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Before using your snorkel, you will need to attach it to your mask. There are both right and wrong ways to do this.https://youtu.be/Xtwoc5Jni8 A snorkel keeper will keep your snorkel attached to the mask strap so that you can breathe comfortable while face down in the water. Position correctly it will poke more straight up, rather than forward, and the silicone styled snorkel keeper are easier to set up, move, and perfect than any of the other styles If using a snorkel keeper ring, you will need to do a little more work than just attaching two pieces together, so they stay in place. Instead, you will need to take the strap of the mask and put it against the snorkel to hold it in place just above where the snorkel keeper ring is located

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  1. How to Use a Classic Snorkel To use a classic snorkel mask, you will need to keep your face down so that the snorkel always stays above the water with enough of the snorkel sticking out of the water to prevent water from entering the snorkel. The snorkel should be attached correctly by a snorkel keeper clip or ring
  2. Using a snorkel properly is an easy job. First of all, you should adjust the mask so that it sits snugly and comfortably on your face. Try not to overtighten the straps to keep the mask from leaking. Once the mask is on and you're submerged in water, try to take slow and regular breaths
  3. Snorkel Keeper: The snorkel keeper is the attachment ring that clips the tube to the straps of the mask. It should always rest on the left side of your straps, with the snorkel curving along the left side of your face. Prone to breaking, the keeper can be easily replaced
  4. The simplest mask attachment mechanism is a snorkel keeper. A snorkel keeper is just two loops of silicone attached at the center like a figure-eight. A simple snorkel keeper works well to attach your snorkel to your mas
  5. If you take a large one, cut it and tie it over the mask strap so that it holds the snorkel tight, you'll have the best keeper of all. We also tie a few on the floats to hang the snorkel on for the serious dives. On warm-ups I spit it out and let it dangle

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Snorkel Keeper. Most snorkels come with one of two styles of keepers: a figure of eight style silicone snorkel keeper or a hard plastic clip. The hard plastic clip can either be the lift-to-attach type which is preferred or the quick-release type Improve your breath hold Many snorkelers simply stay at the surface, and use the snorkel to breathe while looking down. A number of more advanced snorkelers, though, move into skin diving territory by doing occasional dives below the surface while holding their breath

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Powerer 8 Pack Scuba Dive Universal Plastic Clip Snorkel Keeper Tube Holder, Scuba Diving Dive Snorkeling Silicone Snorkel Mask Strap Keeper Holder Clip Retainer Attachment Gear Spare Part Accessories. 4.8 out of 5 stars 21. $10.99 $ 10. 99. Get it as soon as Tomorrow, Mar 11 A snorkel keeper is the part of the snorkel in the shape of a ring. This ring clips the tube to straps of the snorkel mask. The snorkel keeper should rest on the left side of the straps of your mask. In this position, the snorkel will curve along the left side of the face My husband lost his snorkel keeper. I know! I didn't know what it was. But low and behold I found it. He said it was easy to put on. Holds well. Guess it holds the snorkel to the mask. It's good and tough so it won't break. He is all set and is happy as a clam. All good to me. If you need one, this one is highly recommended Do you have the ultimate Oceanic Ultra Dry Snorkel? The snorkel keeper sometimes can be tricky and the video will confirm on how to use the snorkeling keeper. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 0:50. For Smaller Mouths - New Oceanic Ultra Dry Mini Flexible Purge Snorkel for Scuba Divers & Snorkelers - 100% Dry (Trans Blue) Review Here's what to do: Attach the snorkel keeper to the snorkel, but instead of attaching it in the middle of the snorkel, attach it much higher than you usually do, about to 1.5 to 2 inches from the top. Now attach the snorkel keeper in the back or center of the mask strap as opposed to the side of the mask strap. (See photo number 3)

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This Black coloured Tusa Snorkel Keeper Set (TC-507) is a replacement for use on the Tusa SP-170 Platina II Hyperdry Snorkel and the Tusa Platina Hyperdry SP-130 snorkel. The Tusa TC-507 Snorkel Keeper is for snorkels with an elliptical barrel. Colour: Black (01/17 LRB The most simple but functional snorkel keeper ever manufactured. This double loop style snorkel keeper can be adapted to virtually and snorkel if needed. Inexpensive made from durable nylon-2 neopren SCUBA divers will use the snorkel to conserve oxygen along the surface, however their intention is to dive down. Next, snorkeling is done solely near the surface of the water and requires only a snorkel and mask (fins are recommended as well). SCUBA diving, on the other hand, requires specific equipment and allows one to go much deeper. Snorkeling (British and Commonwealth English spelling: snorkelling) is the practice of swimming on or through a body of water while equipped with a diving mask, a shaped breathing tube called a snorkel, and usually swimfins.In cooler waters, a wetsuit may also be worn. Use of this equipment allows the snorkeler to observe underwater attractions for extended periods with relatively little. Learning how to snorkel can be a fun and adventurous outdoor activity for you and your friends. You can bond with the family on vacations or enjoy a group trip with co-workers. No matter who you decide to go snorkeling with, you will have a great time, get some wonderful exercise, and explore nature in ways you won't be able to any other way

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  1. The most simple but functional snorkel keeper ever manufactured. This double loop style snorkel keeper can be adapted to virtually any snorkel if needed. Inexpensive (a buck and change) made from durable rubber you should have several in your save-a-dive-kit. Also, can be used as an octopus holder in a pinch! Oh Yea
  2. Snorkel Keeper Silicone for Scuba Diving Snokeling Mask PINK RB0205 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - Snorkel Keeper Silicone for Scuba Diving Snokeling Mask PINK RB020
  3. Shop Top Scuba Gear Brands Today. Aqua Lung, Evo, Atomic Mares & Mor
  4. Snorkel Keeper - The snorkel keep fastens the diving mask to the snorkel and keeps the two safely connected. Snorkel - Shaped breathing tube to ensure you can stay under water long enough to take in the sights! Dry Snorkel - Specialized breathing tube that prevents water from getting in. The sole purpose of a dry snorkel is to prevent.

Avoid over-tightening, and be sure the headband portion of the strap is centered on the back of your head. 3 Install the snorkel keeper on the mask strap. Then, wearing the mask, position the snorkel so it hangs alongside your left ear, out of the way until needed. Check out a round-up of The Best Masks and Snorkels in the Gear Guide Snorkel is designed to be worn on the left side. Attach the snorkel keeper around your left mask strap. Slide the keeper up or down to adjust for comfort when using mouthpiece. When you are done using your gear for the day, rinse with fresh water, and let air dry in the shade. Store your fins either laying down or hung by the strap Attaching the Snorkel Once you've selected the right mask and snorkel for your use, you'll want to attach the snorkel to the mask. This is done using a snorkel clip or keeper that typically comes with your snorkel. Extra clips or snorkel keepers are sold as an accessory

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  1. Invented by dive instructor and photographer David Prichard, the snorkel keeper features an easy-to-button mask strap. This allows you to store your snorkel inside your vest while you dive. You can also attach your torch or flashlight to it by using it sideways
  2. Lay flat in the water on your stomach. Place your face in the water at about a 45 degree angle. 4 Bite gently down on the mouthpiece of the snorkel
  3. The dry snorkel keeps a snorkel totally dry while allowing air to pass in and out. This is a challenging concept, and the industry continues to address the problem. Totally dry snorkels tend to be heavier, and cumbersome. A dry snorkel is not totally free of water in the system. Sand, incorrect use, among other things, may introduce water
  4. I always remove my snorkel on all dives because of 2 reasons. As you duck down to go under the snorkel makes a glurp glurp glurp sound which can alert the fish you plan to eat for dinner. Second it is more comfortable while diving. Your mouth and lips can relax more to a natural state than if..
  5. Neoprene Snorkel Keeper. TRIDENT DIVING EQUIPMENT. 574838. $ 2.99. This double loop, neoprene style snorkel keeper can be used on most snorkels to keep your mask nicely attached. Great to have a spare in your save-a-dive kit. Easy to use and functional. Add to Cart. Share: Collections:.
  6. Molded Silicone Reinforced deluxe clear snorkel keeper. Dive Right In Scuba's Free Shipping will apply to standard ground shipping anywhere in the World on orders totaling $500 or more (excludes rebreathers, tanks, compressors, and weights). Sale items also do not qualify for free shipping

First, you place the lower end (mouthpiece) of the tube in your mouth. You get into a water body, then lie flat on water facing down; nose and mouth submerged in water. The snorkel should be positioned in away that the top end of the tube is always above the surface of water Take easy kicks with the snorkel for a few lengths. Inhale through the tube and exhale through your nose. You can even float in place, face down, inhaling and exhaling, to acclimate to the snorkel, and later, to relax after a lap swim Put the snorkel's mouthpiece in your mouth and hold the snorkel up so the tube runs alongside your temple. Use your sense of touch to guide you as you slide the clip up or down the tube and into a position where it is over the strap. If you are a scuba diver, the tube must be on the left side of your head 2x Quick Release Snorkel Clip Keeper Holder Universal - Attach To Mask Strap Durable Flexible & Replaceable Snorkel Keepers 5.0 Store: Sportsarea Store. US $1.02. US $1.82-44%. US $3.00. New user coupon on orders over US $4.00. View details & Buy. Buyer Protection. Money Back.

The figure 8 snorkel keeper makes using a snorkel so much better, and costs less than $3.00 to purchase. Simply remove the keeper from factory off your snorkel. Slip one of the circles of the figure 8 over the tube of the snorkel, the center solid portion of the figure 8 goes around your mask strap, and then the other circle over the snorkel Clear snorkel keeper for standard J tubes. Always have extra! There is nothing worse than having to tuck your snorkel into your mask strap because your snorkel keeper went MIA. Out of stock. Category: Accessories. Related products. Riffe Go Pro Mount $ 28.00

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Silicone snorkel keeper stretches to fit onto snorkels of any shape and size. Tension reduction at the mask strap keeps the snorkel at the most natural and comfortable position during use. Excellent alternative to the traditional hard plastic snorkel keeper. Comes in Black or Clear Snorkel Attach the snorkel to your mask using the clip or keeper. Adjust the height so that the mouthpiece fits comfortably in your mouth without putting tension on the tube. Position the tube at about a 45-degree angle between the top and the back of your head

The snorkel keeper (part of the snorkel that allows it to adjust to the mask) is adjustable. You may need to shift it up or down the snorkel to find the best position for you. Best to be clean shaven - having a day or two moustache growth is just enough to push your mask away from your face and cause it to leak Description If you have a clear snorkel and mask, this Clear Silicone Snorkel Keeper is the way to go to keep your mask and snorkel securely connected. You don't want your snorkel to slip off and run away with the tide, so having a little extra security or even just a backup connecting device is always a great way to stay prepared for anything

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I put mine on the left with a snorkel keeper next to where the strap goes into the Mask. I do this here in Alaska and I do it the same when I dive warm water as well. uncleavi, Jan 21, 2009 # Check that the snorkel includes an attached snorkel keeper, which is a flexible ring or strap to loop around the mask strap, preventing accidentally losing the snorkel. Step 4 The new easy-to-use snorkel keeper is the handy way to secure the snorkel to your mask. The mouthpiece is made of super-soft high grade silicone that is conveniently replaceable. Available online. Go to Contact. For questions or to place an order, call (562)552-2739 The snorkel allows you to swim along on the surface with your face, wearing a mask, underwater, surveying all of the sea life beneath you. When you see something interesting, you take a deep breath through the snorkel, and do a surface dive to the..

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  2. The snorkel keeper design allows the diver to detach their snorkel, store it inside their vest and re-attach the snorkel after surfacing as required. Some innovative divers use our snorkel keeper to hold their torch (diver light) sideways on their mask straps
  3. • Inspect the snorkel keeper for cracks or other damage • Check that purge and dry-top valves are clean and undamaged. MASK AND SNORKEL CARE — AFTER YOU DIVE • Rinse mask and snorkel thoroughly in fresh water • Clean salt and sand from mask buckles and skirt crease
  4. style=text-align: justify;>Make using your snorkel comfortable and easy, choose such fine accessories for your snorkel, as snorkel locks, snorkel keepers, spare mouthpieces, etc. Sort By Position Product Name Price Manufacturer Material Thickness Set Descending Directio
  5. This easy-to-use snorkel keeper has 1.5cm diameter holes to accommodate all snorkel sizes. Comes in 3 different options of twin colour combinations. Tear and tangle resistant. AVAILABLE COLORS: B/R (Blue/Red), B/Y (Black/Yellow), P/P (Pink/Purple). MSRP: $4.60 USD* *Available for purchase from your Authorized AKONA Deale
  6. Attach the snorkel to your mask. Put the mask on and then try the snorkel in your mouth. Adjust the snorkel angle and attachment as necessary for a comfortable fit. Try several snorkels and make the final decision based on color, optional features and personal preference
  7. Another feature that sets this model apart is the quick-release keeper feature. With a simple click, any diver using the Cressi snorkel can join the snorkel to the mask strap easily to unjoin, you only need to push the button; there's no need for the removal of the keeper from your mask strap

Using the quick-release keeper, you can join the snorkel to a mask's strap, with a simple click. To detach the snorkel from the mask, press the button a second time. The elliptical bore shape is wider than average, which helps to increase airflow for improved comfort This Rubber Snorkel Keeper is a double loop system that fits most snorkels and keeps your snorkel and your mask securely connected. These are great to have as a just in case spare part. It's also easy to use and a must-have to be a fully prepared diver or snorkeler. The rubber material won't snag your hair and it's flexible and durable so. Adjustability: Look for a snorkel mask for sale with easy to use buckles and straps. Snorkel Attachment: Ensure that you can easily attach a snorkel to your mask. SNORKEL MASKS REVIEWS 2020 Corrugated smooth bore lower tube, quick release snorkel keeper, easy clear purge valve

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of the keeper (holder) slightly away from the barrel of the snorkel, and slide the keeper down over the mask strap and release the tab. USE To hold the snorkel in your mouth, gently bite on the mouthpiece tabs, and keep your lips sealed around the mouthpiece. While snorkeling, keep your chin slightly up so the top of the snorkel stays out of. Cheap quality snorkeling replacement snorkel accessories buckle silicone snorkel keeper Soft hypoallergenic silicone. Silicone snorkel keeper stretches to fit onto snorkels of any shape and size. Tension reduction at the mask strap keeps the snorkel at the most natural and comfortable position during use

Sliding snorkel keeper range adjuster allows for accurate placement without constant re-adjusting each dive. Atomic Aquatics' international and award winning styling team makes the SV1 and SV2 high performance snorkels something you would be proud to use The snorkel can get tangled in your inflator hose on your left side. If it's attached to the right side, it can get tangled in your regulator. A snorkel can get caught in overhead environments, such as caves, caverns, swim-throughs, and wrecks. The snorkel keeper or ring to attach it to your mask can get caught in your hair which is very painful

Snorkel clip is a snorkel keeper, it just occured to me now. The OMER soft one I used would bend and wobble as you ascended causing drag and vibration on your head. It is marketed and bendable so I guess scuba divers can put it in a pocket or save a precious cubic inch in your travel bag Traditional robust style snorkel keeper that fits all snorkel types. 100% liquid silicone construction offers comfort flexibility and longevity. Weight: 0.01 kg: 30 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. When you purchase any Oceanpro product you can breathe easy with the 30 Day Satisfaction guarantee. We are confident you will be happy with your purchase. for Attaching To Mask Strap/Breath Tube for Swimming Diving Snorkeling (25mm Dia,), Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders,Shop CHENLIGHT 1Pc Universal Quick Release Plastic Snorkel Clip Keeper, Authentic goods are sold online Easy to use and affordable Guaranteed 100% Authentic High quality with Low price Affordable prices with Fast Delivery to Your Door Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders,Shop Baoblaze Pack of 4 Universal Durable Scuba Dive Diving Quick Release Breathing Tube/Snorkel Mask Clip Retainer & Double Loop Keeper, Free Delivery and Returns free distribution Good quality and low price, welcome to buy

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item 1 Aqua Lung Detachable Snorkel Keeper - Aqua Lung Detachable Snorkel Keeper. $5.99. item 2 Aqua Lung Detachable Snorkel Keeper - Aqua Lung Detachable Snorkel Keeper. $5.99. Free shipping. item 3 Aqua Lung Secure-Easy Snorkel Keeper - Aqua Lung Secure-Easy Snorkel Keeper. $2.50. People who bought this also bought A: A snorkel keeper clamps onto the snorkel and keeps your mask strap attached to the tube. Normally the snorkel keeper does not need to be disconnected (pulled off the snorkel). You must insert your mask strap into the snorkel keeper before using your snorkel. You may order replacement snorkel keepers for all tubular snorkels I think it's the snorkel keeper that gets my hair all tangled in it. Answer: The mask strap a life saver! It stays put, and you can also get a snorkel keeper made of the same material. I also use one of those and it doesn't bother me one bit. Question: Is the neoprene snorkel keeper easy to put on and take off of the mask? Since I store the. The snorkel keeper is usually a piece of neoprene or rubber with two loops or holes. The holes or loops yoke the snorkel in place and the keeper is put between the mask strap and your head to keep the snorkel and mask together. The quick-release mechanism has a tab on the snorkel and a sleeve on the mask strap Button one end around snorkel keeper, slide in mask strap and button up other end to secure snorkel in place. Non-slip surface. Does not catch or tangle hair. Ideal for primary or spare snorkel keeper. The Vari-fit Snorkel Keeper has many applications and is often used by technical divers to hold hoses in place

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  1. My wife uses a snorkel keeper since the two piece clip that came with her snorkel snags hers hair. When we're done in the water and need to pack the mask in its case to protect it, we have to remove the lower section of the snorkel (silicon tube, purge section and mouthpiece - removed as one unit) from the riser to get it off of the mask
  2. Snorkel keeper for attachment of snorkel to mask strap Constructed of hypoallergenic silicone Slip one end over your mask strap, slide your snorkel into the other Helps hold snorkel position, prevents snorkel loss Great addition to your snorkeling bag or save a dive kit The IST Flat Cutout Universal Snorkel Keeper, Silicone is used to attach.
  3. Rubber Snorkel Keeper. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive latest product details and shopping discount
  4. Check your Snorkel and learned to secure with to the Mask strap with a plastic lip or the rubber Snorkel Keeper and make sure that that the position of the Snorkel can always be adjusted. Try on the Snorkel and Mask found here on Amazon together and make sure that the mouthpiece can be gripped comfortably in your mouth
  5. Problue Snorkel Keeper Black with Quick Release. Problue snorkel keeper with quick release is suitable for snorkels with a round tube. Super easy to use! Brand: Problue; Product: Snorkel Keeper Black with Quick Release; SKU: PB-AC-77-5; Our Price: $5.99; RRP: $10.00; Saving: $4.01 (41%

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Silicon-Rubber Snorkel Keeper. This OceanPro Silicon-Rubber snorkel keeper is a must have addition to any spares kit. It's one of the most simple things out there but could be a big saver in the case of an emergency snorkel situation! And at only $2 you don't have an excuse for keeping one of these around I never use snorkel holder, I keep collapsed snorkel in BCD and just shove it under mask strap when need it. On live a boards, bring multi prong outlet so you can plug in all your battery charges (GoPro, flashlight, video light, Mares dive computer etc), as boats usually seem to just have just 1 outlet a room

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Snorkel Keeper for Scuba Diving Snorkeling Mask. $1.99. Choose Options. Quick view. SeaDive EyeMax Mask Scuba Diving Free Dive Snorkel Clear. $54.95. Out of stock. We can special order one for you. Quick view. Bare Duo Scuba Diving Snorkeling Mask. $54.95 $32.97. Out of stock. We can special order one for yo The best snorkel keeper I used for years is a simple figure 8 shape that I cut out of a bicycle inner tube. My main consideration for a snorkel with regards to a snorkel keeper is how easily I can get rid of the original snorkel keeper without affecting the functionality of the snorkel Shop now at Go2 Outfitters to get your hiking, camping, kayak and survival accessories. Go2 Outfitters is the Tampa area premiere specialty outfitter Silicone Snorkel Keeper $ 4.00. Easy to use for attaching snorkel at mask. Silicone Snorkel Keeper quantity. Add to cart. Category: Accessories. Additional information Additional information. Weight: 1 lbs: Color: Black. Related products. McNett Sea Drops Anti-Fog & Lens Cleaner, (1.25 oz Booties Fullsuits Scuba BC's Snorkel Sets Spring Suits Smaller Masks. Swim Goggles Rash Guards Float Suits Vests. Shop Toys New Arrivals Sale. Wear Snow Goggles Beanies & Hats Shirts. Gear Keeper (2) Hammerhead (1) Hammerhead Ind. (21) Innovative Scuba Concepts (4) IST (3) IST Diving Systems (1) Omer (1) Princeton Tec (4) Promate (4.

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With the help of Capterra, learn about Snorkel-Server, its features, pricing information, popular comparisons to other Computer Security products and more. Still not sure about Snorkel-Server? Check out alternatives and read real reviews from real users Aqua Lung has both flex snorkel and non-flex snorkels. Non-flex snorkels are generally used for snorkeling. Since you do not usually take your mouthpiece out, non-flex snorkels are sufficient. Flex snorkels are generally preferred for scuba diving, as you can let the mouthpiece fall away to use your regulator. The Aqua Lung Impuls Cargo For those that don't like to wear a snorkel but think it may be a good idea to have one just in case, we offer the Cargo Snorkel. Just roll it up, secure the tip to the customized snorkel keeper, and stow it in your pocket. When it's time to use it, simply unclip it, because it is 100% silicone, it pops back i

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Silicone Snorkel KeeperUniversal Plastic Snorkel Clip Keeper Retainer For ScubaHow to Clean a Snorkel Gear: Snorkel Mouthpiece, Mask and
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