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The term constable means different things in different jurisdictions. In some places it is a title or a rank in law enforcement. In others, it refers to a specific assignment for certain law enforcement officers. However, in Arizona, a constable is an officer of the county justice courts Like the sheriff, the constable's office is funded from local tax dollars administered by the county commissioners court. Jurisdictional Overlap. Jurisdictional overlap occurs between county sheriff's offices, municipal police departments and county constables as well as with the state highway patrol and state park rangers and the federal. Australian police ranks and insignia are loosely based on the ranks of the United Kingdom police forces and differ between state and territory forces. Ranks listed here descend in seniority from left to right The meaning of Constable is established. See also the related category latin. Constable is not popular as a baby boy name. It is not in the top 1000 names

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In English Law, a constable was a public civil officer whose general duty was to maintain the peace within his district, although he was frequently charged with additional obligations. High, petty, and special constables formerly existed. The police have assumed the functions of constables The definition of a constable is a law enforcement officer in a small town who has less authority than a sheriff. A small-town police officer who patrols the streets, keeps order and who has limited authority is an example of a constable / ˈkɑn·stə·bəl / (in the US) an official in a town or village having some of the responsibilities of a police officer (Definition of constable from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press

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Constables are required to meet and maintain the highest professional standards required of their role, by conducting all actions in a legal, balanced, proportionate and justifiable manner to uphold the law and achieve the best outcomes in a wide range of situations/incidents

In England, constables are the lowest-ranking police officers. The situation is quite different in the US, where a constable is generally an elected peace officer with less jurisdiction than a police officer or a sheriff.The duties of a constable can vary by locality, although constables in the US are often charged with carrying out the processes of justice Constabulary definition is - of or relating to a constable or constabulary. How to use constabulary in a sentence

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  1. A constable is a licensed peace officer and performs various law enforcement functions. They also serve legal documents and perform other duties. What does a Constable Do in Texas? A county constable in Texas has the following duties
  2. Note: ☞ The constable of France was the first officer of the crown, and had the chief command of the army. It was also his duty to regulate all matters of chivalry. The office was suppressed in 1627. The constable, or lord high constable of England, was one of the highest officers of the crown, commander in chief of the forces, and keeper of the peace of the nation
  3. police constable definition: 1. in the UK, a police officer of the lowest rank 2. in the U.K., a police officer of the lowest. Learn more

1. countable noun & title noun In Britain and some other countries, a constable is a police officer of the lowest rank. He was a constable at Sutton police station Since the constable is an officer of the local court, any legal documents to be served outside of the home jurisdiction passes to constables in the jurisdiction where they are to be served. If no constabulary is available in that jurisdiction, the local sheriff's office may handle the case What does constables mean? Definition of constable. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a high officer of a royal court or noble household especially in the Middle Ages. 2 : the warden or governor of a royal castle or a fortified town. 3a : a public officer usually of a town or township responsible for keeping the peace and for minor judicial duties

'Special constables have the same powers as regular police constables.' 'Two police constables have been assigned to patrol the factory gate.' 'I stop by at 10 a.m., shortly after the office opens, and find two police constables in smart red-and-black uniforms lounging on a sofa in the reception area. Like a sheriff, a constable's is the final word in a law enforcement situation. But that doesn't mean a constable answers to no one. Ultimately, constables answer to voters, who decide whether to keep a constable or replace him with someone else. But like any part of the government, there are checks and balances in place. constabulary (Noun) The police in a particular district or area. Etymology: From mediaeval Latin conestabularia, a noun use of the feminine version of conestabularius, from constabulus, from comes stabuli, literally 'master of the stables' Senior Constable can sometimes mean the head of the police force in a small area, but this is not the case in the UK. In Australia it generally refers to a police officer of the rank above constable. The New South Wales Police Force has three grades of Senior Constable, namely Senior Constable (2 chevrons), Incremental Senior Constable (two. A special constable is a volunteer police officer, with the same powers as a regular officer. These individuals serve an auxiliary function and are called upon when a heightened police presence is required. The chief constable is the head of all British police forces

Constable is the oldest law enforcement position in the world. The position originated from the Eastern Roman Empire. History records constables in France in the beginning of the fifth century, when they were known as the Counts of the King's Stables, which was later merged into Counstables They both have similar duties and, in some counties, the main law enforcement official is a constable; in others, a constable is an elected official that serves as an officer of the county justice.. The difference between what a constable does and what a sheriff does will vary by jurisdiction. Many communities employ constables and sheriffs, along with their deputies. The path to becoming a constable or deputy sheriff may include winning an election, along with a combination of education and law enforcement training

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One elected office in many towns is constable, a position that entails quite a few responsibilities. However, most citizens, and even some candidates for the office, have no idea what those.. CONSTABLE. Michael R. Campbell. Poly Subcourthouse 3500 Miller Avenue Fort Worth, Texas 76119 817-531-5610. About the Constables. The voters of each Justice of the Peace and Constable Precinct elect the Constable every four years. It is the Constable's duty to execute and return all process, warrants, summons and judgment enforcement. As Constable, what training must I have to keep my peace officer license active? Section 1701.3545 of the Texas Occupations Code requires each constable to complete at least 40 hours of New Constable Education at Bill Blackwood Law Enforcement Management Institute. Each complete 4 year Training Cycle after this, you must complete an additional. Meaning an officer of the peace is from c.1600, transferred to police officer 1836. French reborrowed constable 19c. as English police. Wiktionary. constable. n. (context British NZ English) A police officer ranking below sergeant in most British/New Zealand police forces. (See also chief constable) The Constable serves the criminal and civil process of the Justice Courts and other legal parties. Constables are the Executive and Enforcement Branch of the Justice Court. Elected Officials. One Justice of the Peace and one Constable is elected to each precinct. Constables stand for election every four years

Acts 3, Expository Notes of Dr. Thomas Constable, One of over 110 Bible commentaries freely available, this commentary provides notes on all 66 books of the Bible, and contain more than 7,000 pages of material The Greek verb metanoeo, translated repent, does not mean to be sorry for sin or to turn from sin The last part of 19:17 f> does not mean that Jesus believed a person can earn eternal life by obeying God's commandments. Obedience to God's commandments is a good preparation for entering into life. However obedience alone will not do The common definition of a constable is an elected law enforcement officer, and there are 99 constables in Mobile County with one for each precinct High constable synonyms, High constable pronunciation, High constable translation, English dictionary definition of High constable. a constable having certain duties and powers within a hundred. a chief of constabulary. See Constable, n., 2. See also: Constable, High Webster's Revised..

A Constable is also an officer empowered to carry out the business of the statewide district court system by serving warrants of arrest, mental health warrants, transporting prisoners, service of summons, complaints and subpoenas, and enforcing protection from abuse orders as well as orders of eviction and judgement levies Constable Name Meaning. English: occupational name for the law-enforcement officer of a parish, from Middle English, Old French conestable, cunestable, from Late Latin comes stabuli 'officer of the stable'. The title was also borne by various other officials during the Middle Ages, including the chief officer of the household (and army) of. The Constable conducts the sale on behalf of the taxing entities. What does it mean to purchase the property as is? In Harris County, and in the State of Texas, the taxing units have no liability or responsibility for the condition o Clutch of Constables is a detective novel by Ngaio Marsh; it is the twenty-fifth novel to feature Roderick Alleyn, and was first published in 1968.The plot concerns art forgery, and takes place on a cruise on a fictional river in the Norfolk Broads; the Constable referred to in the title is John Constable, whose works are mentioned by several characters Spanish words for constable include alguacil and guardia. Find more Spanish words at wordhippo.com

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Chief constables, the Commissioner of the City of London Police, and all commissioner ranks of the Metropolitan Police wear oakleaves on both the outer and inner edges of their peaks (or a double row beneath the capbadge for female officers). In Scotland, however, the mark is a silver band for inspectors and chief inspectors, a silver band and. The Lord High Constable of England is the seventh of the Great Officers of State, ranking beneath the Lord Great Chamberlain and above the Earl Marshal. [citation needed] His office is now called out of abeyance only for coronations.The Lord High Constable was originally the commander of the royal armies and the Master of the Horse.He was also, in conjunction with the Earl Marshal, president. The Commissioner and every Superintendent of Police, shall be ex-officio a Justice of the Peace, within the Province of Manitoba ; and the constables and sub-constables of the Police Force shall also have and exercise within the Province of Manitoba, all the powers and authority, rights and privileges by law appertaining to constables under the laws of the Dominion, for the purpose of carrying.

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(kon′stə·bəl, kun′-) noun 1. An officer of the peace; a policeman. 2. A high military officer in medieval monarchies. 3. The keeper or governor of a castle. —Lord High Constable of England A former military and judicial officer of high rank. [<OF conestable <LL comes stabuli count of the stable, chief groom] —con′sta·ble·ship′ nou The Hay Wain - originally titled Landscape: Noon - is a painting by John Constable, finished in 1821, which depicts a rural scene on the River Stour between the English counties of Suffolk and Essex. It hangs in the National Gallery in London and is regarded as Constable's most famous image and one of the greatest and most popular English paintings Liaqat Hussain, aged 27, of St Lawrence's Road, Foleshill, Coven- try, using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour towards a police constable and assaulting a police constable in the execution of his duty, 18-month community order, ordered to participate in the Think First programme and ordered to pay pounds 125 compensation Why does the man in the yellow suit insist that Mr. Foster stays at home and he handles the business himself with the constable? Chapter 16: Describe the constable's personality? Is he the type of sheriff you would like helping you to rescue a kidnapped individual? What does the constable mean when he says, How come you're so deep in it

GD constables may even get cases for investigations. SSC GD Constable has to work under the supervision of SHO and follow his instructions. The detailed job profile of SSC GD Constable under various Security forces are as mentioned below - 1 - GD Constable in BSF - major roles are-To protect the Indo-Pakistan and Indo-Bangladesh Border A constable is an elected a peace officer, usually in only one precinct. His area of jurisdiction is not county-wide, and his primary duty is to serve civil papers on persons involved in a lawsuit or who have been called to testify in one Early History of the Constable family. This web page shows only a small excerpt of our Constable research. Another 192 words (14 lines of text) covering the years 1150, 1390, 1443, 1518, 1478, 1537, 1590, 1655, 1562, 1613, 1592, 1647, 1595, 1664, 1651, 1710, 1682 and 1746 are included under the topic Early Constable History in all our PDF Extended History products and printed products wherever. 2 Dr. Constable's Notes on Romans 2021 Edition and traveled by land to Macedonia, where he wrote 2 Corinthians (A.D. 56). He continued south and spent the winter of A.D. 56-57 in Corinth. There he wrote the Epistle to the Romans, and sent it by Phoebe (16:1-2) to the Roman church. Hi Lacie, the golden rule of unpaid debt is keep in touch that means writing to explain your situation and offering to pay a minimal amount regularly. When a constable calls at your house it is to issue a court summons, he can only deliver it to the person named

The page not only provides Urdu meaning of Police Constable but also gives extensive definition in English language. The definition of Police Constable is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words of Police Constable 2 Dr. Constable's Notes on 2 Samuel 2021 Edition 4. The security of David's kingdom ch. 8 VI. David's troubles chs. 9—20 A. David's faithfulness ch. 9 B. God's faithfulness despite David's unfaithfulness chs. 10—12 1. The Ammonite rebellion ch. 10 2. David's unfaithfulness to God chs. 11—12 C. David's rejection and return chs. 13—20 1 The Constable's Corner: What does COP mean? By: Mitchell Clark Constable Pct. 2 Nueces County, Texas Several popular COP etymologies all exist for this word meaning policeman. One says that it is an acronym standing for Constable On Patrol. Another says that the first policemen in London (or anothe

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What does it mean to be non-compliant? The legislature, by statute, requires that licensees complete certain mandated courses, or minimum course hours, sometimes within a certain time frame. Licensees are non-compliant when they fail to complete said course, or courses, in the required time frame If you wish to file a complaint against a constable, please fill out our Online Complaint Form or print and complete this Complaint & Statement of Facts form.You can mail, e-mail, or fax the form to the CESTB office. Be sure to attach any evidence supporting your allegations

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The Constable's office of Precinct 4 is dedicated to serving our community in a fair and impartial manner by working together with our community, to execute all court orders, both civil and criminal and to promote a safe and secure environment. We also serve the law enforcement needs of the public in a timely, efficient and effective manner What does it mean to be served with court papers in a modification case? Copy FAQ Link. Unless you agree to change the existing order, the petitioner (the person who filed the modification case) must have you served with the initial court papers. You can be served in person by a constable, sheriff, or private process server You can be in person by a constable, sheriff or private process server. (You will not need to sign anything.) You can be served by certified or registered mail (return receipt requested) by the court clerk, constable, sheriff or private process server. (Service this way is valid only if you sign the return receipt showing that you received the. 'Painting is but another word for feeling.' John Constable In this post, I take a closer look at a moody English landscape painting named The Hay Wain by John Constable. (If you want to learn more about landscape painting, make sure to grab my free Landscape Painting Starter Kit). John Constable, The Hay Wain, 1821 Key Facts and Ideas Here are some of the key facts and ideas about the painting. The fact that Selah is often found at the end of a verse or chapter also supports the idea that it suggests a pause since it shows up in places where we would normally put a period or a new paragraph

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Title: 202003 - Police Constable. Closing Date: 31/03/2021, 23:55. By clicking I accept you consent to the use of cookies on our website to support technical features and anonymous statistic What does cop mean? A cop is an informal term for a police officer. As a verb, cop is used in a variety of slang expressions meaning grab or obtain, from copping a feel on someone (not recommended) to copping out on going to a party (= not going) to copping to (confessing to) eating the last slice of pizza The numbers of days listed for each of these notices are BUSINESS days and not calendar days. Please note that the day of service does not count as one of the days. Example (7 day pay or quit): You come to the Constable's Office on Monday (10/19/2020). We serve the paper on Tuesday (10/20/2020)

A constable came by and didn't leave a card in the door. Is that unusual of a constable? Aren't they always suppose to leave a card in the door so that way you know they have came by? Otherwise, how would the person who lives there know a constable is looking for them? I contacted the local county constable number and they said if they didnt leave a card htne maybe that person realized they. The good news for EV fans is the industry is set to grow far larger than it is now. The EV trend is supported by long-term technological and environmental shifts, the UBS report states Constable Name Meaning English: occupational name for the law-enforcement officer of a parish, from Middle English, Old French conestable, cunestable, from Late Latin comes stabuli 'officer of the stable'

The name derives from the Old French, and later Middle English conestable, cunestable, from the Late Latin comes stabuli, officer of the stable (22) The labour legislation thus gave constables the means to maintain (or at least attempt to maintain) the status quo in their various regions following the dislocating effects of the plague, and provided a substratum of enforcement below the level of justices of the peace/special justices of labourers. (23 The phrase a constable in uniform is written into various bits of legislation, in particular Road Traffic powers, such as stopping vehicles, PBTs etc. Does anyone know if there has been any case law in relation to this phrase? Legislation for other matters uses the phrase readily identifiable in.

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COP can also mean Constable On Patrol. anon9281 15 hours ago . also, Community Orientated Policing cops.. darbie anon7563 January 29, 2008 . When I lived in Britain, I heard that COP stands for Constable of Peace. anon7351 January 24, 200 On the 15th day after the constable serves the notice (you must give 14 full days), November 26, the tenant's rental agreement is now over. You hire the constable again (this time, you have no choice) to serve a summary process summons and complaint. This is the technical term for eviction. This official notice will cost you $140 all-in

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PENNSYLVANIA STATE CONSTABLE. SERVING SOUTH-CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA. 1-800-882-9370 A Pennsylvania State Constable is an office held in Pennsylvania. It is the constable's job to enforce the law and carry it out, just the same as the job of district attorneys, sheriffs and the police (see Ant 147 of 1990, 528 Pa., at470, 598 A.2d 9S5).. Pennsylvania constables have the right in Pennsylvania to. The notion that cop is an acronym for Constable On Patrol is nonsense. Similarly, the word did not arise because police uniforms in New York (or London or wherever) had copper buttons, copper badges, or anything of the sort A subpoena may be served at any place within the State of Texas by any sheriff or constable of the State of Texas, or any person who is not a party and is 18 years of age or older. A subpoena must be served by delivering a copy to the witness and tendering to that person any fees required by law How does this link in with Heaney's other poems? The poem 'A Constable Calls' links in with many of Heaney's poems as they all share the theme of childhood memories. This includes 'Mid-term Break', 'Digging', ''The Early Purges', 'Blackberry picking' and 'Follower'. This similarity expresses Heaney's childhood was full of events that have shaped wh What does Mae Tuck mean when she says, The worst is happening at last Why does the constable express surprise when he learns that the Fosters have agreed to sell their land to the stranger? Fosters are land-proud . How did the man in the yellow suit respond when the constable asked him what he intended to do with his newly acquired.

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  1. The noun 'constable' is a collective noun for a constable of ravens. There is no specific collective noun for a group of constables, however the collective noun for other law enforcement officers.
  2. Let me go from bottom to top. From constable to Inspector ranks are from Subordinate police service. DSP and Add. SP ranks are from State Police Service. SP to DGP are the ranks from Indian Police Service (IPS). Director of IB is the senior most p..
  3. The Precinct 3 Constable's Office is committed to serving all civil process that is received in an efficient and professional manner. Civil process includes all citations, summons, subpoenas, writs, etc. The manner of service can be anything from simply serving a person or entity with the process, or taking specific action against a person or.
  4. What is service of citation? It is legal notice to the other side that you have filed your case. It is not enough to tell the person on the other side that you have filed the case. You must follow the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure and show the court that you have given legal notice

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The Constable may seize and sell real and personal property upon lawful order of a court, returning the proceeds according to law. Constables are Texas Peace Officers and may arrest, with or without warrant, violators of State Penal laws and persons who commit breaches of the peace in their presence. A Constable's jurisdiction for service of. A constable is a public official, hence a constable bond is a public official bond. These bonds provide the taxpayer with a guarantee that the official will do what the law requires A Constable is an elected Peace officer of the County and their Judicial Precinct. A Constable is also the Executive Officer of their Justice Precinct. Pima County Constables serve all of Pima County, which is the 7th largest county in the nation encompassing 9,241 square miles containing over 1 million residents Glossary of Colonial Terms. Alias - 1) this word was prefixed to the name of a second writ of the same kind issued in the same case. For example, after a summons was issued but returned by the sheriff as not fulfilled, a second summons could be issued and this was referred to as an Alias Summons.Alias Capias was a second writ of this type issued in the same case

A person who is in employ but not on active duty. He is not to attend office, however, not to leave station without prior permission. Has not been categorised as a punishment. Usually resorted to keep an accused Officer from his normal duty, so that enquiry can proceed without any fear or favour 28. No constable or other bailiff of ours shall take the corn or other chattels of any one except he straightway give money for them, or can be allowed a respite in that regard by the will of the seller. Rule of eminent domain also applies to personal property, which must be paid for when taken. 30

What does a Deputy District Attorney do? Discussion Comments . backdraft November 29, 2011 . In some cases being a deputy chief is harder than being an actual chief. This is because deputy chiefs are usually responsible for knowing how to do every single duty. They are the ones that actually have to facilitate the projects Happy Easter! We are so glad you are joining us on this wonderful day. Today we will finish up the Jesus series looking at the question: What does Jesus deat..

What does the community constable mean to you? Zizi Sparks Reporter from North Shore Times The Beach Haven Community Constable is relocating from its current location, open 40 hours per week, to Beach Haven Community House, just three hours per week Detective Constables are required to participate in difficult and complex criminal investigations, interview victims of crimes (and suspects), and play a leading management role within the police. In this blog, we'll provide you with some key responsibilities of the Detective Constable role, and the behavioral expectations that you must abide by A Chief Constable is the chief officer for a territorial police force outside of London. The Deputy Commissioner, as you may imagine, is the second-in-command of London's Metropolitan Police Service, while the Commissioner is over the entirety of the City of London or the Metropolitan Police Service. Of course I mean A Touch of Frost.

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1 print (2 pages) : lithograph, color ; 336 x 493 mm. | Print shows President Theodore Roosevelt as a constable standing between Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa with a truncheon labeled The New Diplomacy What Does It Mean to Be Judgment Proof? Creditors can garnish certain kinds of income. If your income is protected from garnishment and you don't have many (or any) assets like a house, personal property, or savings to pay off your debts, you're probably judgment proof Police P.C. abbreviation meaning defined here. What does P.C. stand for in Police? Get the top P.C. abbreviation related to Police Constable's title commemorates a crisis weathered: The mouth of the Thames—morning, after a stormy night. The man of clouds, you might say, had seen clouds from both sides now The phrase Territorial Police Force varies in precise meaning according to the country to which it is related, generally distinguishing a force whose area of responsibility is defined by sub-national boundaries from others which deal with the entire country or a restricted range of crime. Police Reform Act 2002. England and Wales Parks Constables Special constables are not the same as police community support officers (PCSOs), who are employed by police forces to provide operational support to regular officers. Special constables usually work for a minimum number of hours per month (depending on the force - the national minimum is 16 hours), although many do considerably more

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