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Calculating propane gas consumption is based on the burner size. For example, if a burner uses 22,875 BTU per hour, it will last 4 hours on a gallon of propane, which contains 91,502 BTU. You simply divide the energy content of the propane by the burner consumption: 91,502 ÷ 22,875 = Given that an average gas oven uses around 12 megajoules (mJ) of gas an hour, you can expect to pay around 65c per hour of cooking. This is of course based on several factors, which are: How much your supplier charges for gas The actual power of your oven

A natural gas burner rated at 40,000 BTUs per hour divided by 1,000 BTUs per cubic foot uses approximately 40 cubic feet of natural gas in one hour As of January 2013, the average price per therm of natural gas in California is $0.93, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Assuming you use your 18,000 BTU oven for one hour.. If you divide that 91,502 BTU by the BTU per hour rating of your range, you will be able to determine how many hours that gallon of propane will last. According to this formula, a 23,700 BTU heater would last for 3.86 hours (calculated by dividing 91,502 by 23,700) Gas Oven at 350 degrees = somewhere between 10 and 23 cents/hour, depending on which estimations you use! Gas range 9,500 BTU burner (standard size) = 8.6 cents/hour I wonder what this translates into for simmer? I'm guessing 3-5 cents/hour Furnace numbers are based on an average gas furnace with a 92 percent efficiency rating. Pool heater numbers are based on using 300,000 Btu/hr over 120 hours of annual operation. Gas fireplace numbers are based on burning gas logs (as opposed to using a gas-starter fireplace) at 60,000 Btu/hr over 120 hours of annual operation

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Example for a Fire Deck WS-FD-9660-RFG-LR-IR oven on natural gas at a maximum of 350,000 BTU/hr (2.25 therms/hr) running 14 hours per day, with a temperature range of 550-600 °F (285-315 °C): 350,000 BTU/hr (3.5 therms/hr) for 2.5 hours = 875,000 BTU (8.75 therms) 175,000 BTU/hr (1.75 therms/hr) for 11.5 hours =2,012,500 BTU (20.13 therms I have a gas top/electric oven, the top is what really draws current so it makes sense to have that as gas. A 14kg bottle lasts me around 14-16 months. DA-LION-61 Gas cooktop/range - 65,000 BTU/hour or 5 to 10 gallons per month Tankless water heater - 40,000 BTU/hour or 1.5 gallons per day Gas clothes dryer - 35,000 BTU/hr or less than one gallon per da

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  1. Oven type: Average Energy Consumption per use* Cost per use at current prices: Estimated annual running cost (223 uses per year) Gas: 1.52 kWh £ 0.059 (0.3kg) £ 13.219 (71.2kg) Electric: 1.09 kWh £ 0.204 (0.4kg) £ 45.454 (89.2kg) *Defra Policy Brief: Improving the energy performance of domestic cooking products July 200
  2. g (5.68¢ per kWh) Idaho (5.70¢ per kWh) OnOn average, electricity prices are highest in Hawaii, mainly because most of the electricity there is generated with fuel oil
  3. : $0.02 per 5
  4. Gas consumption: 185/9.8 kWh/m 3 = 18.9 m 3 / hour per burner (average) Gas/air volume required per burner: 18.9m 3 gas + 301m 3 air = 319.9m 3 . Assume that the volume of combustion air drawn in by the burners is exhausted through the burner flues. Estimated average temperature of flue gases: 200 o C. Gas / air weight at 200 o C per burner.
  5. e the actual cost, you must multiply the consumption by the cost for the energy used in the oven. The cost for energy varies widely in different regions. It was an average of about $2.80 per million Btu the week ending August 15, 2012

Many cooktops range from about 1,200 watts for the smallest burners to 3,000 watts for the largest, which will cost you roughly 14 cents and 36 cents per hour, respectively. But even if you know the exact wattages of your oven and each of your burners, this breakdown is a simplification Oven - £0.30p per hour. A fan-assisted oven uses around 2.5kWh per hour, which amounts to £0.30p. Therefore, a two-hour slow roast would cost you around £0.60p. This is considerably more than a microwave, which is faster and cheaper to run. Fridge-freezer - £0.12 per da

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  1. That is why we have decided to create this list of rough estimates of wattage consumption of the most common household appliances that people want to keep running at all costs. We hope these tables & charts will help you to better estimate how big and powerful generator you will need as a backup source of power
  2. Ovens use 1000 to 5000 watts, with an average modern oven using around 2400 watts on medium to high heat. Click calculate to find the energy consumption of an Oven using 2400 Watts for 1 hour a day @ $0.10 per kWh
  3. Once you know the BTUs of your fireplace and your fuel type, it's fairly easy to calculate the cost of operation. Let's say you have a 40,000 BTU natural gas fireplace, and your gas rate is $1.20 per therm (one therm is equal to 100,000 BTUs). Here's how you calculate the cost per hour: (40,000 x 1.20)/100,000 = .48, or 48 cents per hour

Based on the other models' performance and fuel consumption specs, we can make guess about these engine's fuel consumption; it may be somewhere around 12-13 gallons per hour at full speed. Again, these are just estimated numbers, but as soon as real test results are available, we will update this post immediately At the average price of $0.164 per kWh of electricity in California as of January 2013, a 1,500 watt oven costs $0.25 to operate for one hour each day. This equates to an annual operating cost of $89.80 To calculate a gas powder coating ovens operating cost you can take the btu's of the oven and divide by 100,000 which will provide the therms per hour the oven would consume. You can then multiply this by the cost of a therm of natural gas for your market Sea-Doo, WaveRunner and Jet Ski fuel consumption specs. There are currently 51 watercraft models available in the market including the Sea-Doo, Kawasaki Jet Ski, Yamaha WaveRunner and Krash PWCs.. All their models arrive with different engines, different gas tank sizes and varying fuel consumption specs. Along with other factors of its maintenance, the time for which a model is in also plays.

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A small piston-powered helicopter normally uses between 6-16 gallons of fuel per hour. Larger turbine-powered helicopters can use anywhere between 20 to several hundreds of gallons of fuel per hour. Moreover, helicopters use more fuel when hovering than in cruise. The helicopter with the highest fuel consumption is the MIL MI-26 Fuel Consumption rate: A well-maintained four-stroke gasoline engine consumes about 0.5 pounds of fuel per hour per every unit of horsepower. Similarly, a well-looked after diesel engine consumes about 0.4 pounds of fuel per hour per unit of horsepower. In short: Diesel Engines Consumes 0.40 lb per Unit of Horsepower Gas Ovens and Stove gas consumption rates: A residential gas range can burn about 65,000 BTUs per hour (BTUH), while the oven may consume about 25,000 BTUH. Gas -fired residential water heater gas consumption rate: A typical residential water heater used to produce domestic hot water consumes about 45,000 BTUH for a 30 to 40 gallon water heater To calculate LPG - Propane consumption per hour for your gas appliance requires just simple arithmetic. You take the MJ/hr or BTU/hr ratings from the manufacturer and divide it by the relevant value in the chart above. Example #1: A 25MJ Heate

New equipment for natural gas will have a BTU per hour rating. As an example, let's assume you are planning to replace a steam unit heater with a new gas fired unit rated at 100,000 BTU/HR. CFH = BTUH X 1000 Where CFH = Cubic per hour ♦ 25 MJ Gas Fireplace used for 3 hours per day = a 45kg gas bottle (45 kg LPG cylinder) lasts 29 days Assuming it is a 14.2kg cooking gas bottle, it would last from about 9 days to 81 days, depending upon burner size and amount of use. If you use a small 5MJ burner for 30 minutes per day, the gas bottle will last 81 days

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  1. For example, a gas heater with an input of 25 MJ/h will consume 25 MJs in one hour. If you see a gas appliance described in terms of just megajoules, you can safely assume it means its consumption in MJ/h
  2. s.Then again weigh the cylinder.The..
  3. The cost of operation is considered a secondary factor when buying or renting heavy equipment, this will be directly linked to the amount of fuel consumed by the vehicle in a given period of time. Through a simple operation, it can be established that: The total cost in fuel per hour = [Fuel consumption per hour ] x [Fuel price]. The previous operation gives us the specific picture in relation.
  4. For years, we computed outboard gas consumption easily. While there were a few differences, most outboards burned gas according to the following formula: Gas consumption per hour= horsepower/10 A 40 hp motor would burn 4 gallons per hour
  5. In California, natural gas costs $9.20 per thousand cubic feet, or 90 cents per therm, according to the EIA. At this price it would cost $10.98 to generate 1 million Btu of heat using an 82.
  6. One important factor for me when I am looking for a new boat is the fuel economy. Some might argue that if you have to ask you can't afford it and while that might be true with the cost of marine fuel and the low fuel economy of boating that can add up quickly.. So I have decided to create a user-submitted database of boats and their fuel economy

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  1. Diesel engine power to Fuel Consumption table - Table based on fuel consumed at 240 g/kW hour. Power Unit. Fuel Consumption per hour; Naturally aspirated Engines. Approximate guide only, subject to change without notice. BDC for engine manuals and specs https://barringtondieselclub.co.za
  2. To help you compare vehicles from different model years, fuel consumption ratings for 1995 to 2014 vehicles have been adjusted to reflect 5-cycle testing. Note that these are approximate values that were generated from the original ratings, not from vehicle testing
  3. All I am looking for is a general range for fuel consumption. Like 3-8 gallons per hour during normal working conditions. Or hour 3-9 miles per hour during normal working conditions Please don't call me
  4. Jet Advisors provides information on Bombardier Challenger 604 performance ranges, takeoff distance, and airport performance
  5. Note the relationship between gallons and pounds varies depending on the type of fuel and also depending on the temperature and pressure conditions. For the chart below we've used a fuel density of 6.7 lb per US gallon (= 0.803 kg/l). Table showing approximate fuel burn range by class of aircraft
  6. ute SCFM - std. cu-ft/
  7. Since the Skylane has a fuel capacity of 88 US GAL (including 10% in reserve -- Don't forget to subtract the 10% before figuring your consumption.), how many gallons of fuel per hour does it use? You are flying a Cessna Skylane at a speed of 120 KTS

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The fuel economy in aircraft is the measure of the transport energy efficiency of aircraft. Efficiency is increased with better aerodynamics and by reducing weight, and with improved engine BSFC and propulsive efficiency or TSFC. Endurance and range can be maximized with the optimum airspeed, and economy is better at higher altitudes.An airline efficiency depends on its fleet fuel burn. Idaho has the lowest price. About 8 cents per kilowatt-hour. To see the price per kilowatt-hour of your state, check the list here. The electricity usage of an induction cooktop using, say, 1500W for two hours every day at 10 cents KWH would give 0.1500 as cost per hour, 0.3000 as cost per day, 109.51 as cost per year and 3kwh per day

Boat-Fuel-Economy | Sea Ray Fuel Consumption | US Gallons, Imp. Gallons & Liters per hour | Models : Sundancer 230 - 240 - 250 - 255 - 260 - 265 - 270 - 280 - 290 - 300 - 305 - 310 - 320 - 330 - 340 - 350 - 355 - 370 - 390 - 410 - 420 - 450 - 460 - 470 - 500 - Sedan Bridge | mpg calculator - Sport 190 - 205 - SLX 210 - 230 - 250 - 270 - 300 - Sundeck 220 - 240 - 260 - 280 - Bow Rider 160 - 175. AGA running costs depend upon the model that you own, the fuel supply you use and how you use your cooker. The Everyday Radiant Heat range of AGA cookers, which includes the AGA eR3 Series and the AGA eR7 Series, are much more controllable and are designed to be switched on and off as required. These newer models can run from as little as £11.48 per week Formula To Estimate Maximum Engine Fuel Consumption Gallon Per Hour (GPH) = (specific fuel consumption x HP)/Fuel Specific Weight Constants Gas Diesel SFC .50 lb. per HP .40 lb. per HP FSW 6.1 lb. per gal. 7.2 lb per gal. 300-hp Diesel Engine Example GPH = (0.4 x 300)/ 7.2 = 105/7.2 = 16.6 GPH. 300-hp Gasoline Engine Exampl Embraer Phenom 100 Fuel Burn / Phenom 100 Fuel Consumption: 0.28 Gallons Per Nautical Mile (gal/nm) or 3.58 Nautical Miles Per Gallon (nm/gal) Embraer Phenom 100 Fuel Cost Per Hour: $560 per hour at $5.00 Gallon for JetA Fuel; Embraer Phenom 100 Cost Per Hour: $560 Fuel + $70 Maintenance = $630 per hour (not including other costs)

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9 gallons per hour or less: 34.1 liters per hour or less: EC480E. 10.5 gallons per hour or less. 39.7 liters per hour or less. EC750E : 15.4 gallons per hour or less: 58.3 liters per hour or less : L150H. 4 gallons per hour or less. 15.4 liters per hour or less. L180H. 5 gallons per hour or less. 18.9 liters per hour or less. L220H. 6 gallons. The 737-800 burns roughly 2500 kg/h according to this list: Fuel consumption table On a 2 hour flight, I expect it to burn around 5000 kg or 11000 lbs (it burns a lot on takeoff and climb but that burn is offset by reduced burn rates on descent) A typical mission profile would include a gross weight of 45,000 pounds, fuel consumption of 2,400 pounds per hour (roughly 358 gallons), and 6,000 pounds (roughly 895 gallons) of fuel available at..

Let's say you have a gas boiler, and use 10,000 kWh of energy on heating per year. Your unit rate is 3.8p. 10,000 multiplied by 0.038 is 380 - so £380 is how much your heating has cost you across the year. Electric central heating cost per hour and per year in the U Well Joe, I have always heard people mention that houseboats get @ 1/2 to 1 mile per gallon (MPG). To give you some of our real life gallon per hour numbers, a 45 foot aluminum barge style houseboat with a single 3.0 Liter 4 cylinder gas engine, and it would burn @ 2 gallons per hour (GPH), and do @ 6-7 knots (7-8 MPH), running at @ 2500 RPM Fuel Consumption for Different Sizes. We measure fuel consumption in Gallons Per Hour (GPH), because the time the engine is running is the only fixed variable here. The distance you cover isn't fixed at all. Most sailboats cruise at a speed of 4 - 8 knots under engine. So the range on one hour of motoring can be anywhere from 4 - 8 nautical miles Slowing the Fleming down to 8 knots reduces the fuel consumption considerably, cutting fuel burn by almost half. And that is with twin engines running. Similarly, a Grand Banks 42 Classic with twin 210 hp diesels uses 14 gallons per hour at 11 knots. Reducing the speed of the GB42 to 9 knots cuts fuel consumption down to 6 gallons per hour HondaJet Range and HondaJet Fuel Consumption. The Hondajet range is 1,180 nautical miles (1,358 statute miles) under IFR flight rules. The HondaJet Range is not final at this point beacuse the HondaJet is in flight testing. The Honda Aircraft Company is currently preparing the HondaJet for it's first delivery, scheduled in 2012

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Uswitch research using a smart meter indicates that a microwave costs 21p per hour of use. oven costing 18p per hour of use. because it will help lower your fuel consumption and keep your. Takeoff at Sea Level, feet: 5,910: Takeoff at 5000′ 25°C, feet: 9,070: Landing Distance, feet: 2,240: Certified Ceilings, feet: 51,000: Fuel Consumption, gallons.

Said another way, we know for each horsepower our gas engine creates we will need .50 lbs of fuel per hour. Expressed as a formula it looks like this: Given Horsepower x .50 lb fuel/hp = lbs of fuel for given horsepower. To calculate Fuel Consumption for a 400 hp Gas engine with a BSFC of .50 lbs/hp/hr: 400 hp x .50 = 200 lbs/h Many boaters know that throttling back can save fuel. Below are numbers to show the savings possible through careful handling. To determine an average fuel usage at gallons per hour (gph), divide horsepower by 10. Therefore, a boater with a four-stroke, 250-hp marine outboard engine running at full throttle, or about 6,100 rpm, is using 25 gph A microwave oven is a very useful appliance used to boiling water or milk ,cooking food,heating food in a short of period time using electromagnetic radiation microwave oven use between 500 and 2500 watts of power, with an average microwave using 1200 watts but it's depends on the size of the microwave oven and model. click the calculate button. for calculating Electricity cost per day, per. Boosted small-block Ford: 800 × 0.55; 440 lbs/hr; Naturally aspirated LSX: 800 × 0.45; 360 lbs/hr; According to our calculations, the turbocharged small-block Ford will require a minimum of at least 440 pounds of fuel per hour, and the all-motor LSX will need 360 pounds of fuel per hour. Despite having the same horsepower goal, notice how each engine requires a different mass of fuel to get.

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  1. The following table compares official EPA ratings for fuel economy (miles per gallon gasoline equivalent, mpg-e, for plug-in electric vehicles) for series production all-electric passenger vehicles rated by the EPA as of November 2016, versus EPA rated most fuel economic plug-in hybrid with long distance range (Chevrolet Volt - second generation), gasoline-electric hybrid car (Toyota Prius.
  2. Perhaps the most foolish thing people don't look at when purchasing a powder coating oven is the operational costs. I've seen people buy an oven that costs $40 per hour to run over an oven that costs $5 per hour to run because there was a $1,500 difference in price cost. It takes less than a month to make up the difference
  3. I am trying to figure out the fuel consumption per hour on a Shindaiwa DGK100B 100KVA deisel generator, supplying 54kw of 3-phase power per hour. The 54kw would be the peak draw at any one time. Thank read mor
  4. So curiosity is growing about PWC fuel economy, jet ski fuel efficiency and range while riding Sea-Doo watercraft. I'm no rocket scientist. But I do a lot of Sea-Doo riding and have a pretty good sense of how far I can jet ski on a tank of gas. Also, what that PWC fuel consumption will cost me on a Sea Doo tour
  5. For gas ranges, the rate of energy use is assumed to be 0.09 therms/hour and pilot light consumption is 17 therms/year (PG&E 1995). The default usage is 1 hour per day for both electric and gas ranges. Users are able to alter the inputs for stoves and ovens only in the detailed inputs model

The oven is the most commonly-used appliance because of its versatility - it will usually include hobs to fry or boil food, a grill and an oven. However, Uswitch research indicated that there is.. Gallons per hour can be helpful when calculating range and determining whether you have enough fuel to get to your destination. If you are consuming 20 GPH and you will be running for five more hours, then you know you will burn 100 gallons of fuel before arriving Please note that some homes have different gas tariffs. 3. You can now calculate the cost of running your gas fire or stove per hour. Please have a look at the calculation provided: Appliance Input Rating (kW/hr) x Gas Price per kW= Cost per hour. 4. Once you have determined the running cost per hour of your gas appliance

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It all depends to on the grass your cutting. You can do the math on your own machines. But on my ZTR my little husqvarma with a 21kawi and under normal conditions I'm using a half a gallon an hour. With my dixon kodiak its alittle bigger and has the same kawi under normal cutting uses a little less than a gallon an hour 0.24 kW/h (3.6p per hour / £0.86 per day) 15p / kWh: Hotcupboard for 7 Series (and Dual / Total Control) Five Oven Models: Slow-cooking and plate-warming ovens: 0.32 kW/h (4.8p per hour / £1.15 per day) 15p / kWh: AGA 60 and eR3 Series: Cost per Week: Heat to room: Cost per unit: AGA eR3 Series and AGA 60 (both cast-iron ovens on full) £12. For Aga range cookers with boilers then oil consumption appears to jump to around 3120 litres per year or £1488 per year. With servicing a total of £1688 can be assumed. In addition to these direct costs there is the maintenance of the flue, oil lines and oil tank

Knowing the maximum range and weight of the aircraft, it is easy to calculate the fuel consumption of A350-1000 and 787-10. For the A350-100, this is approximately 6400 kg / h for 787-10 about 5700 kg / h in normal operation for long haul Energy consumption calculator. kWh calculator. Energy consumption calculation. The energy E in kilowatt-hours (kWh) per day is equal to the power P in watts (W) times number of usage hours per day t divided by 1000 watts per kilowatt

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As you know your vessel's fuel consumption and its fuel capacity, you will be able to calculate the vessel's range. First, you should be aware of the standard maritime measurements. 236 1 nautical mile (nm) 1 knot = Example 1.852 kilometres 1 nautical mile per hour If your vessel has a fuel consumption of 12 litres/hour at 7 knots and a fue 45 lbs/hr According to our work — running on pump gas — the turbocharged small-block Ford will need a minimum injector size of 55 pounds of fuel per hour, and the LSX will need at least 45 pounds of fuel per hour of fuel flow Standard gas convection ovens have a 30 percent cooking energy efficiency and an idle energy rate of 18,000 Btu/h, whereas ENERGY STAR certified gas convection ovens must meet the specification requirements of 44 percent cooking energy efficiency and idle energy rate of 13,000 Btu/h

Avgas (100-130 or 100-130LL) weight is calculated at 6 pounds per gallon; Jet A at 6.84 pounds per gallon. (The weights are accepted averages based on specific gravity and other variables, such as temperature and additives due to climate. The fuel consumption rate for many makes of Diesel Engines can be found in a range between 0.380 & 0.450 lbs/hp hour; 172 & 181 grams/hp hour; 231 & 243 grams/kW hour. This does not represent a big difference in fuel consumption per power unit between most normal naturally aspirated diesel engines, while turbocharged engines are not. Hauling cargo on your roof increases aerodynamic drag (wind resistance) and lowers fuel economy. A large, blunt roof-top cargo box, for example, can reduce fuel economy by around 2% to 8% in city driving, 6% to 17% on the highway, and 10% to 25% at Interstate speeds (65 mph to 75 mph). 5 Rear-mount cargo boxes or trays reduce fuel economy by much less—only 1% or 2% in city driving and 1% to. I've seen people buy an oven that costs $40 per hour to run over an oven that costs $5 per hour to run because there was a $1,500 difference in price cost. It takes less than a month to make up the difference! The price of a piece of powder coating equipment has very little to do sometimes with the associated value The final figure on your annual energy bill will depend on how much time you spend cooking on your stove, but energy company MGE asserts that you can expect to pay an average of $2.34 per month to run a gas range without a pilot light (based on a gas rate of $1 per therm, or 100,000 BTU), compared to $5.94 per month to run an electric range.

7. Electric Ovens. An average UK household will spend around £46 (317 kWh) per year on a cooker with an electric hob. Electric ovens definitely have benefits including even heating and easy cleaning, but they do tend to cost more to run that gas ovens I forgot to mention we were getting such low consumption figures because we were running at around 1700 RPM and a bit under 5 knots. Our engine was clapped and over heated at 2200. In terms of Miles per litre / gallon there's not much advantage in the low revs. We now have a new engine :- The FS2020 flight planner said that the range should be well enough with a full tank of fuel and even past Hokkaido. Yet I had not even made 80% of the flight I was almost out of fuel. I flew at FL310 so I had to mid-air refuel to make it to Hokkaido. Is the consumption higher in the sim than what the flightplanner range circle say or is it.

Fuel economy is the amount of fuel / gas required to move a car / SUV over a distance.Fuel efficiency is the efficiency of converting energy contained in a carrier (car or SUV) gas /fuel to kinetic energy or work.Fuel / gas efficiency can mean the output one gets for a unit amount of gas input such as miles per gallon or liters per 100 kilometers for an car / SUV (sometimes called fuel. Fuel Consumption (gal L /hour) Fuel Cost Per Hour of Mowing: Total Hours Mowed per Year Annual hours mowed based on 1000 hours per mower (25 wks, 40 hrs) Annual Fuel Expense: Fuel Savings Comparison YEAR 1 YEAR 2 YEAR 3; Diesel v. Gasoline : Diesel v. Propane : Propane v. Gasolin For example, the pilot's operating handbook says that on a standard day at 8,000 feet, the airplane will true at 141 knots on 14.6 gallons per hour at 70-percent power. With 88-gallon (84 usable) wet wings, I plan on six hours to dry tanks; real-world range with no wind is about 600 to 700 nautical miles with reserve and alternate fuel This results in a fuel consumption of 33 passenger-miles per gallon. Small business jets, on the other hand, do not approach this level of fuel economy. The pure jet aircraft is, of course, significantly faster, but on a 500-nm flight, the difference in flight time is on the order of 20-30 minutes

Of the remaining vehicle types listed, the transit bus consumed the most fuel while idling at nearly 1 gallon per hour (gal/hr). The gasoline medium heavy truck category with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 19,700-26,000 lbs. consumed more fuel at idle than the diesel medium heavy truck category at 23,000-33,000 lbs. GVW My last boat was a Ferretti 53 with Cat 3196 engines. I think the Ferretti 53 is heavier than the AZ52 so my figures may be slightly on the pessimistic side but these are the fuel consumption figures I recorded from the engine instrumentation at various speeds. Boat had a clean bottom and was about 50% full of fuel and wate

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Aviation that operational improvements can reduce fuel consumption and associated emissions between 2% and 6%, although fuel savings of up to 18.4% have been demonstrated in simulations of short flights, per David Learmount's November 5th, 2009 posting on flightglobal.com The ship's standard fuel consumption is rumored to be around 28,000 gallons per hour. Doing our math on this gives us 28,000 gallons x $3.007 per gallon diesel cost. This means that Freedom has an estimated hourly fuel cost of $84,196. Multiply $84,196 by 24 hours, and fuel consumption per day is an astounding $2,020,704.00

fuel Consumption Temp Degrees F Hp Slip of Gal Lb Hp-hr dril'crs per o/Q hr lip-In gal CooI- Air Air Barometer ing wet dry inches of med bulb bulb Mercury VARYING DRAWBAR POWER AND FUEL CONSUMPTION WITH BALLAST Maximu A\'ailablc Powcr-Two Hours-7th Gcar (B2) I04.9!J 7211 5.'16 2196 7.07 8.116 0.536 12.94 IS7 59 7i 28.79 The major downside, however, was the gas consumption. Albeit the Kawi's gas tank was much larger than my SD's, my cruising range was about the same, approximately 60-70 miles at 25-28 mph, thus I realized no great benefit. The Kawi, at WOT will cruise for 1 hr and 9 minutes, one minute longer than a 96 GTX which has an extra gallon Calculating Boat Fuel Consumption. Your boat's fuel consumption is not nearly as easy to figure out compared to your car or truck. By Brett Becker. Updated: September 30, 2019. More How To. How To. New Boating Law Requires Use of Engine Cut-Off Switches (ECOS) How To. On Board With: Nicole Spenc The most efficient engine operating point is P 2, with the BSFC in the area of 240 g/kWh.P 1 and P 3 have the same brake specific fuel consumption even if the engine is operating at different speed and load. The most inefficient (highest BSFC) operating point is P 4.. Example - How to calculate the BSFC. Let's take as example a 1.9 liter, 4-stroke spark ignited internal combustion engine.

Average fuel consumption for our Boeing 727-200: 129 PIREP records were found. With 268.6 total hours of flight time. Burning a total of 2326187 pounds of fuel. Our Boeing 727-200 consumes a calculated average of 8660.4 pounds of fuel per hour. *** N O T E *** The lowest PIREP rate of fuel consumption was 62.5 pounds of fuel per hour The Bell 407 'Available Payload with Maximum Fuel' (1,142 lbs) is more than that offered by the Airbus H125 (987 lbs). Table A also shows the fuel usage of each aircraft (as sourced from Aircraft Cost Calculator). There is almost no difference between the fuel usage of the Bell 407 (43.2 Gallons Per Hour) and the Airbus H125 at 42.3 GPH Example 2: A 20kW Generac model 6244 has full load Liquid Propane Vapor Consumption: 3.85 GAL/HR (Gallons per Hour). You can take that number and multiply 3.85 by the BTU per gallon ( 91,547 estimated) to get 352,456 BTU/HR (BTU per Hour) Hours Used Per Day: Enter how many hours the device is being used on average per day, if the power consumption is lower than 1 hour per day enter as a decimal. (For example: 30 minutes per day is 0.5) Power Use (Watts): Enter the average power consumption of the device in watts. Price (kWh): Enter the cost you are paying on average per kilowatt hour, our caculators use the default value of 0.

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