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Our raft and cataraft frames are made with consideration to the details that matter. This is what we do best: we make livable, durable, low profile, wide decked raft frames for long multi-day trips. Eddyline frames are made for when you are living on and off the boat, loading, unloading, and logging lots of river miles The NRS Side Rail Racks are the perfect answer to extending your raft or cataraft's cargo carrying space. If you're tired of slipping off while unloading your boat or need just a bit more storage space, then its time to invest in some NRS Side Rail Racks. The decking is constructed of high density polyethylene (HDPE) with a textured top coat to provide better traction. Strap dry bags, ammo. The double rail frame offers maximum stability and more cargo strap area with or without diamond plate. We custom-make double rail frames for whitewater, fishing and cataraft crafts - available in 2,3 or 4 bays. Ready for decking, additional components, and made to break down for easy transport

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  1. Single rail frames, such as NRS frames, one outer rail along the length of the raft, are often made to be broken down. These are versatile, affordable, and easy to transport. Double rail frames have an inner and outer rail and can be made with or without decking between the rails
  2. The double rail frame offers maximum stability and more cargo strap area with or without diamond plate. We custom-make double rail frames for whitewater, fishing and cataraft crafts - available in 2, 3 or 4 bays. Ready for decking, additional components, and made to break down for easy transport
  3. Poly Deck. Motor Mounts. View All FRAMES. BOATS PUMPS. PUMPS. DRE Barrel Pumps. Electric Blowers. Manual Pumps. RAFTS. CATARAFTS. SUP. PACKRAFT. IK. Kayaks. Accessories. ACCESSORIES. Down River Gunnison 2-Bay Raft Frame LD Down River Equipment. STARTING AT $625.00 View Details. Down River Gunnison 4-Bay Diamond Plate Raft Frame XD Down.
  4. um Deluxe Frame $ 1,995.00 Add to cart; River Rat Willie Frame $ 1,599.00 - $ 1,699.
  5. um finish decking is designed with a non-slip surface pattern and a heat sync bottom. The unique design draws heat away from the walking surface and down toward the water, keeping your dock comfortably cool even on the hottest summer days. Also available in gray or brown finish

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Whether you're in the market for a raft, cataraft, inflatable kayak, stand up paddle board (SUP), canoe or virtually any other type of river equipment, trust Down River Equipment. At Down River Equipment, we have been manufacturing and distributing a full line of high-quality river equipment for more than 30 years I sit on a deck above a drop bag My kitchen box is a big action packer that fits in the rear compartment I also have wood decking over the double side rails 03-05-2019, 10:37 PM #7. Ideal 14 raft frame config...GO I love getting the convo going. And pics. I love pics At ColoradoRaft Frame Supply, we are proud craftsmen of beautiful handmade raft frames. Every client has a vision of the most ideal frame and we at CFS take pride in bringing that into reality. We build with American made 1.5 schedule 40 6063 T6 anodized aluminum pipe and Hollaender Speed-Rail fittings which allow for easy breakdown and. Montana Raft Frames Our trailers come with 2200lb torsion axles and 13 radial trailer tires with a spare mounted on a carrier under the deck. We put a hand crank winch on the front and a full width steel roller on the back for the easiest loading and unloading of your boat Build your frame by making a 8ft x 12ft square with your 2x6 pieces. Then set your barrels in the frame and attach your other pieces of 2x6 so that they fit snugly up against the barrels. You are making channels for your barrels to rest in so that they can't move. We used three screws per joint

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You may have a cataraft today and a raft five years from today. With the NRS Universal frame, you can convert that initial cat frame to fulfill the needs of various styles of rafting. Save money, save weight, save space and score several frames for the price of one. The frame includes 68 Standard Drop Rails and 66 or 72 crossbars Raft Frame, RowFrame, Cata_Rafts, Row Frame, Oars and Whitewater Equipment, Fishing Frames, Row Chairs, Fly_Fishing Platforms, Aluminum Raft are a basically welded frame. If one knows the dimensions of their cargo, then planning is a simple affair and the deck is nice place to stand and pee. YeeHa availability is limited in length, a. The 1/4 inch padded premium teak wood style decking will transform your inflatable boat, raft or kayak into one of a kind luxury vessel. Renews and pimp out your boat look, while giving you that soft comfortable feel under your feet If you are going to build your decking next to a house, make sure it's 150mm below the damp proof course and that you don't cover any air bricks. Plan the deck to ensure the fall of the frame is 1:100 and running away from the house, this will aid water run off and will help to stop the deck from becoming slippery

Ideal for calm bays or small bodies of water, this lightweight one-piece aluminum frame swim raft is available with cedar or WearDeck decking. Lightweight one-piece aluminum frame; Includes 3' aluminum ladder; Cedar or WearDeck™ decking; Removable decking panels; Available in 8' x 8' size — or larger sizes using our aluminum floating dock. Sombreros are easy to mount to raft frames or direct to decking, and all our products are backed by the best customer service on the river. Read about us in . Original Sombreros. From $306.99. Deluxe Sombreros. Aluminum frame, stainless steel hardware, Sunbrella canvas. From $451.00 Raft Frame, RowFrame, Cata_Rafts, Row Frame, Oars and Whitewater Equipment, Fishing Frames, Row Chairs, Fly_Fishing Platforms, Aluminum Raft Fittings, Yee-Ha Deck Frames. Stern Raft Frames. CataRaft Walk-Thru Frames. Fishing Frames. CataRaft Yokes. 1 1/4 NPS Pipe. Drop Rails for 1 1/4 NPS. $300 Modular Raft Frame The Mount fits raft tubes 18-24 in diameter. In our experience, a 10-hp motor is generally as large a motor as most boaters use. Even a 3-hp motor will move a raft along at a pretty good clip. Always attach a safety rope or strap from your motor to the frame

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  1. through your deck. Sub frame construction There are two types of sub frame construction. Which you use depends on your ground conditions and preferred deck design. 1. Raft construction (Fig 1) A raft type construction sits directly on the ground and requires that the beams and joists are joined together using 90° angle brackets or joist hangers
  2. Precision Crafted Breakdown Rowing Frames. Precision~crafted swiftwater boating equipment. More. Hardware, Snap Pins, Novelties and everything else. Several styles of innovative breakdown frames to fit any size raft, from a Mini-Me to a Grand Canyon gear boat. More. More. accessories. raft frames. Cat frames. Need a high quality, lightweight.
  3. River Sombreros Say goodbye to sunburns and flimsy raft umbrellas, and make your raft the coolest destination on the river! River Sombreros keep you cool in the sun, dry in the rain, and laughing at the wind. Sombreros are easy to mount to raft frames or to decking
  4. um Frame Swim Raft is backed by the ShoreMaster 15/5/2 warranty. DECKING OPTIONS Available in Premium Cedar, Plain Alu

Frame mount kits let you easily attach a River Sombrero to your raft frame. Our aluminum mount kit is made of solid aluminum, machined to perfectly fit the contour of your frame tubing. The 1 5/8 size fits all NRS frames and frames with similar diameter. The 1 7/8 size fits Riverboat Work and Down River XD frames Now you've got the outer frame that will give your deck its basic structure. 2. Create an inner frame for support. Next, you're going to use your 2x4s to create bracing for the inner frame that will hold the barrels in place, support the dock, and give you a place to nail your decking boards

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  1. imum overall length)..
  2. These top and bottom pieces were lag-bolted to the raft's side and deck, creating a rock-solid installation. The whole ladder with its Trex pieces comes off when it's time to pull the raft in for the winter. I could have left the wood frame bare, but I opted for a proven outdoor finish
  3. For surfacing the raft, 2″x6″x12′ pine deck boards were used. To cover the 21'x10′ frame, 44 deck boards were needed. Laying the boards vertically, from either end the 12 foot boards end on a decking support. When staggering every other, a full 12′ and roughly 9′ deck boards is needed per column
  4. The problem with any metal decking is the weight. Featured herein is a 24 wide plate; roughly the. upper limit on span for the 1/8 thickness. Tread plate weight: L(in) x W(in) x 1/8(in) x .098 . Raft Thigh Frame Geometry: RaftThigh Frame Diagram All Dimensions Are Centerline...For Customer Transmission Of Information of Inflated Boat.
  5. um Raft Fittings, Includes Diamond Plate Alu
  6. 4 Techstar Raft Floats makes a perfect 8 x 8 swim raft which is sure to keep kids busy for hours. Molded in beautiful sandstone, this float matches perfectly with Techstar's ladders and dock stairs. A simple 2 x 6 frame requires no corner brackets as it bolts right thru the floats
  7. Lay your foam down on a flat surface, measure the exact length of the billets, then cut 2×12 frame sides and frame dividers 1'' longer. Sandwich the dividers between the foam, with the frame sides along the outside edges, then measure the overall width of the arrangement

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We have teamed up with Sotar Boats to build and sell the best raft and frame package available. The raft trailer that we build is designed with the guide in mind as well. It is built with the sturdiest materials available and made to last. With a little maintenance, it will be the last trailer you ever buy Raft and Cataraft frames and accessories. Whitewater, fishing, expedition products manufactured in Corvallis Oregon. Custom built in under two weeks We feature a wide variety of Port Side docks to meet your needs. We have Floating, Roll In and Stationary docks. Choose from Premium, Aluminum, or Wood Frames and add Resin, Composite or Wood Decking. All are available as build it yourself projects or in pre built sections Raft Fishing Frame Options When it comes to frames, there are a few dedicated manufacturers and quite a few custom makers that do small batches. Personally, I like a lightweight, bare bones frame setup but you can opt for standing platforms, lean bars and all kinds of custom accessories Frame parts, accessories, add-ons, individual frame pieces, and replacement parts. Oar towers, seats, crossbars, oar locks, umbrella mounts and more

HYSIDE 3-Bay Raft Frame Package $ 1,050 - $ 1,075 Select options. HYSIDE 4-Bay Raft Frame Package $ 1,850 Add to cart. Custom Frames. View products. 14″ Poly Deck for Max 2-Bay Frame $ 189 Add to cart. Captain's Chair $ 335 Select options. HYSIDE MAX-ICE Coolers $ 89 - $ 450 Select options. Medium Dry Box $ 555 Add to cart. HYSIDE Oar. Take away the decking, and the dock becomes useless to the dock owner, a framework of aluminum gussets and welds, and a mere shell of its former existence. Sure, the dock frames, legs, or flotation are the foundation of any dock system, but without the decking they are simply potential, unrealized

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Description. Rocky Mountain Rafts have built a series of rafts that provide professional-grade performance for the private boater at a great price The modular concept of Cataraft framing is one that uses many different kinds of frames to accomplish the job you want the frame to do. There typically is a row module, and deck boards, cargo baskets, or paddle modules, or combinations of all of paddle and cargo module Montana Raft Frames, Huson, Montana. 816 likes · 14 talking about this · 3 were here. We build custom aluminum raft frames for fishing, whitewater and expedition float trips. We also build raft.. 8'x8' Aluminum Frame w/ White Aluminum Deck: $2,717 Think of fun times up at the lake with long days spent on the water, and you've got ShoreMaster's traditional swim raft in mind. Whether you choose our classic cedar or white painted aluminum decking, this raft will provide your family and friends years of fun without the maintenance

Why Choose A Rocky Mountain Raft? Rocky Mountain Rafts began in 2011 with one goal: to build commercial-grade whitewater rafts at a price weekend boaters and river guides could afford. Our boats are built using state-of-the-art technology and feature UV-resistant PVC, triple-welded seams and radio-frequency welded D-rings and handles A floating resort with all the amenities. Kids and adults alike will love taking a mini-vacation on this large 8' x 10' water & swim raft. Available in yellow with blue table and seats or beige with green table and seats. Raft weighs 300 lbs. and has a 3000 lb. load capacity. Hewitt's lake swim platforms are a family favorite Each raft will also come with a 150 qt cooler seat with padded cooler cover, two shortie paco pads for extra padding on the trailer frame, type 4 throw cushion, throw rope, minor first aid and minor repair. A barrel pump is included as well as straps for the frame plus an additional 30 straps for rigging gear Technically, this project isn't a deck; it's closer to a pontoon raft, making it a floating deck if we're being generous. All you need is 55-gallon plastic barrels, pallets, and a few other basics to get started. Once everything's together, you have a deck that will float gently on a lake

The 60 Wide Gunnison LD 3 Bay Frame Package, built by DRE, specifically for the HYSIDE Outfitter 12.0, Outfitter 13.0 and Pro 13.5. The 66 Wide Gunnison LD 3 Bay Frame option built specifically for HYSIDE Outfitter 14.0, Outfitter 14.0XT and Pro 15.0 Includes: 60 Wide x 66 Long OR 66 Wide x 66 Long, 3-bay Frame 19.5 Poly deck Drop bag 40x18x9 4 - 4ft HYSIDE FRAME Straps 2 - 12 FT. Apr 27, 2016 - Mad Cow aluminum raft frame with floor. I love the walk around deck All raft trailers are built one at a time by Richard using rectangular steel, roller bar with sealed bearings, Torflex 2000 lbs. axle with built in springs, enclosed LED lights, 12 tie downs, MDO plywood deck, powder coated inside and out in grey hammer tone and clear coat with drain holes, title, MCO (Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin, and VIN number Multiple attachments on its inflatable floor help secure it in place, keeping this raft's frame's integrity. This raft's deck comprises a five-layer, drop-stitched Outfitter floor that assures you of its rigidity, allowing for better stability. A Leafield C7 valve keeps its four air chambers airtight, improving on this raft's buoyancy

Our frame kits are simple, very simple. If you can operate very basic tools, you can put together one of boat or swim raft kits. Our easy-to assembly design uses two custom made extrusions that make for a strong, yet light weight frame that goes together in just a few hours Fishing/Whitewater Raft Rental - $100 (Missoula) The Float Co. offers raft rentals for those who have the skills and knowledge to enjoy a day on the river without a guide. We offer two very different types of raft rentals. The first set up is a 14' NRS Dodger with a custom Montana Raft Frame and Trailer. The raft is designed for three folks, although it would be fine for two and could even. The Aluminum Frame Swim Raft is backed by the ShoreMaster 15/5/2 warranty. DECKING OPTIONS Available in Premium Cedar, Plain Aluminum, and White Aluminum. ALUMINUM FRAME SWIM RAFT benefits MODELS AND SPECIFICATIONS ALUMINUM FRAME SWIM RAFTS NET PRICE RAFTRC 8' X 8' Aluminum Swim Raft - Premium Cedar Deck $1,629.0 Versamax Raft edition 7' wide x 12' long Custom polyquad decking ( same as alumaweld boat floor) 3500 # axle Galvanized Wheels All LED lights Rear Galvanized roller Winch on front with tower ALL tube steel framed Trip tube tongue 54 long easier towing Swing up tongue jack with wheel stake pockets all 4 sides with rub rail Tie your raft. The timber frame construction of the raft will support a variety of timber-framed buildings especially self-build, self-assembly and DIY kits delivered in flat pack format. The Swift Foundation Raft is an alternative to using wet-mix concrete as the foundation for a garden building or portable building

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7'x14' ATV/UTV Features:-- Galvanized Steel Frame -- Steel Treadplate Slat Floor -- Steel Treadplate Fenders-- 12 Stake Pockets & Rub Rail -- Treadplate 2' Dovetail -- 2 4' Ramps W/ Rear Pullout -- 3500lb Brake Axle -- 15 Radial Tires W/ Spare Included -- All Seal-Beam LED Lights -- Tongue Mounted Tool Box -- 2 Coupler -- Dual Wheel Foldup Jack --Water Runs Through Slats when. 14' Super Raft Motorcycle trailer made out of 4 inch channel with optional electric brake axle New biggest trailer in the fleet 14' primary deck, 17x 6' motorcycle platform 17x 4' dry box platform x-long tounge standard and optional features on all 14' trailers: *4 inch channel frame with 5 channel sub frame, includes gusseted reinforced sub. The Gunnison series of plug n' play frames are designed to fit a wide variety of rafts. The Down River Gunnison 4-Bay Diamond Plate Raft Frame XD comes in two sizes and is pre-built and ready to ship for your next trip. The added diamond plate decking creates a sturdy standing platform for rigging your raft and allows for extra storage options

2021 Raft/ Motorcycle 10' deck, 6' ramps with ramp storage, 6' motorcycle pad, 4 ramp holders to secure no slip ramps $2795 2021 Raft motorcycle 12' deck 6' ramps with ramp storage 6'motorcycle pad, $2995 Options : **15 6 ply high speed steel radials $65 each including frame adjustment **Motor cycle chalk $50 **Upright spare mounted on winch $5 This frame on a Hyside Mini Max weighs in at 104 lbs (with anchor, cooler and oars removed) and can easily be lifted on top of a roof rack or truck bed. Leave your trailer at home! Thigh brace, front casting deck and anchor system are easily removed to convert into a day frame. Package w/raft includes Alaska's List is a huge, online classifieds service, featuring hundreds of boats and watercraft being offered for sale by sellers throughout the Greatland and beyond. Clean, well-organized, and professionally moderated, Alaska's List is classifieds done right

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Rocky Mountain Raft 10.5' Raft/DRE Taylor LD 2-Bay Fishing Frame Package. from $3,745.00 $4,430.00. Hyside Mini-Max 10.5' Raft/DRE Taylor LD 2-Bay Fishing Frame Package. Quick View Sale. Hyside Mini-Max 10.5' Raft/DRE Taylor LD 2-Bay Fishing Frame Package. 5. Motorcycle Shuttle frame with pad made for motorcycle starting at $2695 6. Tires 15 6 ply high speed radials $65 per tire and frame adjustment **NEW 2021 Long Neck trailer for Raft, ATV or Utility trailer *New Longneck trailer will hold 15' Raft fit with room to spare *Exclusively at M&M Trailers, Atv ramp storage under deck CONCEPT: Raft From Kitty-Litter Buckets: No, I haven't made this yet--working on the idea while collecting the kitty-litter buckets. The idea is to use the buckets as the flotation base beneath an easily-moved raft, which will be used as an observation deck for the children in our wildli

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Fully Welded Raft Frames. Lo-Pro Breakdown Raft Frames. Lo-Pro Fishing Frames and Accessories. Eddy Out Deluxe Aluminum Cargo Frame. Have questions? Contact Us email: DRLRiverGypsies@gmail.com phone: 541-979-5646. Located in Albany, Oregon Showroom availabl Cut (and varnish) a piece of 3/4 plywood that spans across the low part of the two foot bars, but make it almost as wide as your raft interior. Cut notches out at the corners for a tight fit. Drill two holes each (or route notches) through the front & back edge of the plywood deck about 1.5 in from the edge HYSIDE 3-Bay Raft Frame Package $ 1,050 - $ 1,075 The 60″ Wide Gunnison LD 3 Bay Frame Package, built by DRE, specifically for the HYSIDE Outfitter 12.0, Outfitter 13.0 and Pro 13.5. The 66″ Wide Gunnison LD 3 Bay Frame option built specifically for HYSIDE Outfitter 14.0, Outfitter 14.0XT and Pro 15.

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  1. utes using snap pins without disrupting decking or frame layout. Works with 1 1/4 Schedule 40 Alu
  2. Clint Barron manages Riverboat Works in Salida, which carries rafts and some basics like drybags and spare parts, as well as builds custom frames in its fabrication shop next door. They build about 250 frames per year for whitewater and fishing, and mostly sell complete raft/frame setups
  3. Frame the entire ramp with the 2x8 boards. Screw them together and level. Add the 2x4 boards down the middle as support for the barrel as well as the walkway area when you flip it over. Throw in the 33 pieces of 2x4 board for support every 3 feet
  4. Construct the frame to keep your flotation in place. We used 3″ chemical coated deck screws to hold the frame together. The wooden frame will help to hold the complete deck together as the barrels will fit snug under the deck. Secure your flotation to the deck
  5. I rested my boat cabin and raised deck on my RIB on a 6063 t6 1.25 surround. It held with four people sitting on the deck while on step in rough water. It's plenty tough for a raft frame, no doubt about it. It's availabe at alaska steel as mentioned. It bends well. Chri
  6. Inspired by the swim-up bars at Caribbean resorts, Andrew and Kevin set out to construct one of their own at their lakeside cottage property, highlighted by.

Barrel Raft (Soapy Schooner) : 6 Steps (with Pictures

The Titan Deck Foot Anchor is a fast and easy solution for supporting any light weight structure that is floating or free standing from a house.You just screw the auger portion into the ground using a lightweight hand-held impact wrench and never experience any kick back. If you hit an obstacle like a rock, you can easily reverse the deck foot anchor out and move over a bit JLS Marine, Inc. is a leader in boat dock and boat lift manufacturing. Services include complete installation of new docks and boat lifts, insurance work, removal of old boat docks and boat lifts, re-foam floating docks. JLS Marine, Inc. offers custom design boat dock and lift solutions to fit all types of lakefront properties from very shallow to very deep water A crash course on the best ultralight packrafts for backpacking. Everything you need to consider for packrafting gear, dinghys, inflatable rafts, spray skirts and decks. Alpacka, Kokopelli and more. The packrafting sport has grown a lot. Rightfully so. No longer do your backpacking trips have to be limited to land It is suitable to support both buildings and decking. The timber frame construction of the raft will support a variety of timber-framed buildings especially self-build, self-assembly and DIY kits delivered in flat pack format The smallest and lightest of our raft fleet, the inflatable part of this package was designed and built for us by Jack's Plastic Welding. Coupled with our custom-designed frame that provides more security and comfort when rowing down the river in lesser brands that have glue-on oar patches, this boat is designed without a floor so you can take full advantage of using fins for controlling speed.

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  1. Growasis Double Decker Modular Raft systems allow you to double your production in the same footprint as our single deck systems. Double Deck systems are extremely scalable and can be connected to almost any aquaculture, aquaponic or hydroponic system. The Growasis Double Decker System No Cutting or Drilling Required
  2. Attach your Scotty® fishing accessories to your NRS raft frame with the NRS U-Bolt Mounting Bracket. This predrilled adaptor plate lets you mount that rod holder, fish finder or GPS you can't live without. Simply bolt the U-Bolt Mounting Bracket to your NRS raft frame, and then attach the included Scotty Side/Deck mount using the predrilled holes
  3. um frame can fit any size boat from SD230 to SD600 and many other brands of boats on the market. It will work with air deck or hard deck boats
  4. Decking choices and price of raft only. (Freight, anchoring and ladder not included) SHIPPING: Dura-LITE™ swim rafts with either cedar or synthetic decking will fit inside a trailer truck for shipments in the U.S. The Dura-LITE™ with ThruFlow decking is made with a larger frame and will not fit in the doors of a trailer truck
  5. The 4-step version adjusts from 32 to 44 inches from the lake bottom to the top of the deck; and the 6-step version adjusts from 45 to 57 inches, also from the lake bottom to the top of the deck. The pivoting quick steps are not height adjustable, but a connection splice kit is available to help you connect multiple sets together for added height
  6. 2018 Raft /Atv/ Multi task Trailer 80 x 10' or 80 x 12' or 80 x 14'. * 2x 6 Kiln dried Fir Deck from Montana, Stained with Behr oil stain from Home Depot Our deck is welded down to insure lumber will not crack or split. We at M&M even take your deck and heat treat the stain by our wood stove to insure penetration of the stain

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Rip Raft: 7.5′ x 7.5′ x 9″ high with 1,200-pound capacity. Raft weight is 165 pounds. Reflectors are on all four corners for safety. Durable anchoring system and non-slip deck surface Take our standard Lunk Daddy fishing frame and add a diamond plate walking deck, and a dry box for a cut above the ultimate float fishing experience. Package w/raft includes. Choose between rafts: Hyside, Aire, NRS, RMR and Maravia; 3 bay Double Diamond side rail frame; Front hoop, incl. thigh brace and horns; Stripping basket incl. frame The legal requirement for trailer flooring in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is not a difficult standard to meet. The standard is provided below, but to oversimplify the statute in the CFR, a trailer floor needs to be well constructed with no holes, tight enough to minimize the ability of gases and fire to permeate it, provide some traction, and kept reasonably clean by the trailer owner Free Deck Plans and DIY Deck Designs. There is no substitute for a good set of plans for your DIY deck project. Our plans are based on the International Residential Code to make it easy to apply for building permits from your city building inspections department

Chucking Line and Chasing Tail: Villano's Trailer WorksDocks and Decks - Docks and Decks Builders, Sudbury, ONSwim Rafts | DockmasterRaft Foundation | Foundations | Pinterest

The raft is an ideal tool for your multi-day and week long trips. For those looking to use the raft for rowing, the custom 15'8 length x 7'5 width was designed to perfectly accommodate frame systems up to 92 in length and 66 in width (a custom NRS Bighorn II Frame - 88 to 90L x 66W fits like a glove) figure 4: attaching decking to top of raft or dock CONSTRUCTION STEPS 1. Following the illustrations, create the framework shown in Figure 2. With the frame structure upside down, nail on the three cross ties and the four skirt boards. 2. Consulting Figure 3, lay th 2-NRS frame pipes with LoPro fittings, 6-U-bolts with nuts and washers 18-in wide and 24-in piece of frame pipe with frame plugs Wood/plastic composite decking transom plank Fits raft tubes 18-in to 24-in in diameter, needs Stern Seat Mount (sold separately) Featured items you may like She enjoys working on DIY remodeling projects to bring beauty to her homestead in her spare times. Our Process; FAQ; Customize; About. Riverboat Works specializes in crafting the highest quality custom frames for your raft and in putting together boat package deals customized not only to you, but also to what you do and the rivers you run. Bimini and Umbrella. We use Nu-Rail pipe fittings so.

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