Is aspartame bad for you

The Truth About Aspartame Side Effects

Aspartame side effects: The truth about the risk

The EFSA ruled aspartame safe for human consumption and set an acceptable daily intake or ADI of aspartame at 40 milligrams (mg) per kilogram (kg) of body weight. The EFSA's ADI for aspartame is 10.. Many people—including the FDA—believe that aspartame is safe. On the other hand, there are also individuals who believe aspartame may have adverse effects on health. For instance, some influential Internet voices claim that aspartame is a toxic and dangerous substance Aspartame hasn't been linked conclusively to any specific health problems, other than for people with phenylketonuria (PKU). This is a rare genetic disorder (present at birth) in which the body can't break down phenylalanine, an amino acid found in many foods (and in aspartame) As you now know, aspartame is for the most part is very safe. But if you're still worried about the negatives that long term use of aspartame may cause. Then simply swap out aspartame sweeteners such as Nutrasweet for a natural sweetener like stevia Why is aspartame bad? Aspartame is bad because it may trigger headaches and other symptoms. According to research, adverse effects of aspartame only occur at very high concentrations not generally achieved by daily consumption. Consuming large amounts of aspartame is bad because it may cause the followin

An important concern that makes people ask is aspartame bad for you is that it may cause seizures. This is not true though because several small studies have investigated the connection between the use of aspartame and seizures, but found nothing Contrary to popular belief, aspartame does contain calories: 4 calories per gram. However, seeing that aspartame is 200x sweeter than table sugar, the amount required to sweeten food is so small the calories are negligible - making it essentially calorie-free. What's With the Aspartame Hype Short answer Yes, Aspartame is bad for you. This toxic artificial sweetener is extremely hazardous to all of the systems in the human body Aspartame has a bad rap. It has been suspected of causing cancer and depression. However, a new video from the American Chemical Society pulls together the latest research on the food additive, and..

Is Aspartame Bad For You? An Evidence-Based Guide

Aspartame, one of the most common artificial sweeteners, is a combination of two amino acids — phenylalanine and aspartic acid. Aspartame is 200 times sweeter than sugar and, like saccharin, contains no calories. The National Cancer Institute notes that rumors regarding potential negative health effects of aspartame, including cancer, have. Long History of Concerns Key Scientific Studies on Aspartame Industry PR Efforts Scientific References. Key Facts About Diet Soda Chemical Dozens of studies have linked aspartame — the world's most widely used artificial sweetener — to serious health problems, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease, seizures, stroke and dementia, as well as negative effects such.

Does Aspartame Cause Cancer

  1. Aspartame Can Be Bad for You If you summarize scientific findings or even simple statistics, you have to conclude that aspartame can't help you lose weight. Likewise, serious concerns arise towards the standard sweetener in metabolism, heart health, kidney disease, mental health, or even neurodegenerative diseases
  2. Aspartame is made up of phenylalanine, aspartic acid, and methanol. The methanol is claimed to be potentially toxic to your retina and optic nerve, causing several forms of eye issues
  3. supplements. It is not a good sweetener for baking because it breaks down and loses most of its sweetness when heated. Aspartame is a dipeptide of two natural a
  4. Both aspartame and sucralose were developed to provide the sweetness of sugar without the calories. They are both considered generally safe for use within their stated safe limits. Sucralose is a..
  5. Aspartame is 200 times sweeter than sugar and has a negligible effect on blood glucose levels, and it is suggested for use so that T2D can control carbohydrate intake and blood glucose levels. However, research suggests that aspartame intake may lead to an increased risk of weight gain rather than weight loss, and cause impaired blood glucose.
  6. Ever since aspartame was approved as a sugar substitute by the FDA in the year 1974, there are several debates that question whether it is bad for you or safe to be consumed

Is Aspartame Bad For You? The Truth About Aspartam

  1. e oxidase inhibitors, neuroleptics or medications that contain levodopa (Sinemet, Rytary, others
  2. Aspartame is a low-calorie sweetener that has been used for decades as a way to lower one's intake of added sugars while still providing satisfaction from enjoying something sweet. Aspartame is about 200 times sweeter than sugar, and as such only a small amount of the sweetener is needed to match the sweetness provided by sugar
  3. g a lot of products with aspartame, it's likely not the aspartame that's causing you any associated health problems, but rather your overall food choices. It's an additive to processed food and the only real way to cut back on aspartame is to eat fresh, unprocessed foods
  4. g stevia, sugar, and aspartame during a meal

Why Is Aspartame Bad? - MedicineNe

As with aspartame, we recommend you limit Acesulfame Potassium, a zero-calorie sweetener that often appears with sucralose or aspartame to create a flavor closer to sugar (it's 200 times sweeter). Although the FDA does not recognize it as a carcinogen, some experts disagree; the sweetener has been found to cause adverse effects in mice's gut. Aspartame does not cause obesity, it does not cause nausea or acne. It does not damage tooth enamel, it does not cause fatigue. It does not cause allergic reactions nor is dangerous during pregnancy. Aspartame does not cause cancer Is Aspartame Bad For You? Aspartame is highly controversial. Thousands of websites claim that it is seriously harmful. Aspartame is blamed for hundreds of health problems, ranging from cancer to headaches. However, most of these have not been confirmed by science (7, 8, 9). Below is a review of the scientific evidence behind the most common. The National Cancer Institute found no strong evidence to support the claims of whether aspartame is bad for you. Aspartame causes weight gain. Weight gain is another rap some people associate with aspartame. According to the fact that aspartame has no nutritional value, its usage doesn't lead to weight gain.. Aspartame is an artificial non-saccharide sweetener 200 times sweeter than sucrose, and is commonly used as a sugar substitute in foods and beverages. It is a methyl ester of the aspartic acid/phenylalanine dipeptide with the trade names NutraSweet, Equal, and Canderel. Aspartame was first made in 1965 and approved for use in food products by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1981

Is Aspartame Bad for You? New Health Adviso

You'll rarely hear of the artificial sweetener aspartame sold by its technical name. Instead, it is more often sold under the brand names Equal, NutraSweet and Sugar Twin, according to the FDA . Aspartame is an ingredient in several Crystal Light drinks and drink mixes, including Crystal Light Lemon Iced Tea Mix, Crystal Light Lemonade Drink. Artificial sweeteners are low-calorie or calorie-free chemical substances used instead of sugar to sweeten foods and drinks. They're found in thousands of products, from drinks, desserts and ready meals, to cakes, chewing gum and toothpaste Aspartame has high sugar content but no nutritional value. Aspartame is modified genetically. It is safe for the pregnant. Its amino acids cannot pass through the placenta; however, moderation is advisable While aspartame has long been marketed as a sweetener that curbs cravings and promotes weight loss, new research published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism suggests that it actually has the opposite effect. The bad news doesn't stop there, either

Is Aspartame Dangerous? No, Here's why Physiqonomic

But artificial sweeteners may be likelier to make you get hungry, eat more throughout the day and develop diabetes. Sugar is OK in limited amounts and in the context of a healthy diet. (Eating a. Aspartame has been accused of causing cancer, seizures, brain damage, neurotoxicity and many more evils. None of these claims have been substantiated by science, however, and often do not have reliable data to really spearhead an attack on the sweetener Aspartame -- does it cause cancer and weight gain, or is it a decent source of sweetness while trying to lose weight? For my own sake I need to answer these.

Is Aspartame Bad For You? - Here Is Your Answer

Aspartame is a dangerous chemical. When the artificial sweetener Aspartame is metabolised in the body, it breaks down into methanol. Methanol is a rough, industrial alcohol , the kind you'd use to clean machinery; it's also highly addictive. Metha.. 5 Reasons Aspartame is Making You Fat It keeps you hungry - MRIs have shown that the appetite suppression brought about by real sugar doesn't happen with artificial sweeteners, even if they contain calories. So if you eat something with aspartame, chances are you'll still feel hungry afterwards Is Aspartame Bad For You? Science disagrees! The study that that the negative links were on silly amounts. While there was a dose-response relationship between aspartame consumption and the prevalence of cancer, the rats were given an absurdly large amount: between 4 mg/kg all the way up to 5,000 mg /kg of bodyweight.. Flavored water can give you a low-calorie or calorie-free zing when you need a hydrating boost, but it can also give you a dose of the artificial sweetener aspartame. While aspartame in low doses is safe for many and it is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, it does come with potential side effects This study was conducted when most artificially sweetened beverages contained saccharin (Sweet'N Low, Sweet Twin), acesulfame-K (Sunett, Sweet One), or aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal). Newer sweeteners, such as sucralose (as in Splenda) were unlikely to have been included

Artificial sweeteners, such as Saccharin (Sweet'N Low), Aspartame (NutraSweet and Equal) and Sucralose (Splenda) are some of the most well-known sugar substitutes. The advantages of these is that they are zero-calorie, do not raise blood sugar levels, and do not contribute to tooth decay Aspartame has been used ever since to sweeten a wide variety of foods, which include: Sugar-free ice cream, Iced tea, Fruit spreads, Sugar-free ketchup, Sugar-free cookies, Non-carbonated diet soft drinks, Diet soda, Hard candies, Breath mint, Meal replacements, Protein drinks. This is by no means a comprehensive list A 2005 study raised the possibility that very high doses of aspartame might cause lymphoma and leukemia in rats (1). But after reviewing the study, FDA identified many shortcomings in it and did not alter its previous conclusion that aspartame is safe The most researched of the common harmful artificial sweeteners, aspartame can taste up to 220 times sweeter than natural sugar. Aspartame is used in over 6,000 different types of products in the U.S., including soft drinks, yogurts, desserts, fruits, nutrition drinks, cereals, and gum. 5. Neotam The use of aspartame and other sweeteners, in general, would also lead to a reduction in the performance of your kidneys. This is because the use of aspartame would normally cause the kidney operations to start declining even faster than when your kidney is being regulated by real sugar. Other issues which it can attract include

You can use most sugar substitutes if you have diabetes, including: Saccharin (Sweet'N Low) Aspartame (NutraSweet) Acesulfame potassium (Sunett) Neotame (Newtame) Advantame; Sucralose (Splenda) Stevia (Pure Via, Truvia The studies provide no evidence to support an association between aspartame and cancer in any tissue. A scientific study that dates back to 1985. tells the same thing, aspartame is not harmful to human health. Available evidence suggests that consumption of aspartame by normal humans is safe and is not associated with serious adverse health. Is Aspartame Bad For You? Is aspartame bad for you? Its in all sugar free products like jello, gum etc. Is it bad to consume it? 03-03-2007, 05:40 PM #2. slaydox. View Profile View Forum Posts He must be on creatine! Join Date: Jul 2006 Age: 31 Posts: 4,862 Rep Power: 763.

Chemistry debunks the biggest aspartame health myths PBS

  1. Is Aspartame Good or Bad for You? Aspartame is one of the most controversial sweeteners in the world. It is claimed to cause health problems ranging from headaches to cancer. On the other hand, food safety authorities and other mainstream sources consider it to be safe
  2. Research indicates that the use of no-calorie sweeteners may actually make it harder for people to control their intake and body weight. Numerous studies have proven that the substitute sweeteners that contain aspartame or a synthetic sugar are not healthy. Aspartame sweeteners have been linked to adverse health reactions, including
  3. MORE: 8 Things That Happen When You Quit Caffeine At the end of the day, Diet Pepsi's reformulation without aspartame may just be one last-gasp effort by the diet soda industry to revive its.
  4. o acid phenylalanine, it's not safe for people who can't properly process it. This condition is known as phenylketonuria or PKU. Aspartame is also not the best choice for patients on neuroleptic drugs, like the medications used to treat schizophrenia
  5. As you probably know, aspartame in diet soda and over 6,000 other products is still approved by the FDA after decades of research and adverse reactions. One estimate created in 1996 for sufferers of aspartame symptoms calculated approximately 1.9 million recognized toxic reactions between 1982 and 1995
  6. Erythritol would be my first choice in terms of safety, although if you consume huge amounts, it could cause nausea. CSPI marks sucralose, aspartame, and saccharin as unsafebased on the current..

Health organizations give a cautious nod to artificial sweeteners in place of sugar to combat obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes Aspartame By Any Other Name. I'm sure you already know that aspartame is an artificial sweetener known as NutraSweet, Equal, Sweet One, or Spoonful, and it's used in a variety of foods from diet soda, gum, candy, condiments, yogurt, cereals, and children's vitamins.. What is so troubling is that it can be hidden in food under the name of 'natural flavors', 'artificial flavors. While aspartame can adversely effect some people — people who are unable to metabolize the amino acid 'phenylalanine' — it has been rigorously tested more than 200 times. Each of which have found it to be safe for consumption →Subscribe for new videos every day! https://www.youtube.com/user/TodayIFoundOut?sub_confirmation=1→How Dick came to be short for 'Richard': https://youtu...

what are the health effects of aspartame, the ingredient found in diet soda and gum among other things? I've heard its bad enough for you that diet soda is actually worse for you then regular soda, but I haven't really confirmed that and have even heard others say aspartame isnt any worse for you then eating lots of sugar Aspartame is at least 200 times sweeter than sucralose, or traditional table sugar. Since it's so sweet, you only need a minuscule amount of it to sweeten foods, which is why the calorie count is so low. Is Aspartame Bad for You? This is the question at the center of the controversy about aspartame powder Corruption: a Brief History of Aspartame. Is diet soda really that bad for you? This is neither the first nor will it be the last time diet soda and artificially sweetened goods will come under fire from the scientific community. The Food and Drug Administration quickly approved aspartame, called NutraSweet, in 1974 in use for limited. How bad is Fresca for you? The Fresca products also contain aspartame, an artificial sweetener about 200 times stronger than table sugar. Consumers have avoided it in recent years, in part because of concerns over its potential to cause cancer

This clearly shows diet soda is not only unhealthy for you, but it's even worse than your regular sugar-filled soda. Sugar Substitutes to Consume Instead of Aspartame . The allure of sugar alcohols like aspartame is that they contain zero sugar. However, there are plenty of other zero-sugar sweeteners that are much more beneficial to your health Depending on who you listen to, aspartame is either a safe aid to weight loss and diabetes control or it is evil incarnate — a deadly poison that is devastating the health of consumers. Harriet Hall, M.D. examines the claims and explains how we know that aspartame is safe for almost everyone The best and safest sugar substitutes are erythritol, xylitol, stevia leaf extracts, and neotame—with some caveats: Erythritol: Large amounts (more than about 40 or 50 grams or 10 or 12 teaspoons) of this sugar alcohol sometimes cause nausea, but smaller amounts are fine. (Sensitivities vary among individuals.) Erythritol, small amounts of which occur naturally in some fruits, is about 60 to. If you have phenylketonuria (PKU), a rare metabolic disorder, avoid aspartame, because it contains phenylalanine. Any product containing aspartame has a warning label about that Is aspartame bad for you . Post a comment. by Meghan Malugin — Last updated: 2010-10-15 . Characteristics of Aspartame. Aspartame is a type of artificialsweetener, widely used in many different products like food, sweets,drinks and others. It was discovered accidentally and developed froman acid. Claimed to be an excellent substitute to the.

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Broadcaster rips fan on opening day: 'You're an idiot' Jill Biden pulls off April Fools' Day prank on media 2 dead after plane crashes during gender reveal stun Why is aspartame bad? Evidence also links aspartame to weight gain, increased appetite and obesity-related diseases. See our fact sheet: Diet Soda Chemical Tied to Weight Gain. Evidence linking aspartame to weight gain raises questions about the legality of marketing aspartame -containing products as diet drinks or weight loss products

Aspartame: Decades of Science Point to Serious Health Risk

  1. Why aspartame and sugar could both be bad Over the years, much attention has been focused on a possible link between aspartame and cancer. However, research has not fully supported this
  2. istration (FDA) review of the product's safety in June 2007
  3. On one hand, if you play Dr. Google, you'll have no trouble finding one frightening personal account after another attributing multiple health disasters as the side effects of aspartame. In contrast, aspartame marketing paints an entirely different picture, implying it embodies a healthy way of life and is a useful tool for weight and glucose.
  4. In other words, if you want to know if aspartame is safe for you then ask your doctor and trust his advice. Vincenzo January 15, 2015 @Melonlity -- The key word there is objective when it comes to scientific studies of the side effects of aspartame. The manufacture of that stuff generates billions (perhaps trillions) of dollars in revenue and.
  5. Aspartame also known as NutraSweet or Equal, is usually found in little blue packets. It is also a very popular ingredient in diet soda and soft drinks. Many diet foods contain some form of aspartame. The safety of this sweetener has come into question. It is not shelf stable as previously thought. There are no studies that confirm the safety of combining aspartame with other artificial.
  6. o acids in the blood, blocking or lowering the levels of serotonin, tyrosine, dopa
  7. The patent for aspartame reveals that the E. coli bacteria are genetically manipulated. [ 2] That's another way of saying that aspartame is made from the poop of bacteria that are genetically modified organisms - GMOs. Of course, the manufacturer claims that there are no GMO molecules in aspartame. I'm not betting my health on that claim

People with phenylketonuria cannot metabolise phenylalanine (which, you will recall, is one of the two protein building blocks that make up aspartame), so those people need to minimise intake of all sources of phenylalanine, including aspartame Hopefully, you don't believe everything you read on the internet, and you don't get your science news from e-mail SPAM, where the above scenario is a common theme. While there are many manifestations of this type of urban legend, I am speaking specifically about aspartame - an artificial sweetener used since the early 1980s Aspartame irritates the bladder, causing it to spasm and making you feel like you have to urinate. The spasms also make you urinate more frequently. As little as one diet soda or packet of aspartame can cause issues in some people. My mom has had an escalating problem for years If you have a family history for it, you should be prepared to start being very aware of what you eat because you are much more likely now to suffer from it. It is likely that you will have urate form during the night and you will wake up in the morning feeling gout

Aspartame Side Effects and Insulin Response: Is It Bad for

Aspartame breaks down into two amino acids (aspartic acid and phenylalanine,) and a small amount of methanol. Methanol is also found naturally in many foods such as fruits and vegetables and their juices. Aspartic acid, phenylalanine and methanolare absorbed into the blood and used in the body in the same ways as when they are derived from. In fact, chances are good that you or someone you know has consumed an aspartame-containing diet soda within the past 24 hours. In 2010, one-fifth of all Americans drank a diet soda on any given day, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Aspartame is comprised of phenylalanine (50%), aspartic acid (40%) and methanol (10%). Methanol in the human body converts to formate (formaldehyde), a known carcinogen. The buildup of formate in the human body can cause neurological, behavioral, and potentially fertility problems and could damage a person's DNA, initiating disease states As you may know, I'm not a fan of artificial sweeteners. I think it best to avoid both aspartame and saccharin. For now, I'm still keeping an eye on a newer one, sucralose (Splenda) 1. What is aspartame? 1.1 Aspartame is a non caloric sweetener. It was discovered in 1965 and entered the market in the 80's. A number of national and international organizations have assessed the safety of aspartame and an international committee of experts established an Acceptable Daily Intake value.However, some allegations of health risks have launched a debate

However there is no strong evidence against the dangers of aspartame but these allegations and controversies makes aspartame a suspicious sweetener. As dangerous as aspartame is for diabetics aspartame is especially dangerous for those afflicted with phenylketonuria (PKU), an inherited metabolic disorder Side effects linking aspartame to cardiovascular problems include tachycardia -- an increased heart rate at rest or during sleep. A healthy adult heart beats about 60 to 100 times per minute When it comes to Aspartame and Cancer, it's like playing a game of Telephone and it's my pleasure to let you know.Aspartame will not kill you (unless you drink 2000 Diet Cokes a day). About the Author: I have been in the fitness industry for close to 10 years mastering and understanding supplements

Aspartame is a common sugar substitute used as a sweetener in many prepared foods and beverages, particularly diet soda. It is a common choice for those trying to lose weight, as it lowers the.. Aspartame Alternatives. I really shouldn't have to spell this out for you, but if you're using any form of aspartame stop, right now! Like Judy, you may quickly notice an improvement in pain symptoms. Or you may simply reduce the risk of dying of cancer or suffering from horrible degenerative diseases for the rest of your life Aspartame. A popular agent used for replacing sugars is aspartame. Found in Equal and NutraSweet, this chemical compound provides several things that aren't so sweet for one's health. Two primary elements make up aspartame, the amino acids phenylalanine and aspartic acid. These are both found in nature, and are beneficial when consumed in. Equal (aspartame): Aspartame is typically found in chewing gum, diet soda, puddings and many other sugar-free snacks, Sugar isn't inherently bad for you, but producers add so much of.

Is aspartame bad for you? After 7000 miles, and 25 hours of footage, Sweet Misery will reveal one of the most pervasive, insidious forms of corporate negligence in the history of the industrial revolution. The long-term toxic effects of aspartame are often dismissed as a hoax by the sweetener industry and at least five other. The Real Danger: Asparatame If Aspartame wasn't so bad, I'd actually have to give a pass to Coke Zero. But I can't give it pass - Aspartame should be avoided! Aspartame is one of the most popular artificial sweeteners available Aspartame isn't harmful when taken in moderation. But, there might be cases of sensitivity or allergies. If you find yourself showing an adverse reaction to aspartame, your best move would be to entirely avoid food and drinks with it. And yes, that includes the Irn-Bru Energy No Sugar too The bottom line is that you can consume aspartame until it's coming out of your ears and it's not going to do you an iota of harm. Aspartame is nothing more than a dipeptide: a combination of the two amino acids aspartic acid and phenylalanine

Know The Symptoms of Aspartame Poisoning - Healthy Food House

Studies have shown links between artificial sweeteners like aspartame and negative health consequences including pre-term delivery and cancer. Some people have reported muscle spasms, visual changes, and ringing in the ears after drinking beverages containing aspartame While the effects of aspartame on the body are still hotly debated, none of them seem good. One of the biggest points of contention is whether or not the additive causes cancer

If you see either the word aspartame or phenylalanine then the product contains aspartame. Some products even have a warning that indicates people with phenylketonuria (PKU) should avoid the product. Products like diet soda and gum usually have a warning about phenylketonuria. However, you should check for this warning on all of the. Aspartame is so bad. Having some caffeine in the form of tea helps. You can also drink Italian soda if you're craving a carbonated beverage. stoneMason February 24, 2013 . What can I do to ease aspartame addiction and withdrawal symptoms? I've been drinking soda with aspartame every day for more than twelve years A single gram of aspartame has the same amount of calories as a gram of sugar, but because it is 180 times sweeter than plain old sugar, you end up using a lot less to achieve the same sweetness I use aspartame and other forms of non-nutritive sweeteners to substitute a part of the sugar in my eating plan. And yes, I get a lot of flack from the naysayers. Let me be clear though: I use aspartame and artificial sweeteners NOT because I view sugar as bad or wrong. I can't stress this enough

I always stick with the most natural products and I avoid aspartame at all costs. It saddens me how difficult it is to find products like chewing gum that don't contain aspartame. The world knows that stuff is bad for you but so many people flocked to it as a viable alternative to sugar. Ugh You kicked your regular soda habit, and now you're sitting on cloud nine. But if that cloud is made of diet soda — a replacement for the real thing — you may have just created new problems Aspartame is an artificial sweetener known by various brand names, including Equal and NutraSweet. Many people claim to have bad reactions when they eat food seasoned with MSG. In the late.

What Happens When You Eat Aspartame? - The People's ChemistThe View: Low Calorie Coke Commercials & Is Aspartame BadSugar free fake blood makes Anna Paquin want to gag – isDiet Pepsi Is No Longer Made With Aspartame | Eat This NotHaving A Bad Trip On ‘Shrooms’ Can Actually Improve Your

Shannon lost the vision in her left eye because of aspartame use. More Witnesses. Dr. Orion Ayer, Jr, MD also wrote the Senate subcommittee on Roth's behalf, stating, The presence of the methanol, even in relatively small quantities, can cause neurologic damage in susceptible individuals.Ms Aspartame, also known by its brand name NutraSweet, and currently marketed under the brand name Equal is a synthetic sweetener which is about 180 times as sweet as sugar. It is not derived from a natural source, though there are two natural amino acids which are derived through metabolism of aspartame Aspartame®, Splenda®, sucralose, NutraSweet® and Equal® are all chemically manufactured sweeteners capable of creating toxic reactions in the human body. The government cautions against the use of any artificial sweetener by children and pregnant women. People with liver disease should definitely be added to this list PLEASSSSE Dr Oz will you get back to me with an Answer because I am very worried about my excessively Obese Sister, who I Finally Trained to stay away from Aspartame, who has Now gone back to drinking beverages with Aspartame, just because Your show said it was Not Harmful in Any Way Aspartame, a low-calorie artificial sweetener, has been permitted for use as a food additive in Canada since 1981 in a number of foods including soft drinks, desserts, breakfast cereals and chewing gum and is also available as a table-top sweetener. It is made by the bonding together of the amino acids aspartic acid and phenylalanine, which are.

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