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Enter the Weight and HP for ET and MPH, Then Press 'Enter' Key MPH = 234 * (HP / Weight) ^ .3333 ET = 1353 / MPH Weight Horsepowe For these instances, determining load torque requires the holding torque and the weight of the arm (force x distance) multiplied by a service factor of 1.5. Here are the variables: R = radius WA= Weight of arm WL = Weight of load 1.5 = Service factor. Formulas are to be considered reference only Torque Conversion Calculator You can use this free torque conversion calculator to easily convert a range of torque measurement units including pound-force inches, Newton meters, kilogram-force centimeters, ounce-force inches, kilogram-force meters, among others. How to use the torque conversion calculator Input the value that you wish to convert

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Known variables: Weight (lbs), Linear Velocity (ft/min), Speed of Driving Motor (RPM), Change in Speed (RPM), and Time to Accelerate Total System (sec) In addition to the torque required to drive the load at a steady speed, torque is required to accelerate the load Ouput Torque = Input Torque x Ratio of Gear Increaser Torque is measured in Inch Pounds Output Speed = Input Speed / Ratio of Gear Increaser Example: A gear increaser with 1000 in/lbs of input torque, an inpu

What is gear ratio and how to calculate gear ratio. The gear ratio is the ratio of the circumference of the input gear to the circumference of the output gear in a gear train. The gear ratio helps us in determining the number of teeth each gear needs to produce a desired output speed/angular velocity, or torque Enter these values into our torque calculator. It uses the torque equation: τ = rFsin(θ) = 0.5 * 120 * sin(90°) = 60 N·m. The torque calculator can also work in reverse, finding the force or lever arm if torque is given. If you want to learn more about the concept of force and Newton's second law, try the acceleration calculator

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This power to weight ratio calculator is capable of accepting inputs in multiple units, for that, you can use the drop-down menu next to the input text box. Example. Find the Vehicle HorsePower to Weight Ratio with Vehicle power and Vehicle weight The torque required to uniformly accelerate or decelerate a sheave, pulley or flywheel can be calcu- lated as follows: .03908 x N x W x R 2 .003257 x N x W x R This calculator will measure either horsepower or torque, depending on your selection. When you choose horsepower, this calculator will measure the approximate horsepower of an engine based on the torque of the engine (measured in foot-pounds) multiplied by the RPM of the engine, divided by 5,252 (conversion between foot-pounds and horsepower)

Optimum Rearend Ratio Calculator: Tire Height: MPH: RPM: Trans Ratio: Conv Slip% Rearend Ratio : Enter the Tire Height in inches, The ¼ Mile MPH, the RPM, the Transmission top gear ratio Conv Slip% and Click on Calculate.. This calculator has been designed around statistical averages based largely on sample data from Edmunds.com. Power to weight ratio is the primary factor, but it also takes into consideration the performance advantages of RWD and AWD over FWD, and the advantage of a Manual transmission over an Automatic

How to Calculate Gear Ratios and Torque by Ryan Menezes . Damien Scogin/Demand Media. In the theory of mechanics, torque is a twisting force applied to an object. The force is applied by a lever which can be real or imaginary; the longer the lever or greater the force, the greater the torque. You express the units of torque as the length of the. The Mazda has a much higher power to weight ratio but is clearly slower from 0-100 mph then the torque biased BMW. Does such a calculator exist on the net which realistically factors the torque. ~ Power to Weight Ratio Calculator ~ A simple to use Power to Weight Calculator to work out your Brake Horsepower per ton and compare it with some of the more desirable cars on the market. This will enable you to work out how losing a kilo her and there affects the overall performance of your car It is important to have the correct gear ratio for the tire size for proper operation of your clutch or torque converter. A improper gear ratio will make the clutch or belt slip and cause damage to the unit very quickly. To determine the gear ratio necessary for your go kart or mini bike you must know the limit of your top speed

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If the motor is installed at the center of the radius generating that torque, does it . The torque I need to lift the device and correct gear ratio for the device to be as fast as possible. 3. How to calculate torque required to rotate assembly about the center. 0. How to calculate the Torque required to rotate two bars perpendicular to. For a given gearbox, with multiple gears (gear ratios), we can calculate the wheel torque and force for each gear. Let's calculate the wheel torque and force for a vehicle with the following parameters: engine torque, T e = 150 Nm; wheel radius, r w = 0.33965 m; The gearbox is automatic (ZF6HP26), with the following gear ratios and final.

This tool will calculate the torque generated around an axis by a force applied at right angle to a lever arm of a specified length. Once you have selected the value and units for force and length, two conversion scales will be produced to show a range of torque values calculated for different values of force and length while the other. This free ratio calculator solves ratios, scales ratios, or finds the missing value in a set of ratios. It can also give out ratio visual representation samples. Learn more about the everyday use of ratios, or explore hundreds of other calculators addressing the topics of math, fitness, health, and finance, among others BHP per Tonne Calculator. Marketing departments and salesmen will often quote a vehicles horsepower as an indicator of its performance, however horsepower on its own is only one of the factors which determines performance. For example a truck may have over 500bhp but it can be easily out accelerated by a lightweight kit car with just 120bhp

Its power-to-weight ratio would be much lower, about 0.067. The Ferrari will go from zero to 60 miles much faster than the Ford Focus. It should be clear, at this point, why the calculators use equations that are based on weight, time and speed to calculate horsepower Depends where your measuring torque around, torque is a tangential force at a distance from a centre of rotation. T=FR — Torque = Force x Radius (or distance from the center of rotation). The actual torque of the weight would depend at what point. Gear ratio refers to the ratio of output torque to the ratio of input torque. Gear reduction reduces speed and increases torque. High gear ratios (lower numerical rear axle ratios) provide more torque and acceleration, meaning a vehicle's engine has to run much faster to achieve a given top speed; hence, increased fuel economy To use this online calculator for Coefficient of Friction When Torque is Given, enter Torque (τ), Force (F), Mean diameter of screw (d mean) and Helix Angle (α) and hit the calculate button. Here is how the Coefficient of Friction When Torque is Given calculation can be explained with given input values -> -0.566292 = (2*50-(1000*12*tan(0.

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This calculator estimates your 60 foot, eighth and quarter mile elapsed times and trap speed when given the weight of the car and flywheel or wheel horsepower. An 11% driveline loss is assumed for Wheel HP. See my Free Android Drag Racing Calculator App in the Google Play Store [S2000 Race. Click on Torque, enter the horsepower and rpm, click on Calculate and the answer is 336.13 foot pounds. 3) An engine generating 340 horsepower and 400 foot pounds of torque is rotating at what rate? Click on RPM, enter horsepower and torque, click Calculate and the answer is 4,464.2 rpm

Rancho Speed Calculator To create your individual speed chart, select your tire size and click calculate. Width Series Wheel Size Please enter the tire size of the rear axle: 135 145 155 165 175 185 195 205 215 225 235 245 255 265 275 285 / 80 70 65 60 55 50 45 40 35 30 R.. Weight Force = Mass * g (gravity) Power = Torque * Speed. Torque = Force * Distance. Speed Out = Speed In / Gear Ratio. Power Out = Power In / efficiency. Power = Amps * Volts. One little thing you do need to understand - the speed used to calculate power should be radians per second, not RPM Ratio = 6 / 2. Calculated out this gives a ratio of 3:1 . For every 3 revolutions of the handcrank, the paddle attached to the driven pulley will move 1 revolution. $100 Promotion. Win $100 towards teaching supplies! We want to see your websites and blogs. Enter Here. Calculator Popups. Scientific Calculator Simple Calculator. Calculator Idea The magnitude of that rotation is torque (τ), expressed in newton-meters (N∙m). The most basic way to calculate torque is to multiply the Newtons of force exerted by the meters of distance from the axis. There's also a rotational version of this formula for 3-dimensional objects that uses the moment of inertia and angular acceleration Datum's range of torque measurement instrumentation will provide accurate dynamic and static torque data to a high resolution. The instrumentation can be supplied as standard transducers or in engineered solutions. Torque Calculator. To calculate the Torque (Nm), enter your Power (WATTS) and RPM below

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  1. You have a socket set with 2 bars, one 1.0 m long and one 0.5 m long. To apply the same torque to the bolt, the 1.0 m bar requires 100 N applied to the end. The 0.5 m bar requires 200 N applied. In your example, the torque applied by your motor to a small shaft or a large pulley will be the same. 1450 Nm
  2. also a 150 cc bike is normally have 14 to 16 N-m torque, can it compare with bicycle calculation..? 100kg=bicycle weight(15kg) + rider weight(85kg) 0 Likes vvishwaskumar · Nov 21, 200
  3. I want to calculate the motor rating for an electric-bicycle having a laden weight of 150 kg and maximum speed of 25 km/h. The vehicle has to be accelerate from 0 to 25 km/h in 9 to 10 seconds
  4. This calculator will provide the speed of the vehicle based on transmission gear ratio, engine RPM, tire height, and the ring gear and pinion gear ratio in the rear end axle differential housing. This calculator assumes you know the vehicle's transmission ratio
  5. Calculate the wheel torque and force for a vehicle with the following parameters: engine torque, T e = 150 Nm gearbox (1 st) gear ratio, i x = 4.171 final drive ratio, i 0 = 3.460 Torque Calculation. Thrust is most convenient for estimating the climbing capacity of the vehicle, and it is what most people actually mean when they talk about 'torque'
  6. e the times and speed of the run. variable description rear wheel horsepower horsepower available at the rear wheels weight total ready to run weight of vehicle including driver elapsed time (ET) time to run the full length of the quarter quarter mile calculator from rear wheel horsepower Read.

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  1. In a ideal system with no friction, the torque to maintain 10 m/s and 1000 m/s is the same, but the power required to produce that torque at the higher speed is 100 times more. If you needed 15 W at 10 m/s, then you'll need 1.5 kW at 1000 m/s. $\endgroup$ - Olin Lathrop Apr 19 '16 at 21:4
  2. Torque peaks at lower revs than power and has a much stronger relation to how quickly a car picks up speed at low-mid rpm than the power figure. However, heavier the car more the torque required to propel it. Which is why the torque to weight ratio is an even more useful statistic to gauge the performance feel of a car
  3. The factor WK 2 (inertia) is the weight of a rotating object multiplied by the square of the radius of gyration K. FOR A SOLID CYLINDER. T = OUTPUT TORQUE (LB-FT) = INPUT TORQUE (LB-FT) x EFFICIENCY x GEAR RATIO.
  4. the size-to-weight ratio and give higher torque for the same size motor using ferrite magnets. Neodymium (Nd), Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) and the alloy of Neodymium, Ferrite and Boron (NdFeB) are some examples of rare earth alloy magnets. Continu-ous research is going on to improve the flux density t
  5. e the root mean square (continuous) torque, we first calculate the torque values required during each phase of the move profile. Torque required for constant velocity For a belt drive system, the motor torque required during constant velocity is simply the total axial force (F a ) on the belt multiplied by the radius (r 1 ) of the.
  6. DRAG PERFORMANCE CALCULATOR. Vehicle Weight (in pounds) Vehicle Horsepower: RPM through lights (finish line) Tire Diameter (Hght.) in Inches : 1/4 Mile ET: 1/4 Mile Top End Speed: Ideal 1/4 Mile Gear Ratio
  7. Drag Performance Calculator By AssassinRacing.com Calculate the theoretical 1/8 Mile ET, 1/4 Mile ET, 1/4 Mile Top End Speed, and Ideal 1/4 Mile Gear Ratio for a given application based on the Vehicle Weight (in pounds), Vehicle Horsepower (at the flywheel), RPM through lights (finish line), and Tire Diameter (Height) in Inches

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Final Drive Ratio = Rear Gear Ratio x Overdrive Ratio. Final Drive Ratio = 4.10:1 x 0.64:1. Final Drive Ratio = 2.62:1. Now, our numbers for cruising engine speed at 70 mph will be drastically reduced with the overdrive ratio: Engine RPM = (70 x 2.62 x 336) / 28. Engine RPM = 61622 / 28. Engine RPM = 2,20 Starting Line Ratio Calculator. Advanced Engine Technology by: Heinz Heisler publisher: SAE International, published: 1995-09 This book provides a comprehensive reference for anyone wanting to study the way in which modern vehicle engines work, and why they are designed as they are Take the peak torque, say 200 ft-lbs, multiply it by the overall gear ratio, say 10:1. So 2000 ft-lbs are reaching the rear wheels. Now divide the radius of the rear wheel, say 1.25 feet. You have 1600 lbs of force against the ground 2. how to calculate torque and power in creo parametric 2.0? I'm trying to find the required Newton or Nm of torque to move 6000 kg up a grade at 100 km/h. Torque is a force around a given point, applied at some distance from that point. m. The torque calculator can also work in reverse, finding the force or lever arm if torque is given Gear Ratio Calculator for Vehicle with Jackshaft. weight of the vehicle and rider, size and air pressure of the tires, incline degree that the vehicle is going up, and headwind. Gear motors can also be used on vehicles with smaller wheels if a slow top speed and a high amount of torque for uphill climbing or driving through sand or mud.

Top torque-to-weight ratios under $100k, $50k and $25k [UPDATE] Supercars Meet Muscle Trucks, In Search Of The Most Potent Twis Lifting Motor Torque Calculations To calculate the torque required to operate a gate or lifting mechanism, the centroid (or center of mass) and weight of each component must be accounted for. The following example presents one method of computing this torque. Example lifting arm design criteria: 80/20 length (L 80/20): 10 i -> Torque/weight ratio indicates Sensitivity. * if a pointer is having less weight, it will be having high torque/weight ratio so that even for a very small deflection pointer starts moving and indicates measured value. Hope you get it Thank The amount of force they are able to generate by twisting is the torque that they're able to produce. One unit for measurement of this is the foot-pound.A foot-pound is the rotational 'force' generated by hanging a one-pound weight at the end of a 1-foot winch

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Rider and Cargo Weight is the total weight of the the rider(s) This calculator can be used to estimate the motor size and gear ratio when building or modifying electric scooters, bikes, go-karts, and other types of electric vehicles. Electric motors produce a high amount of torque under load so for example an electric scooter, bike, or go. BG55.COM Forza Tuning Calculator *Note: In FM7, torque is no longer listed in the Upgrades interface, but it can be found in the My Garage and Select Car interfaces. Just change the view (Y on the xb1 controller) to find it. Torque is essential to the function of the calculator (differential, toe and gearbox) If your camshaft has an operating range of 1,500 through 6,500, you would select a torque with a minimum of 2,000 rpm stall. If choosing a torque converter for use in a street car, you might want to select a torque converter with a stall speed that is below the engine RPM at 70 mph, since this is where your engine will spend a lot of its time Quarter Mile time calculator You still owe me a 10 second car - Fast & Furious Please note that this calculator cannot be more than 95% accurate for every make and model and does not take into account the age of a car, windspeed and gearing and air temperature.. This calculator has been based upon a number of theories* of drag time calculations and our own research from car performance data. Wr - Vehicle weight component on the driving wheel. Example: Calculate the applied tractive force for a rear wheel drive car with following specifications: Wheel type = P215/65R15. Engine torque, Et = 2000 Nm. Efficiency of whole powertrain, η = 0.8. Transmission ratio in first gear, Ng = 5.5. Rear axle ratio, Na = 4.

Lead Screw Torque and Force Calculator. When designing machinery that uses lead screws, it's a common task to try and figure out the size of motor needed to drive a given force with a lead screw. This calculator will calculate torque given the lead screw parameters and the required force Beat Emotional Eating, Cravings at Mid-Day, Sweet Tooth & So Much More. Receive Benefits Beyond Weight Loss. Start Your 16-Week Customized Course Now Torque Calculator. Torque = Weight x Distance to Center of Gravity x Cosine(Angle) (If weight is evenly distributed, distance to CG is Length/2) Units: Metric English . Object weight evenly distributed? Yes : Weight: Kg or Lbs : Length: Cm or Inches: Distance To CG:. Torque Conversion Calculator. The Mountz torque calculator allows you to convert torque measurement from one type of unit measurement to another. Torque is twisting force that tends to cause rotation. We measure torque by multiplying two factors—amount of force applied and distance from the point of application. For this reason, the torque. Calculate the value for load torque, load inertia, speed, etc. at the motor drive shaft of the m Total weight of work and table [oz.] Frictional coefficient of sliding surfaces (0.05) Calculate the inertia ratio with the following equation an

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Torque - Horsepower (hp) conversion is a method of converting one unit from other and vice versa. Torque is a rotational force generated by the electrical system, whereas, the horsepower is an imperial unit of power equal to 745.7 watts. Torque to horsepower (hp) conversion formula Horsepower (hp) to torque conversion formul This means that the holding torque would be determined as follows: T/GR * 1.5 Gear Ratio = 10 to 1 500/10 = 50 * 1.5 = 75 in. lbs

Bolt Torque Calculator. The calculator below can be used to calculate the torque required to achieve a given axial bolt force or load. The calculator is generic an can used for imperial and metric units as long as the use of units are consistent. K - constant. d - diameter of bolt (m, ft) F - axial bolt force or load (N, lb f Percentile - The weight percentile of the child. Length - The length of the child; Weight - The mass of the child in metric and standard units. Graph Plot - Weight versus age graph with 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 95 and calculated percentile lines $\begingroup$ @Ramast - Yes, mass can factor out of the equations above, so increasing mass by some amount increases torque and power by the same factor. But, as I mention repeatedly, 2Nm is the absolute unachievable minimum torque.Your system has friction, the load won't be a point mass and your arm has mass and inertia, if nothing else, so you need a performance margin because you haven't. If your camshaft has an operating range of 1,500 through 6,500, you would select a torque with a minimum of 2,000 rpm stall. If choosing a torque converter for use in a street car, you might want to select a torque converter with a stall speed that is below the engine RPM at 70 mph, since this is where your engine will spend a lot of its time

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Home; Engineering; Electrical; Horsepower to Torque Converter is an online tool used in electrical engineering to calculate how much torque will be generated according to the input power value either in horsepower or watts. Generally, horsepower is a unit for measuring the power of various electrical motors, piston engines, steam turbines etc and it is equal to 746 watts or 33,0000 lb-ft per. Fuel Injector/Fuel Pump/ Calculators. Additional Injector Controller Calculator. Motorsports Mil-Spec Wiring Harness Guide. MIL-W-22759 Wiring Harness Diameter Calculator. Camshaft Calculator. Boost Compression Ratio Calculator. Harley Advanced Dynamic Compression Calculator. Inlet Runner Design and Torque Peak Calculator. Static Compression. To calculate load torque, multiply the force (F) by the distance away from the rotational axis, which is the radius of the pulley (r). If the mass of the load (blue box) is 20 Newtons, and the radius of the pulley is 5 cm away, then the required torque for the application is 20 N x 0.05 m = 1 Nm Applied tractive force based on engine torque equation: F z = [ 2 · π · M mot · η · i G · i v · i A] / U. Where , . F z = Tractive force in N M mot = Engine torque in Nm η = Overall efficiency of power train (see table below) i G = Transmission ratio) i v = Driving axle ratio i A = Final drive atio of the driven axle(s) U = Tire rolling Circumference = 2 · π · r in Enter your power in watts and weight in pounds. Race Categories will display. Caveat: Only part of the story is told by Watts (whether on the flats or climbing) so be sure to review: Torque

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note that kg is the SI units for mass - more about mass and weight (force); Example - Improvised Car Lift. An improvised car lift can be made with a piece of lumber as illustrated in the figure above. With distance load to fulcrum 0.2 m, distance effort force to fulcrum 2 m and a load on the lever - half the weight of the car 2000 kg - the effort force can be calculate Calculator Menu | Beam Deflection Calculators. Mechanics and Machine Design, Equations and Calculators. This lever mechanical advantage equation and calculator Case #1 will determine the force required for equilibrium with the known forces and length

It's a rather simple Javascript calculator that works off of power/weight ratios and rating factors. The idea is this: take sample data from the 4 most important points of analysis (horsepower, weight, drive wheels, transmission type) and then write a formula to best fit the 0-60 calculations based off of that data The total crawling gear ratio my 2012 Nissan Xterra, Pro-4X, had from the factory was calculated the following way: Low Speed Crawl Ratio: 1st gear = 3.84; 4-Low gear = 2.62; Differential gear = 3.36; Total Crawl Ratio is 3.84 x 2.62 x 3.36 = 33.8! We can also calculate my gear ratio during highway driving by assuming I'll be in 2-Hi and in. Multiply force by length to calculate torque, which is measured in Newton meters (Nm): 445 * 0.6 = 267 Nm. References. NASA: Weight and Balance Forces Acting on an Airplane ; Tips. If you don't have a calculator handy, enter your formula into your computer's calculator or a Google search bar Universal delivery service volumetric weight calculator User Guide This online tool calculates the volume of a rectangular shaped box, solid or space from the dimensions of length, width and height 3000 Nm is a torque on the wheels, which is needed to accelerate the vehicle (EV weight is 1700 kg) from 0 km/h to 100km/h. 2. Now you need to consider the transmission gear (TG) ratio and calculate the torque: Example: Differential ratio is approximately 3:1, TG ratio is approximately 4:1. Therefore total ratio in the first gear is

TS Series Torque Transducer Range Extended! February 1, 2021 Customized Test Bench for the Analysis of the Biomechanical Performances of Cyclists October 29, 202 Assumptions: This calculator has been designed around statistical averages based largely on sample data from Edmunds.com. Power to weight ratio is the primary factor, but it also takes into consideration the performance advantages of RWD and AWD over FWD, and the advantage of a Manual transmission over an Automatic transmission. The calculator.

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The oft-referenced power-to-weight ratio has always made more sense to me when expressed as weight-to-power, where I can see exactly how many pounds each horsepower (or pound-foot of torque) is. If we had changed the 3.73 gear to a 4.56 gear ratio, the torque converter would in fact stall less due to the lower resistance needed to move the vehicle. With the 3.73 ratio, if we went from a 26-inch-tall tire to a 27.5-inch tire, the roll out of the tire will give us 3.55 rear gear output and performance Calculate rack and pinion: important definitions. To make it clear we give you some important definitions: Tangential force or feed force. This is the force [in N] needed to deliver the linear movement profile. Torque. This is what the pinion sees and is simply tangential force * arm (radius pinion) [in Nm]. In this case F 2T = 2 * T 2B / d.

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The car with the lowest power, lowest torque and the worst power to weight ratio has the best acceleration and far better roll on times. The Alto with 77bhp per tonne is faster to 100 kmph in 4th gear than the Kwid with 80 Bhp per tonne by a whopping 7.5 seconds!! Torque Results Trap Profile Tri Profile Total Friction + Gravity Load force (lbf) As a car starts to accelerate, the twisting force going to each wheel as the car increases speed is torque. To achieve fast acceleration, a car's engine must produce large torque. One of the world's fastest production sport car Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.2 seconds and produce a maximum torque of 1,500. Servo motor sizing spreadsheet allows to calculate a combination of motors and gearboxes that fits a user-defined working condition. The results can be sorted depending on various parameters (e.g. Speed, torque, safety ratio, etc.) Determining actual Tire Diameter or Height is the first step to using the RPM calculator to find the best gear ratio. Metric tire specifications follow a three number format, for example: 275/75R16. 275 is the WIDTH of the tire tread in millimeters, 75 is the ASPECT (or percentage of tread width to yield the sidewall height), and 16 is the WHEEL diameter

Calculate mph for RPM range: Tire diameter: Gear Ratio: This calculation assumes the car's transmission is in drive or 1:1 ratio, no overdrive. For Overdrive cars mutliply the overdrive ratio times the rear and gear ratio. Example a 700R4 transmission has an overdive ratio 0.7:1. For a 4.11 rear end multiply 4.11 x 0.7 = 2.877 Hull dry weight, in pounds: Fuel tank capacity, in gallons: Fuel Density (in pounds/gallon): Gasoline is about 6.1 lbs/gallon: Approximate Motor Weight (in pounds): Just a guess, to start. Adjust using real data after you get close. Secondary Propulsion Weight (in pounds): This could be a kicker motor or an electric trolling motor: Number of. Calculators to find 1/8 mile ET and MPH. 1/8th Mile ET and MPH Calculator: Wallace Racing BACK to Calculators. These equations are for recreation only. Not a substitude for actual testing. Wallace Racing - 1/8th Mile ET/MPH/HP Calculator. Calculate HP from ET and Weight: ET: Weight

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