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The Monty Roberts Remedy for a Biting Horse When the horse reaches to bite you, look straight ahead and tap him lightly on the shin of his leg with your foot. Do NOT create pain, just surprise. You want him to associate his effort to bite with a distracting tap on his shin It can be helpful to add a loud Stop! or Knock it off! to increase the shock for your horse. Adding language can also help train the horse to recognize verbal commands, so that eventually saying Stop! will help prevent biting without the physical contact. Alternatively, have a rope nearby Consider purchasing a biting muzzle (a grazing muzzle will work in a pinch) and putting it on the horse in circumstances in which it might bite. You can get muzzles that fit over bridles, if needed. Reduce the risk of the horse nipping you in the head or face by wearing a helmet with a visor attachment at all times when handling a chronic biter The way to stop a horse biting is to understand the cause. Here are 7 ways to stop your horse biting in certain situations: Stop Feeding from Hand - Accidental biting can often happen if you treat feed from your hand. If you want to reward with food then feed on the floor or from a feed bucket

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  1. ant one out of the two. It's also important to discourage horse biting with a stern no when your horse tries to lick or bite you
  2. Young horses are kind of surprised to have something in their mouth and forget all about getting nippy. With your horse just knowing that you have a strong plan of action will likely stop the biting. Your horse probably can sense your resolve. 1 - 14 of 14 Post
  3. A biting horse was the very first thing I saw Linda Tellington-Jones work on. The Tellington-Jones Equine Awareness Method mouth work has proven successful for me for over 35 years. I have videos on FB showing how to do it - and of course, you can google search, and search on Youtube

In fact, biting is the most dangerous thing that a horse can do. He is not only fast, his jaws are incredibly powerful. Instead, pretend that his nosing around your arm was the best thing that ever happened. You're going to pet his nose vigorously The act of raising your elbow is often enough to teach your horse to stop biting and nipping. There are dozens of techniques out there, but remember that you have a nanosecond to correct the behavior so your horse can make the connection in his horse brain. Wear a brush on your arm, make him back up, pretend to bite him back with a twisting. How to Stop Biting . Depending on how badly your horse bites, it can be challenging to re-train your horse. If the biting is severe, it may be safest to enlist the help of a professional trainer or equine behaviorist I saw you live at Solihull Riding club in the UK, many years ago - fantastic - you stopped a horse from biting in about two minutes - amazing! Ruth Bailey. Monty's Answer: Dear Ruth, Thank you for your communication regarding a learning curve you experienced after seeing one of my demonstrations

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  1. For horse owners, a biting horse is a liability—dangerous to you, other people, and other horses. Here, we'll look at how horses use their teeth, why they bite, how to keep yourself safe, and ways to change the behavior of a horse that bites
  2. Teach your horse that it's easy and pleasant to behave as you wish. Conversely, you must also teach your horse that biting results in an unpleasant experience for him. It's too late to react even a few seconds after your horse bites. Remember, you must react every time he bites, and never talk or yell at him
  3. Learn from 7x World Champion & International Equine Coach, Lana Grieve, on how to troublehsoot biting behavior in horses
  4. biting you need to tell the horse that his behavior is not acceptable WITHOUT being abusive and WITHOUT making it seem like a game to the horse. If you just dab at the horse to tell him to quit, it will just invite him to play more. Horses bite each other in play. It is best to discourage this when the foal is very youn
  5. When we take action to stop a horse from biting, we want to accomplish two things. First, we want to make the horse think that it was his decision to bite that resulted in an unpleasant consequence rather than any action that he saw you take. How do we accomplish this? When your horse bites or threatens to bite, avoid slapping his face or.

Stopping Your Horse from Biting Though biting is annoying and can even be dangerous, it is a horse's way of communicating. Though people may think smacking a biting horse is a good way to stop them from biting, it will likely just cause more problems. In order to stop your horse from biting is to understand why they are biting There's a limited amount you can do to protect other horses from pasture bullies. If the bullying becomes injurious to other horses, you may have no other choice but to keep the bully separated. Build an extra paddock, or perhaps section a portion of a field off with an electric fence If a horse has a biting problem, it's important to consistently reprimand the horse after every time it bites. Avoid giving hand treats to a horse with a bit.. Every time you get near the horse, be nonchalent and go about your normal routine but have the nail or toothpick ready in your hand with the pointed end facing out. Hold it in your hand so that it's hidden, with just the tip sticking out maybe a quarter of an inch Muzzles provide a humane method of limiting your mini's potentially dangerous behavior, such as overeating or biting. Hobbles are an effective way to limit your horse's movement, particularly during training. We found 21 results for Cribbing, Grazing Muzzles & Hob..

How do I stop my Miniature Horse from biting? August 11, 2017 Kendra 2 Comments. I was relatively new to caring for and working with horses and had recently got my first miniature horse that was broke to drive. I was ready to consume any and all info that I could The problem is that the older horse bites the younger one. He has made some really bad scars on the back and rump of the young horse. I separate them when they are being fed, but the biting continues. They are in a pasture of about 3 acres, so they should have plenty of space. Can you offer any advice about how to stop the biting When the horse sees you, it becomes afraid, and a biting horse is going to try to bite you every single time. Allow the horse to mature. Be gentle. Play games with the horse, but always maintain your role of dominance. This may not be a quick fix to stop a biting horse, but it also removes the risk of the horse becoming afraid of you Bad horse behavior; biting and kicking. My horse bites all the time! I try to show him that I love him. I caress him and kiss him. But he always tries to bite. Sometimes I cannot even saddle him properly because when he spots me from his stall, he turns his hind towards me and threatens to kick

sounds like the two of you just need to spend as much time together and get used to each other. most mini horse's I've seen are good natured. sounds like your horse it just scared and not used to the new enviorment yet. the biting and kicking is just fear, and a form of defense. just be kind,and give it love,and it will see it has nothing to. Your veterinarian will go over what the underlying cause of the itching is and how to help your horse not have flare ups of uncontrolled pruritus. Essential fatty acids are beneficial to your horse as a long term therapy option. Adding essential fatty acids to your horse's feed will help add oils to the coat and skin, preventing dry skin

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back in october i broke my ankle and haven't been able to do much, so my grandfather and my mom took over my stable job, until i could do it on my own, so my grandfather got my horse into this really nasty habit, every time he goes to see her he always has 2 or 3 large apples for her, i try to tell him not too but he never listens to me, but now ever time somebody comes up to her stall she. Top Selection of Pet Supplies. Get Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders Nip it in the bud! How to prevent your horse from biting. Horse are herd creatures, and use biting to communicate! Be the leader and prevent this behavior instead of punishing your horse for nipping or biting WHen someone bites my horse in the field you can be sure that there will be a quick flash of my horse's teeth or a swift kick in response to the bite. You should do the same thing. Of course I am..

Most Miniature Horse owners will tell you that their horse is perfectly behaved. But, if you question them a bit further, they'll tell you, Well, he does sometimes bite me, or kick at me, and he's sometimes really hard to catch. He doesn't always want to load on the trailer and sometimes he bumps into me and steps on my toes when I'm leading him Although they're a less-common cause, ticks can cause irritation and rubbing if they attach to your horse's tail head, tailbone or surrounding areas. On-animal repellent sprays that are labeled for ticks can help keep ticks away from your horse. Managing your barn environment will also help to eliminate ticks

Dietary plan: The veterinarian will ask to stop feeding the horse grain-based feeds and pasture. Only grass hay should be supplied. Fluid administration: The horse is required to intake vast amounts of fluids in case of dehydration. Stabling the horse: The miniature horse made to stable in soft ground such as sand. When the horse lays down on. When a horse is here temporarily no big deal, that's to be expected, but when it's one of my own horses, maturity prevails and they go outside to do their business. I tried all sorts of methods to change Benny's habit from locking him out of his stall during the day when it wasn't raining, to good boy bad boy training and. After all, if you work with a horse that gets badly excited by some cause (such as ropes or chains coming in contact with his legs and those parts of his body aren't broken) his first inclination is to kick it out of the way. The trick is to break a horse in a way that the habit never occurs in the first place 9 ways to stop your horses and ponies from foundering this spring. long grass that is so full of dry matter that I save and use to get my horses through spring so successfully and two of my miniature ponies started busting out of the long tree guards where I save the long dry grass for the mini' s spring eating. So two of the little. If your horse just can't focus long enough to stand still, try whatever you need to do to distract him. Rub his neck or cheek, talk to him, tap on him gently with your fingers, and just keep redirecting his attention back to you when he starts getting fussy

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If your horse is extra-reluctant to step into the jog/trot, add a verbal cue such as a smooch or cluck just before you execute your initial cues. Whoa Means Whoa Goal: Your horse should stop in a soft, balanced manner, with his head, neck, and body in proper alignment. Starting point: Position your horse on the rail and start walking. Tip. Lean forward to wrap your arms around the horse's neck and slide yourself off of the horse. Make sure you avoid going in front of the horse as you exit it, as its front feet will be very dangerous mid-rear. Move off to the side and get away from the horse once your feet touch the ground

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EQUINE FLY BOOTS THAT KEEPS ALL THE BUGS AWAY - Horse leg guards made with sturdy, run-proof Ilene mesh to shield your horse from biting insects. We've designed these equine fly boots to soothe itchiness, rashes, hives, and aids wound relief Ideas for things to do with your mini: 1.Jumping- you can teach your mini to jump small jumps on a lead rein. 2.Collection/ Extension- You can teach your mini to lengthen and shorten their strides. 3.Movements- With patience and good training it is possible to get your horse to do lateral work in hand such as leg yields, turn on the forehand etc

My little mini horse is a great jumper, and i have been jumping him this week. but we took a few days off, then i tried jumping him over a small post, but he stopped and walked around it! could his legs be hurting? so should i just take time off jumping him? and also my mini mare is in heat, so is she bred? because my jumping mini is trying to get on her but she wont let him! maybe its just. A Full Selection of Fly & Mosquito Repellents for Horses. Finally. You can keep you and your horse as well as your barn free of biting flies, gnats and pesky disease-carrying mosquitos. Enjoy the fly-free time you deserve with the newest innovations. We have an assortment of horse fly sprays in bottles or aerosol cans

I have a 32 tall mini 2 year old mare that is only halter trained. I do not have time to work with her, We got her because my 3 kids begged me for her but they never spend any time with her so I want to sell her to someone that can spend time with her. What is a reasonable asking price for an untrained mini horse? And if anyone is interested in her I live in Northeast Georgia.. They are hard to completely eradicate but can be kept under control with periodic treatment. Horses with itchy legs normally stamp their feet, scratch their legs with the opposite limb, or bite at.. Earlier this month, American Airlines welcomed an unusual passenger on some of its aircraft - Fred, the miniature service horse. Michigan resident Ronica Froese was concerned about how the airline would treat her and Fred considering the Department of Transportation's (DOT) new proposition to ban any non-dog service animal, but she says the roundtrip journey was totally smooth

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4. Schedule regular farrier visits according to your horse's individual needs. Although six to eight weeks is the average, there's really no standard interval for trimming and shoeing. If your farrier is correcting for a problem such as under-run heels, a club foot, or flare in the hoof wall, your horse may benefit from a shorter interval Tough-1 Miniature Horse Fly Boots Designed to keep your horses lower legs protected from flies, biting insects, and UV rays. Features: Quick Grip Velcro Closures Set of 4 Item Specifications: Size: Mini Horse Material: Nylon Mes Buster Douglas, Mini Horse Wonder. 160 likes. The adventures of Buster Douglas aka RFM Scouts Perfect Storm. Standing 37½ and full of character. Keeping his humans & fellow critters on their toes 24/ How to Stop Horse Boredom - 3 Easy-to-Use Tips. If you think about it, today's domesticated horse leads a pretty dull life. Although we work our horses, take our horses on trail rides, and show our horses, most of their lives are either spent walking and grazing in the pasture (what they are meant to do) or living in a corral or box stall. Avariety of things may lead to rearing in a horse to include the following:. Fear, anxiety, or confusion; while most horses will run to the side when afraid, some will rear, especially if feeling closed in. The horse has a bad temperament and is hesitant to work with his handlers; by looking threatening when he rears, he is demonstrating rebellion and unwillingness to be handled

In this video, learn why horse's paw, and how we stop the pawing. 7 DAYS TO UNDERSTANDING YOUR HORSE (FREE MINI COURSE) Learn how your horse thinks and how to communicate with them to create a happy and willing riding partner. First Name * Email * Submit A topless Tennessee woman who was spotted chewing on a miniature horse's mane and told cops it was made of 'laffy taffy and airhead candy' has been charged with public intoxication Horse flies attack large mammals, such as humans, dogs, and, of course, horses. They're most attracted to moving objects and dark objects. They're also attracted to carbon dioxide Miniature Horse Halter Class Training. Halter Class is one of the most popular classes in Miniature Horse Training. Training your horse won't be easy, in fact, it's hard work. We put together a few tips that may become helpful for you. First things first. Make sure your horse has learned to walk freely on the lead and can stand square on command

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  1. Tough-1 Miniature Horse Fly Boots. Designed to keep your horses lower legs protected from flies, biting insects, and UV rays. Features: Quick Grip Velcro Closures; Set of 4 . Item Specifications: Size: Mini Horse . Material: Nylon Mesh . Back to Top
  2. i pig outweigh the cons for us, but that might not be the case for everyone. In sharing both our positive and negative experiences with Oscar, my goal is to help you decide if a
  3. Horse Dream Explanation — • Seeing a horse of either sex from a distance: Good augury, in view of a saying by the Holy Prophet that welfare accompanies horses till the Day of Resurrection. • Driving a horse: The dreamer is trying to serve or seeking the service of an honest man. • Riding on a two-winged horse: The dreamer will become a king or ruler if his stature permits. Otherwise he.
  4. i weighed 300 lbs, he could carry a maximum of 60 lbs, including the saddle, meaning that the rider would have to weigh 40 lbs for english or 30 for western. Minis are not meant for riding (unless it's a baby or or small child)
  5. Description. Cribbing, or crib biting, involves a horse grasping a solid object such as the stall door or fence rail with its incisor teeth, arching its neck, and contracting the lower neck muscles to retract the larynx caudally. This movement is coincided with an in-rush of air through the crico-pharynx into the oesophagus producing the characteristic cribbing sound or grunt
  6. How to stop horse flies from biting dogs? You can also consider at-home, pet-safe repellants, like a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water or lemon and water, or any number of over-the-counter insect repellants that are as safe for your dog as they are for you

Fly Fighter Mosquitoes are most active from dusk to dawn. Keep your mini protected with horse wear items, like fly masks, fly sheets, and fly boots, to help reduce biting. Fly Masks & Boots What's more annoying for a mini than flies and other biting insects buzzing around and nipping on its face and legs The biggest reason why you want a correct bite is if you intend to breed your minis. If not it isn't that big a deal for you pet to be a little off (and when I mean off I mean by an inch). Some times an over or underbite can be a sigh of Dwarf in a horse. So if you do like a horse that have everything in the world but had a bad bit, ask why To get him used to having his hind legs touched without losing any teeth, you'll use your old standby, the lunge whip. Gently shoo your horse into a corner of the pen. Notice that I didn't tell you to do this in a stall, because the tight quarters might prevent you from staying out of range when he kicks at the whip

If another horse is on that spot, you haze them off of it and stand there for as long as you want. Do this a lot for a while and the horses will totally respect your space and where you go. It is a quiet and way to develop your leadership of a herd. For the horse that is afraid of his harness, re-start him appropriately and take your time Durable fly masks from top brands like Cashel, Kensington, Defender, and more can provide strong protection, while fly boots are an effective and easy method for keeping your horse's legs safe from pests, and from potential infection. We found 125 results for Fly Masks & Fly Boots 1 2 Gently run your thumb along the ribs and around the girth, and make note of any flinchy, swishy tail or behavior that is otherwise resistant. Gently press your thumb on your horse's hip with about 1-2 pounds of pressure and see if there is any resistance or dipping away from your pressure. Repeat this at the flank and make note The last stage of foaling is the passing of the afterbirth. If there has been a normal birth, mares will stand some 15 to 20 minutes after giving birth and begin to nuzzle and lick the foal. This is a critical period as the bond is being established between the dam and foal

But while this is the accepted way of things, it poses a big problem for miniature horse owners. Miniature horse tack and equipment should be comfortable for the horse - but merely scaled down versions aren't always so. Instead these scaled down versions tend to be uncomfortable for your mini - and can also injure your horse during the ride Just grab your riding horse this Jolly stall snack! Jolly Balls are one of the best-known horse toys for a reason. They're rugged, versatile, and able to help alleviate equine boredom in the stall and in the pasture. You can even find a bubble gum scented Jolly Ball horse toy here Remember to keep yourself breathing when your horse is tense. Riders and handlers often hold their breath when horses get nervous, but that only conveys tension to the horse. Instead, keep yourself breathing and try to physically relax your body. Don't Make It Into a Big Dea

Taking control of your horse's rearing by pulling down hard on the lead shank as your horse is about to rear is helpful in ending the behavior. Should this not be possible, you can pull down hard on the lead shank right after your horse rears and his front feet have returned to the ground WEG Micro-Mini Games Collection With Cantering TWH Gelding, Galloping Mustang Stallion, Jumping TB Stallion, Loping Stock Stallion, Running TB Stallion, Show Pose Draft Horse, Sliding Stop QH Stallion, Walking Arabian: 2010 : 9129: Micro-Mini Horse Trailer Play Set: 2010 : 31001: Horse Sense 2nd Editio The veterinarian can also suggest the treatment best suited for your horse and the particular species of lice and offer a plan for preventing the parasites from spreading. Timing is important; the longer you delay treatment, the worse the case will get

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  1. iature horses in a field on the way to a horse show in Kentucky back in 2014, he couldn't stop thinking about them. My brother flew into town and we drove down a neighbor's driveway to investigate, said Josh, 29, who grew up in Hilton Head, S.C. We counted 64 horses in the field. There.
  2. Bellyband closure provides greater protection from flies and midges biting along the sensitive underbelly-line. Hardware is positioned to avoid rubbing or poking while your horse is lying down and rear surcingle includes a stretch panel for more give as the horse moves since the proper fit is with the bellyband snug and flush to the belly
  3. g plenty of water. To boost water intake, consider soaking his hay or offering him wet beet pulp or a bran mash for a couple of days
  4. There are several fly treatments for horses that allow them to get out of the stalls and into the pasture. Fly Spray for Horses: Fly sprays help repel disease-carrying and biting insects, allowing your horse to be content and stress-free. They are easy to apply — simply spray on and wipe

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  1. Performance Horses World-class performance, breeding, and development Launch Site Academy Horses Have your horse trained at the Clinician Academy Tour Demo Horses Clinton and his clinicians work one-on-one with your horse
  2. Mini Horslyx is the perfect choice for horse owners who want to reward, distract (or bribe!!) their horse or pony with a nutritious alternative to sugary treats. Mini Horslyx is available in Original, Mint, Garlic, Respiratory, Mobility and Pro Digest formulations and comes in 650g hand-held tubs
  3. Environmental Factors About Horse Coughing. Just like humans, dry dusty environments with debris-filled air will cause your horse to cough. A horse may also suffer from allergies, which can be detected by a cough with an accompanying clear or light-colored discharge from their nose
  4. iature horse blankets for sale, keep in
  5. utes a day, you will be surprised how quickly your horse will catch on. Start with an easy task, and then build up. You may start with something as simple as asking the horse to walk along side of you and stop when you say whoa
  6. Analyze your relationship with your horse. If your horse enjoys your company and feels good about being with you, she will leave her herd mates to come to you. If your horse does not enjoy spending time with you, then you need to consider the horse's previous experience with people as well as how you interact with your horse when you are.

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These mesh leg wraps cover and protect horses and offer relief from biting flies and insects. All-natural, insecticide-free solution for protecting your horse against flies & mosquitoes. Minimizes stomping and stamping associated with the horse's attempt to rid insects The proper way to ask your horse to back up is to sit up, lift your hands up and slightly apply pressure to the reins, and add subtle leg pressure. This will cue your horse to step backward. When a horse backs up, its neck should round and stretch down. If you want your horse to back to the left, then apply more pressure with your right leg Encouraging your horse with the lunge whip to keep their tempo through the trot poles will help the horse to be more confident going over the obstacle. Once you get on and ride your horse through this, the hardest thing will be to keep the tempo of the trot through the trot poles. Use your lower leg to push the horse up and through the poles

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Need to take your dog for a walk in the morning fine, bring your mini along with you. Kill 2 birds with 1 lead rope. Or some thing like that. The key to taking your mini for a walk is to start introducing voice commands. So when you set off, say walk-on and then move off. When you stop say whoa and mean it. Whoa means stop always Find photos of Miniature horses for adoption near you. Read profiles of Miniature horse personalities. Help stop overbreeding, give a healthy Miniature horse a home. Why buy a Miniature horse for sale when you can adopt! Use Search Saver. We will e-mail you when we find a Miniature horse in your area for adoption

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The Premier Miniature Leather Lead by Mini Country Tack is sure to make your horse a stand-out in the show-ring! This fine lead is crafted with supple 1/2 dark brown leather with a silver 24 chain. Your miniature horse will certainly look sharp, whether you are competing in Western Stock Halter, Showmanship or Obstacle class 9. Forget your riding principles. If you are riding and your horse resists, you bend, bend and he gives. If you are pulling and the horse resists, you stop. His resistance is fear-based. By stopping and coming back to it anther time, you are teaching the horse it need not be a problem Important sign of lameness - Hoof held off the ground. The anatomy of the equine with fine legs and a large body, puts the horse in a precarious position, and, as a horse owner, taking prompt action when it comes to any indications of lameness can save time and money and possibly your horse's life

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If stalling a horse with insect hypersensitivity, keeping a fan on and the stall clean (from manure as well as feed droppings) will reduce the number of biting insects. Also, using natural fly repellents such as our Zero Bite All-Natural Insect Repellent can be beneficial You can stop this behavior using positive reinforcement it's something that I use in my training program and by using it correctly you can get the horse to stop pawing. Again, like I said, any time you're around your horse, whether you're directly handling 'em or not, you are training your horse We have a large selection of carriage driving bits for the miniature horse and pony. Bits in this category range in size from 3 to 4 3/4. There are many sizes and styles to choose from including: eggbutt bits, half cheek bits, mullen mouth bits, pelham bits, kimberwick bits and more. Please view our selection of horse and draft horse bits as well So if anybody tries to stop you from bringing a miniature horse you need to perform specific tasks for your health, safety, or accessibility on a flight, they're breaking the law This spring I aquired a mini stud to breed my 2 mini mares, I have a full size 16 hand quarter horse mare, she came into heat also and we had chaos !! She winked non stop, and urinated so much she burned the hair off her legs, she broke down my fence and got into the pony pasture, the mini bred..

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Some horses don't even end up biting anything remotely edible, and they just chew through anything they can find. This kind of eating habit can do more harm than good, and that is why most equestrians end up buying a grazing muzzle. When shopping for an accessory that could save the life of your horse, any old muzzle won't do It covers the principals of teaching your horse to do simple tricks, including picking things up. Basically you need to break the trick into lots of small parts and then teach each part. First teach your horse to touch an item - I like using a soft ball. Then you teach your horse to touch the ball while it is on the ground

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Southwest's move also comes after a n emotional support dog was removed from one of the airline's planes in February for biting a child's face. Miniature horses are recognized as a service animal. keeping your miniature horse healthy and happy. • Be sure to feel your horse's body on a weekly basis, especially in the winter, to be sure he is not getting too fat or too thin. • Provide your mini with good quality, soft hay at least twice a day. • Include a grain or pellet feed (12 per-cent protein for adults, 14 percent fo

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