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Click Here for Edelbrock Aluminum Head Installation Sheet PONTIAC HEAD CHART CASTING NUMBER YEAR FACTORY APPLICATION CHAMBER VOL# CC'S EXHAUST PORT NOTEWORTHY ATTRIBUTES 528511 1958 370 62 D-Port 1.88/1.6 55-60 INT MAN 538177 61-62 389 62 D-Port 1.8 Butler Performance Inc. - Cylinder Heads / Top End Kits One of the most important components to an engine's performance is cylinder heads. Butler Performance is the main source for stock and performance cylinder heads for your Pontiac

Butler Performance Inc. - Pontiac Cast Iron Cylinder Heads BP ports more Pontiac cylinder heads than anyone in the world. After years of extensive R&D both on the flow bench and on our track, we have developed some of the best performing round port and D-port cast iron Pontiac cylinder heads ever Butler Performance Inc. - All Pontiac/Tiger Cylinder Heads - 400+ CFM Bare 356-T6 Aluminum, 400+ cfm flow out of box, 50cc combustion chamber, 310cc intake port, Will accept up to 2.300 intakes, & 1.800 exhaust valves, Guides & seats included Browse All Pontiac/Tiger Cylinder Heads - 400+ CFM Product Up to 550 HP & 575 ft.lbs. torque. With just about everything you need to top off your Pontiac. These Top End Kits are performance-proven, complete with Heads, Intake, Cam, Timing Chain, Performance Fasteners, and more make this kit an easy choice for Butler Performance Power Butler Performance is a family owned and operated business, home grown, from the love of classic cars and racing since the 1960's. Don't be surprised if you call and Jim Butler answers the phone to help you. We are that kind of business where the customer is our main priority. Each customer gets the same friendly small town atmosphere we have grown accustomed to here in the south The Butler Performance-built Edelbrock D-port cylinder heads just arrived for Jordan's GTO, along with an Edelbrock Torker II intake, the Comp 1.65 rockers,.

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  1. The cc for the piston is entered as a positive number on a -cc Dish or Flat top piston and a negative number on a dome piston. This seems very confusing but it is because even though it is a -cc on the piston, those same cc's are gained in cylinder volume
  2. Pontiac Cylinder Head Codes Wallace Racing. If you know the code number, try my new head search. Chart to mill Pontiac Cylinder Heads. Pontiac made closed chambered heads until 1967. In 1967 Pontiac made some open chamber heads(i.e. 061).After 1967 the heads were open chamber heads. Exhaust Crossover Port Matchings; With Head
  3. Butler Performance Pontiac is the name in performance Pontiac engines, rotating assemblies, short blocks, long blocks, and specialty performance parts
  4. Butler LS and Butler Pontiac are part of Butler Performance. BP builds high tech engines and performance parts for later model muscle cars as well covering all your performance needs for Pontiac and LS engines

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**FOR SALE** 1101 HP / 862 ft/lbs TORQUE on race gas!! Butler Performance 541 c.i. Bracket Race engine. 541 c.i. / IAII cast iron block, SCAT forged crank, OLIVER steel billet rods, BP Custom ROSS pistons, 55 MM BP/ COMP Cams solid roller cam (.871 lift), .903 Crower Enduramax needle-less lifters, Billet Fabrication custom aluminum pan, TITAN billet oil pump, Edelbrock Performance 11 degree. Hall sought the expertise of Butler Performance in Leoma, Tennessee, and explained his goals to David Butler. I wanted something that produced around 550-600 hp using a stock Pontiac block, he says

The company offers three different performance heads for Pontiac V-8s with displacements over 470-cu.in. As with Butler, SD Performance starts with a bare-bones Edelbrock 72cc combustion-chamber head with a 215cc intake runner 421 SUPER DUTY ON THE DYNO @ Butler Performance!! This 421 SD is using the early 306 heads. These flow a little less than the 1962/ #127's and much less than the 1963/ #980 heads, but it still made great power. Almost 500 HP and well over 500 ft.lbs. of torque!

Built 461 Cubic Inch Featuring Fast EFI 2.0 Fuel Injection. This Beauty of an Engine generates 500 HP and 536 Ft Lbs of Torque with hand ported Edelbrock D-P.. Power Nation stopped by the shop to interview the owner of Butler Performance - David Butler

  1. Pontiac 461 that is a great street ready build and reliably fast pushing out 538 Horsepower and 570 Torque running on PUMP GAS! From the Top we start with a.
  2. Pontiac Performance Parts by LARRY WENZLER Pontiac Performance Parts at reasonable prices Just click on any of the items below for more PONTIAC PARTS info. or call: 414-764-4586. The SuperChief is here Over 400 cfm flow potential New price blowout. If you've ever thought about stepping it up a notch, now's the time
  3. Franks engine pays just the right amount of homage to the original engine design that came in his '69 GTO but also just the right amount of muscle to put the..
  4. Butler Performance Pontiac, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. 20,332 likes · 64 talking about this · 508 were here. Butler Performance is your #1 source for high performance Pontiac parts, engine kits,..
  5. High Performance Pontiac Parts. ** Complete heads come with 5000 series Ferrea valves, steel retainers, 10 degree locks, PC seals, hyd cam springs for .575 lift, ARP rocker studs, spring seats and 5 angle valve job. *** Complete heads come with 1200 series Ferrea valves, Titanium retainers, 10 degree locks, PC seals, Solid roller springs for .800 lift, spring seats and 5 angle valve job

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  1. Pontiac's stoutest 400 and 455s were factory-equipped with four-bolt main caps on the center three journals, and we asked Butler for his opinion of them. Pontiac's cast four-bolt caps were.
  2. Jordan has spent the past few weeks getting the 461 stroker in his '68 GTO dialed-in. We are now finally ready to show you some of what this thing can do..
  3. um. These are hard to find in -8 AN Alu
  4. Butler Performance's Wide Port WonderButler Performance in Leoma, Tennessee, is among the most recognizable names within the Pontiac hobby, and the Butler family has spent years testing myriad.
  5. In this engine tech article HIGH PERFORMANCE PONTIAC takes a look at the new Edelbrock Victor-series Pro-Port cylinder heads for Pontiac V-8 engines, which provide a solid basis from which head.
  6. Edelbrock developed its Performer RPM Pontiac cylinder head during the '90s as a high-flow replacement for the desirable round-port originals. With as-cast intake airflow peaking around 280 cfm, it..

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Another consideration is that the Edelbrock aluminum cylinder heads will remove 42 pounds from the front of your Pontiac, since the fully dressed pair of 6X heads weighs 108 pounds and the E-heads.. The information below reflects the research conducted by Pontiac enthusiast/ author Pete McCarthy, much of which is from his book, Pontiac Musclecar Performance 1955-1977, as well as information gathered from many other Pontiac enthusiasts world-wide. Information about PMD heads is still being gathered They are patterned after the 1969-70 Ram Air IV Pontiac cylinder head. The Edelbrock #60589 Performer RPM head with the 72cc combustion chamber are for higher compression engines. Performer RPM head is perfect for street performance, daily drivers, street rods and muscle cars where seat-of-the-pants performance is needed The. Ultimate. Head: Part II . In our last issue, we began our foray into the world of airflow, as. it occurs inside Pontiac cylinder heads. We were armed with a 400-cfm laminar flow element (powered by six 1.5 hp vacuum cleaner motors), two graduated vertical manometers to measure atmospheric pressure, an incline manometer to measure actual airflow, and a velocity probe So my short block is almost finished with a fully forged 461 stroker from butler in a 4 bolt main block. I'm shooting for 650hp and I'm trying decide which top end to go with to get there. The suggested to me by butler were..... Edlebrock bare castings Round Port 340cc runners 87cc combustion chambers 2.19 intake valves .77 exhaust valves Flow rate: 340cfm @.600 lift Titanium valves Port matche

Ultimate Head Flow Charts by Pete McCarthy and High Performance Pontiac 1958 No. 528511 (1958 370-cid 270-hp 4-bbl) Date cast: J277 Grade: 3 (3 cfm seat leakage) Valve sizes: 1.88/1.6 Stock Factory Restoration. Concorse correct 1955-1979 Pontiac V8 engine restorations. Original parts are utilized as much as possible, all parts, engine, head codes, and paint colors are verified during restoration process

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These cylinder heads are designed mostly for alcohol fuel racing with a blower and turbo charged engines. Our own testing lets us know if these heads are a good choice for up and coming water jacketed castings that we can offer at a lower cost for street to strip engines. All heads are machined in house on our own CNC Machines We have done extensive research and development on cylinder heads with a J.K.M. flow bench. We use an in-house Superflow 901 dynomometer to test and maximize every part that we make. We are the only Pontiac business in the world that has six CNC machining centers in-house to build aftermarket Pontiac parts. Besides testing on our own race cars. The 6x-8 heads are low compression heads, they will work good on a 400 engine if prepped properly, larger exhaust valves, port work, etc. 500 hp is a pretty stout 400 cid pontiac motor. I would play to the pontiac engines strength, which is torque. 500 lb ft of torque is doable. 500 hp will be a challenge for a street engine

Allpontiac.com, I have recently received a 541 CID short block from Butler. I ordered the thing back in Feb. 08. When I received it, I almost hung it on the wall Pontiac 400 Heads These are #15 heads off a 1968 Pontiac. Valves are 1.96/1.66 with 10.5 compression. Rated at 340 hp. These are rebuilt, valves cut, with all new double springs, rocker arms, guide plates, etc. Asking $700 Really don t want to ship but can deliver for gas money within reason. may consider trades as well Pontiac Butler Heads - $2,200. Listed By lwgross. Show phone number $2,200. Private Seller - lwgross Pontiac (Edelbrock) Heads with matching Super Victor intake manifold Heads off my 400 engine Drag Car Car ran 10.30's 128 mph Produced 589 hp at 6800 Have dyno documentation. View Full Description PONTIAC PRO STOCK HEADS NEW head # 10045427 pair Hogans Sheetmetal custom intake with dual four and single carb top New titainium valves intake and exhaust New Jesel pro rockers and stands 15 sets of new pushrods in .050 lenghts 8 sets of different thickness intake gaskets 10 Diamond 4.50 pistons this was going in a street rod but never built all new never put together heads only been basically..

Timing Set: Butler Performance True Roller timing set with billet gear and 9-keyway crank sprocket. Cylinder Heads . Castings: 1965 numbers-76 or -77 or 1966 numbers-092 or -093. Preparation: Port and polish, and surfaced. Combustion Chamber Volume: 68 to 72 cc. Compression Ratio: 9.25 to 9.5:1. Suggested Airflow at 28 inches: 210 to 220 cf Pontiac heads for the classic 389-455 engines : PONTIAC HEAD IDENTIFICATION. Compression can be increased or deceased through proper cylinder head selection. It becomes imperative then to know how to identify Pontiac heads in order to pick the right one for your engine Pontiac Cylinder Head ID Numbers. Pontiac Cylinder Head ID Numbers. About Contact Parts For Sale. GM FoMoCo MOPAR Gaskets Ignition & Small Electrical Items Light Bulbs Owner's Manuals Seals Spark Plugs Thermostats & Oil Filters Wheels, Fender Skirts, and Hubcaps. The Warp 6 Pontiac cylinder head is not your common Pontiac cylinder head. From the pictures you can see the valve arrangement is quite different. Your standard Pontiac cylinder head has an arrangement of the following E I I E E I I E. This head would be considered in the motor sports industry as a symetrical valve arrangement

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In the early 1990s Butler Performance (BP) began offering its own composition cylinder head gasket using original Pontiac blueprints. It features a steel core with graphite coating on one side. BP revised the coolant passage sizes to closer match those in the block to improve reliability Heads can be used on your 1965 - 1979 Pontiac motor. Displacements from 350 - 455 cid. Valves: Ferrea 2.11 & 1.66 (included) Head Gaskets: Felpro 8518, ROL HG 31320 HT , Felpro 1016 : Intake Gaskets: TIP-112220: Exhaust Gaskets: SCE 4128, Felpro 1424, TIP-1424, TIP-KRE340D: Valve Cover Gaskets: VC-3125

Short video showing the topend of the 461. Showing the port work on the intake runners, Mega Brace, Butler stud girdles, March serpentine David Butler says his company's mildly-ported Edelbrock heads are a key element to that success. They're an affordable option for high-performance, street-driven engines, adds Butler. Pricing.. Call - (804) 794 - 6777 Fax - (804) 379 - 7490 To Place Your Orde

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The fastest and quickest Pontiac Powered N.H.R.A. Super Stocker GT/DA. (to date) 3310 lbs. Do the math. Uses OEM block, crank, heads and a 750 cfm Q-jet per NHRA rules. 9.67 @ 136.09 mph. That's 1.13 seconds under the NHRA index in GT/DA. (The cars weight on that run.) Our 2004 Winternationals best runs. click her For Sale 1 pr Pontiac D Port Heads And Matching Dominator Victor Manifold. Heads Were Ported By Butler Performance. Flow 278 On The Intake. Have Ferrea Stainless Valves Roller Springs Titanium Retainers And 10 Degree Locks SD Performance was founded in 1996 by Dave & Lisa Bisschop. Dave was introduced to the Pontiac hobby by his brother Bill at a young age and hasn't looked back. Like all us Dave wanted more then just a stock engine, so he began experimenting with different camshafts, intakes etc. as well head porting on basic stock type engines

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Edelbrock 60579 Performer Cylinder Head, Aluminum, Pontiac 389-455 (Fits: Pontiac GTO) 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - Edelbrock 60579 Performer Cylinder Head, Aluminum, Pontiac 389-45 Save pontiac round port heads to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. + Shipping to: 98837. Pontiac Butler Ported D Port Heads Sold. Pre-Owned. $1,000.00. Buy It Now +$176.15 shipping. Last one. 12 watchers. Watch; Pontiac Ram Air IV Exhaust Manifolds. Pre-Owned. $800.00. Buy It No Using the stock heads the car made over 502hp and 583b-ft with the torque number coming in at 3,600 rpm. While this is an upgraded mill with more displacement than stock, it still making that power with the factory heads and intake manifold on it Butler Performance Pontiac, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. 20,356 likes · 213 talking about this · 508 were here. Butler Performance is your #1 source for high performance Pontiac parts, engine kits,..

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Tin Indian Performance is your source for high performance Pontiac parts, performance engine kits, balanced rotating assemblies, short blocks, and complete engines for any Pontiac application. We specialize in the 1964 - 1979 traditional Pontiac engine The KRE Aluminum D port Pontiac cylinder head has been on the market since 2004. This is the first D port head on the market to incorporate the latest developments in cylinder head technology into it. They feature the standard Pontiac exhaust arrangement; Saving you lots of money not having to buy a set of round port headers.. Rodney Butler and his 1963 Pro Mod LeMans with a traditional Pontiac engine ran a 6.278 @ 228 @ Norwalk Raceway Park. Rodney's LeMans runs a twin turbocharged fuel injected 482 cid Pontiac engine and he made that impressive pass on August 7, 2010. Rodney held the #1 spot for over 2

Pontiac GTO Trans Am Firebird Engines, Blocks, Heads Cranks & Intakes. Frank's Pontiac Parts & Auto Dismantling. HOME. CONTACT US. ABOUT US 1959-62 Pontiac & Grand Prix 1963-66 Pontiac & Grand Prix 1967-70 Pontiac Parts 1971 & Up Pontiac Parts 1967-68 Grand Prix Part 1973 Pontiac 455 with 2 bolt mains: Bore and Stroke: 4.15 x 4.21; bored .030 to accommodate forged pistons with moly rings: Heads: #64 heads with TRW stainless steel 2.11 and 1.77 valves (ported by Hand) Deck Height: zero deck height (.000) Valve Springs: Jim Butler #052B (dual springs) Rocker Arms: Harland and Sharp 1.65 roller rockers. 02/13/2021 **FOR SALE** 1101 HP / 862 ft/lbs TORQUE on race gas!! Butler Performance 541 c.i. Bracket Race engine. 541 c.i. / IAII cast iron block, SCAT forged crank, OLIVER steel billet rods, BP Custom ROSS pistons, 55 MM BP/ COMP Cams solid roller cam (.871 lift), .903 Crower Enduramax needle-less lifters, Billet Fabrication custom aluminum pan, TITAN billet oil pump, Edelbrock Performance. A 414-inch Pontiac V-8 is capable of delivering strong horsepower and masssive amounts of usable torque while operating reliably on pump gas. This Butler Performance combo made 578 hp on 588 ft-lbs and operates on 89-octane fuel. It's extremely docile and sounds quite healthy Pontiac 389-421(and Early 400) Head Gaskets (Set). Do not spray the composition side. Manufactured exclusively for BP from the original Fitzgerald dies used for GM in the 1960's and 1970's

Butler Performance was commissioned to build the engine, which was a 505 CI Pontiac V-8. It features Edelbrock aluminum heads, a Victor intake, a Holley 4-barrel carburetor, K&N air cleaner, headers and dual exhaust Pontiac heads have their casting codes stamped on the center exhaust ports. Together with the date code, located either on the side of the head or by the rocker studs, you can determine the valve size and cc the chamber. Intake Manifolds Butler Performance Pontiac, Lawrenceburg (Tennessee). 20.351 Me gusta · 128 personas están hablando de esto · 508 personas estuvieron aquí. Butler Performance is your #1 source for high performance.. ALLPONTIAC.COM CUSTOM HIGH PERFORMANCE PONTIAC PARTS (804) 794- 6777 Cylinder Heads Note: Not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled motor vehicles. A AllPontiac Tiger Head - Bare Cast on the IA II cast iron block and the IA II-Butler Performance aluminum blocks The Butler Wide Port heads require offset shaft rockers and offset lifters, thus the use of a solid roller cam. '70 TA / 505 cid / same engine but revised ( previous best 10.63 at 127.05 ) Old information here

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Stock Pontiac Head Specs * During my searching for information, I found quite a few discrepancies in the sources I was viewing. In light of this, the 'Year' entry, as indicated by the chart below, may actually represent the year that the heads were cast, versus the year that they were actually installed on an automobile Re: 67-69 pontiac 428 head question Post by tjs44 » Sun Mar 28, 2021 1:45 pm I found a set of 1970 #64 heads to be a good choice for a street 428.If your going with a fresh rebuild pretty any large valve screwin stud head can work.My current engines are a 434 with #96 heads and another 455 with #48 heads.Used custom Autotec pistons for 9.5 CR. On Site 5 Axis CNC Head and intake Porting Service WE ARE HERE TO SELL YOU THE RIGHT PARTS FOR YOUR APPLICATION We can help you accomplish your pre '79 Pontiac V8 Performance goals, From Dyno And Track Tested Pontiac Engine Combinations, On Site CNC ported heads and intakes, custom camshafts, top end kits to many parts you may need to build. Cylinder Heads . Pontiac's basic overhead-valve cylinder head with D-shaped exhaust ports was introduced in 1955. The same general intake and exhaust port configurations were utilized on most production engines through the end of V-8 production in 1981. In all instances the cylinder heads were retained to the block by a total of 10 1/2-inch.

High Performance Pontiac Parts. 600 Horsepower: 635 Horsepower: 461-494 cid makes 600hp and 610tq from a stock 400 block, Ohio forged crank, KB pistons, Total Seal rings, Eagle rods, CNC'd 325 cfm Alum. KRE D-ports, Northwind Intake, 1000 cfm Prosystems carb, Comp hyd roller cam, TIP gaskets and MSD Dist Find PONTIAC 6.6L/400 Cylinder Heads Aluminum Cylinder Head Material and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing High Performance Pontiac Parts. 2000 Horsepower: 2400 Horsepower: 505-511 cid makes 2000hp and 1600tq from a K&M MR-1 block, Billet crank, Ross pistons, Total Seal rings, GRP alum. rods, KRE Billet Alum. or HP heads, KRE Intake , Injection hat, 55mm Solid roller cam, TIP gaskets, MSD Dist., Turbo and alcohol injection: 505-511 cid makes 2400hp and 1800tq from a K&M MR-1 block, Billet crank. Butler's gasket set; Mr. Gasket #503 intake and #551 round port exhaust: Intake/Carb: Edelbrock Performer RPM port matched to heads; 1.0 open spacer and BG Gold Claw 875 cfm carb: Fuel delivery: Mallory 140 and 4 port regulator with return, set to 5.5 psi, #8 braided line for pick up and return lines; Fram HP cartidge fuel filter: Exhaus Nitemare Flow-Tested Custom-Ported Pontiac Cylinder Heads. The ultimate in performance! Intake flow of our modified D-port heads are comparable to factory round-port heads for less money! We have a huge selection of casting numbers available, to meet your needs. Starting at just. $1500/pair

Pontiac 455 Edelbrock, Butler & Kauffman Wide Port. This 9028 set is specifically designed for the Pontiac Edelbrock, Butler and Kauffman Wide Port 455 Head. T&D always recommends measuring for the amount of offset required for your combination $ 1,613.00. SKU: 9028 Categories:. Pontiac Perfection: Check out our latest tech feature: How we build the ultimate Pontiac V8 — Yours to get a glimpse at the meticulous preparation that goes into the block and heads of every Nitemare Performance engine and cylinder head rebuild, from start to finish I have 3 single pontiac heads for sale These are 200.00 each. First is a 4X -1H dated 10041973 which is a for a 455 with 2.111.66 valves and a 112114 cc combustion chamber volume.Second is a 4X-7H dated 9221973 which is for a 400 with 2.111.66 valves and a 98 cc combustion chamber volume.Third is a 5C-8 dated 11051974 which is for a 400 with a 4 barrel has 2.111.66 valves and a 101 combustion c..

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Just a few test passes on the street in my 1968 GTO. It's powered by a Pontiac 461 stroker, with an Eagle stroker kit from Butler Performance. It's equipped w... ith Butler Performance built & ported, Edelbrock D-port aluminum heads, that flow about 310 cfm. It's topped with an Edelbrock Torker II intake and a Barry Grant Silver Claw carb Butler Performance has gained a reputation as a premier Pontiac engine builder providing hobbyists with potent combinations ranging from dedicated street engines to max-performance boosted V-8s. Rodney Butler's 482-ci Pontiac features twin turbochargers that provide 40 pounds of boost

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CNC Ported 230-240cfm 389/421 Heads CNC Ported 389/421 Head Packages!! Intake ports are fully CNC ported to flow 230-240cfm @ .550 lift with hand blended bowls and short turns on the exhaust ports to achieve 70+% exhaust to intake flow ratio Classic 1967 Pontiac GTO for sale #2459703 $85,000. Little Rock, Arkansas. 1967 Pontiac GTO Hardtop, Arkansas car with all original sheet metal and glass. Purc BP/Edelbrock CNC-ported 87-cc round-port heads feature 300-plus cfm intake airflow, a three-angle competition valve job, and larger 1.77-inch exhaust valves in place of 1.66-inch valves. The Butler-Comp Cams custom-grind hydraulic roller camshaft was augmented with Lunati roller lifters and valve springs, Smith Brothers pushrods, and 1.65:1. Shop Pontiac GTO vehicles for sale in Butler, PA at Cars.com. Research, compare and save listings, or contact sellers directly from 67 GTO models in Butler

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