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  1. Essential Paint Tools & Accessories. Choose From A Wide Selection of Paint At Lowe's®. Browse Our Variety Of Concrete Paint Colors—All The Supplies Needed For Any Paint Jo
  2. What you need: Natural-bristle paintbrush or paint roller Chalk Plastic mold for concrete (we used a flagstone-shape form, but molds also come in brick and tile shapes) Oil-based concrete stain in three colors (we used charcoal gray, medium taupe, and light gray) Sand-finish additive (if desired; ask the paint store to mix it with the stain
  3. Freshen up an outdoor concrete area such as a patio with a faux stone finish, emulating the look of flagstone, cobblestone or whatever stone types suit your style. Create the look with several stone shades of paint and homemade stamps
  4. g to cover the..
  5. Make your own flagstone stamp shapes out of upholstery foam to create a faux flagstone finish in paint. Stamp the paint-covered pieces over the cement area
  6. It's many colors together so to achieve the faux flagstone look: A-Place the stencil onto the surface B-Paint the entire stencil with one color, making sure you spray around the edges. First color - Pebbl
  7. 6 concrete patio ideas to boost the eal of that drab slab how to paint concrete patio look like flagstone mycoffeepot org how to fake a beautiful stone patio for just 50 hometalk painted patio stone pattern lasts a lifetime and is stain how to paint concrete patio look like flagstone mycoffeepot org awesome stain concrete to look like flagstones patio

Mix latex paint with concrete stain in a bucket. Use one bucket for each color your rocks will be. Remember, real rocks are often more than one shade or color. Ideally, you should have at least.. Mom transformed a worn concrete floor into a work of art!All painting/pictures/editing by my mom. She just doesn't possess a YouTube channel so she used mine..

I used a stepping stone mold as a template and flipped it upside down. I then spray painted each section. (I used Rust-Oleum Hammered spray paint) I had 6 different colors of spray paint. Sometimes I mixed the spray paint colors to make the stones look real. After the spray paint dried I applied concrete sealer Another interesting way people create a faux natural stone floor using stain is to cut out tiles or section in the floor prior to staining it using a masonry cutting tool this gives the illusion it has been finished in natural stone. If the concrete is in fair to poor shape and requires patching a floor paint maybe an option as well Wash the concrete floor thoroughly with a soap-and-water solution to remove all dirt and oils. Alternatively, wash the floor with trisodium phosphate (TSP), following the manufacturer's directions. Rinse the floor thoroughly with clean water. Let the floor dry overnight, then tape off baseboards or other trim, as needed, with painter's tape

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Paint the concrete with two coats of the primary stone color you've chosen. Use either a roller or a brush to apply the paint, depending on the size of the area to be painted. Let the paint dry after each coat. Step Once the Base coat is on it's time for the first faux finish coat. This color is Warm Gray and will add a lighter faux finish on top of the charcoal base coat. The faux finish roller should be lightly misted and damp when you start. This is when you should watch the video that Daich has out, since this part is a little intimidating Faux can be fabulous! Faux paiting immitates other materials like marble, wood or stone. See how this technique can add character and color to any space

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  1. The subfloor can be poured concrete or timber, but you will want to make sure the flooring where you are laying the flagstone can handle the significant weight load of a stone floor overtime. If you are looking to create as flat of a flooring as possible, typically for an interior room like a kitchen or entryway, you will want to set out the.
  2. Does your patio need a pick me up? Here is a clever idea you can make to refresh your patio. This faux flagstone idea is inexpensive and will give your patio..
  3. Patio with spray paint how to fake a beautiful stone patio for paint cement patio floors to look faux tile look on concrete patio painted patio stone pattern lasts a. Awesome Stain Concrete To Look Like Flagstones PaintPaint Concrete Patio To Look Like Slate Google SearchConcrete Looks Like Flagstone Paint Patio PaintingPainting Cement To Look [
  4. Turning concrete and other surfaces into stunning decorative showpieces is fast and easy with DAICH decorative concrete stencil kits. There is no need for artistic skill or settling for a boring painted patio if what you really want is the authentic look of flagstone

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  1. This might be my favorite blog post of all time! Today I'm talking about my Faux Cement Tile Painted Floors!!! I completely transformed our dated peachy tile by painting it! These floors travel ALL the way into our mudroom. This was the 'before'. It wasn't horrendous, but it also wasn't my style. In the mudroom I also had some serious tile repairs to make before I could even paint
  2. Faux finish painting is a technique that creates texture and nuance by replicating the look or feel of other surfaces, such as striped wallpaper, suede or marble. While it takes some patience and creativity to successfully complete a faux finish project, the results will convince you that the work and amount of time spent were worth it. Here are a few of the most common faux techniques
  3. faux painted floor, faux tiles, painted floor. 5. Tape off your squares Next step, measure and tape off the squares. (The tapes lines will be grout lines when the tape is removed at the end of the project.)I recommend using this 1/4 pin-striping tape for the grout lines. I couldn't find it and went to a local auto shop and bought 1/4 masking tape and it didn't remove well
  4. STENCILIT® Malaga Tile Stencil for Painting Floors - Repositionable for a 16x16 Tile - Large Floor Stencils For Painting Concrete - Tile Stencils For Painting Floors 4.1 out of 5 stars 30 $34.00 $ 34 . 0
  5. Paint techniques to show how to faux paint stone finishes. Techniques for How to Faux Paint Stone Finishes. Paint the smallest part of the space first in order to get your momentum going. Apply the darker paints first with a large brush. Do not leave brush strokes. Dab and pat in gaps with softer colors using a damp cotton t-shirt rag
  6. Faux Flagstone; Faux Flagstone. You don't have to spend a lot of money on expensive flagstone to get the look. June 08, 2015. Plastic mold for concrete (we used a flagstone-shape form, but molds also come in brick and tile shapes) paint inside lines of stone. Step 3. 3
  7. Techniques such as covering walls with vertical concrete overlays, applying decorative stencils and stains, and using cement-based floor toppings can transform a blank concrete canvas into faux stone, wood, tile, carpet and nearly anything else you can imagine. Applications and design options

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  1. Because concrete is porous, it will suck up paint like a sponge. Therefore, you should cover the concrete floor with a high-quality primer. Use long, even strokes and a paint roller. Always start from the back of the wall and work forward to prevent painting yourself into a corner
  2. A big thank you to Matthew McAvene and Atman for their amazing efforts at turning Oniracom's concrete floors into a work of art. Instead of buying and laying tile, why not Faux paint tiles on your concrete floor? Here's how to do it yourself. 2 COATS OF PRIME
  3. Concrete fireplaces, concrete countertops, concrete floors. And now, thanks to the power of paint, you can have faux concrete walls! View this post on Instagram . A post shared by Nienke Lemmens (@nienke_lemmens_schilderwerken) on Apr 15, 2019 at 9:14am PDT . 4. Faux Zinc.

When the glaze has dried, add a couple coats of polyurethane varnish or sealant to enhance the shine effect of your faux-stone painting and protect it. Apply the varnish using a roller or large paintbrush, using a small brush for hard-to-reach areas or places where you need finely tuned strokes. Let this dry completely These 10 painted concrete floors or patios will knock your socks off! And the best part is that they last! Painting our concrete patio was as the best decision we made for a budget-friendly temporary solution but now that it's been the third season, I can say that it's not just temporary but long-lasting White walls, ceilings, and floors create a clean backdrop for vintage-inspired decor. Pro tip: To keep painted floors looking pristine, consider priming and painting them annually. They'll need a thorough cleaning before doing so. The floor is painted Strong White by Farrow & Ball Feb 25, 2012 - Change the look of concrete by giving it a faux stone finish. Clean the concrete; apply a base color; then stamp it with DIY foam stamps dipped in paint

You can even make it look like limestone by using pastel pink, light gray and cream paint colors. Examine several styles of stone and choose paint colors that match the colors of the stone. The process to create faux finishes is the same regardless of the stone you wish to create. Step 2 - Clean. In order to paint concrete you first need to. Today I am going to show you how you can paint a concrete hearth. For Part 2 of my fireplace makeover - I painted the grey concrete hearth in front of the fireplace using a faux stone paint technique. The original grey color of the concrete hearth looked off and the builder never finished off the edges so it was time to finally get it the way I always imagined How to paint faux flagstones on plywood flooring. Photos, tips, and instructions for creating your own DIY faux stone using simple materials. Stone can be easily painted onto concrete floors, but hardwood or laminate floors would most likely have to be covered in plywood or other thin wood before beginning. I started out with this strip of. Crumple up a wad of plastic drop cloth and then dip the drop cloth into the paint. Dab the drop cloth against the floor to create a textured swirled pattern over the first coat of paint

ArmorPoxy is the country's leading manufacturer and distributor of ultra high-quality commercial epoxy flooring and epoxy floor kits. Our clients include many Fortune 500 companies, all branches of the U.S. Military, and thousands of manufacturing and distribution facilities Paint Cement Patio Floors to look like Cobblestones - Decorative Faux Craft Tole Painting on Cement and Concrete, Glass Jars, Walls, to Create Rock Homes and Stone Houses in the style of Thomas Kincaide, Thomas Kinkade, Thomas Kincade It means, Painting a Concrete Faux Finish.) For a soft, contemporary look and feel to your faux-finished walls, consider replicating the look of concrete by following this full tutorial . In a nutshell, the process involves random yet strategic incorporations of white, grey, and black paint and glazing with a 9-inch plaster blade

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Jun 12, 2013 - Get ideas from DIYnetwork.com for decorative paint techniques and finishes you can use on walls, furniture and more Dyco Paints Tuff Coat Tintable Tint Base Satin Solid Concrete Stain (5-Gallon) Tuff Coat concrete stain/enamel is a low VOC water reducible acrylic concrete stain with superior film properties, formulated to provide a low sheen and hard protective finish. There are 13 factory colors and tint bases to make any custom color Notes: The concrete floor must be completely dry before beginning this project. If your floor shows any signs of water seepage, the source of the water must be eliminated before starting. Some of the materials used for this project require special masks and other equipment, due to fumes. Please read all product labels carefully Mar 21, 2013 - Do you want the look of expensive slate but don't have it in your budget? Consider painting it! I painted my front walkway, using concrete paint, to look like slate! Using specially formulated paints specifically for concrete you can..

Sedona Faux Stone Panels - Slate Gray - 1-Pack - Each Panel is 24 High x 48 Wide x 1 5/8 Thick - Highest Quality, Most Realistic Looking Panels on The Market 4.6 out of 5 stars 41 $99.00 $ 99 . 0 Statement floors are having a major moment right now, but colorful, encaustic tiles tend to come with a hefty price tag. Sure, The Home Depot and Overstock.com offer affordable options, but we're loving this blogger's budget-savvy solution. Using custom stencils, Jess McGurn of Bright Green Door hand-painted her existing, dated tile to look like a stunning cement style she spotted

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ArmorGranite faux granite countertop coating is an amazing product that just rolls out and gives the look of actual granite stone.Can be used on counters, walls, floors, columns, furniture, masonry, stucco, wood, and more. No special skills are required, just apply the ArmorGranite Basecoat Primer and roll out the ArmorGranite Stone Effect Coating How to Paint an Outdoor Concrete Patio. Concrete is a durable material for an outdoor patio, but regular concrete can be drab and look out of place in a back or front yard. A concrete patio can be painted, but it requires some special.. With Concrete Craft, you can have authentic-looking faux stone finishes both inside and out, including floors, patios, seat walls and fire pits, pool decks, driveways, walkways, porches, house siding, retaining walls and more. You're assured satisfaction with the high-quality products and two-year warranty*on all our work Behr also makes an extensive line of concrete and garage floor paint colors. The company's color palette offers a glimpse at 75 different colors.Like the previously mentioned brands, these hues include a diverse assortment of cool and hot colors

Prime the wall with two coats of off-white latex paint, and allow it to dry. Use a pencil and ruler to mark off squares that suggest stone blocks. They can be any size appropriate for the surroundings, but 8 by 16 is the standard size of real blocks First, the concrete slab was painted with Valspar Anti Skid Porch & Floor in premixed Dark Grey from Lowe's. Using a roller, this goes pretty quickly! As you can see, the paint is more bluish than grey. I was disappointed at first, but ended up really liking the color as the project went on

What if I painted my floor with a faux finish to look like ceramic tiles? It worked! For about $30 I can teach you how! Painted Floor Tiles (Faux Ceramic Tile) Supplies: 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic paint (I used Behr Concrete & Garage Floor Paint in Cold Lager color) 3/8 inch nap roller 2-3 inch painter's tap Consider painting it! I painted my front walkway, using concrete paint, to look like slate! Using specially formulated paints specifically for concrete you can have the look of real slate at a fraction of the price. Here's what you will need: Several bottles of Folkart Outdoor Opaque paint in various colors. Shades of blue and green work best. 1 Gal. #GG-16 Baltic Stone Decorative Flat Interior/Exterior Concrete Floor Coating BEHR Premium Granite Grip is a unique decorative, BEHR Premium Granite Grip is a unique decorative, slip-resistant, drivable concrete floor coating. It helps renew and provide a unique multi-speckled finish Faux Flagstone This tutorial from the City YouTube channel uses a concrete compound to create a textured, stone-like surface that can be added right on top of the existing concrete

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Faux painting techniques are an economical and innovative way to transform any surface and can complement any decorating style. Dull concrete floors, both indoors and out, can be brought dramatically to life with paint Large factory-produced panels, 5×10 feet and 1/4 inch thick, also install like tile. The larger format means fewer joints in the floor than tile, without grinding or finishing. The panels are fragile like a pane of glass and are installed on a perfectly flat concrete floor, Mr. Iselin noted. There's a place for them, he said Indulge in a palette of natural neutrals with our collection of stone effect vinyl flooring. Our range of vinyl stone effect tiles includes minimal and clean cut concrete designs, such as Portland, creating an ultra-modern look in any room in your home. Treat yourself to luxurious marble flooring design without the heavy price tag of the real thing, and with all the practical benefits of vinyl. The concrete on your garage floor likely faces more challenges than any other surface in and around your home. LEARN MORE. 9. About Sledge Concrete Coatings. Sledge Concrete Coatings, LLC specializes in epoxy, acid stains, cool deck, faux flagstone, concrete pavers, metallic finishes, and specialty flooring. We have been serving the Phoenix. Wall Talk focuses and specializes in a wide variety of fine finishes including faux bois, faux stone, silver and gold leafing, foiling, antiquing, aging, stenciling, logos, fine venetian plasters, modern and old world textures, metallics, striping, custom ceilings walls & floors, cabinets furniture & counter tops, faux concrete and stone work, and countless other high-end and exotic finishes

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Add a whole new dimension to your home with our collection of textured faux vinyl flooring. Our custom flooring encompasses a vast range of all interior design ideas imaginable. From picture-perfect greenery graphics such as our Lawn flooring, to charming life-like tile effect vinyl flooring, like Azulejos. You can easily add on-trend concrete or marble designs to your room with all the added. Concrete Floors - Basements can be damp places that make it difficult to pick the right flooring. The answer: a beautiful stone like faux finish painted on the floor. No need to worry about wet carpet or water getting underneath a laminate wood floor - and it's gorgeous! Ceilings - Add some drama to a room with a gorgeous faux finished. Apr 25, 2013 - Explore Sheila Sisk's board Faux brick flooring, followed by 168 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about faux brick, brick flooring, brick. Painted concrete floor. Beautiful DIY chimney designs made possible with faux brick or stone. See photos of what's possible to remodel and revitalize your own home Add depth to your paint job by using faux-finishing techniques. You can sponge-paint the fireplace with multiple colors of paint to simulate natural stone. Choose three to four paint colors and apply in layers using a sea sponge. Allow each color to dry before applying the next color. Faux painting is an artistic endeavor Install your own cheap faux wood flooring using brown paper and paint. Yes, you can paint your floor to look like wood using this twist on a DIY paper bag floor! For more fake wood flooring alternatives, read more about DIY plywood flooring and our wood-look waterproof floors

How to Faux Stone a Concrete Outside Floor (15 Steps) | eHow Faux stone concrete designs are also painted on patios floors. One of the advantages of painting your outdoor concrete floor is that it can last for years and repair is relatively easy — you will just How to Paint Concrete to Look Like Brick Concrete floors are a great alternative to linoleum, carpet, wood, tile, stone or marble flooring. Concrete can be stained nearly any color, resurfaced in a variety of textures and finishes, or polished for a smooth, shiny look. Plus, concrete flooring is durable, long-lasting and easy to clean and maintain Realistic Results. Garrett painted around the entire home exterior, transforming the house and creating enhanced curb appeal. He even continued the pattern up the fireplace chimney on the roof and used RollerRock on an 18-inch foundation around the bottom of the house. Most people believe we have real brick on our home, says Garrett Using paint and a variety of other materials, tools and techniques, any hard surface - wall, ceiling, floor or countertop, even furniture - can be made to look like something else, wood, stone. Concrete Slab Patio, Outdoor Concrete Patio, Home Depot Patio Slabs, Concrete Slab Driveway, Concrete Patio Stone, Repair Concrete Patio Slab, Pouring Concrete Slab, Deck Over Concrete Patio, Wood Deck On Concrete Slab, Concrete Slab Porch, Large Concrete Slab Pavers, Concrete Block Patio, Pavers around Concrete Patio, Patio Slabs Landscaping, Patio Slab Designs, Cement Slab Patio, Faux Paint.

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Faux Finish Brick Fireplace, faux finish on exterior brick faux finish brick fireplace. Concrete finish for fireplaces painted brick fireplace makeover stone fireplace mantels product. Design trends, Faux Finish Brick Fireplace graindesigners.com 3. Choose your Faux Stone Painting Method Method 1. The easiest faux stone painting technique requires just one layer on top of the grout lines. Combine 4 parts acrylic glaze with one part paint (choose a color similar to, but much darker than, your grout color). Pour this into a shallow pan. Dip the sponge in the glaze mixture and, working one.

3 Key Steps to a Concrete Floor Refresh A fresh coat of color solves everything! And it's easy when you can rely on strong, innovative tools that take the heavy lifting out of painting even a. I have painted faux stone on an old retaining wall, on the lower part of a house foundation, and faux brick on concrete steps. Such a HUGE difference in looks with such a small investment. You did a beautiful job! Painting the grout line gives you a hard edge but if you use tape to mask off you get a rougher more natural edge Once you have an item, its transformation time using one of many textured, painted finishes to achieve real looking aged concrete or cement, stone, distressed terra cotta, earthenware and more. I am drawn to the look of these old world style or whatever you want to call them - aged garden planters, distressed or handcrafted vases and pots. On the other hand painting a faux concrete finish is quick and easy and can transform an ordinary pot into an extraordinary piece. We will also share how to create a vintage texture on a pot or other decor piece that will look aged and weathered, just like its been out in the garden for years

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Real stone coatings, manufactured surface finishes made from stone. Floors, Walls, Countertops, We provide the timeless elegance and strength of real stone Here's the process for how to paint a concrete floor: Step 1. Clean and Etch. Our first step was giving it a good scrub down, followed by etching. You need to etch the concrete to give the porch or concrete paint a good surface to adhere to. This keeps the paint from flaking off immediately. I used a long-handled shop broom to scrub the floor To paint concrete, start by cleaning it with soap and water and repairing any cracks or uneven surfaces. If you're painting indoor concrete, you'll also want to apply a concrete sealant so moisture doesn't mess up your paint job. Once you're done with that, apply a layer of concrete paint primer with a roller and let it dry Painted Concrete Floors. Concrete floors are nice and smooth and make the perfect surface for a fresh coat of paint. Sara from Twelve on Main updated her concrete subfloor using a homemade stencil. Brooks and Dana from Bella Tucker used a stencil and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to update their concrete subfloors I've removed carpet and vinyl flooring from the cement slab of entire houses and painted the cement to look like marble tile. A neighbor copied, doing a brown stone look. I filled the holes from carpet tack strips with joint compound and rolled on several coats of water-based crystal CLEAR (it MUST be clear or it will ruin your project, and.

Painted Faux Area Rug 01:15 Jazz up a plain floor by painting a pattern that looks like an area rug. From: Design On A Dime with A Home Office That Doubles as a Laundry Room and Media Roo Well, we finally finished staining our concrete patio to look like tile! This was is what our concrete patio looked like before. Dull and dirty. It doesn't look as bad in these pictures as it did in person, but believe meit didn't look good. As I was trying to decorate the patio with Read More about New Tile Patio Floor Reveal The front wall and staircase of the split-level home had genuine flagstone veneer, but the stair treads were made of concrete faux stone. Since natural flagstone usually has an uneven face, the tread stones were likely molded from concrete to ensure they had a flat, even surface for people to walk on

Concrete Floors In House Painted Cement Floors Painting Cement House Painting Cement House Concrete Patios Flagstone Patio Concrete Molds Concrete Patio Paint More information More like thi A system for recovering an old ugly concrete floor with a fresh layer of cement and then through proprietary techniques, it is given the look of faux flagstone flooring. The product comes in both gray and white and it can be acid stained, concrete dyed, mixed with integral color and integral pigment to give a unique one of a kind look 3. Have a clerk at the paint store add and mechanically mix slip-resistant additive into the base color of concrete stain.Use a long-handle roller to apply the base coat (grout color) of stain (this patio uses light taupe), in small areas at a time and work stain into the concrete surface from two directions

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Are you looking for concrete floor ideas? This slideshow has unique ideas for stained, scored, engraved, and painted concrete floors. Plus, get tips on how to achieve the looks in your own home, and more importantly, how to maintain them Stone House of Tubac was created by the married couple, Carrie Simpson-Petty and Jim Petty, both professional artists. Carrie specializes in custom murals, faux finishes, hand painted furniture and cabinetry, fine art and decorative concrete finishes for countertops, back splashes, walls and flooring.. Jim is a master watercolor artist and specializes in decorative concrete finishes for.

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Latex Concrete Floor Paint. homedepot.com. $30.98 peel up the tape to reveal a faux-tile patio that appears to have light-color grout joints and dark-color tiles. How to Build a Flagstone. Hey there! I'm so excited to share a fun project with you all that Mark and I just completed. It took a little while to get this done and we worked on it hours here and there at a time, so I'd say we spent at least 8 hours total getting this wall complete, but it was SO worth the effort. It took almost a month to get it all done. We are so excited that our downstairs patio got a facelift with. Achieve the look of concrete floors with ease with Polyflor. Our concrete vinyl flooring is perfect for your home or business premises. Choose dark, warm, pale or cool concrete effect vinyl flooring to match your taste

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Steps for applying stone veneer: Use a pressure washer fitted with a paint-stripping tip to blast the concrete wall clean of all stain, paint and dirt. Remove any remaining stain or paint from the wall with a right-angle grinder fitted with wire brush. Thoroughly dry the wall with an electric leaf blower Ultimately, I built up 6 thin layers and then topped it with a thicker layer. But the whole DIY concrete floor is quite thin — maybe 1/8″ thick max. DIY CONCRETE FLOOR - THINGS TO KNOW. One thing I learned: You can still see the seams of the subfloor (notice the vertical line on the right hand side of the photo above) Sep 8, 2012 - Faux stone with sheetrock mud/paint. Imagination ii. Painted Cement Floors Painting Cement Stone Painting Maker Fun Factory Vbs Drywall Texture Faux Stone Walls Mud Paint Drywall Mud Fireplace Tv Wall Best Concrete Floor Paint. When choosing your paint, you'll want to pick one specific paint for both indoors and outdoors. Epoxy paints are best. If you're doing a pattern or design that involves multiple colors, be sure that both are concrete paints. As far as color, most concrete paint colors are neutral. For a natural look, stick to gray.

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AirStone is made from an ultra-light material that provides the beauty, texture, feel and durability of real stone without the need for professional installers or specialized tools. AirStone is easy to install. Simply apply adhesive to the back of the stone and press to the wall! AirStone is strong and light so light it can be adhered. Las Vegas Concrete Resurfacing Experts. The concrete surfaces around your home have a lot more potential than you realize. If your concrete patio, concrete driveway, concrete pool deck, or concrete garage floors are looking dingy and dull, or current coating systems are starting to fade and chip, it's time for the expert resurfacing services of Concrete Texturing

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How To Paint A Bathroom Floor To Look Like Cement Tile (For Under $75)! I hear everyone who's asking for our annual Black Friday deals post and I'm putting it together as we speak! But in the meantime, you guys have to see this awesome tile transformation that a reader named Angela sent over 1 roll of brown paper (found in the painting section at Lowe's, Home Depot, or Walmart) $10. A pair of rubber gloves (or several pairs) An empty bucket and paint stick (An old ice cream pail works great.) A small can of wood stain, ($5) I used Minwax oil based in Mahogany. A gallon of floor grade polyurethane ($40) I used clear gloss from Minwa Epoxy Garage Floor Cost. Homeowners pay an average of $2,200 to coat an existing concrete floor. Total project costs typically range between $1,439 and $2,975.Materials and equipment alone will cost you $2 to $5 per square foot.Expect to pay a pro another $1 to $7 per square foot for labor

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White Painted Cement Source: www.avenuelifestyle.com This basement renovation is making the most of the available light with the glossy warm white epoxy screed cement flooring. Source: www.houzz.com Another white epoxy treatment on cement floor, but note how this white is much cooler, nearly gray in tone and gives a crisp finish to this stylish. Apply the paint using a heavy nap roller that's designed for masonry and a paint tray. To make sure that all of your crevices are covered, paint those areas using a paintbrush or a sponge. Insider Tips. Featured: Roman Beige Stacked Stone. If you're staining or painting a large area, then protect your floor by laying down a drop cloth

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