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1991 Fleer Football Cards - 10 Most Valuable. 1991 Fleer football cards aren't worth much these days. That's what happens when you produce enough of each card to fill all the craters on the moon and don't even see fit to include any big-name rookie card. Still, these are old cards that look sort of interesting, and there are. Tune in as Mrs. Wax Pack Gods reads 1991 Fleer Football Cards - 10 Most Valuable. SUBSCRIBE NOW! - http://bit.ly/WaxPackGodsYTSubLook, you can't really sugar..

1991 Fleer Base Set Football Card Values. Card Description NM EX/NM EX VG GOOD; 1991 Fleer #1 Shane Conlan: $0.3 1991 Fleer. Total Cards: 432 Rating: 4.9 (48 votes) Click here to Rat

If not, well, at least there was plenty of 1991 football to go around. And these most valuable of the 1991 Topps football cards hold enough Hall of Fame firepower to satisfy just about any gridiron taste. (Prices culled from recent eBay sales of PSA 10 cards.) Hike! 1991 Topps Joe Montana (#73 Get the huge collection of 1991 Fleer sports cards online at Beckett.com. Subscribe to Football online price guide and get the latest and accurate values of cards This card celebrates Rocket Ismail's 1990 Walter Camp Player of the Year award, but the junior wide receiver from Notre Dame also finished second in Heisman Trophy voting (to Ty Detmer) that year.. No matter, though, because Ismail was one of the most exciting players on the college or NFL scene, and he'd develop into a 1000-yard receiver in the pros by the late 1990s 1991 Fleer Football Cards Sort By Recently Added Card # Oldest Newest Highest SRP Highest Price Lowest Price Biggest Discount Highest Percent Off Print Run Least in Stock Most in Stock Ending Soonest Listings 6 8 10 12 14 15 16 18 20 24 30 40 50 64 10 But just because these cards are the epitome of junk wax, that doesn't mean they're all worthless. Indeed, these most valuable 1990 Fleer football cards, as determined from recent eBay sales of PSA 10 copies, are still popular buys today.. Hut

1991 Fleer Cal Ripken Jr. (#490) Not many players were more popular than Cal Ripken Jr. in the summer of 1991, as he beat back critics of his devotion to The Streak to post the best numbers of his career and snag a second American League Most Valuable Player award (the other came in 1983) Fleer 1991 NFL Football Trading Cards Factory 36 Packs $9.50 New 1991 Fleer Ultra Brett Favre Atlanta Falcons #283 Football Card (1 Shop COMC's extensive selection of 1991 fleer ultra football cards. Buy from many sellers and get your cards all in one shipment! Rookie cards, autographs and more

Shop COMC's extensive selection of 1991 fleer ultra - [base] football cards. Buy from many sellers and get your cards all in one shipment! Rookie cards, autographs and more 1991 Fleer. Total Cards: 720. Rating: 4.8 (100 votes) Click here to Rate. Set Links - Overview - Checklist - Teams - Errors / Variations - Hall of Famers - Rookies Football Gaming Golf Hockey Misc Sports MMA Multi-Sport Non-Sport Racing Soccer Tennis Wrestling. Features Card of the Day Galleries Games Recently Added Recently Collecte

The 1991 Stadium Club Brett Farve error card is the top rookie option for the famed quarterback and also one of the most popular rookie cards of the 1990s. The Super Bowl parallel of his rookie card is the place to look for much higher values. 14. 1996 Bowman's Best Ray Lewis #164 R 1991 Score. Total Cards: 686 Rating: 6.7 (47 votes) Click here to Rat

1991 Fleer Football Cards - 10 Most Valuable - Wax Pack God

  1. Prices for 1991 Fleer Basketball Cards 1991 Fleer card list & price guide. Ungraded & graded values for all '91 Fleer Basketball Cards. Click on any card to see more graded card prices, historic prices, and past sales. Prices are updated daily based upon 1991 Fleer listings that sold on eBay and our marketplace
  2. With their inaugural release in 1991, Pacific Plus football cards pushed their way onto the hobby scene in a genre that was already inhabited by Topps, Fleer, Score, Upper Deck, Action Packed, and the many off-shoot sets they all produced. Pacific Plus is a 660-card issue that took advantage of the relatively new idea of using color imagery on.
  3. CHECK OUT: The 5 Most Valuable Michael Jordan Basketball Cards. 2. 1997 Brett Favre Fleer Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems Green Card (Photo: eBay.com) Based on the many records Farve still holds in the NFL, his football cards are considered to be worth a great deal. If you have one of these, you have one of the most valuable football cards.

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  1. Get the best deals on Bowman NFL Football Trading Cards Season 1991 when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands EMMITT SMITH 2004 FLEER SHOWCASE EMC GRADED 10 MINT. $5.95. 0 bids. $4.95 shipping. Ending Saturday at 6:13PM PDT 4d. 1991 Bowman Football Factory Set. $5.00. 0.
  2. << <i>1991 Fleer Football the ugliest card set of All-Time. The awful Green Border. Terrible plain design. The cards even feel ugly. In addition to being the ugliest set it may be the most worthless set too. >> I have to agree. not a single notable rookie and terrible design. If I remember right there were ok looking all pro inserts that were.
  3. 1991 Fleer. Total Cards: 720 Rating: 4.8 (100 votes) Click here to Rat
  4. Basketball Card Values; 1991 Fleer; 1991 Fleer. PRICES POP APR REGISTRY SHOP ×. Description Card Number NM-MT 8 MT 9 GEM-MT 10.
  5. 1991 Fleer Football - Bo jackson. eBay (wiscarb-40) Add to watchlist. 1990-91 Fleer Basketball Box (36 Unsearched-Unopened Wax Packs) MICHAEL JORDAN. PATRICK EWING, 1990-1991 FLEER ALL STAR CARD IN EXCELLENT CONDITION ! Buy: $2.97. eBay (npjc95) Add to watchlist. 1991 FLEER Basketball - 3 Pack Lot - 14 cards per pack. (New Old Stock Sealed
  6. Shop COMC's extensive selection of 1991-92 fleer - [base] basketball cards. Buy from many sellers and get your cards all in one shipment! Rookie cards, autographs and more

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  1. Buy and sell 1991-92 Fleer Basketball Cards at DeansCards.com, your No. 1 online source to buy and sell baseball cards and all cards. More than 1.5 million cards online
  2. 1991 Fleer Base Set Basketball Card Values. Card Description NM EX/NM EX VG GOOD; 1991 Fleer #1 John Battle: $0.2
  3. 1991 Fleer Ultra football cards~FULL COMPLETE SET #1-300 ~ BRETT FAVRE RC .
  4. 1991 Fleer Ultra Football Cards - Live Online Free Interactive Price Guide Checklist - from Actual Sales! Look at Price Trends, Short Prints & more

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  1. 1991 Fleer Key baseball cardsThe 1991 Fleer Baseball card set consist of 720 cards. Key Cards in the set Include: Card 33 - Barry Bonds, card 302 - Nolan Ryan, card 450A -Ken Griffey Jr. ERR (Bat.
  2. 1990 Fleer Update: 1990 Pro Set: 1990 Score Supplemental: 1991 Pro Set: 1991 Pro Set Platinum: 1991 Score: 1991 Score Supplemental: 1991 Stadium Club: 1991 Wild Card College Draft Picks: 1992 Stadium Club: 1993 Bowman: 1993 SP: 1993 Ultra: 1994 Bowman: 1994 Miami/Bumble Bee Perforated: 1994 Playoff: 1994 SP: 1994 Stadium Club: 1995 SkyBox.
  3. 1991 Fleer Football Cards 2001-2021 Nexmark, Inc. FootballCardShop.com features a wide selection of football trading cards, including rookie cards, team sets and graded cards..
  4. The QB's PMG card is one of his most valuable, especially as his 1991 Wild Card has dipped in price recently. The 1997 Metal Universe Football Precious Metal Gems set comes with a base Red version making up 90% (135 cards) of the print run, while there are Green cards for the remaining 10% (15 cards)
  5. 1991 Fleer Football the ugliest card set of All-Time. The awful Green Border. Terrible plain design. The cards even feel ugly. In addition to being the ugliest set it may be the most worthless set too
  6. The 1991 Score set consists of two series of 345 and 341 for a total of 686 standard size cards. Factory sets include four Super Bowl cards (B1-B4) for a total of 690. Cards were issued in 16-card.
  7. g from the 1948 Leaf set that features an amazing assortment of football cards

1991 Topps Football Cards - 10 Most Valuable - Wax Pack God

Buy 1991 Fleer Sports Cards Online Football Card Value

The 1991 Fleer baseball card set consist of 720 cards that measure 2 1/2 x 3 1/2. The cards are in order by player alphabetically within each team. The teams are in order based on their respective performance during the prior year. A number of the cards in the set can be found with photos cropped (very slightly) differently as Fleer used two. Fleer released its 1961 football card set in two series. The first series, cards 1-132, contains players from NFL teams. The second series, cards 133-220, contains players from AFL teams. According to the price guides, second series cards are scarcer than first series cards, and hence are more valuable

15 Most Valuable Football Rookie Cards of the 1990s

Shaq is one of the NBA's most recognizable players, and here are the most expensive Shaquille O'Neal cards sold on eBay over the last 90 days. #11 1992 Fleer Shaquille O'Neal SD #298 Recent sale: $298 . Many of the cards on this list are 1992 Shaq rookie cards. Of the 329 Fleer Shaq cards seen by PSA, there are 107 with the grade PSA 10 Arguably the most chased checklist to this day remains the 1991 Topps Desert Shield set, which were 1991 Topps cards with a Desert Shield logo stamped on them. These cards weren't packed pulled, they were actually distributed to American soldiers stationed in the middle east during the Persian Gulf War Sosa 1990 Topps is lit, as is Donruss (+the ultra rare blue Donruss A.L. version), his Upper Deck rookie and even the Fleer, Score and Star cards. Good list though! Cyrus brown 3 April, 2019 at 22:4 With PSA's Auction Prices Realized, collectors can search for auction results of trading cards, tickets, packs, coins and pins certified by PSA Get the huge collection of 1991 Ultra sports cards online at Beckett.com. Subscribe to Baseball online price guide and get the latest and accurate values of cards

The 1981 Fleer Baseball Cards were the first Fleer set issued since 1963. This set consists of 660 standard size cards and is fraud with numerous errors and variations. The 1981 Fleer Baseball Cards are organized by team and the teams are ranked by their 1980 standings. The first cards were of the World Champion Phillies This 315-card set was issued in two series. Series I has 150 cards, while Series II contains 165. One insert set, Special Collectibles, was randomly distributed via packs, along with bonus card certificates that were redeemable for platinum cards of Paul Brown (first series) or Emmitt Smith (second series) cards This mint-condition autographed card is selling for $3,500, making it one of the most valuable baseball cards from the '90s. 1 1992 Bowman Trevor Hoffman #11 Trevor Hoffman isn't as well-known as the other players on this list, but his #11 Bowman card is still worth a decent bit of money

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The 1992 Topps football set consists of 759 cards which were issued in 3 separate series. The 1st and 2nd series contained 330 cards each while the 3rd series had 99 cards. Notable Rookies included in the 1992 Topps football set include Terrell Buckley, Amp Lee, Carl Pickens, Robert Brooks, Steve Emtman, Tommy Vardell, Steve Bono, Quentin. 1990-91 Fleer Basketball Cards The 1990-91 Fleer Basketball set contains 198 cards, once again organized by teams, and then alphabetically by the player's name. The key rookie cards from this year include : Nick Anderson, Mookie Blaylock, Glen Rice, and Clifford Robinson to name a few The complete 1991-92 Fleer basketball card set contains 400 standard-size cards. The set was distributed in two series of 240 and 160 cards, respectively 1991 Topps NFL Football Cards Unopened Factory Set (660 different cards) - Includes Rookie Cards and cards of top NFL stars including Emmitt Smith, John Elway, Barry Sanders, Dan Marino, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Troy Aikman, and dozens of other top superstars! Brand: Topps. 5.0 out of 5 stars 3 ratings

The 1991 Leaf set was divided into two series and inserted into both was a run of Gold Rookies that became the most sought-after cards in the entire release. While the standard set had silver borders, the Gold Rookies featured black borders and a lot of gold foil stamping. Bagwell's rookie is the top card in the Gold Rookies that number #BC1-#BC26 Here's a list with seven of the most valuable baseball cards from the 1990s, with info about each one, including an explanation as to why they're so expensive. The Most Valuable 1990's Baseball Cards . Our list of the most valuable '90s baseball cards has a few surprising names, as well as a host of legends from the sport 1989 Fleer Randy Johnson RC - Marlboro background #381. The 1989 Fleer Randy Johnson isn't nearly as infamous as another variation in the set, but the Marlboro version of the card is one of the best cards of one of the most dominant pitchers of the 1990s That base Fleer set was, in my opinion, stunning with its green card stock, high-quality photos and large names (normally not a fan, but it worked for 1992 Fleer), and the 1992 Fleer Ultra set was.

It is the most valuable card in the set. While a Mint 9 is around $5,000-$10,000 for everybody else, a Dunlop is estimated to be valued at $100,000 in the same condition by PSA's website. Multi Sport Sets. The earliest professional cards for football came from multi sport sets. They would /activities of the day The 1991 Ultra baseball card set produced by Fleer Inc. consist of 400 cards that measure 2 1/2 x 3 1/2. The cards are in order by player alphabetically within each team, also in alphabetical order. Major League Prospects (373-390), Elite Performance (391-396), and Checklists (397-400) 1991 Fleer Football Card #228 Troy Aikman TopLoader Brand: Fleer Football Card. Price: $1.99 + $1.99 shipping: Grading Provided By: Seller: Grade Rating TopLoader: Card Number #228: Year 1991: Athlete Name.

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The 1986-1987 Fleer Michael Jordan is one of the most important cards for modern card collecting because it is considered his true rookie card. Amongst the ranks of basketball and newer cards, it is comparable to a Mickey Mantle rookie in popularity. Michael Jordan's fame and prodigy results in an increasingly valuable card Our payment security system encrypts your information during transmission. We don't share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and we don't sell your information to others. 360° VIEW IMAGES 1991 Fleer Football 247 Barry Sanders NM/M (Near Mint/Mint) by Fleer Football. Price: $0.99 + $3.59 shipping: Only 2 left in stock. Shop 1991 Fleer Football Card #360 Joe Montana TopLoader and more authentic, autographed and game-used items at Amazon's Sports Collectibles Store. Free Shipping on eligible orders

Quick Look: 1991-92 Fleer All-Star Pink & Yellow Variations 8 Jun 1991-92 Fleer Basketball is not a set that I've devoted much time to, but I recently purchased a 3200 count box in effort to find a mint Larry Johnson rookie (yeah, I know) At $500K a card, it is one of the NFL's most valuable trading cards. Roger Clemens - 1984 Fleer Update The Roger Clemens 1984 Fleer Update rookie card is rare and valuable 1991 Upper Deck Football Card Set. Category: Football Set Name: Upper Deck Set Year: 1991 Total Cards in this Set: 710. Add set to My Collection Add set to My Want List Search Auction Prices by Grade / Grader. VIP Members only. Will list all the results in this set for the Grader/Grade you choose

The 1991 Topps Stadium Club Football set was the most expensive 1991 football cards made that year. The rarest made that year though are the 1991 Pro Set Spanish Edition Football cards Joe Montana AUTOGRAPHED 1991 FLEER ALL-PRO FOOTBALL INSERT CARD SIGNED. Buy: $79.95. eBay (kbcards) Add to watchlist. 1991 Fleer JOE MONTANA San Francisco 49ers All Pro Insert Card Mint. Buy: $2.00. eBay (jojojrshabado) Add to watchlist. Lewis Billups Fleer 1991 Card #15 Cincinnati Bengals NFL Football Let's be honest, It was a good choice to get rid off all that 1991 Fleer and Pro Set football. Enough rambling, it's time to get to the cards. There are some names in this set, even if they aren't the biggest ones or ones that kids today know

1990 Fleer Football Cards - 10 Most Valuable - Wax Pack God

1961 Fleer Rookie Card #43; 1969 Topps #90; 1970 Topps Scoring Leaders #2; 1971 Topps Basketball #50; 1972 Topps Basketball #75; 1991 Upper Deck Heroes Auto #9 . Jerry West Rookie Card Value. The most valuable Jerry West rookie card is the 1961 Fleer Basketball Jerry West ROOKIE RC #43 Welcome to The Fleer Sticker Project. Since there is so little published information regarding the various team logo sticker sets produced by Fleer over the last 40+ years, I thought I'd post the information I've come across through my years of collecting 8. 1995-96 Fleer Kevin Garnett Rookie #279. This set featured 2 different KG rookies: a base rookie and FF version in the same set. #279 is the only card in the set that shows Rookie on the card so that's my focus for this set. The card features KG going up for a rebound. The PSA 10 card sold for $100 on eBay (May 2020) Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) per pack: 5 cents (5 cards) Most valuable card: Jim Lansford rookie (Texas Longhorns/Dallas Texans, last card in set) Bottom line: The same set was released in two sizes — a 2 1/16-by 3 1/8-inch mini edition and 2 1/2-by 3 3/4-inch standard one. No matter LOT OF 6 - 1991 FLEER '91 - FOOTBALL CARDS UNOPENED WAX COVER (84 CARDS) Bid: $1.49. Time Left: 7d 12h . eBay (clopp5705) Add to watchlist. of 345. Items Per Page: FLEER (8,268) 1991 FLEER 6 DOMINIQUE WILKINS (43) 1991 FLEER 8 LARRY BIRD (329) 1991 FLEER 13 KEVIN McHALE (45

1991: Checklist Card: Upper Deck: 700 : $0.30: To add items to your shopping cart, select the boxes for the cards you would like to purchase and click one of the 'Add' buttons. All cards are Near Mint to Mint unless noted 1999 Topps, card #220 - Mark McGwire This is an odd card. Topps printed 70 different variations, one for each home run McGwire hit in the previous year. The different cards were randomly seeded in packs. It was the luck of the draw as to which one you would get. Most of them are worth about $15 except the one representing home run number 70 Use this guide to identify some of the most valuable football cards in the market and discover what factors determine football card values today. Most Valuable Football Cards. Card Card No. Realized Price; 1958 Jim Brown: Topps: $358,500: 1965 Joe Namath RC: Topps: $264,000: 1957 Johnny Unitas RC: Topps: $167,300: 1933 Jim Thorpe: Sport Kings

Tune in as Mrs. Wax Pack Gods reads about 1992 Fleer Baseball Cards.When 1992 Fleer baseball cards first appeared, if felt like they were dropped from hobby. Michael Jordan 1991-92 Fleer Pro-Vision 8 Card Lot This other eBay auction that I have up now is an 8 card lot of Michael Jordan 1991-92 Fleer Pro-Vision cards. These cards have become popular with collectors as they are buying them and sending them in to be graded. I started this auction at $0.99 and it now has 3 bids and is currently at $2.85 Prices for 1991 Upper Deck Basketball Cards 1991 Upper Deck card list & price guide. Ungraded & graded values for all '91 Upper Deck Basketball Cards. Click on any card to see more graded card prices, historic prices, and past sales. Prices are updated daily based upon 1991 Upper Deck listings that sold on eBay and our marketplace. Read our. The 1991-92 Update Set was the final release of the year and was the most valuable of all three sets. Another key rookie card of that set was of Bill Guerin . When Pro Set, Inc. entered Chapter Eleven bankruptcy protection prior to the 1992-93 NHL season , Price traveled weekly from Toronto to Dallas and became the unofficial hockey brand. In no particular order, are the 13 of the most sought-after cards collectors of the 1990s always wanted. 1985 Mark McGwire Topps This was the card du-jour that collectors wanted while McGwire was.

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10 Most Valuable 1991 Fleer Baseball Cards - Wax Pack God

The Bo Jackson card where he's wearing football shoulder pads and holding a baseball bat just might be the most iconic card of the 1990s. I've found a couple in boxes in the past year and, let me.. If not: Football cards don't have to be worth money to be considered valuable. Card collecting has been a beloved hobby that has been passed through generations. Each card has sentimental value to someone: where they found it, how they traded for it, who gave it to them. If your cards aren't worth money, they could be worth some memories to.

1991 Season Fleer Football Trading Cards for sale eBa

The 1990 Pro Set football series may be one of the most error-prone in the history of card collecting. It's chockfull of misspellings, errant and backward The Fleer company was started by Frank H. Fleer in Philadelphia, 1885, as a confectionery business. Well established as a gum and candy company, Fleer predated many of its competitors into the business of issuing sports cards with its 1923 release of baseball cards in its Bobs and Fruit Hearts candy product. These rare cards are basically the same as the 1923 W515 strip cards but are machine. The most common is the repeated pattern of 1991 Upper Deck. This was used across several 1991 and 1991-92 (in BK and HK's case) sets that year, due, likely to it's unspecific-sport aspect. But some cards have shown up that show several other hologram types

What is the most mass produced baseball card product of

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The Nagurski rookie card is THE most valuable football card in the hobby. Nagurski was a big, big man and at 6'3″ and 235 pounds he used to demolish opposing players when he played at fullback while attacking with a vengeance on defense. If you're not familiar with Nagurski, definitely check out this NFL films video which has some great. Here is a list of some of the best Dan Marino cards that every collector should consider purchasing and adding to their collection. 1984 Topps Marino Rookie Card. The 1984 Dan Marino Topps rookie is possibly the best football card in the 1980's. These cards are very hard to find in good condition Football Cards 1930s to 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s to Present 1992-93 Fleer Basketball Cards. #246 Most Valuable Player-Michael Jordan - 1992-93 Fleer Basketball Cards. UNC HALL-OF-FAME Bulls. Qty View All. Near Mint/Mint - 8. While a lot of hockey cards were made during the 1990-91 season, the 1991-92 season was like a movie sequel: bigger and bolder, with more of everything. More cards? Check. Larger sets? That too. Extra inserts? You bet! The amount of sets made, and cards to collect, nearly doubled, with companies releasing two or three Continue reading Every 1991-92 Hockey Card Set Ranke

most valuable basketball cards |Top 15 Basketball Rookie Cards of the 1990sBo Jackson Score 91 Football Card Value1991 Fleer #153 Rob Moore New York Jets Football Card | eBay1993 Fleer Ultra Mike Piazza Rookie Card RC #60 Los

2001-2021 Nexmark, Inc. FootballCardShop.com features a wide selection of football trading cards, including rookie cards, team sets and graded cards. FootballCardShop.com features a wide selection of football trading cards, including rookie cards, team sets and graded cards 1991-92 pro set - hockey cards grab theese cards on ebay now! # name price type; 1 glen wesley: 0.20 . common 2 craig janney: 0.20 . common 3 ken hodge jr. 0.25 . common 4 randy burridge: 0.20 . common 5 cam neely: 0.25 . common 6. Despite being the least valuable Frank Thomas card on the list, it remains one of his rarest cards. #15 2000 Skybox E-X Frank Thomas E-Xceptional Blue #15XC #'d/250 Recent sale: $371 . 2000 Skybox was designed by Fleer/Skybox that features a 90 card set where every card was printed on glossy white card stock Card Market Demand And Pricing Summary. Michael Jordan had a total of 31 sports cards recently listed over the past 7 days with an average current price of $31225.16.That is a difference of -113.04% percent in card value versus the list's overall average current price per item of $66522.38.. Over the past 14 days a total of 43 Michael Jordan sports cards were listed with an average current. The result is a colorful, if not inspiring, trading card. There are 198 cards in the base set, and in lieu of the stickers that had accompanied cards in years past, Fleer produced a 12-card All-Star set that was randomly inserted into packs. A 10-card Rookie Sensations insert set could be found in specially designed 43-card packs. Typical of.

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