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  1. The southernmost of Chile's name-brand wine regions and located more than three hours by car from Santiago, the Maule Valley (pronounced MAO-lay) is the country's largest in terms of acreage
  2. The vineyards of Chile The vineyard covers 200 000 ha in valleys running from the Andes to the Pacific Ocean. Chile was the sixth largest wine producing country in 2015 with a production of about 1,280 million liters (source OIV) and the fifth largest wine exporter
  3. Colchagua Valley is one of the best-known wine regions of Chile. It occupies the southern part of Rapel Valley, running from the Andes in the east to the Coastal Range in the west. Most of the important Colchagua vineyards lie in the foothills of the Coastal Range
  4. istrative Region, and it has two subregions: Itata Valley and Bío-Bío Valley. This region of Chile is popular for it's boxed and bulk wine, though the Concha y Toro Winery has experimented with the Gewürztra

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  1. Chile first began making wine back in the mid-16th century, when Spanish conquistadors and Jesuit missionaries planted the first vines. But it wasn't until the 1980s that local winemakers began to employ modern viticulture methods and state-of-the-art technology. Today, Chile's wine regions are considered major players in the global wine industry
  2. The wines in Chile vary as much as the regions do. The country of Chile is a great expanse from north to south, and the wines vary based on where they're from. While Cabernet Sauvignon is the most widely planted grape, each region adds its own unique touch to every bottle, and no two are the same
  3. Your final day in Chilean wine country takes you deeper into the Central Valley region's Maule Valley, one of the oldest growing regions in the country. It has some of the coolest temperatures of..
  4. Chile's most established and quality-driven wine regions are primarily located in the Central Valley, around and within the city of Santiago. The Maipo Valley is located just south of the city and..
  5. Chile is known for producing wines of exceptional value, but that's not to say Chilean wines don't also include boast-worthy, outstanding bottles. Find out about Chile's 7 most important wine varieties, how they taste, and what specific regions to seek out if you're hoping to find great quality

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Located at the entrance to the Atacama desert, the Elqui Valley is one of Chile's northernmost winemaking regions. Its arid climate creates bright days and cold nights, ideal for both grape-growing and star gazing in the world's clearest skies Chilean Wine Regions Overall, there are 800 miles from the northern-most wine region of Atacama to the Bio-Bio region in the south One of the few regions in Chile producing a relatively extensive amount of wines from the ancient Muscat of Alexandria grape. This grape variety which errs on the sweeter side, is also utilized for making raisins. One of Chile's popular table, and sometimes fortified wines are also made from Mission grapes in the Itata region The most famous of Chile's wine regions is the Maipo Valley. It stretches from Santiago all the way to the Andes, so if you fly into Santiago, you can easily make it here for a day-trip! The warm days and cool nights provide the perfect conditions for perfumed wines and lovely tannins The Spanish first established vineyards in Chile in the mid-sixteenth century, and Chile has maintained a thriving wine industry for its home market for several centuries. Chile's wine industry has grown considerably since the mid-1980s, with rapid development as a strong export market, and a shift toward French grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, [

Located about 110 miles south of Santiago and on the southerly border of the Rapel Valley is Colchagua Valley which is recognized as one of the best wine regions in Chile and is great to explore during your vacation in Chile Chilean Wine Chile is one of South America's most important wine-producing countries. Occupying a thin strip down the western coast of the continent, it is home to a wide range of terroirs, and an equally wide range of wine styles Wine regions in Chile The most beautiful vineyards in the country Elqui & Limarí Valley Five hundred kilometers from Santiago, the Elqui Valley forms the northern borderline of Chile´s wine regions

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  1. Chilean wine regions are located along the 1300 km stretch of land from the Atacama Region in the north to the Bio-Bio in the south. Majority of the Chilean wine regions are allocated in Central Valley of the country, where vineyards are bounded by Andes Mountain Range to the East and the Pacific Ocean to the West
  2. One of the newest regions on the Chile wine map is the Choapa Valley, which has a terroir suited to both Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah but is yet to have any established wineries within its boundaries.The Aconcagua Valley takes its name from the highest mountain peak in South America. It is one of the warmest regions on the Chilean wine map, but the cooler temperatures at higher altitudes.
  3. Chilean wine is divided by regions and then sub-divisions of valleys. Given Chile's unique geography flanked on one side by the Andes mountain range and the other by the coastal mountain range, you have an extremely long stretch of coast line, valleys, and mountains in which to grow grapes
  4. Chile's wine country is primarily located within the perimeters of the Elqui Valley (East of La Serena) and the Malleco Valley (north of Temuco). The wine regions are categorized by valleys and there is a wide range of microclimates and wine styles being made
  5. While most trips to Chile will include some time in Santiago, travelers should spend at least two days in the Casablanca Valley wine region and the coastal city of Valparaíso.Then enjoy a couple.

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  1. This region has been best known for producing quite a lot of good cheap wines, and some ordinary bulk wines. Some of it is warm, but there are coolish areas planted on slopes towards the mountains. Historically, before the cool coastal regions developed, this is where a lot of so-called sauvignon blanc came from, although it was actually made.
  2. g from the deep south of the country, in and around the Bio Bio region, are generating a lot of interest, and high-altitude vineyards in northern extremes (Limari and Elqui in particular) are also gaining popularity
  3. Chile can essentially be split up into 3 major zones: North, Central, and South. The North and South are the frontier regions, where some of the most innovative winemaking is happening. The Central area is the most classic wine-growing area, with hundreds of years of winemaking history and is also home to Chile's largest producers - this is where you'll find the valleys of Aconcagua.
  4. The Valle del Maipo is the most famous Chilean wine region even though it is nowhere near the biggest, at least partly because it is so close to Santiago, Chile's capital and centre of wealth. Some famous vineyards such as those of Cousiño Macul are right up against the Andes just east of the city itself
  5. ent wine region of Chile with various sub regions each with their own terroir including Elqui, Limari and Choapa
  6. Chile's 14+ Wine Regions. Save With at least fourteen distinct wine regions, the country of Chile is an oenophile's dream come true. This fascinating South American country happens to have a climate and topography that are naturally conducive to growing a wide variety of grapes. Interestingly enough, wine cultivation has been happening in.
  7. Chile first began making wine back in the mid-16th century, when Spanish conquistadors and Jesuit missionaries planted the first vines. But it wasn't until the 1980s that local winemakers began to employ modern viticulture methods and state-of-the-art technology. Today, Chile's wine regions are considered major players in the global wine industry

Chilean Wine Region Articles - Chilean Wine Region Articles. Skip to content. ️ Limited Print Run Huge Wine MapsShop Now. Articles. Tips & Tricks Food & Wine Lifestyle Deep Dive Wine Videos Latest. Learn . Beginners Guide Wine Regions Grapes / Varieties Regional Wines Wine Terms. Shop; Chile Grapes From Chile. Available Each May Fresh Wine Grapes From Chile. For over 15 years Michael Pinto has been sourcing high quality fresh wine grapes from the Curico Valley in Chile. The Curico Valley is located 120 miles south of Santiago and is the oldest wine region in the country Amanda Barnes is a British wine writer who since 2009 has been based in South America, where she specializes in the wines and regions of Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Uruguay and writes the South America Wine Guide. Ever footloose, she is currently on a mission to travel Around the World in 80 Harvests The South America Wine Guide is the quintessential wine & travel guide to Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia & Peru. Award-winning British journalist Amanda Barnes has been swirling her way around South America's wine regions since 2009, and established the Squeeze Magazine & South America Wine Guide in 2013 - the first digital Latin American wine guide to South America

Starting this year, wine producers can use three new terms to indicate where their wines come from - Costa (coast), Entre Cordilleras (between the mountain ranges), and Andes. The old Denomination of Origin (DO) system that most Chilean wine lovers are familiar with, naming wine regions from north to south, will also continue to be used Of French background, he makes light, bright, fun wines like this Pipeño Pais as tribute Chile's vinous heritage as well as foil to the big, polished Cabernets of internationally famous regions Chilean Wine Regions July 15, 2011 § 9 Comments Geographically Chile is a long narrow country boardered by the Andes Mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west

With nine wines in our global list of Top 100 Wines of 2019 (three times as many as it had in our 2018 list), Chile was represented more times than Germany, New Zealand, Spain and Portugal. Only Italy, France and the USA had more wines in the list, and it was level with Australia Although these were mostly higher end Chilean Pinot, most were $30 and under. Only the Atacama Pinot was around $50 since not much is made from this region. History of Chilean Pinot. I spoke with Thierry Villard of Villard Fine Wines about the history of Chilean Pinot. He has been making wine in Casablanca since 1989. According to Villard. Chilean Wines By Region . 11/20/2014 The Wines of the Coquimbo Region Some 1,250 acres in the Elqui Valley are planted in wine grapes, at elevations that range from sea level to 6,500 feet. About sixty percent are premium red varietals, mostly Cabernet Sauvignon, and small amounts of Merlot, Carmenere and Syrah. About ten percent are Chardonnay. Chilean Wine Regions. May 8, 2002 Popular Posts. Wine Spectator Reader Dogs: 775 Photos! Mar 30, 2021. Vineyard Vamps: Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough Launch Fresh Vine Wine Mar 22, 2021. 22 Prosecco Rosés to Get Spring Started. Similarly, Chilean wine is too vast a subject; each of its 14 diverse regions deserves a more focused discussion. Ancient vines and modern styles, coastal and mountain-side vineyards, Spanish conquistadors, and flying winemakers all contribute to Chile's story

3- The best Wine Regions in Chile: Colchagua Valley. This Chilean Valley Is a Red Wine Paradise. The northern half of the great Rapel valley has traditionally been known for its red varieties, particularly Carmenere, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, which account for approximately 80% of the region's total production These should be on every wine drinker's radar Like in other new world wine regions, such as New Zealand and South Africa, a Chilean wine will boast its grape front and center on the label.. Chilean law requires that that the stated grape, vintage, and geographical area (Denominación de Origen) make up 75% of what's in the bottle. That's right, up to a quarter of the bottle's contents doesn't need to be disclosed CHILE WINE REGIONS L I N D A W I N E R E V I E W S 6. LIMARI VALLEY L I N D A W I N E R E V I E W S 7. LIMARI VALLEY L I N D A W I N E R E V I E W S REGION: The climate is dry with 9­10 months of little­to­ no rainfall. The valley is 470 km far from Santiago, in Coquimbo region. Pisco wine is the main production In the early days of this website, back in 2007 and 2008, Chile was one of my top wine regions to find good wines at bargain prices. At the time, it was a wine region that was going through a revival. In the late 1990s and early 2000s a number of new wineries were established [

Chilean wine growing regions are accessible via major airport hubs, including Santiago, which is often seen as the gateway to the major region for Chilean wineries, Central Valley. Central Valley is perhaps the most important location for wine production in Chile. Chile Climate The Wines of Chile by GuildSomm History of Chilean Wine and Regions. The history of Chilean wine dates back to the 16th century and the time of the Spanish conquest. The first vines were planted at that time from stock brought on ships from Spain. The winemaking industry has seen great changes over time, however. Noble European grape varieties were introduced in the mid-19th.

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The up-and-coming southern regions of Bio Bio and Itata in the south make excellent Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Spanish settlers, Juan Jufre and Diego Garcia de Cáceres, most likely brought Vitis vinifera (Europe's wine producing vine species) to the Central Valley of Chile sometime in the 1550s Chilean Wine Regions. Chile's Denomination of Origin (D.O.) system divides the country's winegrowing areas into four large regions. Each of these regions is divided into sub-regions, and some sub-regions are further divided into zones. When you look at a Chilean wine label, you are most likely to see the name of a sub-region, although you may. Chile has thirteen clearly identified wine regions located in a range of 1000 km (see plate 1), from north to south: Elqui Valley, Limari Valley, Aconcagua Valley, Casablanca Valley, San Antonio. Chilean wine regions and wine routes. Large physical distances separate the wine-producing regions in Chile. Eleven major wine-producing regions, valleys or official appellations exist from north to south (with smaller subdivisions in some regions). The regions are Elqui, Limari, Aconcagua,.

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The fact that many of these wines are now identified by their respective regions within Chile speaks legions to the fact that these wines are highly sought-after. A few restaurants even list an ultra-premium Chilean selection for the most highly regarded wines, an honor formerly reserved for only France and California Chile's Wine Culture. Sandwiched between the cool rocky coastline to the west and the Andes mountain range, and the Atacama Desert to the north and glacial Patagonia down south, the Central Valley climate makes for an ideal soil that's perfect for growing the French varieties of grapes this region is known for and yielding some of the best Chilean wines: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot. Although many wine tours can be made from the capital, Santiago, to the surrounding vineyards, spending a few days in any of these regions lets you immerse yourself in an historic way of life while sampling some exceptional wines. Chile wine country hotels tend to range from old colonial houses to chic modern designs with floor to ceiling. Viticulture in Chile spans 6 regions, 18 valleys and 8 subvalleys, all with a Denominación de Origen (D.O.). Furthermore, a separate designation of origin system has been developed to help consumers of Chilean wine to recognize what kind of climate the valley has. These reflect Chile's east-west topography This is Chile's most productive and internationally known wine region, due predominately to its proximity to the national capital Santiago. It is located directly across the Andes' from one of Argentina's wine regions: Mendoza Province.Within the Central Valley there are four wine growing subregions: the Maipo Valley, the Rapel Valley, the Curicó Valley and the Maule Valley

Perhaps Chilean wine's biggest fan in the wine trade today is Tim Atkin, a London-based Master of Wine. Atkin first visited Chile in 1989 and has been back fifteen times since, and now returns. Chile Wine Regions. April 2021. Classification of the Chilean wine regions and the types of Chilean wines produced in them, as well as the grape varieties which are mostly French grapes adaprted to the Chilean climate conditions. Saved by Maria Eugenia Costa. 67 Chile Wine Trails is a personalised wine tour company, focused on small, personal tours, to help you discover Chile's diverse wine regions and experience more of this beautiful country. We have done all the hard work so that you can relax and enjoy a day of wine discovery

Request PDF | Wine tourism: Chilean wine regions and routes | Wine tourism is an important activity in several wine-producing countries. Yet the roles wine tourism plays within winery strategies. The story of modern Chilean wine production is an exhilarating tale. Chile is like a South American mirror of the choice California coastal wine-producing regions, offering a similar cool but dry Mediterranean climate that creates optimal wine grapes. The actual wine area is longer than California, about 800 miles, with Santiago at the center The Central Valley is located directly across one of Chile's other key wine regions, Mendoza.The Central Valley includes four important wine regions, including Maipo Valley, Rapel, Curico and Maule Valley. It is these regions that are able to produce iconic Bordeaux varieties, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc, along with Syrah and Chardonnay

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Central Chilean wine regions experience a Mediterranean climate cooled in the summer by the Humboldt Current. Stellenbosch wines from South Africa are from grapes grown in a Mediterranean climate. Wine regions with Mediterranean climates are characterised by their long growing seasons of moderate to warm temperatures Chile has a broad spectrum of wine styles - from cool, crisp, white wines through to full-bodied, plush textured reds, Chile and Chilean wines have a lot to offer. The wine regions of Chile stretch over 1300 kilometres of countryside, from the northern, desert-like Atacama wine region north of Santiago to the south and the ultra cool climate. Chile has a reputation for producing wine of tremendous value, but that's not saying the wine from Chile doesn't include outstanding varieties to brag to the world about. Being a new world region of wine, Chile has over 2,500 coastline miles along the Pacific Ocean

Chile-Wine history and discovery. Wine was brought into Chile first by Spanish Conquistadors in the mid 1500s and the country rapidly grew to fulfill international wine demand. The country's wine production went into disarray until after Chilean Independence Chile and Argentina both have a rich winemaking history behind them, which, in recent years, has culminated in some of the most exciting wines coming out of any other region on the planet. Taste the new generation of wines guided by the star winemakers behind their creation

Unlike Chile, whose wine regions are far-flung and lack easy access to major urban areas, Argentina's Agrelo region offers a wine tourism opportunity, one that's similar to the Napa Valley.The town of Agrelo is only 20 mi/32 km from the country's wine capital city, Mendoza, and wineries are grouped close enough to bicycle between many of them.. Plus, the wines are some of the best in Argen 1 CHILEAN WINE LAW Nathan Wages* INTRODUCTION Chilean winemaking began with the Spanish conquistadors,1 but it was not until the late 20th century that Chile emerged as a wine exporting powerhouse. Despite its tremendous distance from most major markets, Chile has been able to become one of the leading exporters of wine

Overview of the Santiago Wine Regions. Map of the Chilean wine regions near Santiago. Maipo Valley. Maipo Valley is the most commonly visited and most well known wine region near Santiago. It is also the easiest to get to as it sits just to the south of Santiago. For those who are short on time, this is the best region to tour This statistic shows the wine production volume in Chile in 2018, broken down by variety. According to the report, the country produced approximately 302.23 million liters of Cabernet Sauvignon. My first trip to Argentina and Chile was in 2003. I fell in love with the dramatic landscapes, the glaciers, volcanoes and the Andes which we explored in the day time. At night we would go out to a restaurant to devour a well earned meal and uncork a new wine or two and taste different styles and wine regions Today Chilean wine can be found in more than 90 countries. Wine producing regions . Elqui Valley. Wine appellation of origin: Elqui Valley. Elqui Valley is the northernmost wine producing region in Chile. It is located in the region of Coquimbo, south of the Atacama Desert and 530 km or 329 miles north of Santiago

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West of Santiago towards the Pacific Ocean lies the Casablanca Valley, the cream of the crop of the modern Chilean wine-growing regions. Established as recently as the 1980s, the valley's salty air, cool breeze and heavy fog make it ideal for growing coastal whites such as Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay The Chilean Wine Region with renowned wine region is compact and well located - many of the best vineyards are within a 100-mile radius of Santiago. Casablanca Valley Sandwiched between Chile's vibrant capital Santiago and the funky port city Valparaiso , the Casablanca Valley is Chile's youngest wine region This is a great value wine from Chile. The name Escudo Rojo is a literal Spanish translation of the Rothschild name. Purple/ruby in color, mostly opaque and bright. The nose has cassis, with slight wintergreen and rosemary. Classic Chilean Cabernet notes. Full bodied with big fruit The Central Valley, which produces the vast majority of wines, is, composed of four main sub regions. These wine regions are the Maipo, Rapel, Curico and Maule Valleys, each which has rivers that run west from the Andes to the ocean. Maipo is Chile's oldest wine region

Chilean Wine. I was based in Santiago, so I looked for day tours to a couple of different wine regions that would allow me to visit several wineries. I went with The Little Wine Bus Tour, and the plan was to do day tours to the Maipo and Casablanca, Chile's most famous wine regions due to their proximity to Santiago 1 Tim Atkin MW : This is the best selection of Chilean wines I have ever tasted 2 Wines of Chile mourns Steven Spurrier 3 Chile's Cabernet Country is Ripe with Winemaking Innovatio

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The wine regions of Chile stretch over 1300 kilometres of countryside, from the northern, desert-like Atacama wine region north of Santiago to the south and the ultra cool climate Bio Bio region, but the most significant wine producing areas surround the capital city of Santiago, with the Central Valley Region and its famous sub-regions like Maipo Valley Cabernet Sauvignon In the early days of this website, back in 2007 and 2008, Chile was one of my top wine regions to find good wines at bargain prices. At the time, it was a wine region that was going through a revival. In the late 1990s and early 2000s a number of new wineries were established [

One of the most prestigious new world wine producing regions, Chile's central valley has produced award winning wines in recent years. Join us on our bicycle tour of the Chilean wine country where we pedal through vineyards of the Central Valley before turning south and bicycling along the stunning beaches of the scenic Pacific Coast Pura Fe Carmenere - We love the deep, dark purple colour of this wine and its rich berry and spice flavours with its well-rounded tannins and smooth finish.. Chilean Red Wine - Merlot. Chilean Merlot is very popular in the UK, offering smooth, fruity wines at great prices. In Chile, Merlot can be found as a single varietal (i.e. 100% of wine) or used in blends to soften more tannic. The burgeoning regional wine scene was badly affected, but it has bounced back with aplomb and Loma Larga is one of the wineries leading the push towards international fame. This is a relatively new operation - its first wines were produced in 2004 - yet it won Wine and Spirits' 2011 Winery of the Year prize

Chilean wine regions, quick guide! Let's face it, we are already confused about which wine regions are the best to visit in Australia...how on earth can we get by if we were travelling to a country like Chilé and wanted to experience the best of their wines and wine regions Chile's environment and demand in the world market means that Chile produces internationally popular grapes in large proportion. Nearly half the grapes planted in Chile are Cabernets and other popular red varieties like Merlots are popular in the Valley's sub regions. Chile is hailed for nearly saving the lineage of the red grape Carmenere By far the warmest of Chile's wine regions, it's marginally influenced by the mountain regions and the ocean. In this region we'll find large quantities of entry level wines like the bargains you find in your wine store. The Maule Valley terroir is inspiring some Old World viticulture in the New World Below, John has highlighted some top picks tasted recently at the Decanter's Shanghai Fine Wine Encounter, where Wines of Chile hosted the featured region, all drinking well now and most offering the promise of further cellaring. Top Chilean wines to drink now:. Being a new world region of wine, Chile has over 2,500 coastline miles along the Pacific Ocean. The country produces fruit-forward and herbaceous wines that are close in reference to France. Hence why Bordeaux producers have heavily invested in Chile, making it their second home

The Colchagua Valley is one the most successful wine routes in Chile and is internationally recognized for its wine tourism resources, which include hotels, restaurants, museums, beaches and.. The Chilean Wine Region is the perfect place to sample Chile's best wines, discover boutique hotels and outdoor adventure, or simply relax in beautiful surroundings. The Central Valley is nestled between two mountain ranges (the Andes and the Coastal Mountain Range) and crossed by the rivers that make their soil so fertile Shop for the best selection of Chilean wines at Total Wine & More. We have the right Chilean wines at the right price for you In Chile, the main wine-producing regions are the Colchagua Valley, the Aconcagua Valley and the Maipo Valley. The largest wine region in Argentina is Mendoza, followed by La Rioja (which, curiously, is also a winemaking region in Spain), Salta and San Juan The coastal Chilean wine regions are not to be missed, even if you are just passing through Santiago! Heading directly from the Santiago airport to the valleys is a great way to start your stay in Chile. Seek the small-production wineries, especially members of MOVI (which stands for Movement of Independent Winemakers in Spanish) who are.

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Chilean Wine Regions: A Guide To The Best Vineyards & Wineries When exploring the wine regions in Chile you will travel through mountainous terrain, expansive dessert, and beautiful valleys that all separate the experience of wine tasting in Chile from many of the other popular wine regions of the world Chile has wide climatic diversity from north to south but also east to west where cool coastal areas are ideal for wines like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and inland Andes areas are better for age-worthy red wines like Syrah A viticultural paradise with hot, sunny days, chilly nights, little rain and cooling breezes, Chile is famous for being the only wine-producing country free of the devastating phylloxera bug. Despite the rise of neighbouring Argentina, which produces twice as much wine, Chile remains South America's (and arguably th Great Value Wines. Since the fall of the dictator General Pinochet in 1989, the Chilean wine industry has boomed. Thanks to much investment in vineyards and modern wineries, the Chileans have really got to grips with producing great value, everyday-drinking wines which have the fruit and flavour of New World wines, with the subtlety and depth of the Old World

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Coupling the two presents a unique opportunity to promote the diversification of vineyard landscapes. To this end, we visited eight vineyards in Chile's four main wine regions — Maipo, Casablanca, Curico, and Maule — and nine vineyards in California's Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino Counties Santiago and Valparaiso are easy enough. Valparaiso is about an hour and a half away by bus. San Pedro de Atacama in the Atacama desert, the best spot for visiting various sights, is a 24 hour bus ride away or a flight to Calama. There are several wine regions in Chile.A car is useful for those furthest from Santiago but Chile has a zero tolerance for drinking and driving so a tour is best Chile's oldest and most popular wine region, Maipo Valley offers world-class wines among picturesque vineyards. Production began here as far back as 1555 when French varietals were introduced. It was here that Carmenére - along with Cabernet Sauvignon - really took hold and prospered Central Valley, a 1,000-km-long plateau, is the powerhouse of Chilean wine. Grapes grow well and ripen easily on this fertile flatland that benefits from natural irrigation (rivers carry melted snow from the Andes) and a generally Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers. There are distinct climatic and soil var

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Chile and Argentina are wine countries in transformation. Much has changed in recent years and rapid development continues as wine regions emerge, new grape varieties are discovered or introduced, and different ideas are tested and implemented There are sixteen wine regions in Chile, and we decided to explore one of the more remote and unknown, the Valle del Choapa. Valle del Choapa. Valle del Choapa lies 200 kilometers north of Santiago in the Coquimbo Region. This tiny wine region has just ninety hectares of vine. By comparison, Maipo Valley has 3,000 hectares of vines

Wine regions for trekkers and tourists in ChileChile wine regions map - Map of Chile wine regions (SouthThe 8 Best Chilean & Argentinian WinesWorld wine maps

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