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A trunked radio system is a computer-controlled network that automatically connects users to available radio channels when they need them Motorola's Assembled Trunking System (ATS) helps your business to quickly and easily create a fully functioning, integrated two-way radio trunked network. An increasing number of forward-thinking businesses are utilizing the power of trunking for their two-way radio communication A trunked radio system is a digital two-way radio system that uses a digital control channel to automatically assign frequency channels to groups of users. In a traditional half-duplex land mobile radio system a group of users (a talkgroup) with portable two-way radios communicate over a single shared radio channel, with one user at a time talking. These systems typically have access to.

Common analog trunked radio systems include: Motorola Type I, Motorola Type II, Motorola Type I/II hybrid, General Electric EDACS, and EF Johnson's Logic Trunked Radio (LTR) systems While there are several different 800mhz system types, they all share this basic concept. Utah and Nevada both use analog trunking systems. If you have used a conventional scanner, you simply input a single frequency for a particular system (local PD, Fire, aircraft, etc) Analog trunking systems transmit digital control channel content over analog transmission method, and yes a computer is used. But all the voice (and control channel transmissions) are over analog These analog trunk lines carry a single channel of voice call per line (meaning, one person can make or receive a phone call from outside at any given point of time). For terminating the analog trunk lines in a PBX, special analog trunk cards (12 ports, 24 ports, etc) are used

What are trunking systems and how do they work? The best way to explain how a trunking system works is the analogy of a set of bank teller lines. The bank has 5 tellers, you can line up at any of the 5 lines and hope your line goes faster than the others. Then you get stuck behind the lady that wants to have her penny jar counted by han Most 'trunking' scanners can track the 800 MHz analog trunking systems. To track digital systems a P25 compatible scanner is required; to track the new 700 MHz trunked systems, a 700 MHz capable radio is needed. We do not recommend any particular brand of scanner What is an Analog Trunking Scanner? These scanners are non digital that pick up both analog conventional and analog trunking scanning them at the same time. Trunking is a system which multiple agencies are sharing the same system. One individual department conversation jump from one frequency to another

Uniden Bearcat Trunking Police, Fire, and EMS Scanner Radio Professional Series (TrunkTracker) TrunkTracker III Technology 9000 Dynamically Allocated Channels Close Call® RF Capture Technology System / Channel Number Tagging Location-Based Scanning Included in the box BACK ORDERED, EXPECTED ETA 3 WEEK OF MA While any trunking scanner can handle analog EDACS systems only certain Uniden scanners (BCD325P2, BCD996P2, BCD436HP and BCD536HP) scanners can monitor ProVoice operations and these require the ProVoice paid upgrade. EDACS is commonly used for public safety and less often in business applications Analog Trunks A traditional analog phone system is made of copper wire, which runs from a local phone company to a specific business location. This system has been in place since the invention of the telephone, so it's not exactly state of the art Every trunk-tracking scanner on the market is able to follow analog voice traffic on both types. Some Type II systems have a mixture of analog and digital voice traffic. Programming a scanner for these systems requires only entering the control channel frequencies, since control channel messages include the traffic channel frequency Uniden SDS200 Advanced X Base/Mobile Digital Trunking Scanner, Incorporates The Latest True I/Q Receiver Technology, Best Digital Decode Performance in The Industry 4.7 out of 5 stars 344 $699.99 $ 699 . 9

The times are changing and local public services are no longer using traditional communication systems. Many of them now use either digital or digital trunked communication systems and analog scanners won't do you any good with these channels. So here we are, reviewing the 5 best digital trunking police scanners on the market Analog LTR Trunking Airtime Systems Colorado Analog - This is best suited for solutions that can obtain all required coverage from a single tower site or a few sites that are all in the radio coverage area of the business office, otherwise the office cannot reach the mobiles in the field Trunked networks get their name from the world of telephony. Traditionally two cities would bundle their connections together into a single thick line like the trunk of a tree, which is known as a trunked line. The local household loop lines operated like the branches of a tree, one line for each household

Private Systems - lets you flag a system so that it cannot be read out of the scanner or modified. Band Scope - gives a graphic representation of signal activity. Negative Channel dropout delay (forced resume) adjustable to 0-2,5,10,30, -2, -5, -10 second The PRO-94 is one of the numerous scanners that can follow analog trunked radio systems. All radios in this category feature: Minimum Frequency Coverage of 30-54, 108-137 (Civil Aircraft), 137-174, 406-512, 806-956 MHz (excluding Cellular) At least 150 Channels All capabilities of scanners in Categories 1, 2, and 3 including a search mode.. The most advanced radio communication systems use digital signals for both transmitting and receiving information. While many digital police scanners can receive analog and trunked frequencies, the reverse is definitely not true. An analog or analog-trunking police scanner cannot translate digital broadcasts

NEXEDGE ® trunked system traffic channels can be shared with existing external analog conventional or analog trunked logic controllers, extending service to analog fleets as they transition to NXDN ® trunking. Telephone Interconnect System The Interconnect Adapter (KTI-4), connected to a NEXEDGE ® Trunke currently using an analog trunking system, but are ready to take advantage of the benefi ts of digital technology? If so, MOTOTRBO Capacity Plus is the solution for you! MOTOTRBO is a standards-based, digital two-way radio communication system that delivers twice the calling capacity of analog systems, as well a When most businesses think about upgrading phone systems, their main concern is the system's ability to meet the needs of their employees. For hotels, however, your guests' needs are just as big a concern. Your guests will be affected by the switch from analog trunking to SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) as well

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  1. Kenwood Analog LTR Trunked Radios TK-3173 UHF Portable Radios. DISCONTINUED. The TK-3173 conventional analog and trunked LTR portable radio. The radio is capable of the following modes of operation: analog simplex, analog conventional repeater, trunked LTR. Its small size and light weight makes it desirable choice for many operations
  2. MOTOTRBO ANALOG TRUNKED RADIOS PORTABLE RADIO FEATURES pAGE 6 XpR™ 6580 SMARTNET ® / pRIVACY pLUS™ ANALOG TRUNKED DIS pLAY pORTABLE RADIO 1 Flexible, menu-driven interface with user-friendly icons or two lines of text for ease of reading text messages* and navigating through the menus
  3. a P25 trunked system, a dedicated trunking provides additional management of the system resources. The P25 trunking is a separate channel that is designated as the control resource and is different from the traffic channel in that it functions as a resource allocation and digital communication message bearer and handler between the RFSS (RF Sub.

RadioShack Pro-668 SCAN IT Handheld iScan Digital Scanner Multi-system digital and analog trunking Visit the RadioShack Store. 4.2 out of 5 stars 60 ratings | 36 answered questions Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.. We currently have an 800 analog system with trunking that has served us well. It is approximately eight years old and is a big improvement over the old 150 system. It gives us the ability to have. Talk permit tone-Trunked Slightly longer channel grant time .1sec Conv vs ~.25 secs Trunked Unable to do tone and voice page on a trunked system The Conventional paging layer can be analog tone and voice or digital paging IE Alphanumeric pagin The entry level NEXEDGE repeater system from Kenwood, the NXR-710/810, will operate in both analog and NXDN Conventional digital. In addition, Kenwood offers NXR-5000 series repeaters which can operate in analog, NXDN Conventional, and NXDN Type-C Trunking In fact typical business phone systems are configured in ratios of 3-4 telephone lines for every 8 phone extensions. If you are a small or medium size business looking to use up to 10-15 incoming telephone lines to connect your phone system, then choosing analog trunk lines would be a great place to start

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A simple demo of using a discriminator-tapped analog trunking scanner (246T) with DSD+ to monitor digital traffic on a 3600 bps trunking system. The digital. A trunking system ensures different calls (talkin' on the walkies') can be made at the same time without any user interaction to change channels, unsquelch or perform any manual tasks to make and receive calls. If we didn't have these systems people would be a mess trying to find each other on the same channels (frequencies) and talking. (a dead giveaway for and EDACS channel is at the end of every analog voice call there is a series of loud BEEP BEEP BEEP that lasts 2-3 seconds, this will be a good indicator you found an EDACS working channel) Hope that helps, there is a ton of resources over at the Trunking Control Channel Decoding - The RadioReference.com Forums forum here BTW, can a trunked system, public or private, contain both analog and digital voice? And in the case of digital voice, can it contain a mix of P25 1/2 and DMR (basic/enhanced)? With the proper amateur ham license, can one create a trunked system (using an open source voice codec like Free-DV)

Project 25 (P25 or APCO-25) is a suite of standards for interoperable digital two-way radio products. P25 was developed by public safety professionals in North America and has gained acceptance for public safety, security, public service, and commercial applications worldwide. P25 radios are a direct replacement for analog UHF (typically FM) radios, but add the ability to transfer data as well. A TrunkTracker is a Uniden scanner that is capable of tracking analog trunked two-way radio systems used by police, fire, EMS, public works, and business users to name just a few. For an explanation of trunking, please click here Each system has native digital control signaling, and the ability to support analog and digital consoles. If you're evaluating a new two-way radio system for your department or agency, you no doubt have many decisions ahead of you, including conventional versus trunked P25 radio systems We have now covered Conventional, Trunking, and Simulcast systems. Next we'll cover the different radio technologies that actually support these different types of operation. Conventional FM: As previously mentioned, conventional FM is a popular technology in analog radio. Almost every major manufacturer in the world supports some form of conventional FM technology

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The transition from analog lines to SIP trunking is surprisingly smooth because: The PBX system features are retained as is. No additional PBX programming is required. Employees do not have to be retrained because calling features and system functionality stays exactly the same. There is no need to change desk phones or other PBX equipmen Selecting the optimal system for your needs, one that will actually enhance business performance, depends in part on the size of the network you envisage and how many radios you need to manage. See which KENWOODConventional, IP Network, Single-site, Trunking,Multi-site Trunking system makes the best sense for you is an evolution of the existing analog two-way radio. TETRA is a trunking system targeted to point to point communications in multi cell and high traffic density environments. Like a telephone network, hundreds of users in a little area require a lot of radio cells to deliver the communications If none of the systems you want to monitor are 'digital', (or won't be going digital soon [?]) don't buy a digital capable scanner for more than double the cost of a analog trunking scanner and wait for a digital system in your area. Digital scanning is still new and very awkward to program with the current scanners

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  1. g, flexible and robust mobile radio that delivers high quality audio and intuitive operation. Multiple modes of operation include analog, P25 Phase 1 conventional, P25 Phase 1 trunked, and P25 Phase 2 Trunked. Supercharge your communications with Tait Unified Vehicle, available on the TM9400. TM940
  2. MultiComTM Technology allows operation on P25 Conventional and P25 Trunking Systems, Analog Conventional and MPT1327 Trunking Systems.. P25 Cross-Brand Compatibility to provide interoperability, integrating easily with any existing Analog, P25 Conventional and P25 Trunking Systems for Public Safety Applications.. Mixed Mode Operation with Auto Sense Option allows the radio to operate on both.
  3. This series of IP Business Gateways provides multiple PRI, T1 CAS, or analog interfaces for connecting to PBX, Key Telephone System (KTS), phones, modems, and fax machines. These products include a robust ADTRAN Operating System (AOS)-based router and firewall for secure data applications and Internet connectivity

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  1. Professional Mobile Radio / Logic Trunked Radio Analog NFM system - Richmond VA suburbs. Yaesu FT-60
  2. Trunking is the use of interconnections between two or more intercom matrices, to enable a user on one intercom to talk to a user on another, as if they were on the same system. Audio signals can be transmitted from one matrix to another using a variety of technologies such as AIO, OMNEO, MADI, or RVON (RTS Voice Over Network, a VoIP technology)
  3. SIP trunking replaces the copper wires and analog systems of old with an internet connection. Instead of placing and receiving calls through the PSDN using analog, SIP trunking places those calls via an IP network. Even with old PSDN connections, many companies used a PBX or key system
  4. Name Type City County Last Updated; Oklahoma Wireless Interoperability Network (OKWIN) (P25) Project 25: Various: Multi County [34] 01-17-2021: Oklahoma City Metro Public Safety (P25

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P25 TN9400 Trunked Core Network. Engineered with multiple levels of redundancy, the TN9400 ensures continuous communications through highly available server clusters, site trunking and failsoft. Using web-based management tools, organizations can also maximize efficiencies with remote fleet monitoring, network configuration and system upgrades Trunking System Profile for Placer Countywide Interoperable Radio Network (CIRN) Trunking System, Auburn, California - Scanner Frequencie

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Analog systems aren't completely obsolete — they're reliable, stable, and can sometimes even function without power, which is useful in an emergency or remote location. But on the other hand, they tend to be expensive, with one trunk costing around $38 per month to maintain trunked radio system, analog trunked radio is going to be obsolete since digital trunked radio offers better functions and features in terms of voice quality, security, spectrum efficiency and cost There are three types of phone systems available today: Analog, VoIP, and SIP trunking. 1) Analog. Analog phone systems consist of traditional landlines installed by the local phone company. It's also known as Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). For business functionality, you might need extra telecom hardware Many wide are statewide and regional systems are coming online that use either the APCO P25 protocol or variants of the analog Motorola trunking format. These systems have several to hundreds of cells (called Sites) that are all interconnected and share the same Talkgroup and user lists

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Sharing Trunked Public Safety Radio Systems Among Federal, State, and Local Organizations. Background. Federal, State, and local land mobile radio systems are generally single-channel analog FM voice systems, owned and operated by single agencies to perform a single well-defined mission Single Site Trunking. Installing and programming a UC Board into the FR5000 repeater can transform the FR5000 from a conventional repeater into a trunked repeater system for a single site. Any IDAS subscriber digital radios are ready to operate on conventional or trunked digital radios for easy configuration choice Access: To configure a trunked system into a radio (in most cases) you need a system key for that system. There are two types of keys, software keys and Advanced System Keys, or ASK. A software system key is a tiny file (typically a few bytes) that, when loaded in to the programming software, unlocks the fields needed to program a particular. Trunked Radio Resource (personality) Not frequency specific. Radio -> tower site -> zone controller -> tower site -> radio for system-wide coverage. Unique features vs. conventional. The new way, better for accommodating large . numbers of users using limited resources. Your 700/800 Mhz DTRS radio contains both . conventional. and. SIP Trunking uses VoIP technology to replace the need for physical phone lines and allows businesses to use their existing hardware and systems in order to upgrade their telephone systems. Businesses will have the ability to make and receive calls over the internet while using analog phones throughout the office

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Local Area VHF Analog & 800 MHz Digital Trunking Systems and Talkgroup Codes. CONTENTS: ACFR Old VHF Analog System; ACFR New 800 MHz Digital System; Local Police Dept. Talkgroups (Added 08/07/2003) Other Analog Talkgroups; GRU 800 MHz Talkgroup List (much more detailed Cost-efficient migration from analog to digital Simple, incremental change from analog radio operation to digital trunked radio from Hytera. Comfortable network operation With its intuitive user interface and versatile functions, the network management system (NMS) provides central management of the radio system and supports remote maintenance Oakland, California - Ongoing problems with analog trunked system (w/ video) - 01/27/2011 DuPage, Illinois - No bid contract in shambles - 01/26/2011 Digital trunked radio failure in West Manheim, PA jeopardizes firefighters - 01/04/201 RadioShack Pro-668 SCAN IT Handheld iScan Digital Scanner Multi-system digital and analog trunking. $65.99; $65.9 Priority Channel for SMR network Telephone Interconnect System The Interconnect Adapter (KTI-4), connected to a NEXEDGE Trunked System, converts analog telephone voice to/from digital, enabling two-way communication between a telephone and a radio. It connects to an analog PABX/PSTN system through analog telephone patch equipment

A phone system with a SIP Card will just need to be programmed to match the SIP Providers settings. A PBX with either a PRI or analog card will need a device called an ATA that will convert the signal to a digital connection. In the above diagram a employee picks up their phone to call a client Analog trunk circuits connect automated systems, such as a private branch exchange (PBX) and the network such as a central office (CO). The most common form of analog trunking is the E&M interface. E&M Signaling is commonly referred to as 'ear & mouth' or 'recEive and transMit', but its origin comes from the term earth and magnet. Earth represents electrical ground and magnet represents the.

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The Trunking Concept Sometimes people incorrectly refer to a single analog telephone line as an analog trunk. Trunking refers to the concept that many users can access the telephone network through sharing a set of lines instead of each receiving one individually Uniden Bearcat Trunking Police, Fire, and EMS Scanner Radio Professional Series (TrunkTracker) TrunkTracker III Technology 9000 Dynamically Allocated Channels Close Call® RF Capture Technology System / Channel Number Tagging Location-Based Scanning Included in the box BACK ORDERED, EXPECTED ETA 3rd WEEK OF MA

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Trunked radio systems centrally manage a pool of channels, and intelligently switch users to whatever channel is open at a given time. This is often a difficult concept for scanner enthusiasts to understand, as trunking represents a paradigm shift in design of the system. Trunked radio systems are one of the most complex types of radio systems. Trunked radio systems can be designed to use analog or digital modulation for voice, even though the control channel is used for data. A good analogy is to think of a trunked radio system working like the waiting line in a bank

Site controllers for multiprotocol trunking and networking, from companies such as SmartLink, circumvent problems with proprietary formats and allow analog systems to compete with ESMRs. Multiprotocol systems enable frequency crossbanding, call hand-off, and management of customer access and use Motorola SECURENET (analog encryption) was a secure voice option for conventional and Motorola Type II trunked systems, encoding the voice using 12kbps CVSD and encrypting the bitstream. It is easily identified by the 6 kHz KiloHertz (kHz) 10^3 Hz tone at the end of transmission So you'd need a trunking scanner now, and a digitial scanner for the near future, but nothing will let you hear the encrypted talkgroups. Seminole and Osceola Counties have analog trunked systems now. You didn't mention Lake Co, but there's been news stories in the last month about them getting funds to build a new, digital, trunked system Unlike bands above 500 MHz and trunked systems were viewed twenty years ago, it is highly unlikely that you will ever see a scanner that can monitor encrypted systems. All technical jargon and discussions aside, unless you are a system user (i.e. LEO), it is illegal to own or possess any equipment that can monitor encrypted systems So no matter where you are in the USA, you can easily and instantly access the analog trunking systems and conventional frequencies of interest. Frequency coverage includes: 25-54, 108-136.99, 137-174, 216-512, 764-781.99, 791-798.99, 806-960 (excluding cellular bands), 1240-1300 MHz. Frequency step: 3.125, 5, 6.25, 7.5, 8.33, 10, 12.5 and 25 kHz

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This is a modifi ed 4 level FSK used in analog radio systems. In analog mode, the P25 radio will operate exactly the same as conventional analog systems, with the capability for CTCSS, DCS, pre-emphasis and de-emphasis, wideband or narrowband operation and other standard analog features Comparing Conventional and Trunked P25 Radio Systems If you have heard about P25 radios, you have probably heard about the two different systems; conventional P25 radios and trunked P25 radios. There is a misconception that these two systems of P25 radios are quite different when it comes to their functionality What is SIP Trunking Used For? The main role of SIP trunking is to replace PRI technology. PRI, or Primary Rate Interface, has been used for decades to deliver lines of voice and data using physical copper lines. Essentially, it's a bundle of analog phone lines put together Our services include Cloud Business Phone Service (Hosted PBX), SIP trunking and SIP to PRI or Analog services. GreenLink was started by an MSP with an ambition to achieve the right balance between flexibility in how the services are offered to customers, the reliability expected in uptime and quality, and the commitment to its customers and.

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GRE is selling the PSR-500 and PSR-600 scanners, capable of tracking APCO Project 25 systems (as well as other analog trunked systems). Uniden is selling the BCD996T, a base or mobile scanner capable of tracking nearly all APCO P-25 systems, as well as the common analog trunked systems. It has a unique capability of accepting external GPS. TaitNet Analog Simulcast (AS-IP) networks are IP-based analog systems that are specifically designed to provide conventional simulcast communications over wide geographic areas. Tait AS-IP provides the best migration path to P25 available, is remarkably easy to set-up, and provides excellent coverage 4 Single Channel Composite System Scenario: Agencies that lack frequencies, and want to extend their coverage area, or need a phased migration ap-proach to trunking. Solution: Agencies can upgrade from analog to digital and digital trunking with the same hardware. Target audiences: Outlying Police, Fire Departments The IDAS system allows you to scale migration to narrow band digital at your own pace and needs, while running your existing analog system. As your future communication needs change, the IDAS system can grow to a trunking system and/or wide area (multi-site) system. Analog system Digital migration IP Network (Wide area) Trunking Conventiona

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In an analog conventional system: The user manually selects the channels; The call set up time is almost instantaneous; No control channels are needed, so all channels are available to the user; Analog FM can be trunked or conventional (MPT1327 is an example of an analog trunked network). P25 can be trunked or conventional. DMR Tier 2 is. Conventional or trunked? First, we can dispense with the misconception that there is a large functional gap between P25 conventional and trunked systems. This is not the case. The table clearly sets out the main functional differences The system is based on the RD982S transceiver and supports multi-mode operation and smooth migration, in order to provide professional users more choices. DMR Trunking Lite transceiver supports a smooth migration from conventional to trunking and from analog to digital. Multi-modes provide you different choices for continued benefit These RadioShack trunking scanners, also called police scanners, use digital or analog technology to communicate public safety information to citizens, and they come in different types with numerous features. What Are the Types of Scanners? RadioShack is an electronics manufacturer that creates a variety of devices, among them, trunking scanners

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Hytera's digital trunked radio solution (Tier III) is designed for demanding radio users to deliver business and mission critical communications. Developed in compliance with the ETSI standard, Hytera DMR trunking offers a customized system based on the individual needs of your organization. Modular and flexible, a Hytera trunking system can tackle high radio traffic, maximizing available. Trunked System, converts analog telephone voice to/from digital, enabling two-way communication between a telephone and a radio. It connects to an analog PABX/PSTN system through analog telephone patch equipment. OAA: Over-The-Air-Alias A calling unit's User ID (UID) alphanumeric alias is sent ove 28 channel trunking systems can accommodate 6,000 or more users in public safety service depending on the agency mix. Additionally, the assignment of channels in a trunked system is completely transparent to the user. Figure 6.3 illustrates an example of how a typical trunked radio system may allocate channels. t C h a n n e l a 2 3 C h a n n e.

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Future-proof IP telephony (with analog trunks) with a seamless migration path to SIP trunking or hosted telephony; Hybrid analog and IP telephony with a SIP trunk and up to 8 analog FXO connections for PSTN breakout, fallback, and system survivability; Connectivity support for legacy devices: fax machines, analog phones, BRI phones, etc The Sangoma A4 series analog telephony card supports from one (1) to four (4) ports for Asterisk, FreePBX and PBXact phone systems. Make up to 4 PSTN calls all on a single PCI or PCI Express slot.The modular nature of the cards allows you to mix and match between FXO and FXS interfaces, giving you the exact port configuration you need

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SIP Is More Reliable - If a storm hits the local area and the phone lines are out, and you are using an analog phone system, then your customers will not be able to reach you. Even if your SIP trunking is affected, you can reroute the calls to ensure business continuity RadioReference.com turned off the old mechanism for downloading trunking data from the RR database. This has been addressed in the new release. Once other issues / bugs have been fixed, the new release will appear here. 2008/12/26: split Site window previewed. 2008/10/21: bug fixes and enhancements. 2008/07/28: bug fix release. Type II Motorola Analog Trunking (3600 baud) systems and P25 Digital Trunked (9600 baud) systems. This allows mixed radio fleets the most flexibility while migrating from one to the other, while also providing the most interoperability for agencies serving cities, counties, or states that may be using both system types

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The Mediatrix G7 Series is a reliable and secure media phone gateway with VoIP Analog Adaptor capabilities for SMBs. Featuring E1/T1 PRI, ISDN BRI, and FXS/FXO interfaces; the Mediatrix G7 phone gateway series provides the best solution to connect legacy equipment to cloud telephony services and IP PBX systems to PSTN landlines The BC346XTC compact handheld scanner comes with features like Uniden's exclusive Advanced Dynamic Memory System, Close Call® RF Capture Technology, and GPS compatibility features. Product Overview TrunkTracker III - EDACS, Motorola, LTR 9000 Dynamically Allocated Channels - Plenty of room for all your local systems.

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The Unication G4 is an analog, and APCO P25 Digital Receiver that has multiple alerting capabilities. This unit will monitor analog frequencies and also connect to any APCO P25 Digital Trunking systems that have Phase 1 (FDMA) or Phase2 (TDMA) Talkgroups While some services are still using analog (for examples, ACFR/GFR Dispatch/Paging Channels 1 and 4); most have gone to digital. Normal analog trunking scanners will not work with the local digital trunked communications system. The new Uniden digital scanners (BC-785D/BC-250D w/BCi-25D plug-in card) ARE able to properly hear the local public. of trunked and conventional systems. The conventional system has the same capacity per channel regardless the number of channels. For a trunked system, the per-channel capacity grows exponentially with the number of channels at a given site. In other words, a conventional system can handle about 70 users per channel, 140 per two channels, etc A subaudible (below 300 Hz) tone transmitted by a radio to the system when the radio is keyed in an analog trunking system. Eight different connect tones are possible in system applications. Connect Word A subaudible, 150-baud data word transmitted by the repeaters to radios to permit uninterrupted communication..

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