bunch of money by doing it myself

Lower rocker box cover on M8 question. Jump to Latest Follow The oil line is tricky to uninstall and install. A forum community dedicated to all Harley-Davidson Road Glide owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about performance, builds, accessories, mods,specs, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more!. my rocker box also leaked on my 09 883 L...i just wipe it off and press on its nothin serious and i doubt the small amount it leaks is worth the effort to take the rocker box off Problem is, when the oil seeps on our non-chromed covers, you can't just wipe it off and grin

Take the fuel tank off and remove the four bolts that hold the rocker box covers on. If the rocker box is leaking there, simply put a new gasket in place, carefully align the top plate and put the bolts back in. Torque them to 100 inch pounds. If the lower rocker is leaking remove the smaller 1/4 bolts and then remove the larger 5/16 inch bolts re: oil leak Rocker cover leaks are only really visible after you remove the chrome covers that go over the rocker covers. In order to remove the chrome rocker cover covers you will need to at least lower the motor a bit Leaking oil from under the rocker box cover. I believe it is the lower gasket. i have a 2004 harley 1200 custom sportster that the front and rear rocker boxes wont stop leaking i had a shop port and polish the heads oversize the valves adjustable pushrods and they severley riche. I have driven the bike only 200 miles and both Rocker Box Covers are misty oil leaks in middle horseshoe only on top Rocker..Harley..smooth..the best way to keep this leak free and tight. Hello, I am going to change the 3 part rocker box on a 1986 Harley 80 Evolution motor. I am using Custom Chrome smooth chromed replacement parts

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  1. Harley-Davidson Breather Kits At Dennis Kirk, you will find the best selection of Harley-Davidson Breather Kits. We carry more Harley-Davidson products than any other aftermarket vendor and have them all at the lowest guaranteed prices
  2. Reply to Jay's Post: All new o rings and upper motor gaskets.After motor has started about 20 seconds the oil runs out of the rocker cover where the pushrod is.oil runs down the side of the motor like it was being pumped out the hole.Could rocker covers be cause.Machine shop said there not warped.I have tryed cork gaskets and its no better
  3. First, please no bashing and they all do that. I've a friend that has an '09 XR1200 that has oil seepage around one of the gaskets. No oil drips on the floor but it's a new bike and the dealer says to monitor any oil loss and record it
  4. g from the rocker box. Almost everyone I know, has had to replace the gaskets. If you don't let the motor warm up enough, before you take off. The rock box gasket, will not seal correctly. So it will leak oil, till the rocker box gets hot. The fix, Harley now has a better gasket, that expanse better
  5. um rocker-box cover assembly in the 1200 houses the rocker arms, valve stems and upper pushrod ends. High mileage and extreme conditions cause the gaskets in the rocker boxes to fail and create a potentially serious oil leak

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  1. I have a 1998 Road King (80 stock evo), while taking off the front rocker box to investigate bad oil leak, I noticed a bolt hole in the very center of the top of the head WITH THE BOLT MISSING! it's obvious it was there recently and feasable that it bounced out onto the road through the vents
  2. Hi my 2001 xl1200c is leaking oil from the rear rocker box cover.I have replaced the gaskets with the improved items, but now it still leaks a little when riding but drips out when the bike is stopped read mor
  3. Purchase the Rocker Box Oil Line Kit at J&P Cycles, your source for aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories, with free everyday tech support. Get free shipping, 4% cashback and 10% off select brands with a Gold Club membership when you get a Rocker Box Oil Line Kit (part number 40-0203) from J&P Cycles

The valve cover gasket on a Harley-Davidson Evo Blockhead engine is traditionally called the rocker cover gasket. However, the gasket works the same way a valve cover gasket works on an automobile, acting as a seal between the rocker cover and the rocker box. The valves are inside the rocker box. If the gasket leaks,. Leaking rocker box gaskets were a particular problem with Harley Evolution engines. Harley went through four generations of lower rocker covers and four versions of the middle cover, or D-Ring, as the motor company tried to solve the problem. The earliest gaskets, from 1984 to 1987, were made of cork Black AIR CLEANER breather filter For Harley FLHX street glide FLTR road glide FLHX ROAD KING FLHT filters 2008-2016,air intakes softail 2016-2017 4.8 out of 5 stars 6 $152.00 $ 152 . 0

There are a lot of places for a Knuckle to leak oil. Here is a pretty easy and basic tip for assembling Knuckle heads that may help eliminate one. One thing I see a lot when I dissasemble Knuck heads is that once you remove the rocker boxes, often the lower spring covers (cups) will be loose. Since said cups are held in place by the valve guides, it is an indication that the guide has moved. The first pic is clear that you have rocker box leaks, as you have oil all over the cooling fins. I did have a rear cylinder head that leaked oil, just below the exhaust pipe. Oil that pools below the starter are tough to pinpoint, could be starter gasket, or could be a grommet leak like I have Rocker Box leaks on Evos usually appear do to running the bike to hard before it has a chance to fully warm up. I use to have to put at least one rockerbox gasket on the ol ladies Nightster a year until we started going easy on it for at least the first 5 miles since then i haven't had to mess with them Replace the rocker box gaskets. A smear of gasket sealant won't hurt. Don't overdo it. Tighten the rocker box inspection covers (incrementally, please). Check that everything is as it was. Start the engine, ensure that the oil pressure light goes out, inspect for leaks, and ride the bike to warm thoroughly The damage to the rocker box lid was probably caused by throwing it in a box with other parts (like the head) and putting them in a car/truck and driving somewhere..... without padding between the parts

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soo i have the rocker box leak. funny thing is i had it fixed at a dealership about 1900 miles ago. the bike has 5108 miles on it now. its leaking right above the lower of the two engine mount bolts. theres also some oil spray on the front of the jug and crank case. i can see that the metal gasket bridges the gap under the rocker box One Neoprene O-ring replaces three leak-prone gaskets in the stock sets. These rocker boxes come with an improved air/oil separator PVC system for high performance 5-speed Sportster and 1993 and up Evo Big Twins. Sputhe rocker boxes are much more rigid than stock units. Can also be used to upgrade earlier engines to top end breathing The oil is only getting on the top fin of the back cylinder & of course runs down to left side of cooling fin & drips down on side covers except when riding it gets on ignition switch. Honda thinks it's the rocker box that is leaking & the engine has to be pulled just for that. Sucks I tell ya. I didn't want it looking like a Harley, LO The 1,200cc Harley-Davidson Sportster XL and XR models come equipped with a two-piece, aluminum rocker-box cover assembly that houses the rocker arms, valve stems and upper pushrod ends. Engine oil is pumped up to the rocker boxes, where it lubricates the top-end components before being evacuated by the oil scavenging system Find top end and bottom end gasket kits, rocker box gasket sets, transmission gasket kits and others with all the seals you need for a job well done. These Harley components are the same ones used by our passionate mechanics and riders, and for nearly 50 years we've been helping fellow enthusiasts select the best ones

if it is leaking now there is a good chance that it will fail and start spraying oil sometime in the near future. it takes pressure to get the oil up into the head, which is a little more serious than say a primary leak which could leak forever and not be dangerous. the good news it that it is an easy fix for a novice. no real special tools needed +1 on it being the rocker box gasket. I did it with just the service manual and tools. First time is time consuming if your'e not a daily wrencher but I work in an office and did it just fine. Take your time and make sure the gasket is right side up before you put it all back Common oil leak causes and locations in your motorcycle include: Oil pan seal: The oil seal between your engine block and the oil pan can wear out over time and get dry and brittle. This allows oil to seep out, often onto the ground. Cylinder head gasket: A gasket present between your engine block and oil can cover is a common location for oil.

The leak. Looking for any tips on replacing my rocker box gasket. Not sure if I want to do front and back or just the front that is leaking. Bike is a '01 883 XLH Yes, its going to leak oil. Put a drip pan down and have it up on a rear stand, and it'll leak less. Or drain all your oil beforehand. I did mine in my apartment parking lot on the kickstand, with just a drip pan, but I don't have a garage and stuff. I used the silicon RTV sealant (the orange stuff) and a new gasket

I noticed that the rear rocker box shaft is leaking on the rear cylinder. When the bike is running you can see it moving and oil seeping out at the bottom. Is there an o ring that needs changing? choppers, harley, harley davidson, harley davidson motorcycles, harley motorcycles, harley sportster, kawasaki motorcycles, motorcycle accessories. No you do not have to pull the motor out to replace the gasket. Im guessing that it is leaking from underneath the bottom of the rocker box, if that is the case go wherever you like to buy parts and get a rocker box base gasket for an 88 inch twin cam harley (lets just sat 1999 for a year) Rocker Box Oil Line Set CHR RCKR BOX OIL LINE SET ROCKER BOX OIL LINES FOR HARLEY SHOVELHEAD MOTOR REPL OE 62783-66A & 67285-66A. Easy instillation and no leaks. Read more. Helpful. Report abuse. Flash Bove. 5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars. Reviewed in the United States on April 25, 2015 I have a 69 iron head that is pouring oil out of the rocker box bolts.I had a set of knucklehaed style colony bolts on there and changed them back to the stock ones and it still leaks. I also put two sets of o-rings on and still leaks. Could I have oil lines mixed up? Should I put teflon on the threads? Other than the oil lines I can't think of anything else.Anyone else have a similar issue

Harley Davidson Twin Cam Rocker Box Gasket Replacement

  1. The last step for the rocker boxes was to stone the gasket surface to remove any dings or burrs that may cause an oil leak. We then cleaned the rocker box again to remove any residue from the stoning process, and then set it aside while we checked out the rest of the parts. Street Chopper Staf
  2. um for a leak proof seal. Includes Viton Coated Steel Gaskets, Umbrellas and Micro-Pore Oil Seperators This unit won't suck in oil as O.E.M. units do. For 99-up Harley Twin Cam
  3. My first thought was an oil return issue. It has an s&s pump with the oil feed to the rocker boxes split to each rocker box. When i bought the used rocker arms they came on shovelhead rocker shafts might not mean much but it was from a local shop owner who had them on the shelf and had been doing shovel stuff back in the day
Shovelhead Billet Rocker BoxesRocker oil leak question - Harley Davidson Forums2008 Harley FXDC - Rocker Box Gasket Leak - HarleyOil Leak from Push Rod Area - Page 2 - Harley Davidson Forums

Below you can find a vast array of technical information about the Sportster model motorcycle created by Harley-Davidson in 1957.. The information is divided into four sections: Ironhead Models (1957-1985) Evolution Models (1986-later) Reference Material (All Years) Misc Resources - Sportster Parts, Tech Bulletins, etc. Click on a section above or simply scroll down the page to review the. The kit means less oil traveling as far as the rocker box in the first place and this breather valve design has more volume to handle air-oil separation functions for what little remains—a win/win, if ever there was one. Early Evo Sportsters have much to gain from updating to the 2007-style oil pump and a swap to Buell XB rocker boxes true it may take a long time to notice a difference in the oil level and by that time the the leak would be very bad, if you can remove the rocker cover yourself buy the same type of gasket from your local spares outlet remove the gasket cover remove the old gasket clean both mating surfaces taking care not to damage the surfaces smear the surfaces with gasket compound and bolt the cover back. Test-run the engine without driving it. If there is a leak in the new rocker boxes, the top-end oil will drain down onto the engine and can smoke or vaporize, possibly leading to a fire hazard. Use caution when scraping the old gasket material. The components are cast aluminum and are easily gouged, leading to a chronic leaking condition $465 oil leak - 2x$20 rocker box gasket / $420 labor - my leak was not the rocker box, this was misdiagnosed. $0 oil change - they did not change my oil for some reason. Paid the invoice and told the service tech they should call a bike owner for approval before performing any work on a bike as I would have not approved the rocker box work

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