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Industry EBITDA Multiples in 2020. Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA), is a key measure of company profitability. Investors use EBITDA to better understand the cash flow of a company, by adding back non-cash expenses to net income The EV/EBITDA NTM ratio is very commonly used for business valuation as it indicates whether a company may be undervalued or overvalued compared to industry peers. The EV/EBITDA NTM ratio is a more precise measure than the P/E ratio because it takes into account both the company pure operational earning measure (EBITDA vs. Net Profit) and a. From our research we found EBITDA multiples in the Consumer Markets sector averaged 12.2 for African transactions compared to 11.2 in the US, representing a 9% premium for African acquisitions. In the Telecommunications sector, African companies were acquired at multiples with an average of 11.2, 6% higher than the average of 10.5 for US. An industry specific 'norm' A multiple of earnings valuation; but in South Africa over the past 4 or 5 years, and for businesses broadly in the R20 to R250m turnover band, it is my experience that this has tended to be in the 5 to 7 range - as long as you have a relatively generic trading business. 24 April 2020. Africa Relief. Nevertheless, understanding industry standards and EBITDA multiples by industry is a solid first step towards learning how much a company is worth. Should you wish to pursue the matter further, you can look into the understanding the functions of different multiples other than the EBITDA. Moreover, you can research different valuation models

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  1. This paper investigates the valuation performance of multiples over various industry classifications when valuing the equity of South African companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.
  2. EBITDA Multiples by Industry Nevertheless, when valuing a business, it is essential to consider the effect on EBITDA multiples of the industry in which the business operates. For most businesses with EBITDA of $1,000,000 - $10,000,000, the EBITDA multiple will be in the general range of 4.0x to 6.5x, increasing as EBITDA increases
  3. ed by an industry benchmark (which increases or decreases based on the underlying assets in your business - some of these assets are tangible.
  4. Enterprise Value Multiples by Sector (US) Data Used: Multiple data services. Date of Analysis: on which companies are included in each industry Only positive EBITDA firms: All firms: Industry Name: Number of firms: EV/EBITDAR&D: EV/EBITDA: EV/EBIT: EV/EBIT (1-t) EV/EBITDAR&D: EV/EBITDA: EV/EBIT: EV/EBIT (1-t) Advertising: 61: 8.69: 8.86: 16.
  5. EBITDA Multiples By Industry. As noted above, EBITDA multiples vary for different industries and differently-sized companies. The size of the subject company, its profitability, its growth prospects, and the industry within which it operates will have an impact on its EBITDA multiple
  6. es the value of a subject company by benchmarking the subject's financial performance against similar public companies (Peer Group). We can deduce if a company is undervalued or overvalued relative to its peers by comparing metrics like growth, profit margin

Average EV/EBITDA multiple is 13.9x and the median EV/EBITDA multiple is 13.8x. Average price-to-sales multiple is 2.1x and the median price-to-sales multiple is 1.7x. The more technical, precise and skilled the manufacturing industry, the higher the EV/EBITDA multiple Over the years, valuation experts have distinguished patterns in the selling price of businesses and financial ration of relevant groups. These patterns, industry specific multiples, determine the current value of a company. Industry specific multiples are the techniques that demonstrat According to the Quarterly employment statistics (QES) survey released by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA), the formal non-agricultural sector shed 648 000 jobs in the second quarter of 2020. This brings the total number of persons employed in the formal non-agricultural sector in South Africa to 9,5 million Market Check! - EV/EBITDA multiple trends by sector Market Check! - EV/EBITDA multiple trends by sector Looking at six sectors ranging from hardware centric to software centric, this section provides fixed-point observation data for the market multiples of major markets in Japan, the US, and China However, funds raised specifically for investment in South Africa, per the SAVCA 2020 Private Equity Industry Survey, fell approximately 48% from ZAR 7.1bn in 2018 to ZAR 3.7bn in 2019

Published by Statista Research Department, Nov 25, 2020 Worldwide, the average value of enterprise value to earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EV/EBITDA) in the health &.. 3 EV = enterprise value; EBITDA = earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization. Based on EV and analysts' consensus EBITDA estimate as of June 7, 2019. Source: S&P Capital IQ; McKinsey analysis Industry example: Multiples used in packaged food and meat1 Median ROIC,2 2019, % EV/EBITDA3 EV/EBITDA3 Median revenue growth, 2019. We are pleased to launch the 11th edition of our quarterly report, Industry Multiples in India. This report provides an overview of trading multiples for various key industries in India as of June 30, 2020, using constituents* forming part of S&P BSE 500, S&P BSE LargeCap, S&P BSE MidCap and S&P BSE SmallCap indices

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EV/EBITDA in the retail & trade sector worldwide 2019-2021, by industry ROE in the retail and trade sector in Europe 2019-2021, by industry Sales share of the leading baby wipes vendors in the U.S. This resulted in PE deal multiples growing to 8x Enterprise Value (EV)/EBITDA in sub-Saharan Africa, says Head of Independent Valuations at RisCura, Heleen Goussard. Listed equity markets in Africa, on the other hand, have presented a less encouraging trend. Most of these markets have experienced falling EV/EBITDA multiples well into 2017 US Revenue and EBITDA in 2021 are higher - For American tech companies, revenue and EBITDA multiples both are higher in 2021 with average revenue multiple of 6.1x in 2021 compared to 5.1x in 2020, and average EBITDA multiple of 29.3x compared to 24.7x. This could be just a coincidence, but one explanation could be that post-Covid lockdowns. Transaction Multiples. While enterprise value to EBITDA multiples for listed companies in Africa have steadily decreased from nearly 10x in the first quarter of 2014 to less than 8x in the second quarter of 2017, multiples on private equity transactions have followed the opposite path Both South Africa and Southern Africa excluding South Africa have trended downward in 2015, by 19% and 14% respectively, on the back of lower growth expectations for the region. Francophone West Africa (the BRVM) has been an interesting case in 2015. This is a small sample of stocks, most of which are based in Côte d'Ivoire. Ther

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Business Valuation Multiples by Industry & Selling Tips Whether you are thinking of possibly selling your business and want to know how to maximize its value, or if you just want to know how much your business is worth, it's important to understand that many different factors go into business valuations and that these factors vary. Hospitality outlook: 2019-2023 9th Annual edition: Unparalleled experience PwC's team of hotel specialists provide an unbiased overview of how the hotel industry in South Africa, Nigeria, Mauritius, Kenya, Namibia and Tanzania is expected to develop over the coming years

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  1. g Industry Ebitda grew by 81.18 % in 1 Q 2021 sequntially, while Revenue increased by 4.36 %, this led to improvement in Casinos & Ga
  2. Bonhoeffer's largest country exposures include: South Korea, Italy, South Africa, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, and Philippines. The largest industry exposures include: distribution, consumer products, telecom, and transaction processing. Since my last letter, we have added to one position in the US pipeline space
  3. Luxury polishes itself during full M&A wave. In a year characterised by the sale of groups such as Versace or partnerships such as Chanel and Fartetch's, the average valuations of luxury fashion groups reaches13.2 times their ebitda, ahead of the multiples of 12.2 from last year and 10 in 2016
  4. So it could happen that in your industry sector one valuation multiple, e.g. the one based on EBITDA, shows a 'skinny' bell curve with business values clustering tightly around the average. In contrast, the business value to gross revenue multiple could generate value estimates all over the map
  5. MTN has published a trading update for the quarter ended 30 September 2020, reflecting significant subscriber growth in South Africa. MTN South Africa's total subscribers increased by 1.9.

Gross Income Based: Net Income Based : Industry Name: Number of firms: Gross Margin: Net Margin: Pre-tax, Pre-stock compensation Operating Margi EBITDA margin = EBITDA / Total revenue For example, let's say company A has an EBITDA of $500,000 along with a total revenue of $5 million. The total EBITDA margin will be around 10%

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  1. For example, Wal-Mart Inc.'s EBITDA for the fiscal year 2020, was $31.55 billion. Its enterprise value was $445.77 billion during this period. This works out to an EBITDA/EV multiple of 0.07077 or.
  2. Median valuation multiples for this group increased by 6.2% per year, as investors gained greater confidence in their prospects. The magnitude of the multiple uplift is noteworthy because it corresponds to a 35% uplift of the EV/EBITDA multiple over five years
  3. EBITDA attempts to take certain variables such as accounting and tax strategy, as well as whether a business is financed with debt or equity, out of the equation. This is intended to standardize a company's earnings number, which can then be used to create an EBITDA multiple off of which to base the sale price of the business. EBITDA Drawback
  4. g revenue in South Africa. The coronavirus pandemic has intensified the demand for fresh fruit and vegetables, and the agricultural sector.

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  1. Multiples fall in 1Q 2019. EBITDA multiples across all industries were highest over a five-year period in the third quarter of 2017, at 4.8x. In the second quarter of 2018, these multiples fell to 3.1x—the lowest levels since the third quarter of 2013
  2. EBITDA multiples are declining. While EBITDA multiples across all industries were highest over a five-year period in the third quarter of 2017, at 4.7x, in the second quarter of 2018, these multiples plummeted to 2.8x—the lowest level over the same five-year period
  3. Valuation multiples. A valuation multiple is simply an expression of market value of an asset relative to a key statistic that is assumed to relate to that value. To be useful, that statistic - whether earnings, cash flow or some other measure - must bear a logical relationship to the market value observed; to be seen, in fact, as the driver of that market value

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Taking into account the Earn-Out Consideration, the EV/EBITDA multiple will -depending on KingsIsles growth in 2021- be within a range of 5.8x - 7.3x. This assessment is based on higher revenues also generating an increased EBITDA and includes the incremental EBITDA that may occur from a higher revenue base should an earn out become payable Chevron EBITDA for the twelve months ending March 31, 2021 was $12.752B, a 64.13% decline year-over-year. Chevron 2020 annual EBITDA was $12.752B, a 64.13% decline from 2019. Chevron 2019 annual EBITDA was $35.552B, a 12.74% decline from 2018. Chevron 2018 annual EBITDA was $40.742B, a 41.09% increase from 2017 For emerging markets worldwide, the average value of enterprise value to earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EV/EBITDA) in the energy & environmental services sector as of 2021 was a multiple of approximately 11.6x In Q1 2020, average multiples paid in PE-backed transactions throughout Europe remained broadly flat when compared with the previous quarter and the same quarter in 2019. For the third quarter in a row, the Nordic region saw the highest average multiples despite a 3% reduction versus the previous quarter and the same quarter in 2019

Impact of roaming on EBITDA (ZAR mln) H1 2020 H1 2019 2020 Results Half Year Summary of reported financial information 20 Notes & Comments Interim Results Presentation Depreciation, Amortisation & Impairment Depreciation, Amortisation Impairment 1 418 5 092 1 249 94-14% >-100% (6 512) (1 344) >-100% Cash EBITDA 511 93 450 John Menzies plc, the holding company of Menzies Aviation, provides services in more than 30 countries. A great under-the-radar opportunity as market valuation is affected by the pandemic

Mark Darley, head of the European law banking practice at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, raised some hearty laughs at Xtract Research's European Covenant Trends event this year with his paraphrase of the opening to Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities: It was the best of terms, it was the worst of terms, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness The median EV/EBITDA of the Nigerian market was up 24% from Dec14, reaching 7.67x at the end of 2015. Both South Africa and Southern Africa excluding South Africa have trended downward in 2015, by 19% and 14% respectively, on the back of lower growth expectations for the region. Francophone West Africa (the BRVM) has been an interesting case in. South African Pharmaceutical Industry Analysis with Profiles of 122 Local and International Companies Including Sanofi, Aspen and Adcock Ingram Read full article February 2, 2021, 5:00 AM · 6 min.

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  1. However, industry-wide competition in the M&A market can increase multiple averages. In 2011, the healthcare M&A market reached the highest level of deal making since 2007, with 90 deals targeting.
  2. Domtar ebitda from 2006 to 2020. Ebitda can be defined as earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization
  3. Duff & Phelps' Industry Multiples India Report - Seventh Edition provides trading multiples for various key industries in India as of March 31, 2019. Our report provides a detailed overview of the P/B, P/E, EV/ EBITDA and EV/Sales multiples of companies in the S&P BSE 500 Index across 22 major industries for which such data is available
  4. The following graph shows the MVIC-to-EBITDA multiples for the latest 12 (twelve) months (LTM) for the Industry Group. As illustrated, the current average valuation for large public insurance brokers is approximately 10 times EBITDA. However, the range varies from a low of 7 times EBITDA to a high of roughly 14 times EBITDA
  5. [2]The multiples provided below reflect Enterprise Value as a multiple of latest twelve-month normalized EBITDA. [3]It should be noted that market multiples tend to change over time due to several factors, including investor sentiment towards a particular industry. [4]Profitability refers to both the amount and the rate of profitability
  6. *Financials are as of January 8, 2021. Trading multiples are based on share price and other market data listed as of January 8, 2021, and broker consensus future earnings estimates from Bloomberg as of January 8, 2021. Market Enterprise 2020E 2020E EBITDA 2020E ‒ 2021E Growth EV/Revenue EV/EBITDA (in USD millions) Headquarter

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To put multiple growth over the decade in context, an investor in 2020 paid at least 30 to 40 percent more than would have been necessary a decade ago to acquire the same Ebitda (depending on. EBITDA is a starting point in valuation, not an end. From EBITDA, you have to deduct all cash outlays. So, let us say you add R&D to EBITDA b/c it was capitalized. Now, for future cash flow, you should deduct future R&D. I R&D is not required going forward, or not at the same level, addition of R&D to EBITDA truly increases EBITDA in South Africa 50% stake in Oxochimie Functional Polyolefins business 2 €4.4b Acquisitions1 €2.2b Divestments1 Sunke Bostik XL Brands ArrMaz Prochimir Lambson LIP 3 7.6x Average EV/EBITDA multiple after synergies and growth (vs. 9.4x at acquisition) 8.6x Average EV/EBITDA multiple of assets sold (excluding vinyls Debt/EBITDA ratio is the comparison of financial borrowings and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization. This is a very commonly used metric for estimating the business valuations. It is a good determinant of financial health and liquidity position of an entity

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The chart below shows their financial performance over the last few years, with forecasted 2012 revenue of $767M and EBITDA of $339M. market cap is 6x revenue and 13x EBITDA, so not insane multiples on a comparable basis. Scaling is hard Key View: Shoprite's 2020 financial results indicate that the retailer continues to generate revenue growth, despite external factors, such as Covid-19 related restrictions and currency devaluations weighing on its operations.The retailers continue to gain market share in its core South Africa market, through its competitive pricing model and its large network of stores And in fact, the core portfolio generated the lion share of the total positive 2020 hotel EBITDA of $22 million. Chris Woronka -- Deutsche Bank -- Analyst Okay

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Africa Report 2020; US Mid-Market 2020; and use the EBITDA multiple as a secondary tool, says Charles Sapnas, managing director of Valuation Research. The more adjustments you have to make, the more questionable it is that historical EBITDA is the best valuation metric. Get limited access to our industry news, analysis and data. Sasol Ltd Background Sasol Limited is a global integrated chemicals and energy company. The company was formed in 1950 in Sasolburg and built on processes that were first developed by German chemists and engineers in the early 1900s. Today, Sasol develops and commercializes technologies, including synthetic fuels technologies, and produces different liquid fuels, chemicals and electricity

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Analysts have the company trading at an enterprise value to EBITDA multiple of 12.8 times in 2022, when the Carrier 700 plan ends. That's a good value for a company with high-single-digit earnings. The transaction ultimately commanded an EBITDA multiple of about 15x, suggesting a deal valued in the ballpark of $750 million, based upon the approximately $50 million in EBITDA that sponsors. First quarter net income of $8.8 million First quarter adjusted EBITDA of $26.8 million First quarter awards of $90.3 million resulting in 42% bid market share HOUSTON, May 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation (Nasdaq:GLDD), the largest provider of dredging services in the United States, today reported financial. Air Canada today reported first quarter 2021 financial results: Operating revenues of $729 million, a decline of $2.993 billion or 80 per cent from the first quarter of 2020. Negative EBITDA (1) (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization), excluding special items, of $763 million compared to EBITDA of $71 million in the same quarter of 2020

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EBITDA of $3.2bn in 1Q 2021, 88% higher than 4Q 2020 EBITDA of $1.7bn (vs. $1.0bn in 1Q 2020), represents the strongest quarter in a decadeShare of JV and associates net income of $0.5bn19. Debt/EBITDA 30 Jun 2020 31 Dec 2020 31 Dec 2020 1.x 1.x 2.4x 5.2x 5.1x 7.0 4.3 7.0 EV/EBITDA NAVPS based Share price based Financial and operational highlights for the six months ended 31 December 2020 Performance of underlying Portfolio Companies remains constrained by the COVID pandemic South Africa Rest of sub-Saharan Africa 5 36 6 22x. 2020 EBITDA margin Industry-leading profitability Net debt to EBITDA ratio of 4.8x at 31 December 2020 Proposed FY20 dividend of €0.50 per share South Africa Multiple alcohol bans impacted performance, though underlying consumer demand remains strong Chin

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This is understandable because there is widespread reporting of EBITDA multiples - its quarterly trends, averages by industry, midpoints based on transaction size, etc. But, when using reported EBITDA multiples, Mark Twain's words, There are three kinds of lies - lies, damn lies and statistics, ring very true SES made €1.876 billion in revenue and €208 million in adjusted net profit in 2020, a 5% and 47% dip from 2019 figures The accounting changes will present challenges to the valuation industry. Below are seven areas that will need to be potentially navigated. From the adoption date onwards, reported EBITDA and EBIT multiples will be impacted by the change in the way EBITDA and EBIT is calculated Top insights for Packaging Markets: The global packaging industry is expected to cross over US$ 1 Trillion by 2020 which is driven by growth of emerging industry consumers looking for safety and convenience of packaged goods, as well as consumer expectations in developed industry for safety, portability, convenience, and product freshness

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EXHIBIT 4 Navios Maritime Partners L.P. Reconciliation of EBITDA and Adjusted EBITDA to Cash from Operations Three MonthPeriod EndedMarch 31, 2021($ '000)(unaudited) Three MonthPeriod EndedMarch 31, 2020($ '000)(unaudited)Net cash provided by operating activities$16,177 $20,937 Net increase/ (decrease) in operating assets 16,975 (8,246)Net. South African conglomerate the Bidvest Group announced a solid set of numbers for its half-year to 31 December 2020, declaring an interim dividend of 290 cents per ordinary share. This is positive news for all South African incorporated businesses, given Bidvest's broad exposure to the South African consumer through a number of controlling stakes in businesses spanning over multiple industries

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Target Areas: European Union, BRICS countries (emerging markets Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) Business Review Established in the mid 90's, this is a European leading company in the design, prototyping and production of structural parts and components in carbon fibre and advanced composite materials The fashion industry ended three consecutive years with multiples above 9x, according to the reports Mergers and Acquisitions in the Consumer Goods Industry 2018, elaborated by EY. An annual maximum was reached in 2015, with an average valuation of 17.1 times Ebitda

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EV-to-EBITDA is a valuation multiple used in finance and investment to measure the value of a company. This important multiple is often used in conjunction with, or as an alternative to, the PE Ratio to determine the fair market value of a company.. As of today (2021-05-03), Exxaro Resources's stock price is ZAR152.50.Exxaro Resources's Earnings per Share (Diluted) for the trailing twelve. Deals levered by at least 6x EBITDA have increased more than five-fold since 2012, while even riskier deals of 7x or more have also increased three-fold as a proportion of all leveraged buyouts. These high levels of leverage may give investors pause for thought about the risks they could be taking on with mid-market lending In terms of valuation, Altron is on a trailing dividend yield of 3.2% and forward price-earnings multiple of 11.9 times. We believe that this company should be afforded some franchise value, given.

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