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Is it safe to give nyquil to 10 year old? Posted on Tue, 19 Feb 2013 . Question: can I give my 10 year old that weighs 120 and is 5 foot 2 nyquil? Answered by Dr. Sundar Gnanavel (2 hours later) Nyquil dose 7 year old Nyquil for five year olds Questions Answered By Dr. Sundar. However, children can use Children's NyQuil starting from the age of 6 years old. Your child can take up to four doses of Children's NyQuil within 24 hours, 15 ml every six hours. If the doctor prescribes it, children under the age of 6 can take Children's NyQuil if needed; however, it should not be given to children under the age of 4.

If it is close to the time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and go back to your normal time. Do not take 2 doses at the same time or extra doses. Many times NyQuil (acetaminophen, dextromethorphan, doxylamine, and pseudoephedrine liquid) is taken on an as needed basis. Do not take more often than told by the doctor Warnings. Do not use NyQuil Cough if you have used an MAO inhibitor in the past 14 days, such as isocarboxazid, linezolid, methylene blue injection, phenelzine, rasagiline, selegiline, or tranylcypromine.. Do not give this medication to a child younger than 4 years old. Always ask a doctor before giving a cough or cold medicine to a child

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Do not use more than one product containing acetaminophen at the same time. Ask your healthcare professional about dosages for children under 2 years of age. For more information on administering children's medication, see our guide below or ask your pediatrician. If possible, use weight to dose, otherwise use age I gave my 8 year old daughter 10ml of adult Nyquil because - Answered by a verified Pediatrician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them AGE LIMITS. For allergies, don't use under 1 year of age. (Reason: it causes most babies to be sleepy). For colds, not advised at any age. (Reason: no proven benefits). They should be not be given if under 4 years old. If under 6 years, don't give products with more than one ingredient in them. (Reason: FDA recommendations 10/2008). DOSE The dosage is based on your age, medical condition, and response to treatment. Do not increase your dose, take it more frequently, or use it for a longer time than directed Dosage Guidelines & Tips How to take Nyquil Severe Cold & Flu (Acetaminophen, Dextromethorphan, Doxylamine, Do not give this medication to a child younger than 4 years old

Human papillomavirus vaccination Routine vaccination. HPV vaccination recommended for all persons through age 26 years: 2- or 3-dose series depending on age at initial vaccination or condition: Age 15 years or older at initial vaccination: 3-dose series at 0, 1-2 months, 6 months (minimum intervals: dose 1 to dose 2: 4 weeks / dose 2 to dose 3: 12 weeks / dose 1 to dose 3: 5 months; repeat. The bottle says to give 1 TBSP to kids 6 to under 12, and 2 TBSP to adults and kids 12 and over. If you were me, would you go ahead and give her the 2 TBSP, or maybe 1 TBSP? It makes me nervous to not follow the directions, but I'm afraid that 1 TBSP won't be enough to be effective. Kids health & safet NyQuil™ Cold & Flu Nighttime Relief Liquid (0) See ingredients and more. When you have a cold, turn to Vicks NyQuil Cold & Flu Nighttime Relief Liquid medicine to relieve your sneezing, sore throat, headache, minor aches and pains, fever, runny nose, and cough to help you get the rest you need What vaccines will my 7-10 year old get? Influenza (Flu) Everyone 6 months of age and older should get a flu vaccine every year. HPV Although recommended for children ages 11-12, the HPV vaccine can be given as early as 9 to help protect both girls and boys from HPV infection and cancers caused by HPV

According to the site, the recommended daily dosage — if you're 17 years or older — is 17 grams of Miralax powder dissolved in 4 to 8 ounces of a cold or warm beverage (like water, juice, or. If your child is under age 2 years, check with your health care provider before giving your child acetaminophen. Give a dose: 10 mL; For syrup that says 160 mg/1 tsp on the label: Give a dose: 2 tsp Always check with your provider before giving any medicine to children under 2 years old. This medicine is given every 4 to 6 hours maximum dose 20 mg/day (for adults and adolescents 12-17 years) ‒ GAD: initial dose 10 mg/day; recommended dose 10 mg/day; no • 15-year-old female refilled escitalopram with a ne The manufacturer states that children under the age of 12 years should not use this medication. The recommended dose of ZzzQuil is 50 mg at bedtime when needed, or as a person's doctor directs...

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Acetaminophen can help soothe your child's fever and relieve pain. Use our age-by-age acetaminophen dosage chart to find out how much is safe for your baby or child A study in 50 people taking statin medications found that a dose of 100 mg of CoQ10 per day for 30 days effectively reduced statin-related muscle pain in 75% of patients A toxic dose for children of more than 1.8 mg/kg has been reported. A 3-year-old child died 18 hours after ingesting 1000 mg doxylamine succinate. [3] Rarely, an overdose results in rhabdomyolysis and acute kidney injury

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  1. En español | A few hours after getting the second dose of her COVID-19 vaccine one morning in mid-February, Wendy Reiter's arm was a bit sore, just as it was after her first shot. But by evening, she felt flu-like, with body aches, a headache and serious fatigue. I felt like I was hit by a truck. I was essentially laid up for a day and a half, sleeping on an off all day and feeling out of.
  2. ophen dose for a child 48 to 59 pounds. Dose: 320 mg. Infants' oral suspension (shake well): 10 ml. Children's oral suspension (shake well): 10 ml or 2 teaspoons. Children's chewables or meltaways (80 mg): 4 tablets. Junior-strength chewables or meltaways (160 mg): 2 tablets. Adult regular-strength tablets (325 mg): 1 table
  3. The toxicology report showed that the little girl, who weighed only 46 pounds, had 96 nanograms per millilitre of dextromethorphan in her blood. The upper limit for this drug in adults is 40 ng/ml. Kimber also had 490 ng/ml of cetirizine in her system. A normal dosage would be between 271 and 352 ng/ml
  4. The FDA doesn't recommend over-the-counter (OTC) medicines for cough and cold symptoms in children younger than 2 years old. Giving the Right Dose of Medicine

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For pain and fever. CALPROFEN ® Ibuprofen Suspension contains ibuprofen, can be used in infants from 3 months old (weighing over 5Kg). For pain and fever. CALCOUGH ® Infant Syrup contains glycerol, can be used in infants from 3 months old. For cough. CALCOUGH ® Children's Syrup, can be used in children over one year old. For cough The plural form of 'ten-year-old' is ten-year-olds.Example: The mural was painted by a group of ten-year-olds. How much is a 10 year old girl supposed to weigh at 51? A ten year old girl whos 5'1. For liquid that says 100 mg/1 teaspoon (tsp) on the label, give a ½ tsp dose. For liquid that says 100 mg/5 mL on the label, give a 2.5 mL dose. If your child weighs 18 to 23 lbs or 8 to 10 kg: For infant drops that say 50mg/1.25 mL on the label, give a 1.875 mL dose. For liquid that says 100 mg/1 tsp on the label, give a ¾ tsp dose Dosage Chart | Children up to 110 pounds Please note: Do not administer Tylenol to children less than 6 weeks old. Do not exceed 5 doses in 24 hours in children. Acetaminophen Dosage (Tylenol) For Fever & Pai

E.g., for a child of 10 kg, and the strength of the solution equal to 125 mg/5 mL: Recommended general dosing: 15 mg/kg/dose => 15 * 10 kg = 150 mg of amoxicillin per dose. Recalculated strength: 125 mg/ 5 mL = 25 mg/ 1 mL 150 mg/ 25 mg = 6 mL needed. Amoxicillin dosage for infants over one month is the same as for older children A few aspects of NyQuil need to be considered to answer these questions. Article at a Glance: NyQuil is an over-the-counter medication used to treat colds and the flu. NyQuil contains Doxylamine Succinate and HBr, which target sickness but also affect the brain. Taking NyQuil as a sleep aid is not advised Yes they can as long as you measure the proportion of the amount that an adult should take. If it says that an adult should take 1 tbsp. then the 9-year old would take .75 tbsp. or 3/4 tbsp. Administer 1 dose of PCV13 first then give 1 dose of PPSV23 at least 1 year later. Anyone who received any doses of PPSV23 before age 65 should receive 1 final dose of the vaccine at age 65 or older. Administer this last dose at least 5 years after the prior PPSV23 dose. If the patient already received PPSV23, give the dose of PCV13 at least 1. Cognitive Development . Parents may notice that around 10 years old, children start thinking and sounding almost grown-up. Children this age are on the cusp of adolescence and have the language skills and cognitive ability to gather information and formulate well-organized opinions and thoughts. As such, many 10-year-old children can be pleasant company at dinner and at social gatherings.

According to Vicks.com, the correct dose of DayQuil Cold and Flu liquid is 2 tablespoons, or 30 milliliters, every four hours for adults and children 12 years or older. Children from age 6 to under 11 are advised to take 1 tablespoon, or 15 milliliters, every four hours Although presently there is no recommended dose for melatonin supplements, many pediatricians suggest doses less than 0.3 mg per day. This is close to the amount of melatonin the body produces naturally. There is concern that higher doses between 1 mg to 5 mg may cause seizures in children, especially those with serious neurological disorders.. FLONASE ALLERGY RELIEF DOSING. For adults and children 12 years of age and older: Week 1—use 2 sprays in each nostril once daily. Week 2 through 6 months—use 1 or 2 sprays in each nostril once daily, as needed to treat your symptoms

Children age 10 years who receive Tdap do not need the routine Tdap dose at age 11-12 years. DTaP inadvertently administered on or after age 7 years: Children age 7-9 years: DTaP may count as part of catch-up series. Administer routine Tdap dose at age 11-12 years. Children age 10-18 years: Count dose of DTaP as the adolescent Tdap booster OTC pain relievers dosage chart for adults and children 12 years and older Acetaminophen AMOUNT DOSE & FREQUENCY DAILY LIMIT Acetaminophen regular strength for example Tylenol® Regular Strength 325 mg per pill 2 pills every 4 to 6 hours while symptoms last Do not take more than 10 pills in 24 hours, unless directed by a doctor Acetaminophen.

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  1. C for kids 4 to 8 years: 25 milligrams; The daily requirement of vita
  2. D and acts less on the skin. Well, it is good to give your child vita
  3. Kimber Michelle Brown was spending the night with her 59-year-old grandmother, Linda Sheets, at the time of her death on Feb. 12. Sheets was reportedly treating the girl for flu-like symptoms
  4. e means that you'll be jittery and freaking out more than the alcohol will make you lethargic and dreamy. U..

Lexapro is the brand name of the prescription medicine escitalopram, which is used to treat anxiety in adults and major depressive disorder in adults and adolescents who are at least 12 years old Recent research has shown that cough medicines such as dextromethorphan don't work on children under six. A tablespoon of honey has been shown to be more effective than any over-the-counter cough medicine. And NO, don't give an 18 month-old Nyquil. The dosage is too high, and the alcohol is terrible for their little bodies In a study on melatonin for kids with ADHD, sleep onset advanced by 27 to 48 minutes with melatonin, and sleep duration increased by as much as 62 minutes. 7 The children, between 6 and 12 years old, were given either a 3 mg or 6 mg dose of melatonin depending on their weight

The typical adult dosage is 50 mg to 100 mg up to 4 times daily, with or without food, though some people may start at a lower dose. For children, the typical dosage is a total of 50 mg daily in divided doses for those under 6, and a total of 50 mg to 100 mg daily in divided doses for those over 6 My husband got up and said he'd get me some cough medicine. We have a bottle of Tussinex that was prescribed for our 7 year old daughter. My husband read the dosage for her (1/2 teaspoon) so he figured he'd add a little more to the dosage and bring it to me to take. He filled up a dosage cup full - 4 tablestoons and brought it in to me to. Mild/Moderate infection dose Severe infection dose; Children ≥ 40kg: 500mg to 1g every 8 hours (up to max 4g/day) in divided doses for 14 days: 500mg to 2g every 8 hours (up to max 6g/day) in divided doses for 10-30 days: Children : 40kg25 to 50mg/kg/day in three divided doses for 10 to 21 days. 100mg/kg/day in three divided doses for 10 to. My 10 year old put a 4 year old's penis in his mouth. When I asked him why, he said he wanted to know what it felt like. When I asked him if he knew that he violated the little boy, he said no. I asked him if he knew it was wrong and why, he said its wrong because people are not supposed to put penises in their mouths

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For children, the recommended Tylenol with Codeine dosage depends on age. For children 3 to 6 years old, the recommended dose is one teaspoonful (5 mL) three or four times per day. For children 7 to 12 years old, the recommended dose is two teaspoonfuls (10 mL) three or four times per day This 11 year old cousin of mine (born 1997, September), is having a fever: (oldest to current temp.)101.8-101.5-101.3-100.7. So anyway, she just drank Children's Tylenol Plus. But it's not good for the fever, it says so on the Warnings thing. At around 1-2pm, she was having the chills. 4-6pm, she toke a nap. Like twice So the average IQ of a 10 year old is 100. Many factors can determine a 10 year old's mental age such as verbal ability and spatial reasoning and those that rank higher in these skills than the average 10 year old will be considered to have a higher mental age and therefore, a higher IQ. A 10 year old scoring 130, for example, will have a.

Liquid formulations of NyQuil not labeled alcohol-free contain 10 percent alcohol. Therefore, typical symptoms of alcohol intoxication can occur quickly. These include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, slurred speech and poor coordination. In addition, NyQuil Severe Cold and Flu contains the decongestant phenylephrine, and NyQuil D Cold and Flu. The normal dose of DayQuil for an adult is 30 ml every four to six hours while the normal dose for children (6 to 12 years old) is 15 ml every four to six hours. Based on the recommended dosage, one adult dose contains 650 mg of Tylenol (acetaminophen) while the dose for children contains 325 mg The height of 10 year old girl can be generally around 54.5 inches. 10 Year Old Boy: Boys tend to weigh more than girls as they get older, but at this age the girls are heavier. Boys tend to weigh about 68 pounds (31kg) on average; normal range is anything from 57 to 100 pounds. The height of 10 year old boy can be generally around 54.5 inches For Child 6-11 years. 30-40 mg/kg (max. per dose 1 g) for 1 dose, then 15-20 mg/kg every 4-6 hours, maximum daily dose to be given in divided doses; maximum 75 mg/kg per day; maximum 4 g per day. For Child 12-17 years. 1 g every 4-6 hours; maximum 4 doses per day

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Take 1 to 2 tsp (5-10 mL)* every 4 to 6 hours or as directed by a doctor. Ages 2-5 Do not use unless directed by a doctor. Under 2 Do not use. *tsp=teaspoon mL=milliliter. More Product Information. Topical Products. Apply to affected area no more than 3 to 4 times daily. Use only as directed A 10 year old minor is usually paid a standard fee of $17 per job. Run garage sales for neighbors. Having garage sales for area neighbors is a great job for 10 year old children. The job requires the ten year old adolescent to sell the unused belongings of area neighbors. Youths can either run a garage sale for the whole neighborhood or run. And keep in mind, the doctor may change the dose until the right one is found for your child. While Vyvanse offers dosing options from 10 mg to 70 mg, the recommended starting dose is 30 mg. Your child's doctor may periodically increase or decrease your child's dosage to help control his or her ADHD symptoms and manage side effects What's the dosage of dolo 650 for 12 year old child. Health Query What's the dosage of dolo 650 for 12 year old child. 1 Doctor Answered Dr.Sajeev Kumar. General Physician. 32yrs exp. 90 % (21577 ratings) Ask Free Question. Half is enough but weight is the factor in deciding dose .If he is 30 Kg give half. So can 10-year-olds really play paintball? Yes! But only at certain locations. There is a version of paintballing that is very suitable for children aged 8+, as it uses paintballs with 60 percent less impact. If you have a venue nearby that offers low impact paintballing, then it is an excellent choice for a 10-year-old boy

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Mini-Dose Glucagon. 0 to 2 years old. 2 units. 3 to 15 years old . 1 unit for every year. Example: 3 years old = give 3 units 4 years old = give 4 units . 16 years and older. 15 units . Inject the mini-dose of glucagon the same way you would inject insulin (See Chapter 6, Insulin Injections) El-Hajj Fuleihan and her colleagues are now planning of study of 6- to 10-year- old children, where the vitamin D dose will be equivalent to 1,000 IU per day The nurse is preparing to administer an oral dose of antibiotics to a 10-year-old child who weighs 70 lb (31.75 kg). The prescription reads cephalexin 500 mg orally every 6 hours. The pediatric drug book dosing reads 25 to 100 mg/kg/day in 2 to 4 divided doses The best toys and gifts for 10-year-old girls include trendy accessories, STEM toys, and board games — according to kids, parents and parenting experts

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  1. 10 Year Old Who Bullies A Classmate Gets Swift Dose Of KarmaPLEASE FOR ANY COPYRIGHTS ISSUE CONTACT US FIRST ON : speedyfactschannel@gmail.comَMake sure to e..
  2. Sleep Well and Relieve Sniffling, Sneezing, Coughing, Aches & Fever with NyQuil
  3. Exception: Fever starting within 24 hours of vaccines if child is 8 weeks of age or older. If under 6 years, don't give products with more than one ingredient in them (FDA recommendation 2008). Dose. Find the child's weight in the top row of the dose table. Look below the correct weight for the dose based on the product you have. Measure the Dose
  4. Children 4-6 years old: 7.5 mg every 6-8 hours, not to exceed 30 mg per day; Children 6-12 years old: 15 mg orally every 6-8 hours, not to exceed 60 mg per day; Children over 12 years: 10-20 mg orally every 4 hours or 30 mg every 6-8 hours not to exceed 120 mg per day; Gel; Children over 12 years: 30 mg every 6-8 hours, not to exceed 120 mg per.
  5. Infant syrup (sometimes called junior syrup) is for children under 6 years old. A 5ml dose contains 120mg of paracetamol. Six plus syrup is for children aged 6 years and older. A 5ml dose contains 250mg of paracetamol. Important Do not give your child more than 4 doses of paracetamol in 24 hours. Wait at least 4 hours between doses
  6. ister 75% of the dose in the above table. Disclaimer: All of the information on this website is being presented as helpful reference material but should not be considered authoritative
  7. Check milk of magnesia dosage for constipation. 2 years of age and below: The right milk of magnesia dosage depends on the weight of the child. Get appropriate advice from your doctor or health provider. 2-5 years old: 1 to 3 tablets or 5-15 ml of oral suspension each day; 6-11 years: 3 to 6 tablets or15-30 ml of oral suspension each da

The best way to find the right dose for your body is to start with a very low dose (2 mg, for example) and increasing by 2-5 mg per dose until you find what works best for you. CBD Dosage For Anxiety The effective dose of CBD oil for anxiety or chronic stress usually falls on the moderate to heavy range of the spectrum I'm 8 years old and my IQ was also a 105-120. Christine (01311) 33 days ago . I'm nine years old and i got 105-120 . eConure (23766) 34 days ago . me too i got 105-120. Ibuprofen dosage chart for infants and children 11 years and younger You may repeat the dose every 6 to 8 hours while symptoms last Do NOT give more than 4 doses in 24 hours <6 mos 6-11 mos 12-23 mos 2-3 yrs 4-5 yrs 6-8 yrs 9-10 yrs 11 yrs See acetaminophen dosage directions *Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug Find dosage charts.

The pediatrician had suggested zincovit to my 6 years old daughter whose weight is 18 kgs. When is the exact time to give her the dosage Before meals or after meals? 7904 Views v. Answers (1) I would like to give Zincovit syrup for my 3 year old boy. Pls suggest the dosage and best time to give i Read More. Can I give zincovit drops to. Do not exceed more than 2 tablets, caplets, gelcaps or liquid gels in 12 hours, and do not exceed 3 tablets, caplets, gelcaps or liquid gels in 24 hours. The smallest effective dose should be used. Drink a full glass of water with each dose. Do not take for more than 10 consecutive days for pain or 3 days for fever, unless directed by a doctor I need to know ondem dosage for 10 year old Daughters health I am wo know . Read answers related to your health problems from thousands of doctors online across the globe at healcon.com 3 months to 18 years, PO: 10-15mg/kg/dose given twice daily 1 month to 18 years, IV: 20-60mg/kg/dose given 6- to 8-hourly 30 mg/kg/day PO or 100 mg/kg/day IV divided in 2 doses 1 g/day 3 g/day E Chloramphenicol 1 month to 18 years, IV: 12.5-25mg/kg/dose given 6-hourl For Child 6 months-5 years. 4 mg/kg twice daily (max. per dose 200 mg) for 7-10 days, alternatively 50 mg twice daily for 7-10 days. For Child 6-11 years. 4 mg/kg twice daily (max. per dose 200 mg) for 7-10 days, alternatively 100 mg twice daily for 7-10 days. For Child 12-15 years. 200 mg twice daily for 7-10 days. For Child 16.

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  1. A 10 year old girl / 60 Lbs with 300mg Average adult dose is given for the girl.Calculate the child's pediatric dose. Given, Age of child = 10 year Average Adult dose = 300mg To find, Child's pediatric dose. Solution
  2. But if you like the high it gives you, and keep increasing your dosage, the addictive effects of the drug accumulate quickly and can often be devastating. The drug's label clearly specifies that it is recommended only for short-term use—say, seven to 10 days—but once exposed to the pill's seductive side-effects, many patients come.
  3. d that dosage isn't based on weight or age, but the reaction of te child to the medication so while one may have a very positive reaction to a small dose, another may.

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  1. As far as gifts for 10 year old boys go, Star Wars themed presents are definitely up there, and this Stormtrooper figure is no exception. It has intricate and authentic movie detailing and comes with 8 accessories, including various weapons such as a handgun and a large blaster, as well as a jet pack
  2. utes after taking the ashwagandha. - It is advised if you plan on taking ashwagandha for an extended period of time to limit your ashwagandha dosage schedule to a six-week period and then take several days off before starting on your next dosing period
  3. Texas mother accused of killing son, 6, for insurance money. Prosecutors say a Houston woman has been accused of giving her 6-year-old son lethal doses of medications and over the counter drugs.
  4. 0 year old 1 year old 5 year old 10 year old adult head & neck 3840 5880 8770 11900 16120 head 4540 7460 12500 15620 23800 neck 2940 4160 4540 6320 8470 chest 550 830 1200 3840 3570 abd/pelvis 440 720 1080 3330 3330 trunk (C/A/P) 490 770 1140 3570 333
  5. g overweight. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 report that about 32 percent of children and teens are overweight or obese..
  6. Parenting an 11-year-old boy is a journey along the path of change and growing up. Those childhood days spent playing with toys are all but over, and your 11 year old is probably moving more towards the pursuits of teens. He might develop more of an interest in music and in hanging out with friends rather than playing

Hi Thank you @BlackInk He took some Calpol before we went to bed, he vomited the first 5ml up but was OK with the second spoonful. I was still up at 1am and heard him be violently sick - he was such a sweetheart though, he jumped out of bed and was sick all over the floor and totally missed the bed This world map pillowcase is a dreamy gift for a 10-year-old girl. It's printed with a map of the world, along with pictures and facts about animals and sea creatures that live in various regions. It's up to her to bring it to life as she colors in the scenery with the 10 fabric markers that are included In light of research showing that: 1) smaller doses are less likely to provide sufficient support for all individuals, 16 2) doses larger than 5000 mg are well-tolerated by child and adult populations, 6, 15 and 3) sufficient EPA and DHA is necessary for normal growth and development, it stands to reason that children would benefit from consuming considerably larger doses than those currently. divided into 4 doses. Calculate the dose per day for a 10 year old child using Young's Rule. First identify the child's age in years. answer is 10 _____ years The question states the child is 10 years old. Now identify the adult dose. answer is 2 Adult dose = _____ million units The question states the adult dose is 2 million units Dosage: • Adults and adolescents 15 years of age and older, 10 mg daily to be taken in the evening. • Paediatric patients 6 to 14 years of age 5 mg daily to be taken in the evening (chewable tablets are available). • Paediatric patients 2 to 5 years of age 4 mg daily to be taken in the evening (chewable tablets are available)

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By subcutaneous injection. For Child 10-17 years. Initially 6 mg for 1 dose, followed by 6 mg after at least 1 hour if required, to be taken only if migraine recurs (patient not responding to initial dose should not take second dose for same attack), dose to be administered using an auto-injector; maximum 12 mg per day Coughing is one of the common symptoms of COVID-19.But some researchers warn against using certain suppressants because they may be unsafe. A paper published in Nature suggests that one ingredient. Cbd Oil Dosage For 10 Year Old - Science Labs Cbd Oil Cbd Oil Dosage For 10 Year Old Cbd Oil Rebound Anxiety Pro Sport Cbd Oi

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Our bus is so old.. it's vintage. Since our RV is based on a 55+ year old bus chassis, we're often asked if we get turned away from RV parks for being too old. There are, unfortunately, some commercial and private RV parks that do have a rule against allowing older rigs. Generally the cut off is 10 years, but sometimes we've seen 15

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